Dykxhoorn Family Genealogy Homepage

Welcome family and visitors, I hope you will enjoy this site.

This site is dedicated to studying the family tree of the various Dijkshoorn branches. You will find these surnames used: Dijcxhoorn, Dijkshoorn, Dijkxhoorn, Dijxhoorn, Dykxhoorn, Dykshoorn, Dykshorn and Dykxhorn.

The subject of Genealogy or a study of the family tree is always a 'work-in-progress' as it is always changing. This is its nature and that is what makes it difficult as well. A genealogy that spans different continents with different languages is only a compounding factor. I have been interested in the topic for many years but did very little about any research until it was too late to question any previous generation about details. Fortunately the communication possibilities are expanding ever greater from the day of mail by steamship to air mail and now electronic mail (E-mail).

The lines of limited communication that our parents maintained have disappeared completely so it requires some effort to re-establish family contact. Those of you who have helped are sincerely thanked and I hope that this can now become a 'living document' with your maintenance of details for future generations D.V.

If you would like to correct or add to any details to make it more informative I would be happy to receive your input. Sections that are speculative, depending on more verified data, are underlined. One area of difficulty is the translation of Dutch occupations or positions, so for now you will find original Dutch descriptions in some places. Major sections have not been included yet especially the more recent (1960-2002) parts dealing with the various Dijkshoorn parts of the tree and how and when some reached North America. Ideally there would be regional contact points such as Canada, USA West, USA East, Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany, if you would like to be such a point person and have the technical capability please let me know.

Maybe other efforts that have produced family trees that I am not aware of can be combined in one volume? Since you have reached this home page on the internet it is possible that you have an interest in the topic of genealogy and perhaps even the Dyks(x)hoorn family.

If you are able to provide additional information on Dyks(x)hoorn members missing from this document, please contact the home page owner, Jack Dykxhoorn, e-mail [email protected].