Hazel C. BOWLBY1241,1728,5241 was born on 5 March 1904 in Bucklin, Ford Co., KS.4508 She died on 26 August 1949 at the age of 45 in Bucklin, Ford Co., KS.1181 Parents: John Grant BOWLBY-13931 and Mary Mincinet DRURY-13932.

Spouse: Ernest DUNCAN-13939. Hazel C. BOWLBY and Ernest DUNCAN were married. Children were: (Child of DUNCAN, Hazel and Ernest) DUNCAN-13940, Merle Ernest DUNCAN-13941, Harold Grant DUNCAN-13943, Dorella Joyce DUNCAN-13942.

Hazel Dell BOWLBY4261 was born on 18 September 1900. She was adopted. Parents: Ely Calvin "Cal" BOWLBY-92114 and Bella/Belle CLARK-92115.

Spouse: Orville BRADLEY-92117. Hazel Dell BOWLBY and Orville BRADLEY were married on 22 December 1921. Children were: Eugene Calvin BRADLEY-92118, Margaret Lee BRADLEY-92119, Jewell Lavina BRADLEY-92120, Mildred Evelyne BRADLEY-92121.

Hazel H. BOWLBY188,526,5370 was born on 28 May 1891. She died on 11 November 1987 at the age of 96 in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Co., FL. She was a bookkeeper. Parents: Charles Weller BOWLBY-122881 and Lydia Hester LEONARD-122882.

Hazel T. BOWLBY1225 was born about 1899 in Ohio. Parents: David G. BOWLBY-74323 and Elizabeth S. (WIFE OF BOWLBY, DAVID)-74324.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

Helen BOWLBY124 was born (date unknown). Parents: Lee Andrus BOWLBY-69269 and Dorothy NULPH/HANSEN-69270.

Spouse: (Husband of BOWLBY, Helen) ROBBINI-90309. Helen BOWLBY and (Husband of BOWLBY, Helen) ROBBINI were married.

Helen BOWLBY759 was baptized on 10 November 1685 in Helmsley, North Riding, Yorkshire, England, UK. Parents: John BOWLBY-135454 and Ellenora SADLER-135455.

Helen BOWLBY2400 was born (date unknown). Parents: Alfred BOWLBY-146593 and Margaret CHRYSLER-146594.

Helen BOWLBY223,3897,3898 was christened on 27 August 1669 in Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire, England, UK.1242 She died on 17 February 1673 in Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire, England, UK.1242 Parents: Bryan BOWLBY-13042 and Elizabeth MANNERS-13043.

Helen BOWLBY4968 died after 1950. Parents: Frank H. BOWLBY-47502 and Julia VANCO/VIANCE-105415.

Spouse: Herbert GRABB-147830. Helen BOWLBY and Herbert GRABB were married.

Helen BOWLBY1238,1239,1241,5332 was born about 1584 in Yorkshire, England, UK. She was baptized on 2 June 1594 in Helmsley, North Riding, Yorkshire, England, UK.1242 Parents: John BOWLBY-13046 and Jane FORREY-13047.

Helen BOWLBY1241,2927,3897,3898 was born about 1626 in Helmsley, North Riding, Yorkshire, England, UK. She was baptized on 21 January 1626/7 in Helmsley, North Riding, Yorkshire, England, UK.1242 Parents: Richard BOWLBY-13044 and Elizabeth SPENCE-13045.

Spouse: Mathew BRISBO-143823. Helen BOWLBY and Mathew BRISBO were married on 10 August 1647 in Helmsley, North Riding, Yorkshire, England, UK.

Helen BOWLBY1630 was born in April 1919. She was adopted. Parents: Leo BOWLBY-124376 and Florence GADDIS-124377.

Spouse: Lyle INYART-124381. Helen BOWLBY and Lyle INYART were married.

Spouse: Gene SUMMERS-124382. Helen BOWLBY and Gene SUMMERS were married.

Helen BOWLBY194,5533 was born on 14 March 1921 in Hampton, Hunterdon Co., NJ. Parents: Judson Hogerman BOWLBY-124761 and Lillie May HACKETT-124762.

Spouse: George E. EHEHALT Jr.-124827. Helen BOWLBY and George E. EHEHALT Jr. were married on 1 May 1943. Children were: Living.

Helen A. BOWLBY3462 was born (date unknown). Parents: Charles P. BOWLBY-13650 and Mary C. SWEENEY-13651.

Helen Ann BOWLBY188,1726 was born on 22 January 1819 in Hunterdon Co., NJ. She died on 14 October 1903 at the age of 84 in Oberlin, Lorain Co., OH. Parents: Samuel BOWLBY-40677 and Martha GARMON/GARMAN-96456.

Spouse: Horace DUNHAM-123365. Helen Ann BOWLBY and Horace DUNHAM were married. Children were: Horace Leroy DUNHAM-123377, Helen Ann DUNHAM-123379, Elias DUNHAM-123381, Adaline "Addie" DUNHAM-123382, Solomon DUNHAM-123384, Caroline "Carrie" DUNHAM-123385.

Helen C. "Ella" BOWLBY338,1244 was born on 16 July 1855 in Steuben Co., NY. She died on 15 July 1919 at the age of 63 in Bath, Steuben Co., NY. She was buried at Grove Cem. in Bath, Steuben Co., NY.338,1244 She was diabetic and suffered ill health all her life. She studied music, and played the piano. Parents: John Alverman BOWLBY-41116 and Lydia Ray HUNTER-47500.

Helen Downing BOWLBY945 was born on 28 October 1898. Parents: Charles Alexander BOWLBY-13295 and Georgia B. DUNCAN-13296.

Spouse: Frank F. FISHER-13305. Helen Downing BOWLBY and Frank F. FISHER were married on 29 October 1919.

Helen Elizabeth BOWLBY5534 was born on 10 August 1834. She died on 1 August 1851 at the age of 16. Parents: Axford BOWLBY-41098 and Hannah BEEMER-147038.

Helen Ida BOWLBY188,5250 was born on 4 September 1845 in Orion Twp., Oakland Co., MI. She died on 10 November 1904 at the age of 59 in Pontiac, Oakland Co., MI. Parents: Charles C. BOWLBY-123488 and Anastasia "Tacy Ann" CLARK-123489.

Spouse: John C. BUCHNER-123493. Helen Ida BOWLBY and John C. BUCHNER were married on 30 September 1865 in Pontiac, Oakland Co., MI.

Helen Mae BOWLBY2617,2722,2723 was born on 2 March 1893 in Forest Grove, Washington Co., OR.2617 Parents: Wilson Eubertis BOWLBY-13457 and Bertha Edith SPANGLER-13458.

Spouse: William Claire ABBOTT-90350. Helen Mae BOWLBY and William Claire ABBOTT were married on 24 April 1912 in Rupert, Minidoka Co., ID.2617

Helen Mae BOWLBY1249 was born on 15 March 1922 in Oak Park, Cook Co., IL. Parents: Burt Arthur BOWLBY-147385 and Mardell Mae ROAN-147386.

Spouse: Robert Norman ALDERSON-147390. Helen Mae BOWLBY and Robert Norman ALDERSON were married on 3 October 1942 in Aberdeen, Harford Co., MD. They were divorced in 1958 in Galesburg, Knox Co., IL. Children were: Living, Living.

Spouse: Grissom W. WESTMAN-147391. Helen Mae BOWLBY and Grissom W. WESTMAN were married on 21 August 1958 in Peoria, Peoria Co., IL.

Helen S. BOWLBY1260 was born in 1866. Parents: James P. BOWLBY-134460 and Susannah DONLEY-134462.

Spouse: S. J. BOYLES-134475. Helen S. BOWLBY and S. J. BOYLES were married.

Henrietta Maria Salvin BOWLBY5535 was born on 19 January 1872 in Ramsgate, County Kent, England, UK. Parents: Charles Edward BOWLBY-144091 and Sophia Louisa SARGEAUNT-144192.

Spouse: Hugh Mountjoy DIGBY-144246. Henrietta Maria Salvin BOWLBY and Hugh Mountjoy DIGBY were married on 10 April 1894 at St. James' in Westminster, London, England, UK.

Henry BOWLBY1532 was born (date unknown). Parents: Elisha P. BOWLBY-13168 and Mary BEADY-13169.

Henry BOWLBY5342 was born in Sussex Co., NJ. He died in Somerset Co., PA. Parents: John BOWLSBY/BOWLBY-13030 and Mary LANNING-13034.

Henry BOWLBY3052 was born (date unknown). Parents: William BOWLBY-15127 and Emma RAMCHISEL-15128.

Spouse: Alice FAULK-15130. Alice FAULK and Henry BOWLBY were married.

Henry BOWLBY5536 was born on 4 July 1758. He was baptized on 14 July 1758 in St. Mary-le-Bow, Durham, England, UK. He was buried on 19 January 1759 at St. Mary the Less in Durham, County Durham, England, UK.63 Parents: Peter BOWLBY-143837 and Elizabeth RUSSELL-143847.

Henry BOWLBY158 was born on 15 October 1806. He was baptized on 21 October 1806 at St. Mary the Less in Durham, County Durham, England, UK. He died on 15 November 1876 at the age of 70 in Totnes, County Devon, England, UK. Parents: John BOWLBY-143854 and Sarah ELLIOT-144286.

Spouse: Ann BATES-144312. Ann BATES and Henry BOWLBY were married on 18 January 1838 at Medonsley Chapel in Parish of Lanchester, County Durham, England, UK. Children were: Harry Russell BOWLBY-144315.

Spouse: Clarice Beatrice DEBOURBON-144316. Clarice Beatrice DEBOURBON and Henry BOWLBY were married on 4 April 1856 in Benfieldside, County Durham, England, UK. Children were: Clarice Beatrice DeBourbon BOWLBY-144320, Pauline Beatrice Marie Antoinette DeBourbon BOWLBY-144321.

Henry BOWLBY2897 was born on 12 November 1831 in Union Furnace, Hocking Co., OH. He died on 5 September 1863 at the age of 31 in Shellmound, Marion Co., TN. Parents: John Louis BOWLBY-14088 and Amelia/Milliar Ann "Melly" ALLEN-59833.

Henry A. BOWLBY5292 was born in 1862. Parents: John M. BOWLBY-1092 and Ticey/Editha CLEVENGER-13093.

Right Reverend Henry Bond BOWLBY5034 was born on 23 August 1823. He was baptized on 18 September 1823 in Bishopwearmouth, County Durham, England, UK. He died on 27 August 1899 at the age of 76. Henry was buried at the Cathedral Yard in Durham, County Durham, England, UK.344 Bishop of Coventry. Parents: Peter BOWLBY-143866 and Elizabeth HASLEWOOD-143981.

Spouse: Catherine SALMON-143988. Catherine SALMON and Right Reverend Henry Bond BOWLBY were married on 29 September 1852 at St. Hilda's in South Shields, County Durham, England, UK. Children were: Mary BOWLBY-143989, Frances Katharine BOWLBY-144126, Eleanora Salvin BOWLBY-143991, Eliza Hannah BOWLBY-143992, Reverend Henry Thomas BOWLBY-143993.

Spouse: Sarah Blowers KING-143996. Sarah Blowers KING and Right Reverend Henry Bond BOWLBY were married on 21 September 1886 at St. Oswald's in Chester, Cheshire, England, UK.

Henry C. BOWLBY5287 was born about 1874. Parents: Henry Clay BOWLBY-13251 and Angeline WARD-13256.

Henry Carter BOWLBY188,1228 was born on 23 July 1831.188 He died on 17 April 1833 at the age of 1. He was buried at Mansfield Woodhouse Presbyterian Church Cem. in Washington, Warren Co., NJ.1228 Parents: Samuel Coleman BOWLBY-122359 and Salinda CARTER-122360.

Henry Clay BOWLBY3839 was born about 1824 in Pennsylvania.5537 In 1860 he was a farmer in Somerset Twp., Jackson Co., IL.5537 He died on 28 December 1892 at the age of 68.

The 1860 census for Jackson Co., IL., Township 8, Range 2 West, gives Henry C. BOWLBY, a farmer from Pennsylvania, living with his wife, Angeline, from Ohio, then lists five children: Laura, Thomas, William, James, and Mary. Evidently Henry's family lived in Ohio several years, between 1850 and 1854, before moving to Illinois. Record of probate shows Henry C. BOWLBY acting administrator of the estate of his brother, Peter G. Mrs. Kelly says Henry Clay BOWLBY inherited his father's farm. The only known children are those named in the census of 1860.
Parents: Samuel Barker BOWLBY-13026 and Hulda MESSENE/MESZENE-13027.

Spouse: Elizabeth BARBEE-13252. Elizabeth BARBEE and Henry Clay BOWLBY were married in 1845. Children were: Laura BOWLBY-13253, Thomas BOWLBY-13254, William W. BOWLBY-13255.

Spouse: Angeline WARD-13256. Angeline WARD and Henry Clay BOWLBY were married on 10 March 1856 in Jackson Co., IL.5538 Children were: James H. BOWLBY-13257, Mary BOWLBY-13258, Ollie A. BOWLBY-90342, Alice I. BOWLBY-90343, Isadora BOWLBY-90344, Lidia Rebecca BOWLBY-90345, Henry C. BOWLBY-90346.

Spouse: Rebecca "Becky" CROW-13259. Rebecca "Becky" CROW and Henry Clay BOWLBY were married about 1875.

Henry Jackson BOWLBY3748,5539 was born on 3 February 1828 in New Jersey.5447 In 1860 he was a farmer in Somerset Twp., Jackson Co., IL.5537 He died on 29 January 1905 at the age of 76 in Jackson Co., IL.5447 Henry was buried in DeSoto, Jackson Co., IL.

Henry was born around 1828 according to the 1860 census of Jackson Co., IL. He married his second cousin, SARAH BOWLBY, daughter of Samuel Barker and Hulda (MESSENE) BOWLBY. Samuel Barker BOWLBY (10) was the eldest son of John BOWLBY (9), brother of Henry's father; so Henry was first cousin to his wife's father.They were married in Warren Co., OH. This was where Henry's brother, E. H., was married five months later and was most likely the place where his sister, Abigail, married her second cousin, Samuel Barker BOWLBY (11). The census indicates that Henry and Sarah were in Indiana when their first child was born around 1850; however, their second and third children were born in Ohio between 1851 and 1853. By 1853, the family was settled in Jackson Co., IL. Parents: Samuel BOWLBY-13092 and Johanna PARKHURST-13902.

Spouse: Sarah BOWLBY-13260. Sarah BOWLBY and Henry Jackson BOWLBY were married on 28 January 1849 in Warren Co., OH.5245

Samuel Barker BOWLBY's sister, Sarah, married her second cousin and Abigail BOWLBY's brother, Henry Jackson BOWLBY.

Henry and Sarah were second cousins. Children were: Marion Sylvester BOWLBY-13263, Leander Parkus/Parkes "Park" BOWLBY-13264, Dora Lucretia BOWLBY-13265, Laura BOWLBY-92109, Jasper Donaldson "Don" BOWLBY-13266, William N. BOWLBY-13267, Bianka BOWLBY-92111, James E. BOWLBY-92110.

Spouse: Mary Ann HOUSE-13262. Mary Ann HOUSE and Henry Jackson BOWLBY were married on 9 August 1866 in Jackson, Lawrence Co., IL.8,5474 Children were: Ely Calvin "Cal" BOWLBY-92114, Arthur Curtis BOWLBY-92122, Nancy Leona BOWLBY-13268, George Doran BOWLBY-92269, BOWLBY-92270, Richard Newton BOWLBY-92271, Charles Henry BOWLBY-92319, Ida May BOWLBY-92326.

Henry Lee BOWLBY2515 was born in December 1879 in Crete, Saline Co., NE. Parents: Charles John BOWLBY-134395 and Mary Elizabeth HUDSON-134396.

Spouse: Ivy A. WALLACE-134402. Ivy A. WALLACE and Henry Lee BOWLBY were married in 1907.

Henry Lewis BOWLBY2897 was born on 16 June 1860. He died on 16 April 1915 at the age of 54 in Unity, Saskatchewan, Canada. Parents: Samuel BOWLBY-72166 and Sarah Ellen REECE-72170.

Spouse: Amanda Jane TAYLOR-145403. Amanda Jane TAYLOR and Henry Lewis BOWLBY were married on 14 March 1891 in Logan, Hocking Co., OH. Children were: Guy Samuel BOWLBY-145404.

Henry Parks/Parker Brown "Park" BOWLBY188,4606,5540 was born on 20 March 1885 in Olney, Richland Co., IL. He died on 5 March 1969 at the age of 83. He was buried at Haven Hill Cem. in Olney, Richland Co., IL.188 Parents: George BOWLBY-123204 and Heniah/Xenia BUCKINGHAM-123205.

Spouse: Lora May WATKINS-124321. Lora May WATKINS and Henry Parks/Parker Brown "Park" BOWLBY were married on 15 December 1903 in Richland Co., IL.5540 Children were: Lola BOWLBY-124324, Bernice BOWLBY-124328, Marie BOWLBY-124331.

Henry Rupert BOWLBY2921 was born about 1863 in Kings Co., Nova Scotia, Canada. He died on 17 July 1920 at the age of 57. Parents: Joel Banks BOWLBY-147580 and Hopestead Elizabeth RUDOLPH-147581.

Spouse: Susan E. LOGAN-147586. Susan E. LOGAN and Henry Rupert BOWLBY were married on 4 August 1886 in Somerville, Middlesex Co., MA. Children were: Beatrice Ada BOWLBY-147587.

Henry Russell BOWLBY313 was born on 17 April 1890 in Eton, Buckinghamshire, England, UK. He was baptized on 27 May 1890. Parents: Reverend Henry Thomas BOWLBY-143993 and Annie Margaret GEDGE-144005.

Spouse: Hermione Hester Isabel WISDEN-144014. Hermione Hester Isabel WISDEN and Henry Russell BOWLBY were married on 26 April 1924. Children were: June Mary BOWLBY-144017, Elizabeth Gwendoline BOWLBY-144018, Ann Gillian BOWLBY-144019, Pamela Mary BOWLBY-144020.

Henry S. BOWLBY188,1026 was born about 1837. Parents: Jacob M. BOWLBY-122456 and Effa WAGNER-122457.

Reverend Henry Thomas BOWLBY313 was born on 15 June 1864. He was baptized on 13 July 1864 at Christ Church in Oldburg, County Worcester, England, UK. He died on 8 February 1940 at the age of 75. Parents: Right Reverend Henry Bond BOWLBY-143987 and Catherine SALMON-143988.

Spouse: Annie Margaret GEDGE-144005. Annie Margaret GEDGE and Reverend Henry Thomas BOWLBY were married on 8 August 1889 at St. Peter's in Malvern Wills, County Worcester, England, UK. Children were: Henry Russell BOWLBY-144008, Hugh Salvin BOWLBY-144009, Cuthbert Francis Bond BOWLBY-144010, Margaret BOWLBY-144011, Oliver Gerard BOWLBY-144012, Agatha Frances BOWLBY-144013.

Henry V. BOWLBY5362 was born on 29 November 1863 in Indiana.1160 He died on 7 April 1955 at the age of 91 in Seattle, King Co., WA.1160 He was buried at Mount Pleasant Cem. in Seattle, King Co., WA.1160 Parents: Elisha Hess "Hurst" BOWLBY-13903 and Elisa/Eliza Jane ANDERSON-15149.

Spouse: Harriet Emily CUMMINGS-117406. Harriet Emily CUMMINGS and Henry V. BOWLBY were married. Children were: Clarence Raymond BOWLBY-117407, Joseph H. BOWLBY-117408, Florence BOWLBY-117409, Lora Mae Edna BOWLBY-117410.

Herbert Bradshaw BOWLBY758,5541 was born on 9 October 1891 in New Hampton, Hunterdon Co., NJ. He died on 28 December 1975 at the age of 84 in Washington, Warren Co., NJ. He was buried at Musconetcong Valley Cem. in Hampton, Hunterdon Co., NJ.758 Parents: John W. BOWLBY-122349 and Anna M. "Annie" BRADSHAW-125396.

Spouse: Margaret Gladys RUSH-125408. Margaret Gladys RUSH and Herbert Bradshaw BOWLBY were married. Children were: John Milton BOWLBY-125412, Herbert Warren BOWLBY-125411, William Eugene BOWLBY-125413, Alan K. BOWLBY-125414, Ruth BOWLBY-125415, Living, Warren BOWLBY-125417.

Herbert J. BOWLBY758 was born (date unknown). Parents: John Milton BOWLBY-125412 and Rosetta J. "Rose" UNANGST-125422.

Herbert Mead BOWLBY5323 was born on 24 January 1882 in Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY.

Herbert Mead delayed his study of medicine for fifteen years and engaged in business. As a doctor, he practiced medicine in New York and Connecticut although he resided in Connecticut after 1922. Parents: Benjamin Shevill BOWLBY-13498 and Clara Ureta MEAD-13499.

Spouse: Irene EACRET-13505. Irene EACRET and Herbert Mead BOWLBY were married in 1917. Children were: Herbert Mead BOWLBY Jr.-13508, Elizabeth Eacret BOWLBY-13510.

Herbert Mead BOWLBY Jr.5323 was born on 16 February 1918 in New York City, NY.
Herbert became a Colonel and, in 1960, wrote "The BOWLBY Family History". Parents: Herbert Mead BOWLBY-13504 and Irene EACRET-13505.

Spouse: Christina GLENCAIRN-13509. Christina GLENCAIRN and Herbert Mead BOWLBY Jr. were married. Children were: BOWLBY-90379.

Herbert Warren BOWLBY758,5541,5542,5543 was born on 15 January 1920 in Washington, Warren Co., NJ. He died on 19 June 1965 at the age of 45 in Washington, Warren Co., NJ. He was buried at Musconetcong Valley Cem. in Hampton, Hunterdon Co., NJ.758 Parents: Herbert Bradshaw BOWLBY-125400 and Margaret Gladys RUSH-125408.

Hester Ann W. BOWLBY3405,5290,5291,5544 was born on 5 September 1848 in Stark, Stark Co., OH. She died after 1884 at the age of 36.3405 Parents: Emanuel BOWLBY-13531 and Sarah STAHL/STALL-170168.

Spouse: Samuel Mitchell/Mitchel SIGLER-13549. Hester Ann W. BOWLBY and Samuel Mitchell/Mitchel SIGLER were married. Children were: Mary Ellen SIGLER-37071, William S. SIGLER-37075, Viola V. SIGLER-37074, Samuel M. SIGLER-37073, Robert F. SIGLER-37072.