JESSE & PATRICIA (WILSON) DAVIS - Connected & Collateral Lines

Welcome to the DAVIS page!

We include ALL connected and collateral lines as the data is available. Changes and additions are made often. It includes DAVIS, NEVEL, BRUMBAUGH, COONEY, WILSON, BOWLBY, JUDY, PETRY and many other surnames.

Your comments, additions, corrections and questions are welcome IF YOU WISH TO SHARE YOUR DATA IN OUR ONLINE FILES. Data submitted will be used online except that our objective is to privatize data for living persons born after 1930.

All genealogical information sent to us grants permission to use that information for any genealogical purposes by us.

Many different unverified sources have been used to compile this data. Because of this we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the files. We apologize for errors that may be present and ask that you submit the corrected information to us.

If you make a connection send us an email and we can send you a GEDCOM, PDF, RTF or text file for your line.

*** ACTS 16:30,31 *** *** JOHN 3:16 *** *** EPHESIANS 2:8,9 ***

Jesse Davis
Lewistown, PA

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