Mary BOWLBY was born (date unknown). Parents: Lloyd D. BOWLBY-123278 and Julia APGAR-185637.

Mary BOWLBY63 was baptized on 29 June 1727 in St. Mary-le-Bow, Durham, England, UK. She died on 23 December 1783. She was buried on 26 December 1783 at the Cathedral Yard in Durham, County Durham, England, UK.63 Parents: Thomas BOWLBY-143827 and Mary BURRELL-143830.

Spouse: Charles INMAN-143844. Mary BOWLBY and Charles INMAN were married on 23 October 1755 in St. Mary-le-Bow, Durham, England, UK. Children were: Mary INMAN-143846.

Mary BOWLBY5664,5672 died after 14 March 1787.1246

Colonel Herbert Bowlby in his manuscript of 1968 states that Mary married Reverend Thomas Rowland of England, and that after the Revolution they settled in Shelbourne, Nova Scotia, and had the following children: William, George, Charles, Charlotte, Mary Ann and Martha. This statement cannoy be accepted without further documentation because the name of Mary's husband differs from that of the above mentioned church record and the names of two grandchildren mentioned in Thomas Bowlby's will of 1787 do not appear in Colonel Herbert Bowlby's list. Thomas Bowlby mentioned two grandchildren: Thomas and Priscilla.

Our list of children may not be accurate at this point. Parents: Thomas BOWLBY-13078 and Mary SCOTT-36401.

Spouse: Rev. John Hamilton ROWLAND-40762. Mary BOWLBY and Rev. John Hamilton ROWLAND were married on 21 February 1770 at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA.1246,5666 Children were: Thomas Bowlby ROWLAND-40763, John ROWLAND-40764, Charlotte Virginia ROWLAND-40765, Mary Ann ROWLAND-40766, Priscilla ROWLAND-40767, Charles ROWLAND-40768, Martha ROWLAND-40769, Hamilton ROWLAND-40770.

Mary BOWLBY63 was born on 22 July 1725. She was baptized on 26 July 1725 in St. Mary-le-Bow, Durham, England, UK. She died on 8 May 1727 at the age of 1. Mary was buried on 9 May 1727 at the Cathedral Yard in Durham, County Durham, England, UK.63 Parents: Thomas BOWLBY-143827 and Mary BURRELL-143830.

Mary BOWLBY1244,5673 was born on 14 February 1754 in Sussex Co., NJ.3379,5455 She died on 12 January 1834 at the age of 79.3379,5029 She was buried at Washington Cem. in Washington, Warren Co., NJ.5674 Parents: Richard BOWLBY Sr.-13082 and Mary DRAKE-40905.

Spouse: Newbold WOOLSTON-40950. Mary BOWLBY and Newbold WOOLSTON were married on 7 April 1775 in Mansfield Twp., Sussex Co., NJ.947,1246,3379,5455 Children were: Richard WOOLSTON-40951, Abraham WOOLSTON-13758.

Mary BOWLBY1246,3482,5350 was born in 1762 in Mansfield Twp., Sussex Co., NJ.1246 Parents: John BOWLBY Jr.-13085 and Catharine/Katherine HORNBAKER-40655.

Mary BOWLBY1244,1245,2400 was born on 22 March 1790.1246,3379 She was baptized on 17 July 1790 in Wilmot Twp., Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia, Canada.1246,3379 She died on 18 July 1803 at the age of 13.947,1246,3379 Parents: Richard BOWLBY Jr.-40975 and Elizabeth HAWKESWORTH/HAWKSWORTH-40976.

Mary BOWLBY5675 was born on 1 December 1796. She was baptized on 21 July 1797 in Houghton-Le-Spring, County Durham, England, UK. She died on 20 November 1854 at the age of 57. Mary was buried on 23 November 1854 at the Cathedral Yard in Durham, County Durham, England, UK.280 Parents: Thomas BOWLBY-143852 and Eleanora Elizabeth SALVIN-143858.

Mary BOWLBY1244,5338 was born on 20 September 1805.3379 Parents: Richard BOWLBY Jr.-40975 and Elizabeth HAWKESWORTH/HAWKSWORTH-40976.

Spouse: Thomas HARRIS-147032. Mary BOWLBY and Thomas HARRIS were married.

Mary BOWLBY188,2370,5676 was born on 2 June 1808 in Mansfield Twp., Warren Co., NJ.188 She died on 23 September 1849 at the age of 41 in Goshen Twp., Clermont, OH. Parents: Thomas BOWLBY Jr.-40674 and Hannah (WIFE OF BOWLBY, THOMAS, JR.)-122354.

Spouse: Jesse SMITH-47606. Mary BOWLBY and Jesse SMITH were married on 28 November 1833 in Warren Co., NJ.2370,2371 Children were: George Whitfield SMITH-47607, (Second child of Mary and Jesse SMITH) SMITH-47608, Alfred Kenneth/Kenith SMITH-47609, Aquila Brown SMITH-47611, Syren SMITH-47613, Mary Louisa SMITH-47617, Linda Etta SMITH-47618.

Mary BOWLBY1244,1245,5265 was born about 1808.1246 She died on 15 February 1892 at the age of 84.1246 Parents: George BOWLBY Sr.-40963 and Martha MCMASTERS-40971.

Spouse: Richard KEMPTON-147643. Mary BOWLBY and Richard KEMPTON were married about 1850.

Mary BOWLBY479,1244 was born on 12 February 1808 in New Jersey.1246 She died on 3 July 1893 at the age of 85 in Liberty Center, Henry Co., OH.1246 Parents: James BOWLBY-41105 and Catherine MAYBURY-41106.

Spouse: Elon HACKETT-147647. Mary BOWLBY and Elon HACKETT were married in 1826. Children were: Jonathan HACKETT-147650, James HACKETT-147651, Julia Catherine HACKETT-147657, Joseph Wheeler HACKETT-147733, Ransom HACKETT-147735, Sarah HACKETT-147736, Eliza HACKETT-147737, Lewis HACKETT-147738, Eugene HACKETT-147739.

Mary BOWLBY256 was born on 20 May 1822. She was baptized on 29 May 1822 at St. Oswald's in Durham, County Durham, England, UK. She died on 26 October 1856 at the age of 34. Mary was buried on 30 October 1856 at St. Oswald's in Durham, County Durham, England, UK.256 Parents: Peter BOWLBY-144291 and Alice DARNELL-144305.

Mary BOWLBY5285 was born on 19 August 1825 in Wilmot, Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia, Canada. Parents: Thomas BOWLBY-41093 and Ann GATES-146839.

Spouse: Isaac ELLIOTT-146968. Mary BOWLBY and Isaac ELLIOTT were married.

Mary BOWLBY5322 was born about 1831 in New Jersey. Parents: Charles BOWLBY-73947 and Rachel D. RIBBLE-73948.

Mary BOWLBY188,5276 was born about 1832. Parents: Peter BOWLBY-122672 and Leah H. WELCH-122674.

Mary BOWLBY188,3045,3046,5677 was born on 3 July 1832. She died on 4 September 1905 at the age of 73. She was buried at Musconetcong Valley Cem. in Hampton, Hunterdon Co., NJ. Parents: Ebenezer BOWLBY-122680 and Mary SKINNER-122681.

Spouse: Daniel H. ANDERSON-122692. Mary BOWLBY and Daniel H. ANDERSON were married. Children were: Daniel H. ANDERSON-122693.

Mary BOWLBY188,5443,5444 was born about 1836 in New Jersey. Parents: Jacob BOWLBY-122794 and Abigail "Abba" HIGGINS-122795.

Mary BOWLBY188,3045 was born about 1840. Parents: Thomas BOWLBY-122698 and (Wife of BOWLBY, Thomas) -122699.

Spouse: John HAGGERTY-124988. Mary BOWLBY and John HAGGERTY were married. Children were: Cora A. HAGGERTY-124989.

Mary BOWLBY188,5393,5394 was born in 1841 in Clermont Co., OH. She died on 3 January 1900 at the age of 59 in Maroa, Macon Co., IL.188 Parents: David BOWLBY-123176 and Clemency BROWN-123177.

Spouse: James William Belford SHAW-123196. Mary BOWLBY and James William Belford SHAW were married on 9 January 1862 in Milford, Milford Twp., Iroguois Co., IL.188 Children were: Henry SHAW-123197, Charlie SHAW-123198, David SHAW-123199, John David SHAW-124179, William Olney "Will" SHAW-123200, Ryland SHAW-123201, Amos SHAW-123202, Loren SHAW-124177, Glenn SHAW-124178.

Mary BOWLBY188,1026 was born about 1844. Parents: Jacob M. BOWLBY-122456 and Effa WAGNER-122457.

Mary BOWLBY188 was born in 1853. She was buried on 9 February 1909 at Bloomsbury Cem., in Warrenside, Hunterdon Co., NJ.188 Parents: John R. BOWLBY-122854 and Sarah SWAYZE-122855.

Mary BOWLBY344 was born on 19 December 1853. She was baptized on 22 January 1854 at Christ Church in Oldburg, County Worcester, England, UK. She died on 9 November 1909 at the age of 55 at Perham Road in London, England, UK. Mary was buried on 11 November 1909 at Dartford Cem. in County Kent, England, UK.344 Parents: Right Reverend Henry Bond BOWLBY-143987 and Catherine SALMON-143988.

Mary BOWLBY252 was born in 1854 in Port Dover, Ontario, Canada. Parents: Lewis BOWLBY-147041 and Mary Ann DOUGLASS-147042.

Mary BOWLBY2496 was born in 1857. Parents: John Skinner BOWLBY-122687 and Sarah "Sally" RHINEHART-122688.

Mary BOWLBY3839 was born in 1859 in Murphysboro, Jackson Co., IL. Parents: Henry Clay BOWLBY-13251 and Angeline WARD-13256.

Mary BOWLBY4620 was born before 1870. Parents: Sylvester BOWLBY-13274 and Margaret WILSON-13275.

Mary BOWLBY5467 was born in October 1885 in Crete, Saline Co., NE. Parents: Charles John BOWLBY-134395 and Mary Elizabeth HUDSON-134396.

Spouse: Arthur J. ELA-134413. Mary BOWLBY and Arthur J. ELA were married.

Mary BOWLBY1270,1271 was born about 1898 in Ohio. Parents: William BOWLBY-68334 and Martha J "Mattie" (WIFE OF BOWLBY, WILLIAM)-68336.

Mary BOWLBY757 was born in 1914 in DeSoto, Jackson Co., IL. Parents: Richard Newton BOWLBY-92271 and Edith DIXON-92272.

Mary A. BOWLBY5230 was born about 1838. She lived in Sabetha, Rock Creek Twp., Nemaha Co., KS. She was also known as Mary Margaret. Parents: John BOWLBY-1090 and Mollie MILLER-1091.

Spouse: John BOWMAN-13106. Mary A. BOWLBY and John BOWMAN were married. Children were: Samuel BOWMAN-13108, Martha BOWMAN-17107, Oscar BOWMAN-17108, Peter BOWMAN-17109, Warren Jock BOWMAN-13107, Green BOWMAN-13109.

Mary A. BOWLBY190 was born in 1852 in Virginia. Parents: James P. BOWLBY-134460 and Irene BOYLES-134461.

Spouse: D. H. BUSSEY-134465. Mary A. BOWLBY and D. H. BUSSEY were married.

Mary Adeline BOWLBY4884,5243,5678 was born on 27 September 1839 in New Hampton, Hunterdon Co., NJ.

[email protected]

Hello Rhonda!
I apologize for the delay in answering your message. We have been having the interior of our home painted, and my Dalrymple files were buried under the mess!
Your Theodore S. Dalrymple's father Aaron is one of our *Dangling Dalrymples*. After a considerable effort we still have not been able to determine who Aaron's father was. But Aaron was from one of the Hunterdon Co. NJ families.
Aaron Dalrymple and his 2nd wife Cathern (Opdyke) are buried in the Frenchtown Cemetery, which would correspond with Theodore/Jackson's statement that his mother lost his original pension certificate in their move to Frenchtown.
AARON DALRYMPLE - Kingwood Twp Hunterdon Co. NJ Census 1885; Baptistown Census 1870; Washington Twp Warren Co NJ 1850
b. 1808 Tombstone
d. Jan 27 1887, 7-9-2 Frenchtown Cemetery
m. (1) Magdalene Fishbrough, dau of Phoebe & Mathias Fishbrough
b. 1813 d. Aug 20 1836, 22-10; Greenwich Presbytrian Church Cemetery, Warren Co. NJ
(2) Cathern Opdyke October 22 1840 (Hunt)
b. 1819 tombstone d. April 13 1889, 70-7-17, Frenchtown Cemetery
What may be of interest to you is that in Aaron's Letters of Administration 1887 do not name Theodore (or dau. Sarah who may have died) with his other children. This could imply that Theodore was not his natural son or that his family did indeed disown him. I have no information that indicates Cathern Opdyke was married previously. Cathern and Aaron were married in October 1840. Do you happen to have the month of Theodore's birth in 1840? His birth month might clarify a few things :) It would seem to appear that Theodore was born either before his mother's marriage, or she was pregnant when she married Aaron. (I have Theodore's birth as 1839, not 1840, the date came from the 1850 census record. How sure are you of the 1840 date? The year he was born could change things too :)

Did Ron send you any information on Aaron and Cathern's children? If he hasn't let me know, and I will send it to you. Aaron had 11 children. It appears from the birth dates that first born Phoebe b. Oct 6 1834 was the dau. of Aaron's first wife Magdelena Fishbrough. Your Theodore is the next born child. Then comes Mary E. born in 1841 who was the dau of Cathern Opdyke.

Phoebe was living with Cornelius Rittenhouse in 1870. Cornelius Rittenhouse was the husband of her sister Mary E. This is where Rittenhouse comes into this family. There are Rittenhouse connections to many Dalrymple branches, the name pops up all the time!

A Theodore Dalrymple married Mary A. BOWLBY October 9 1856. That would make Theodore 16 years old when he married, if he was born 1840.

There is also another Theodore Dalrymple. If your Theodore was born in Bethlehem, it makes me think that yours might be this other Theodore. Some of his siblings are in Bethlehem Twp. There is nothing to connect Aaron Dalrymple to Bethlehem. Cathern Opdyke could have come from Bethlehem, which might explain it. How sure are you that your Theodore is the son of Catherine Opdyke and Aaron Dalrymple?

This other Theodore was the son of Joseph Chamberlin Dalrymple (James, Thomas, James) and his first wife - Sarah Ann Lafee. (2nd was Catherine Crotsley), and he is the Theodore we tenatively connected to Mary A. Bowlby, which of course could be incorrect. Joseph Chamberlain was in Greenwich Twp Warren Co. NJ in 1840 and 1850, not Bethlehem. This Theodore was one of 13 siblings. We don't have his birth date, but it would fall around 1840. We know the lineage of this Theodore, back to the progenitor of the Hunterdon Co NJ family - James. But we have no other information on this Theodore. He did have a brother James Thomas who served in the Civil War in Co. C 31st Regiment. This isn't the same Regiment Theodore served in, is it?

In this same line, Mary M. (James, Thomas, James) married Luther Opdyke Aug 8 1835, son of Joshua (Luther's third marriage.) Luther was an Ensign in Capt. C. Johnson's Co. and Mary M. Dalrymple Opdyke would be this Theodore's Aunt.

Where was Theodore in MI? Many of the Dalrymples in MI descend from Eli (John, Thomas, James).

Hopefully some of this information will be helpful!
Alison Wallner

No apology necessary, I thank you for taking the time to lend me a hand while "under construction"! I have met the kindest people since I have started my research, it's amazing. Anyway, this is what I have:

From Theodore S. Dalrymple alias "Jackson Smith" Pension File, Civil War :
(*Almost all of the papers from this file list both names together)

Theodore S. Dalrymple was enlisted in the H 15th NJ Infantry, August 9th, 1862 as a private, he was discharged at Halls Hill, Va, June, 25th, 1865 as a corporal. In 1875 he is a resident of Phillipsburgh, NJ.

In a questioner of the Department of Interior, Bureau of Pensions,
dated 2/23/1898, while living in Sandusky, Erie Cty, OH at the Old Soldiers and Sailors Home (this is his last home and were he is buried):

1) Are you a married man? Answer) I am not married, I was married before the war to Mary Adline Bobby. Was married at New Hampton, New Jersey

4) Were you previously married? and place of death or divorce. Answer) I haf bin married since Mary Former (Farmer?) Mary Adline Blby, was divorced in 1868 or about bout that time. (*I think he meant to say former, this is in his own handwriting, wonder if it could be Farmer as her new last name?)

He goes on to list his 2nd wife (my gg grandmother, whom he was divorced from and their two children, Ellsworth Jackson Smith (my g grandfather) and Vickey May Smith (Virginia Mae Smith).

In a letter to Pension Department, dated December 21, 1897 written on the Old Soldiers Home stationary explaining his name change:

...I take my pen in hand ...find out any thing about my pension? I made my claim in 1890...objected to it before he got the witness' he wanted, two men from my one company to prove that I was the see I enlisted under the name of Theodor S. Dalrymple and after the war I found out that was the name of my stepfather and my name was Jackson Smith so I have went by that name every since the war, my claim was made Jackson Smith prier Theodore S Dalrymple...Signed Theodore S Dalrymple

Notorized letter from State of MI, County of Manistee, dated Jan 5, 1884
(*As far as I can determine, this is the only time he is actually living in MI, Ellsworth was born in this county, but Virginia was born in IL. I believe he was only here for about 1 year, maybe because of family? His 2nd wife Lucy, had family in lower MI)

Personally appeared before me...Theodore S Dalrymple...and that he left said certificate at the home of his mother in the town of Frenchtown in the state of New Jersey, USA and that my mother in moving lost said certificate...

*There are three Theodore Dalrymple's in the Civil War that I have found.

One served in Company A, 11th and 12th NJ Infantry, Sergeant.

The other served May 10 1861, age 25, Company I, 24th Infantry, New York,
he died of disease April 21, 1862 in Alexandria, VA, his father is listed as Otis Dalrymple, May 8, ? on pension index.

And my Theodore alias Jackson.

From Jan Skaar, medical records, Ohio State Soldiers Home, dated 1/30/03:
The veteran was admitted to Home as Theo. S. Dalrymple, there is no birth certificate or a copy of his service papers microfiched. His pension number was 137482, however on his application he stated he did not receive a pension. He was admitted to the Home 10/2/1897 from Toledo, Ohio to RB Cottage. He was admitted to the Home hospital on 1/2/1900 with malignant disease of the jaw and expired at 11:00 pm 11/16/1900 with cause of death being “extension of disease” signed by J. T. Haynes, Surgeon. He was born in Bethlehem, New Jersey 3/10/1840 and lived in Ohio for 6 years. (*not sure where they got this information, maybe Theodore himself)

He enlisted 8/9/1862 in Washington, New Jersey, he was a Private and was discharged 6/22/1865 as a Corporal in (I could not read the town) Virginia due to close of the war. His disability for admission to the Home was general disability and breaking down of his whole internal system. He owned no property and give his occupation as common labor. He was supported by any labor he could do and charity.

He stated he had no family – Louis Shanaway, father in law, 1022 W. Broadway, Toledo, OH was given as next of kin. Wife had been gone about 3 years – whereabouts unknown. (*Louis was my gg uncle and Lucy's father)

I cannot answer your question regarding the name on the virtual cemetery but I will forward this message to our public relations dept. According to my death book it is Theodore buried in the cemetery. There were no other Dalrymple’s buried in our cemetery during that time period. (*On the OSSH web site, Thomas S Dalrymple is listed on their virtual cemetery. I asked whether this was actually Theodore)

From what I can tell, this is the Theodore that married Mary Bowlby. Catherine and Aaron were married Oct 1840, that would make Theo just 7 months old. So it is possible that she is his mother. But where he gets "Jackson Smith" from is anybody's guess. I imagine that Catherine may have disclosed his real fathers name to him, as he named his son, Ellsworth Jackson Smith. Thus the quest continues. The more I learn of Catherine and her family, their neighbors and affiliations, I may be able to take an educated guess at Theodores true father, but the mystery may never be truly solved. One other bit of info I found in his pension file was the name Julia or Julie. I'll have to go through it again, it's quite bulky, and locate the paper but according to my notes, I believe it was crossed out. There may have been a mix up with one of the Theo Dalrymple pension files and this name may not be associated at all with mine. One question, where did you find the record of Theo and Mary Bowlby's marriage? I would like to request a copy.

Once again, the information you sent is invaluable, I thank you again for taking the time to send it.

Much Regards,
Rhonda Shoemaker

Parents: Alexander Hamilton "Alex" BOWLBY-13276 and Margaret P. HAZLETT-13277.

Spouse: Theodore S. DALYRMPLE-61839. Mary Adeline BOWLBY and Theodore S. DALYRMPLE were married on 9 October 1856.5679 Children were: Calvin DALYRMPLE-185658.

Mary Alice "Allie" BOWLBY188,1216 was born on 25 June 1881 in Richland Co., IL. She died on 30 April 1970 at the age of 88 in Tipton Co., IN. Parents: William Ennis BOWLBY-123216 and Eliza Ann JENNER-123217.

Spouse: Lewis Andrew WEST-124451. Mary Alice "Allie" BOWLBY and Lewis Andrew WEST were married on 15 August 1900. Children were: (Child of Mary Alice and Lewis Andrew WEST) WEST-124452, Horrall Bowlby WEST-124453, Beulah Marie WEST-124512, Grace WEST-124514.

Mary Alice BOWLBY188,4922 was born on 23 September 1889 in Buffalo, Harper Co., OK. Parents: David A. BOWLBY-122436 and Lou HIZER-122437.

Spouse: Frank MYERS-122442. Mary Alice BOWLBY and Frank MYERS were married on 9 November 1903 in Woodward, Woodward Co., OK. Children were: Ivan Bowlby MYERS-122445, Celia Mae MYERS-122447.

Living (private). Parents: David Leroy BOWLBY Jr.-123397 and Gladys MAIDENS-125806.

Spouse: Living.

Mary Ann BOWLBY1241,3540,5302 was born before 1765. She died on 1 January 1870 at the age of 105.

Mary Ann was the first of Samuel's daughters to be named and receive a bequest of half an acre at Johnson's Mill, now New Hampton, in her grandfather's will of 1779. On May, 1800, when she sold this land, she was the wife of John LACEY (also spelled "LACY" or "LEACY"). Family researcher William J. HILL says that Samuel's daughters, Mary and Ann, married brothers who were the sons of Garret LACEY, a prominent man, and justice of the peace in Sussex County. In a letter, Mrs. David (Leone E.) VAN WESTEN of California writes:
"A long time ago there was a Samuel BOWLBY of Hunterdon Co., who married Elizabeth DAVIS. They among other children, had a daughter Mary who m. John LACEY. Her daughter Polly who m. John Hampton BAKER was my G. G. grandmother."

Mary (BOWLBY) LACEY, widow of John LACEY, deceased, was living 19 NOV 1824, when she, as the daughter of Samuel BOWLBY, and others petitioned the perogative court of Sussex County to stop the sale of her father's lands in New Jersey. On 4 AUG 1837, Mary Ann LACEY of Vermillion Twp., Vermillion Co., IN, sold land inherited from Samuel BOWLBY to Samuel SHIELDS of Warren Co., NJ. Parents: Samuel BOWLSBY/BOWLBY-13035 and Elizabeth DUNN/DURAN/DAVIS-13036.

Spouse: John LACEY/LACY/LEACY-13715. Mary Ann BOWLBY and John LACEY/LACY/LEACY were married on 7 April 1775 in Burlington, Burlington Co., NJ.5264 Children were: Polly Mary LACEY-13716.

Mary Ann BOWLBY154 was born on 25 February 1789. She was baptized on 3 June 1789 in Houghton-Le-Spring, County Durham, England, UK. She was buried on 5 May 1794 in Houghton-Le-Spring, County Durham, England, UK.154 Parents: Thomas BOWLBY-143852 and Eleanora Elizabeth SALVIN-143858.

Mary Ann BOWLBY1372,1532,1848,4935,5680 was born on 28 April 1806 in Pennsylvania.1848 Raymond E. BOWLBY, in his book, shows that she was born in Sussex Co., NJ. and Maddy HUME shows that she was born 28 APR 1806 in Warren Co., NJ. She died on 2 October 1888 at the age of 82 in Murphysboro, Jackson Co., IL. Parents: Samuel Barker BOWLBY-13026 and Hulda MESSENE/MESZENE-13027.

Spouse: George Henry CARBAUGH-13191. Mary Ann BOWLBY and George Henry CARBAUGH were married on 9 September 1823 in Somerset Co., PA. Children were: George Washington CARBAUGH-13194, John CARBAUGH-13208, Samuel Barker CARBAUGH-13209, Martin V. CARBAUGH-13210, Philip CARBAUGH-13212, Mary CARBAUGH-13214, Julia Ann CARBAUGH-13216, Harriet CARBAUGH-13218, Isabella CARBAUGH-13221, Martha E. CARBAUGH-13223, Margaret Jane CARBAUGH-13226, William Henry CARBAUGH-13229.

Mary Ann BOWLBY188,1262 was born in 1809 in New Jersey. She died on 9 September 1883 at the age of 74 in Middleburg, MI. She was buried at Maple Grove Cem. in Ovid, Clinton Co., MI.1262 Parents: George "Gage" BOWLBY-40678 and Anna CRISSMAN-123460.

Spouse: John HANKERSON/HANKENSON-123466. Mary Ann BOWLBY and John HANKERSON/HANKENSON were married.

Spouse: Samuel EATON-123467. Mary Ann BOWLBY and Samuel EATON were married in 1839. Children were: Abraham/Abram Marvin EATON-123468, Anne EATON-123472, (Daughter of Mary Ann and Samuel Eaton) EATON-123474.

Mary Ann "Minerva" BOWLBY188,4269,5681 was born on 17 July 1814.188 She died in 1848 at the age of 34.188 There is a question as to her death date or the birth date of her son, Harrison. Parents: David BOWLBY-40681 and Catharine Elizabeth BEATY-74245.

Spouse: (First husband of BOWLBY, Mary Ann) SIMPSON-123802. Mary Ann "Minerva" BOWLBY and (First husband of BOWLBY, Mary Ann) SIMPSON were married.

Spouse: Critton STOKER Jr.-68156. Mary Ann "Minerva" BOWLBY and Critton STOKER Jr. were married. Children were: Viola STOKER-68157, Harrison STOKER-88856, Onesimus STOKER-88857, George W. STOKER-88858, Ida STOKER-88859.

Mary Ann BOWLBY57 was born in April 1823 in Sussex Co., NJ. Parents: John C. BOWLBY-135173 and Ann YOUNG-135174.

Spouse: Horace Loomis HOLCOMB-135176. Mary Ann BOWLBY and Horace Loomis HOLCOMB were married on 7 August 1842. Children were: Courtley E. HOLCOMB-135179, Alice P. HOLCOMB-135180, Julia A. HOLCOMB-135181, Mary E. HOLCOMB-135182, Olive Lois HOLCOMB-135183.

Mary Ann BOWLBY1983 was born in 1825 in Ontario, Canada. She died on 15 October 1897 at the age of 72 in Oxford Co., Ontario, Canada. Parents: Sidney Smith BOWLBY-41091 and Frances SOVEREIGN/SOVERENE-146669.

Spouse: Alexander HUNTSBURGER-146704. Mary Ann BOWLBY and Alexander HUNTSBURGER were married. Children were: Joseph HUNTSBURGER-146705, Esther Ann HUNTSBURGER-146706, David HUNTSBURGER-146707, Isaac HUNTSBURGER-146708, Lucinda HUNTSBURGER-146709, Matilda HUNTSBURGER-146710, Mary Margaret HUNTSBURGER-146711, Arvilla Jane HUNTSBURGER-146712, Lewis John HUNTSBURGER-146713, George HUNTSBURGER-146714.

Mary Ann BOWLBY188,5682 was born on 10 May 1835. She died on 1 May 1890 at the age of 54. She was buried at Musconetcong Valley Cem. in Hampton, Hunterdon Co., NJ.188 Parents: David BOWLBY-122774 and Margaret SCHAFFER/SHAFER-122775.

Spouse: John C. REEVES-122777. Mary Ann BOWLBY and John C. REEVES were married. Children were: William A. REEVES-122778, Frank A. REEVES-122779.

Mary Ann BOWLBY5245,5683 was born about 1843 in Richwood, Union Co., OH.5579 She was also known as Mary Ann Baulby.5579 She was buried at Pate Chapel Cem. in Murphysboro, Jackson Co., IL. Parents: Samuel Barker BOWLBY-13117 and Abigail BOWLBY-13118.

Spouse: Horace L. HOLCOMB-13127. Mary Ann BOWLBY and Horace L. HOLCOMB were married in Warren Co., OH.5683

Spouse: Dr. (Second husband of BOWLBY, Mary) COWDEN-13128. Mary Ann BOWLBY and Dr. (Second husband of BOWLBY, Mary) COWDEN were married. Children were: Ollia COWDEN-13129, Ellia COWDEN-13130.

Mary Ann BOWLBY3052 was born in 1843/4 in Bethlehem Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ.5231 Parents: Aaron BOWLBY-14084 and Mary LANNING-14085.

Spouse: George SNIDER-15143. Mary Ann BOWLBY and George SNIDER were married.

Mary Ann BOWLBY5574 was born on 10 April 1846 or 1847 in Aylesford, Kings Co., Nova Scotia, Canada. Parents: Solomon Joel BOWLBY-40970 and Susannah/Susan Amelia Spriggs/Sprague SLOCOMBE/SLOCOMB-133102.

Mary Ann BOWLBY5684 was born on 20 October 1863. She died on 13 October 1937 at the age of 73 at Laconia Hospital in Laconia, Belknap Co., NH.5684

Laconia Democrat, Thursday, October 14, 1937

"Miss Mary Ann Bowlby, 73, of Alton, (NH) died last night at the Laconia hospital where she had been a patient. She was born in Mt. Hanley, Nova Scotia, and had been a resident of Alton for twelve years. She was a nurse. She leaves a nephew, Arnold Bowlby, Lynn, Mass. Funeral services were held this morning at the Alton Bay Campground chapel with Rev. Leon Peabody officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Foster sang, with Mrs. Foster accompanying on the organ. The body was taken to Greenwood, Nova Scotia for burial."

She was buried in Greenwood, Nova Scotia, Canada.5684 Parents: William Henry BOWLBY-137375 and Ann Troupe YOUNG-137376.

Mary B. BOWLBY2851 was born on 25 November 1857 in Greene Co., PA. She died on 23 November 1893 at the age of 35. Parents: Samuel Coleman BOWLBY-75230 and Sarah Williams ROSS-134051.

Spouse: John Addison GUNTLE-134323. Mary B. BOWLBY and John Addison GUNTLE were married on 6 February 1885.

Mary C. BOWLBY188,3728 was born on 1 December 1827 in Hunterdon Co., NJ. She died on 4 December 1827 at the age of 0 in Hunterdon Co., NJ. Parents: Joseph BOWLBY-40680 and Mary BONNELL-123524.