Watson Wene BOWLBY188,1778 was born on 21 July 1876. He died on 23 October 1897 at the age of 21. He was buried at Asbury Presbyterian Cem. in Asbury, Warren Co., NJ.1778 Parents: Robert Melroy BOWLBY-122836 and Elizabeth DEHART-122837.

Waverline BOWLBY1264 was born on 7 April 1925 in Hocking Co., OH. She died on 2 September 1925 at the age of 0. She was buried on 4 September 1925 in Webbs Summit. Parents: Samuel Tildon BOWLBY-72177 and Orpha May CONWAY-74250.

Wellington BOWLBY1265,3405,5290,5291 was born on 27 July 1851 in Stark, Stark Co., OH.1264 He died on 4 August 1921 at the age of 70 in Paulding Co., OH.1250,3405 He was buried on 6 August 1921 at Forest Home in Ohio.1264 Parents: Emanuel BOWLBY-13531 and Sarah STAHL/STALL-170168.

Spouse: Flora E. (WIFE OF BOWLBY, WELLINGTON)-74254. Flora E. (WIFE OF BOWLBY, WELLINGTON) and Wellington BOWLBY were married. Children were: Clarence E. BOWLBY-149423.

Wendel BOWLBY3398 was born (date unknown). Parents: Wesley BOWLBY-12996 and Mary HARDY-12997.

Wesley BOWLBY3398 was born between 1824 and 1828. Parents: John BOWLBY-1090 and Mollie MILLER-1091.

Spouse: Mary HARDY-12997. Mary HARDY and Wesley BOWLBY were married. Children were: Dortha BOWLBY-12998, Wendel BOWLBY-12999, Muriel BOWLBY-13000.

Living (private). Parents: Clayton R. BOWLBY-185760 and Hazel B. DINGMAN-185762.

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living, Living.

Living (private).5799 Parents: Living and Living.

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living.

Wesley P. BOWLBY5285 was born on 13 December 1857 in Middleton, Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia, Canada. He died on 2 January 1934 at the age of 76. Parents: James Whitfield BOWLBY-146969 and Charlotte L. REAGH-146970.

Spouse: Leah E. HARRIS-146973. Leah E. HARRIS and Wesley P. BOWLBY were married.

Whitfield BOWLBY1213,3462,5242 was born about 1843 in New Jersey.5243 He died on 25 October 1883 at the age of 40.5242 He was buried at Washington Cem. in Washington, Warren Co., NJ.5242 Whitfield served in the military during the Civil War in Company B, 31st Regiment, New Jersey Infantry.

In the Civil War he served a full term of enlistment, and later was drafted, and again entered the army.
Parents: Stacy/Stacey BOWLBY-13635 and Mary Ann HAZLETT-13636.

Corporal Wilbur B. BOWLBY was born in 1929. He died in 1976 at the age of 47. Parents: Lloyd D. BOWLBY-123278 and Julia APGAR-185637.

Wilbur Eugene BOWLBY2686 was born on 19 April 1921 in Clallam Bay, Clallam Co., WA. He died during World War II aboard the U. S. S. Houston on 2 March 1942 at the age of 20 in Pacific Ocean. Parents: William Henderson BOWLBY-123650 and Beatrice May SANDS-129481.

Wilhelmina Alethea BOWLBY206 was born on 10 June 1856 in Chaudfontaine, Liège, Belgium. She is the twin sister of Thomas William BOWLBY She died on 10 June 1856 at the age of 0 in Chaudfontaine, Liège, Belgium. Parents: Thomas William BOWLBY-143878 and Frances Marian MEIN-143901.

Willard BOWLBY757 was born (date unknown). Parents: Richard Newton BOWLBY-92271 and Edith DIXON-92272.

Willard H. BOWLBY5308 was born on 21 June 1865. He died on 21 April 1928 at the age of 62 in Kemp, Kaufman Co., TX. Parents: Bellisle/Belial/Belile BOWLBY-73949 and Mary Jane YOUNG-73950.

Spouse: Mary Etta DUFF-73966. Mary Etta DUFF and Willard H. BOWLBY were married on 26 August 1896 in Chisholm, Rockwall Co., TX. Children were: Annie Ruth BOWLBY-73969, Cecil Daniel BOWLBY-73970.

William BOWLBY1532 was born (date unknown). Parents: Elisha P. BOWLBY-13168 and Mary BEADY-13169.

William BOWLBY3052 was born (date unknown). Parents: Daniel BOWLBY-15121 and Rebecca BOWMAN-15122.

Spouse: Emma RAMCHISEL-15128. Emma RAMCHISEL and William BOWLBY were married. Children were: Henry BOWLBY-15129, Leslie BOWLBY-15131, Katheryn BOWLBY-15132, Living.

William BOWLBY188,5354 was born (date unknown). Parents: John BOWLBY-122702 and Catharine WYCKOFF-122703.

William BOWLBY944 was baptized on 6 June 1641 in Helmsley, North Riding, Yorkshire, England, UK. Parents: George BOWLBY-135424 and Elizabeth BRUSBY-135426.

William BOWLBY759 was baptized on 17 January 1683/4 in Helmsley, North Riding, Yorkshire, England, UK. Parents: John BOWLBY-135454 and Ellenora SADLER-135455.

Spouse: Elizabeth WILSON-135457. Elizabeth WILSON and William BOWLBY were married on 13 January 1713/4 in Helmsley, North Riding, Yorkshire, England, UK.

William BOWLBY2400 was born (date unknown). Parents: Alfred BOWLBY-146593 and Margaret CHRYSLER-146594.

William BOWLBY188,5503 was born on 14 December 1804 in Hunterdon Co., NJ. He died in a hunting accident on 29 September 1853 at the age of 48 in Havana (now Mountain Falls), NY. Parents: Samuel BOWLBY-40677 and Ann HENDRICKSON-123245.

Spouse: Eliza CRAMER-123247. Eliza CRAMER and William BOWLBY were married on 22 February 1827 at Presbyterian Church in Hunterdon Co., NJ. Children were: Lydia Ann BOWLBY-123248, George Fritts BOWLBY-123250, Ira BOWLBY-123253, Susan A. BOWLBY-123255, Mary M. BOWLBY-123256, Sarah M. BOWLBY-123258, Samantha S. BOWLBY-123260, Charlotte W. BOWLBY-123262, Dr. William T. BOWLBY-123264, Eliza M. BOWLBY-123266, Ellen A. BOWLBY-123268.

William BOWLBY5297 was born between 1819 and 1831 in New Jersey. Parents: John C. BOWLBY-135173 and Ann YOUNG-135174.

Spouse: Barbara SELLE-135193. Barbara SELLE and William BOWLBY were married.

William BOWLBY2400 was born on 9 April 1822 in Norfolk Co., Ontario, Canada. He died after 1903 at the age of 81. Parents: Adam H. or James BOWLBY-40980 and Elizabeth SOVEREIGN/SOVERIGN/SOVEREIN-123447.

Spouse: Rhoda DUNCOMBE-146604. Rhoda DUNCOMBE and William BOWLBY were married on 27 January 1849. Children were: Mary E. BOWLBY-146605, David S. BOWLBY-146606.

William BOWLBY188,3728 was born on 3 October 1829 in Hunterdon Co., NJ. He died on 5 July 1896 at the age of 66 in Tipton Co., IN. He was buried at Sharpsville Cem. in Sharpsville, Tipton Co., IN.188,727 William was Sunday School Superinyendent and Elder in the Prsebyterian Church. Parents: Joseph BOWLBY-40680 and Mary BONNELL-123524.

Spouse: Rebecca Jane LINDSAY-123622. Rebecca Jane LINDSAY and William BOWLBY were married on 3 September 1851 in Decatur Co., IN. Children were: Joseph L. BOWLBY-123623, Rachel Ann BOWLBY-123624, James Franklin BOWLBY-123634, Elizabeth Jane BOWLBY-123639.

Spouse: Phoebe SIPPY-123646. Phoebe SIPPY and William BOWLBY were married on 4 May 1865 in Tipton Co., IN. Children were: William Morton BOWLBY-123647, Mary Margaret BOWLBY-123652, Mary BOWLBY-123746.

William BOWLBY188,1226 was born between 1832 and 1834. He died after 1887 at the age of 55. Parents: George W. BOWLBY-123270 and Elizabeth SONDERS-123271.

William BOWLBY188,5444 was born about 1840 in New Jersey. Parents: Jacob BOWLBY-122794 and Abigail "Abba" HIGGINS-122795.

William BOWLBY453 was born on 25 February 1853 in Inverness Road, Paddington, County London, England, UK. He was baptized on 20 April 1853 at Holy Trinity Church in Paddington, County London, England, UK. Parents: Thomas William BOWLBY-143878 and Frances Marian MEIN-143901.

Spouse: Mary Irene WALLACE-143917. Mary Irene WALLACE and William BOWLBY were married on 4 February 1897 in Shottermill, County Currey, England, UK.

William BOWLBY5288 was born about 1855. Parents: Cornelius BOWLBY-75231 and Minerva Jane WEAVER-134358.

William BOWLBY758,1267,1268 was born in 1858 in New Jersey.758 Parents: William M. BOWLBY-13634 and Catherine F. (WIFE OF BOWLBY, WILLIAM M.)-122347.

William BOWLBY5381 was born in May 1860 in St. Clair Co., MI. He died on 13 July 1908 at the age of 48 in Sandusky, Sanilac Co., MI. Parents: David BOWLBY-146788 and Saloma LASHBROOK-146789.

Spouse: Mary Jane TALLMAN-146791. Mary Jane TALLMAN and William BOWLBY were married. Children were: William D. BOWLBY-146792, Mariul BOWLBY-146793, Florman David BOWLBY-146794, Clarence BOWLBY-146796, Leathe BOWLBY-146797, Nora BOWLBY-146798.

William "Willie E.?" BOWLBY188,4101 was born about 1871. He died from disease of heart and liver on 6 May 1892 at the age of 21 in McLean Co., IL.4101 Parents: William I. "W. I." BOWLBY-122391 and Margaret A. HAYWOOD-122392.

William BOWLBY1270,1271 was born in 1878 in Indiana. He was adopted.

Apparently William was born to a sister of Salamis. So Salamis was his maternal uncle. Parents: Salamis BOWLBY-13591 and Lucretia SOUTHERLAND-33191.

Spouse: Martha J "Mattie" (WIFE OF BOWLBY, WILLIAM)-68336. Martha J "Mattie" (WIFE OF BOWLBY, WILLIAM) and William BOWLBY were married. Children were: Mary BOWLBY-68337, Wilma BOWLBY-68338, Robert Ward BOWLBY-68335, Donald Eugene BOWLBY-68339.

William "Will/W. M." BOWLBY188,5800 was born on 11 June 1881 in Shelby Co., IN. He was also known as Will or William M.. He died on 14 March 1958 at the age of 76 in Anderson, Madison Co., IN. Will/W. M. was buried at Union Baptist Cem. in Marion Twp., Decatur Co., IN.188,5801 Parents: Andrew Cregar BOWLBY-123582 and Josephine "Josie" THOMPSON-123588.

Spouse: Clare SHADLEY-127407. Clare SHADLEY and William "Will/W. M." BOWLBY were married on 2 September 1903 in Shelby Co., IN. Children were: Maurice James "Jim" BOWLBY-127731, Andrew "Carl and Sam" BOWLBY-127767, Josephine Louise "Jo" BOWLBY-127800, Edwin "Byrl" BOWLBY-127808, Alta "Gayle" BOWLBY-127928.

Spouse: Rosamond WHITE-127726. Rosamond WHITE and William "Will/W. M." BOWLBY were married on 23 August 1923.

William A. BOWLBY5225 was born about 1925. Parents: David BOWLBY-125170 and Blanche M. HARTPENCE-125171.

Living (private). Parents: Donald BOWLBY-147873 and Lillis SOMERVILLE-170157.

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living, Living.

William Andrew BOWLBY5802 was born on 2 October 1858 in Port Dover, Ontario, Canada. Parents: Hiram BOWLBY Esquire-147057 and Mary Amelia CULVER-147058.

William Austin BOWLBY5338 was born on 7 May 1841 in Wilmot, Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia, Canada. He died when he was lost at sea about 1898 at the age of 57. Parents: Thomas BOWLBY-41093 and Elizabeth DOWNIE-146842.

Spouse: Amoret Cassie OGILVIE-147029. Amoret Cassie OGILVIE and William Austin BOWLBY were married on 28 May 1861 in Kings Co., Nova Scotia, Canada.

William B. BOWLBY190 was born about 1858 in Monongalia Co., VA, now WV. Parents: James P. BOWLBY-134460 and Irene BOYLES-134461.

Spouse: Martha A. (WIFE OF BOWLBY, WILLIAM B.)-134469. Martha A. (WIFE OF BOWLBY, WILLIAM B.) and William B. BOWLBY were married.

William Barnaby BOWLBY5249 was born on 21 April 1819 in Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada. Parents: Abraham BOWLBY-40966 and Rachel PHINNEY-147169.

Spouse: Rebecca Maria VAN BOEHLER-147173. Rebecca Maria VAN BOEHLER and William Barnaby BOWLBY were married. Children were: James Bradford BOWLBY-147174, Melvin BOWLBY-147206, Horace "Hance" BOWLBY-147207, Jane BOWLBY-147208, Augusta BOWLBY-147209.

William Benton BOWLBY4019 was born in 1857. He lived in Stroudsburg, Monroe Co., PA in 1905.4019 Parents: David P. BOWLBY-13673 and Hester MILLER-13674.

William Benton BOWLBY4019 was born on 31 May 1897. He died on 16 June 1944 at the age of 47 in Punxsutawney, Jefferson Co., PA. He was buried at Reynoldsville Cem. in Reynoldsville, Jefferson Co., PA. William was a Methodist.4019 Parents: Daniel Miller BOWLBY-13679 and Joanna BARRY-13680.

Spouse: Ester Ann DICKEY-13685. Ester Ann DICKEY and William Benton BOWLBY were married on 10 March 1921. Children were: William James BOWLBY-13686, Charlotte Joan BOWLBY-13695, Living.

Living (private). Parents: Howard William BOWLBY-127738 and Mary Lou LORD-127739.

Spouse: Living.

William Clifford "Chunk" BOWLBY4091,5267,5269,5270 was born on 5 August 1916 in Hampton, Hunterdon Co., NJ. He died on 1 March 2014 at the age of 97 in Hampton, Hunterdon Co., NJ. He was buried on 7 March 2014 at Musconetcong Valley Cem., Valley Road in Hampton, Hunterdon Co., NJ. Chunk was a member of the Musconetcong Valley Presbyterian Church in Hampton, Hunterdon Co., NJ. Parents: Floyd Rinehart BOWLBY-124911 and Anna Elizabeth "Annie" SLADEEN/SLADDEN-124912.

Spouse: Ella M. WINTER-124919. Ella M. WINTER and William Clifford "Chunk" BOWLBY were married on 22 April 1946. Children were: Living, Wilma BOWLBY-124924.

William D. BOWLBY1532,5316,5803 was born about 1853 in Richwood, Union Co., OH. He died in 1911 at the age of 58 in Arkansas.5803 Parents: Samuel Barker BOWLBY-13117 and Abigail BOWLBY-13118.

Spouse: Mary E. HARRELSON-125707. Mary E. HARRELSON and William D. BOWLBY were married. Children were: Lucy BOWLBY-185750, Clarissa BOWLBY-185751, Samuel Anthony BOWLBY-138161, Curtis BOWLBY-185752, Phoebe BOWLBY-185753, Elva BOWLBY-185754, Edgar BOWLBY-185755.

William D. BOWLBY5381 was born in September 1889. Parents: William BOWLBY-146790 and Mary Jane TALLMAN-146791.

Living (private). Parents: Living and Living.

William David BOWLBY188,5503 was born on 20 February 1860 in Hector, Schuyler Co., NY. He died on 28 October 1921 at the age of 61 in Montour Falls, Schuyler Co., NY. Parents: George Fritts BOWLBY-123250 and Phoebe SMITH-123251.

Spouse: Rose Anna GREENWOOD-125748. Rose Anna GREENWOOD and William David BOWLBY were married on 13 February 1883. Children were: George Alfred BOWLBY-125751, Margaret Elizabeth BOWLBY-125753, Ella Greenwood BOWLBY-125755.

William Edward BOWLBY2921 was born about 1867 in Kings Co., Nova Scotia, Canada. He died in January 1933 at the age of 66 in Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Co., CA. Parents: Joel Banks BOWLBY-147580 and Hopestead Elizabeth RUDOLPH-147581.

Spouse: Judith Ellen ALLEN-147591. Judith Ellen ALLEN and William Edward BOWLBY were married on 3 November 1899 in Somerville, Middlesex Co., MA. Children were: BOWLBY-147592, Charles Edward BOWLBY-147593, John Oakley BOWLBY-147594, Margaret Elizabeth BOWLBY-147595.

William Ennis BOWLBY188,4606,5394,5804 was born on 10 September 1847 in Milford, Clermont Co., OH. He died on 7 April 1935 or 7 April 1936 at the age of 87 in Olney, Richland Co., IL.5805 He was buried on 9 April 1936 at Blain (Sugar Creek) Cem. in Richland Co., IL.188 Marriage license shows his name as William J. Bowlby. Parents: David BOWLBY-123176 and Clemency BROWN-123177.

Spouse: Eliza Ann JENNER-123217. Eliza Ann JENNER and William Ennis BOWLBY were married on 23 May 1868 in Olney, Richland Co., IL. Children were: Orlon BOWLBY-123218, John BOWLBY-123219, Eva Viola BOWLBY-123220, Joseph Ennis BOWLBY-123221, Mary Alice "Allie" BOWLBY-123222, Clara Ethel BOWLBY-123223, George BOWLBY-123224, (Child of Eliza and William Ennis BOWLBY) BOWLBY-123225.

Spouse: Rebecca COTTRELL-123226. Rebecca COTTRELL and William Ennis BOWLBY were married after 14 August 1888. They were divorced.

William Eugene BOWLBY758,5542,5806 was born on 28 February 1926 in Washington, Warren Co., NJ. He graduated in 1943 from Washington High School, Washington, Warren Co., NJ. He died on 16 June 1993 at the age of 67 in Plainfield Twp., Northampton Co., PA. William was buried at Musconetcong Valley Cem. in Hampton, Hunterdon Co., NJ.758 Parents: Herbert Bradshaw BOWLBY-125400 and Margaret Gladys RUSH-125408.

Spouse: Living.