Sarah Ellen SHARER12 was born on 16 December 1856 in Ferguson Twp., Centre Co., PA. She died on 21 January 1860 at the age of 3 in Centre Co., PA. Parents: Samuel SHARER-165283 and Magdalena HOY-165163.

Sylvester E. SHARER12 was born on 10 August 1881 in Potter Twp., Centre Co., PA. He died on 1 September 1956 at the age of 75 in Spring Twp., Centre Co., PA. Parents: Jacob SHARER Jr.-165617 and Elizabeth Agnes SMELTZER-165267.

John SHARFF302 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Elizabeth FRANTZ-141133. Elizabeth FRANTZ and John SHARFF were married.

George SHARKEY7138 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary CHAMBERS OR MATTHEWS-1498. Mary CHAMBERS OR MATTHEWS and George SHARKEY were married.

Nancy SHARON218 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: William REED-113851. Nancy SHARON and William REED were married in 1892.

Living (private). Parents: Rex SHARP-62627 and (Wife of SHARP, Rex) -169928.

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living.

Benjamin F. SHARP1671 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Rebecca J. RIFE-156027. Rebecca J. RIFE and Benjamin F. SHARP were married. Children were: Clara Viola SHARP-156025.

Betty Jean SHARP6293 was born on 10 September 1920. Parents: John Frederick SHARP-187683 and Mary Edna SCHWAB-187682.

Clara Viola SHARP1671 died on 4 January 1961 in LaVerne, Los Angeles Co., CA. Parents: Benjamin F. SHARP-156026 and Rebecca J. RIFE-156027.

Spouse: Alva RICHARDS-156013. Clara Viola SHARP and Alva RICHARDS were married on 25 March 1906 in Darke Co., OH. Children were: Melvin L. RICHARDS-156028, Everett L. RICHARDS-156029, Mildred Genevie RICHARDS-156030.

David Cleo SHARP6293 was born on 21 May 1912. Parents: John Frederick SHARP-187683 and Mary Edna SCHWAB-187682.

Dorothy SHARP2323 was born on 13 July 1798.

Spouse: Joseph Henry SAVITZ/ZAVITZ-31734. Dorothy SHARP and Joseph Henry SAVITZ/ZAVITZ were married on 18 May 1834. Children were: Joseph SAVITZ-31862, Samuel F. SAVITZ-31863, James SAVITZ-31864.

Garnet L. SHARP517 was born on 22 December 1909 in Ohio.

Spouse: Herbert L. ENYEART-128108. Garnet L. SHARP and Herbert L. ENYEART were married on 18 February 1933 in Wabash, Wabash Co., IN. Children were: Living, Living, Living, Living, Living.

Georgia Critzer SHARP2220 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Israel FELLER-6193. Georgia Critzer SHARP and Israel FELLER were married on 16 July 1937.

Gwendolyn Ellen SHARP6293 was born on 19 August 1917. Parents: John Frederick SHARP-187683 and Mary Edna SCHWAB-187682.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living.

James SHARP322 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Roberta RAINS-113705. Roberta RAINS and James SHARP were married.

John Frederick SHARP14050 was born on 21 December 1887.

Spouse: Mary Edna SCHWAB-187682. Mary Edna SCHWAB and John Frederick SHARP were married on 3 February 1909. Children were: David Cleo SHARP-187684, Gwendolyn Ellen SHARP-187685, Betty Jean SHARP-187686.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living, Living, Living.

Lillian C. SHARP2220 was born in 1895. She died after 1930 at the age of 35. She was buried at Greenville Union Cem. in Greenville, Darke Co., OH.

Spouse: Hugh ONKST-172069. Lillian C. SHARP and Hugh ONKST were married in 1917. Children were: Harold Ray ONKST-172071.

Linus SHARP1893 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Darlis KANAGY-107011. Darlis KANAGY and Linus SHARP were married.

Margaret Catharine SHARP2540 was born on 10 August 1907 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA. Parents: Theodore SHARP-93925 and Margaret Effa KUNS-93924.

Martha SHARP3301 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Duncan O. RICHART-104610. Martha SHARP and Duncan O. RICHART were married. Children were: Elizabeth J. RICHART/RICHARDS-104609.

Mary Ann SHARP2021 died in 1888. She was buried in south of Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH.2021

Spouse: George BRUMBAUGH-135758. Mary Ann SHARP and George BRUMBAUGH were married. Children were: Annie E. BRUMBAUGH-136087, William Greenberry BRUMBAUGH-136089, Margaret Virginia BRUMBAUGH-136090, John Henry BRUMBAUGH-136092, Emma P. BRUMBAUGH-136093, Charles S. BRUMBAUGH-136095, Andrew Wesley BRUMBAUGH-136096.

Mary Jane Mollie SHARP3089,13246,14051 was born on 18 November 1842. She died on 28 April 1918 at the age of 75. She was buried at Ludlow Cem. in Ludlow, Scott Co., MS.

Spouse: James Andrew Jackson NUTT Sr.-175327. Mary Jane Mollie SHARP and James Andrew Jackson NUTT Sr. were married. Children were: James Alfonza NUTT-175375.

Rex SHARP951 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: (Wife of SHARP, Rex) -169928. (Wife of SHARP, Rex) and Rex SHARP were married. Children were: Living.

Richard SHARP1180 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Living.

Solomon SHARP2540 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Salome ZUCK-93927. Salome ZUCK and Solomon SHARP were married. Children were: Theodore SHARP-93925.

Sophia SHARP527 was born in 1858. She died in 1919 at the age of 61.

Spouse: Jacob PETRY-154944. Sophia SHARP and Jacob PETRY were married.

Theodore SHARP2540 was born on 15 August 1869 in Maryville, Blount Co., TN. Parents: Solomon SHARP-93926 and Salome ZUCK-93927.

Spouse: Margaret Effa KUNS-93924. Margaret Effa KUNS and Theodore SHARP were married on 26 November 1902 in McPherson, McPherson Co., KS. Children were: Margaret Catharine SHARP-93928, Theodore Kuns SHARP-93929.

Theodore Kuns SHARP2540 was born on 26 September 1909 in Lapwai, Nez Perce Co., ID. Parents: Theodore SHARP-93925 and Margaret Effa KUNS-93924.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living.

William SHARP12291 died in in the Civil War.12291

Spouse: Sarah Emily LANNON-37646. Sarah Emily LANNON and William SHARP were married.

William Clarence SHARP737 was born on 9 January 1924.

Spouse: Betty Jacolyn SIAR-36935. Betty Jacolyn SIAR and William Clarence SHARP were married on 21 November 1946.737

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living.

Claude SHARPE1291,1509 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Marie JOHNSON-55425. Marie JOHNSON and Claude SHARPE were married.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living, Living.

Jane SHARPLESS1453 was born on 24 December 1695. She died on 30 June 1725 at the age of 29.

Spouse: George SMEDLEY-82030. Jane SHARPLESS and George SMEDLEY were married. Children were: George SMEDLEY-82028.

Martha SHARPLESS125 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: David MOORE-120670. Martha SHARPLESS and David MOORE were married. Children were: Mary MOORE-120669.

Sarah SHARPLESS681 was born in 1769. She died in 1823 at the age of 54.

Spouse: William POOLE-25077. Sarah SHARPLESS and William POOLE were married. Children were: William Shipley POOLE-25075.

Mary Matilda SHARRER772 was born on 30 December 1846.3099 She was also known as Mary M. Shires.3099

Spouse: Zopher Pasco HORTON-63057. Mary Matilda SHARRER and Zopher Pasco HORTON were married on 10 October 1865.3099 Children were: Luella May HORTON-72606, Franklin Seymour "Frank" HORTON-72608, Janette Belle "Anna" HORTON-72612, Wilber Lee HORTON-72617, Walter Howard HORTON-72619, Clarence HORTON-72621, Emory Patterson HORTON-72623, George Nash HORTON-72625, Chester Percy HORTON-53880.

Elizabeth SHARRES5903 was born on 28 November 1829.

Spouse: Frederick D. BRUMBAUGH-6576. Elizabeth SHARRES and Frederick D. BRUMBAUGH5903 were married on 12 July 1847.

Frederick and Elizabeth the following niece of Elizabeth:
i. Sarah F. Lamb Brumbaugh b. 2 SEP 1873. Children were: John Andrew BRUMBAUGH-6587, William Harrison BRUMBAUGH-6588, Lewis BRUMBAUGH-6589, James P. BRUMBAUGH-6590, Albert Miles BRUMBAUGH-6591, Mary Ellen BRUMBAUGH-6592, Charles Gastle BRUMBAUGH-6593, Samuel Turney BRUMBAUGH-6594, Elmer Ellsworth BRUMBAUGH-6595, Urusta Boyd BRUMBAUGH-6596, Aravilla BRUMBAUGH-6597.

Sarah SHARRET1504 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: William SLIFER-120362. Sarah SHARRET and William SLIFER were married. Children were: Hannah Lovellyn SLIFER-120359.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living.

J. E. SHARTZER168 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary Etta CONFER-203521. Mary Etta CONFER and J. E. SHARTZER were married.

Barbara Joanne SHARUM1758 was born on 16 August 1920.

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living, Living.

Absal SHARY786 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Rachel BREEZLY-46506. Rachel BREEZLY and Absal SHARY were married. Children were: Nancy Jane SHARY-46504.

Nancy Jane SHARY786 was born on 25 June 1829 in Rush Co., IN. She died on 3 March 1921 at the age of 91 in Roverton, Delaware Co., IN. Parents: Absal SHARY-46505 and Rachel BREEZLY-46506.

Spouse: Alexander SNIDER-42206. Nancy Jane SHARY and Alexander SNIDER were married on 15 March 1849 in Delaware Co., IN. Marriage recorded in Marriage Book C-2, page 340, Delaware Co., IN. and her surname is given as "SHERRY". Children were: John Absolom SNIDER-46507, Rachel Rosetta SNIDER-46508.

Samuel SHATT/SHOTT5132 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Christina POSTETTER/BOSTETTER-75644. Christina POSTETTER/BOSTETTER and Samuel SHATT/SHOTT were married.