Carl SMITH4755 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Ethel Blanche KRONTZ-51502. Ethel Blanche KRONTZ and Carl SMITH were married.

Carl SMITH2778 was also known as Tub.

Spouse: Hulda Louise DETWILER-52981. Hulda Louise DETWILER and Carl SMITH were married.

Carl SMITH918 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Ruby A. GEISINGER-69940. Ruby A. GEISINGER and Carl SMITH were married on 14 December 1909 in Allen Co., IN.

Carl SMITH2642 was born on 13 May 1908. Parents: Simon A. SMITH-76569 and Mary FERRY-76570.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living.

Carl E. SMITH2970 was born (date unknown). Parents: William Wesley SMITH-118206 and Carrie Mae WEAVER-117808.

Spouse: Living.

Carl L. SMITH8739 was born (date unknown). Parents: Eli D. SMITH-9847 and Helen A. REESE-9856.

Carl William SMITH5973 was born in 1913 in Covington, Miami Co., OH. He died after 1930 at the age of 17 in Covington, Miami Co., OH. Parents: William Franklin SMITH-159471 and Grace Katherine MUTZNER-159472.

Carl Williams SMITH3000 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Louise DETWILER-53568. Louise DETWILER and Carl Williams SMITH were married. Children were: Living.

Living (private). Parents: Gerald M. SMITH-77321 and Golda SMITH-77320.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living.

Carol SMITH10571 was born on 31 August 1875. She died on 26 October 1875 at the age of 0. Parents: John M. SMITH-74704 and Elizabeth A. GRINDLE-74703.

Carol Ann SMITH957 was born (date unknown). Parents: James Eddie SMITH-76502 and Living.

Living (private). Parents: Lloyd E. SMITH-125374 and Verna E. HAPES-125375.

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living, Living, Living, Living.

Living (private). Parents: Bernard Robert SMITH-29190 and Dollie Edith NOFSKER-28697.

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living.

Living (private). Parents: William Howard SMITH-106923 and Maureen HANSON-106934.

Living (private). Parents: James Samuel SMITH-75860 and Erdene Lucretia BECHTEL-75861.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

Caroline (Carrie) SMITH47 was born in 1844 in Summit Twp., Somerset Co., PA. She died in 1917 at the age of 73 in Garrett, Somerset Co., PA. Parents: Simon SMITH-23358 and Katherine/Catherine BITTNER-23357.

Carolyn SMITH8739 was born (date unknown). Parents: Eli D. SMITH-9847 and Helen A. REESE-9856.

Spouse: (Husband of SMITH, Carolyn) CRISWELL-78247. Carolyn SMITH and (Husband of SMITH, Carolyn) CRISWELL were married.

Carolyn SMITH1079 was born (date unknown). Parents: Irvin Graby SMITH-45549.

Spouse: Harvey Dean KAGARICE-45547. Carolyn SMITH and Harvey Dean KAGARICE were married.

Carolyn SMITH5872 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Carson C. GOOD-47327. Carolyn SMITH and Carson C. GOOD were married. Children were: Crista Carol GOOD-47329.

Carolyn SMITH4948 was born (date unknown). Parents: Wiley SMITH-197724 and Icedora MOYERS-197688.

Carrie SMITH9831 was born (date unknown). Parents: William SMITH-98441 and Margaret FOOR-98442.

Spouse: (Husband of SMITH, Carrie) HENDERSON-98445. Carrie SMITH and (Husband of SMITH, Carrie) HENDERSON were married.

Carrie SMITH2467 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Robert Gernan GOGLEY-114918. Carrie SMITH and Robert Gernan GOGLEY were married. Children were: Mildred Elizabeth GOGLEY-114917.

Carrie Hart SMITH188,5383,5384,5492,14199 was born on 16 March 1860 in Jerseyville, Jersey Co., IL. She died on 1 November 1933 at the age of 73 in Gary, Lake Co., IN. She was buried at Ridgelawn Cem. in Gary, Lake Co., IN.188 Parents: H. A. SMITH-125816 and Eliza Marie KISTLER/KESSLER-125817.

Spouse: Frank Samuel BOWLBY-123425. Carrie Hart SMITH and Frank Samuel BOWLBY were married on 28 November 1883 in South Chicago, Cook Co., IL.5493 Children were: Frank Hillis BOWLBY-123427, Ralph Gresham BOWLBY-123428, Claude Henry BOWLBY-123429, Fredrick/Frederic Harold BOWLBY-123430.

Cary SMITH3178 was born (date unknown). Parents: Albert SMITH-198890 and Tude MALLOW-198873.

Spouse: Silas THOMPSON-198909. Cary SMITH and Silas THOMPSON were married in Riverton, Pendleton Co., WV.

Catharina SMITH160 was born on 25 August 1800 in Dauphin Co., PA. She was christened on 30 November 1800 at Zion (Klinger's) Lutheran Church in Erdman, Dauphin Co., PA. Parents: Peter (Schmidt) SMITH-141435 and Anna Maria HARTER-141436.

Catharina/Katherine SMITH219,532 was born on 6 December 1802. She died in 1889 at the age of 87. Parents: Johann Wendell SMITH-194842 and Barbara HEBERLING-194843.

Spouse: Johannes/John KEPFORD-194861. Catharina/Katherine SMITH and Johannes/John KEPFORD were married in 1824. Children were: Eliza KEPFORD-195182, David KEPFORD-195194, John KEPFORD-195195, David KEPFORD-195197, Katherine KEPFORD-195199, Josephine KEPFORD-195201, Mary KEPFORD-195203, Margaret Ellen KEPFORD-195205.

Catharine SMITH2652,10101 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: George GARNER-4536. Catharine SMITH and George GARNER were married.
Children were: Elizabeth GARNER-26065, Henry S. GARNER-26067, Deanna (or Hanna)/ Hannah GARNER-23326, Soloman GARNER-26070, David S. GARNER-26072, Catherine GARNER-18154, Andrew GARNER-26076.

Catharine SMITH3861 was born (date unknown). Parents: John SMITH-7251 and Christina Metzger BRUMBAUGH-7242.

Spouse: John LONGNECKER-7358. Catharine SMITH and John LONGNECKER were married.

Catharine SMITH5661 was born in near Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD. She died in 1850.

Spouse: John LAMBRIGHT-55635. Catharine SMITH and John LAMBRIGHT were married about 1801 in Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD. Children were: John LAMBRIGHT-55637, Pagie LAMBRIGHT-55638, Levi LAMBRIGHT-55639, Catharine LAMBRIGHT-55640, Henry LAMBRIGHT-55641, Michael LAMBRIGHT-55630, David LAMBRIGHT-55642, Rachel LAMBRIGHT-55643, Elizabeth LAMBRIGHT-55644.

Catharine SMITH7956,14200 was born on 17 February 1809. She died on 8 January 1876 at the age of 66. She was buried at Emanuel Union Cem. in Tusseyville, Potter Twp., Centre Co., PA.

Spouse: Samuel CAMPBELL-169586. Catharine SMITH and Samuel CAMPBELL were married. Children were: Leah Julia CAMPBELL-169585, Samuel E. CAMPBELL-169588.

Catharine SMITH844 was born about 1849. Parents: Noah SMITH-26455 and Elizabeth WEAVER-26454.

Catharine SMITH6717 was born on 19 October 1849. She died on 9 April 1883 at the age of 33. Parents: John SMITH-5148 and Christena BRUMBAUGH-5129.

Spouse: Moses LANDACE-5161. Catharine SMITH and Moses LANDACE were married.

Catharine/Catherine SMITH778,2674 was born on 30 May 1849. She died on 31 March 1879 at the age of 29. She was buried in near Smithfield, Fayette Co., PA.778 Parents: Jacob Brumbaugh SMITH-7325 and Susannah Daily DILLING-7332.

Spouse: Henry Weyant BURKET-7349. Catharine/Catherine SMITH and Henry Weyant BURKET were married. Children were: Mahlon Smith BURKET-76651, Harriet BURKET-76679, Nancy Smith BURKET-76720, Amelia BURKET-76767, Elizabeth BURKET-76768, Susan Anna BURKET-76775, Henry "Harry" BURKET-76776.

Catherina Elizabetha SMITH219 was born on 29 July 1772. Parents: Adam SMITH Sr.-194844 and Maria Elizabeth M√úLLER-194845.

Catherine SMITH7873 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Jerome PARSONS-162720. Catherine SMITH and Jerome PARSONS were married. Children were: Jesse E. PARSONS-162719.

Catherine SMITH19 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Jacob ANDRIX-187033. Catherine SMITH and Jacob ANDRIX were married. Children were: Catherine ANDRIX/ANDRICHS-187032.

Catherine SMITH19 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Jacob ANDERECH/ANDERECK-187065. Catherine SMITH and Jacob ANDERECH/ANDERECK were married. Children were: Susannah ANDERECH-187064.

Catherine SMITH2384,13745 was born in 1783 in Pennsylvania.2384 She died in 1864 at the age of 81 in Brookville, Montgomery Co., OH.2384

Spouse: Jacob RHOADES Sr.-40586. Catherine SMITH and Jacob RHOADES Sr. were married. Children were: Jacob RHOADS Jr.-39160.

Catherine SMITH14201 was born on 14 December 1827. She died on 4 January 1908 at the age of 80. Parents: John SMITH-183034 and Anna Maria "Aunt Polly" JUDY-182783.

Spouse: John MOYER-187638. Catherine SMITH and John MOYER were married on 20 October 1859. Children were: Ida Ellen MOYER-187639, Mary Catherine MOYER-187646, John Calvin MOYER-187648.

Catherine SMITH14202 was born on 15 June 1843. She died on 22 July 1906 at the age of 63. Parents: Jacob SMITH-186898 and Deborah ESLINGER-187493.

Spouse: William GREGG-187568. Catherine SMITH and William GREGG were married on 4 December 1879. Children were: Clarence GREGG-187569, Noah GREGG-187571, Jacob GREGG-187573, Alta Hannah GREGG-187575.

Catherine "Kate" SMITH8457 was born about 1850 in Ohio. Parents: Peter SMITH-180823 and Phoebe/Phebe JUDY-180822.

Spouse: (Husband of SMITH, Catherine) COMBS-180838. Catherine "Kate" SMITH and (Husband of SMITH, Catherine) COMBS were married.

Catherine SMITH was born in 1869.

Spouse: Charles Shontz BRUMBAUGH-3549. Catherine SMITH and Charles Shontz BRUMBAUGH were married. Children were: Esther BRUMBAUGH-11675, Charles C. BRUMBAUGH-11676, Helen BRUMBAUGH-11677, Morris Strause BRUMBAUGH-11678, Howard BRUMBAUGH-11679.

Catherine SMITH1011 was born about 1902.737

Spouse: Charles Byron NOFSKER-29019. Catherine SMITH and Charles Byron NOFSKER were married.

Catherine/Katherine SMITH1853,10440 was born on 6 June 1856 in Shaversville, Huntingdon Co., PA. She died on 24 February 1919 at the age of 62 in Huntingdon, Huntingdon Co., PA.

Mrs. Catherine Isenberg, wife of W. Hewitt Isenberg, of Huntingdon, and
mother of Milton, Nevin and Paul Isenberg, all of this city, died at her home last evening at 7:40 o'clock, of a complication of diseases. She had been in failing health for the last two years. She was born, June 6th, 1856, at Shaversville, Huntingdon county, being the daughter of James and Martha Smith, of Orbisonia, both deceased. She was wedded forty-four years on December 14th, and was a resident of Huntingdon for the last fifteen years. Her husband and fourteen children including three sons in this city, survive: Mrs. J. H. Baker, Jacob, Pa.; Emory, Porter, Martin, Frank, James, Carl, Mrs. Ruth Liveringhouse, Mrs. Margaretta Hoffman, Ella, and Hoy, all of Huntingdon. Three brothers, William B. and Klell Smith, both of Huntingdon, W.Va., and Daniel, Mt. Union, survive also with two sisters, Mrs. Belle Daughenbaugh and Mrs. Annie McClure, both of Orbisonia. She was a member of the Huntingdon Reformed church. Public funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon at her late home. Burial at Alexandria.
Altoona Tribune, Tuesday, February 25, 1919, page 8 She was buried on 26 February 1919 in Alexandria, Porter Twp., Huntingdon Co., PA. Parents: James SMITH-183887 and Martha (WIFE OF SMITH, JAMES)-183888.

Spouse: Washington/William Hewitt ISENBERG-9145. Catherine/Katherine SMITH and Washington/William Hewitt ISENBERG were married on 14 December 1875. Children were: A. Porter ISENBERG-105694, B. Frank ISENBERG-183906, Rev. Carl W. ISENBERG-105695, Emory N. ISENBERG-183907, James S. ISENBERG-105698, Margaretta ISENBERG-105704, Martin U. ISENBERG-105697, Paul Z. ISENBERG-105696, Milton Sangree ISENBERG-9144, Iva Belle ISENBERG-105702, John Nevin ISENBERG-9163, Ella Irene ISENBERG-105700, Edwin Hoy ISENBERG-105699.

Living (private). Parents: George Andrew SMITH Jr.-348 and Clara WALTER-349.

Spouse: Living.

Chalmer William SMITH796,872 was born on 18 November 1907 in Newry, Blair Twp., Blair Co., PA.872 He died on 7 October 1974 at the age of 66 at Perry Point Veterans Hospital in Cecil Co., MD.872 He was buried on 11 October 1974 at Rosebank Cem. in Calvert, Cecil Co., MD.872 Chalmer was a carpenter.872 He was Lutheran.872 He served in the military during World War II.872 Parents: Harvey Harrison SMITH-66122 and Juanita Etta Myrtle "Junie" RUGGLES-66119.

Spouse: Helen Irene SHAW-66165. Helen Irene SHAW and Chalmer William SMITH were married. Children were: June LaRue SMITH-66166, Jean Delores SMITH-66167.

Spouse: Dorothy Pearl MILLER-38058. Dorothy Pearl MILLER and Chalmer William SMITH were married on 20 June 1937 in Cumberland, Allegany Co., MD.872 Children were: Lois Jane SMITH-66168, George Edward SMITH-66169, Living, Living, Living, Living, Joyce Elaine SMITH-66173, Living.

Living (private). Parents: Chalmer William SMITH-38059 and Dorothy Pearl MILLER-38058.

Spouse: Patricia TATE-72107.

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living.