First Generation

Possible Bradshaw Line

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Background Mountain scene near Tazewell, Virginia.

If you see "They had one child" that just shows I entered only one child into my genealogical program

and so it printed it out that way. There may be more children.

First Generation




The early history of this family cannot be documented.The family says from Wales but I find lots of Bradshaws in England and thus wonder if a wife somewhere in the line, was from Wales and the Bradshaws were from England. As I stated earlier this line at this time cannot be documented but is pieced together from some old letters done by Thomas Bradshaw.



          2            i. Robert, M (ca1630-)

                       ii.          John, M.

                                    Chief Justice of England, known as the “Regicide” May or may not be related to Robert

Second Generation


Family of BRADSHAW (1)


2. Robert BRADSHAW, M. Born in Wales ca 1630, per family member.


As my father-in-law, Thomas Bradshaw is quite feeble he has asked me to ans. your letter and to give you the desired information as stated by him to the best of his knowledge. He says his grandfather John Bradshaw was always represented to him as being from Wales. He spoke Welch (sic) language and could sing the Welch songs, which he must have learned in childhood.*He left Wales in early manhood and went to Scotland, then to England, and Ireland and spent a short time traveling in these countries.On account of sympathy with Cromwell he in company with his brothers James and Thomas had to flee and came to America.”

Summarized from a letter-Mt. Horeb, TN. Dec 2 1896--Rev Tom Bradshaw now 83 years old.

* I believe referring to Robert

Cromwell died in 1658. Robert was believed to be a general under Cromwell and believed to be a brother of John Bradshaw, chief justice of England, known, as the “Regicide” Somewhere in UK Robert had to hide in a “dung wagon”.


          3            i.          Oliver Cromwell, M (ca1670-)

Third Generation


Family of Robert BRADSHAW (2)

3. Oliver Cromwell BRADSHAW, M. Born ca 1670. Oliver Cromwell died.

Item from "The Bradshaws in America", the quarterly of the Bradshaw Family Association, Volume III, No 1, March 1971.Submitted by Mrs. M.M. Montgomery from "Dictionary of Alabama Biography" by Thomas Owens.

BRADSHAW, Caldwell, lawyer and business man was born December 22, 1853, near Pelham, Grundy CO. TN; son of Rev. Joseph and Martha Lawrence (Aylor) Bradshaw, the former a Methodist minister and wheelwright by trade, grandson of Samuel and Dorcas Prigmore Bradshaw of Tracy City, TN.*Great grandson of Christopher Columbus Bradshaw. Great, great grandson of Oliver Cromwell Bradshaw who came to New England from Belfast, Ireland. Great, great, great grandson of Robert Bradshaw, a general under Cromwell and brother of John Bradshaw, chief justice of England, known as the "Regicide".

* It is fairly common when you start going back on your family line and do not have everything written down to skip a generation(s).    I believe that has been done here.  Add John Bradshaw as great grandfather and add a great to Christopher Columbus Bradshaw, Oliver Cromwell Bradshaw and Robert Bradshaw and then it might read accurately.I am now basing the possible line on the above paragraph, if changed as I suggest.


         4            i. Christopher Columbus, M (ca1714-<1756)

          5           ii.          Charles ? son, M (1727-1821)

Fourth Generation


Family of Oliver Cromwell BRADSHAW (3)

4. Christopher Columbus BRADSHAW, M. Born in ?PA ca 1714. Christopher Columbus died bef 27 Mar 1756 in York County, PA.

I found a record of Christopher Bradshaw who died in testate before 3/26/1756 in Chanceford Twp., York County, PA

Bradshaw, Christopher Chanceford Twp.

Pge 64

OC/A 65 3/27/1756 - John (son) age 12 yrs, guardian John McIntyre-weaver-of York Twp.

OC/A 152 11/25/1760 - Clement Bradshaw 14 years old middle of last August chose Charles Bradshaw his guardian


OC/A 153 - Hugh Purdy made guardian of Clement

OC/A 154 - Wm. Douglas goes surety

OC/A 158 3/3/1761 - John Bradshaw, orphan, son of Christopher age 17 yrs Jan 22 last apprenticed to John Legate to learn blacksmith.

Francina is the right age to fit with these two in age. At age fourteen she may have not been listed as she probably was a domestic in someone’s household and she was married by ca1760.

I believe James may have been about sixteen in 1756 so may have left home already or apprenticed before 1756 and no papers are found.

A new calendar dating system started 1752, with the change from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar.   The year had begun in March before that date. I believe also that the calendar was off ten or twelve days.

We do know that Marr's relative's said she had brothers, John, James and Christopher.There is a town Bradshaw just over the line into WV from Tazewell County, VA.

Samuel and Francina have a son named Christopher.  So I feel there is a good possibility there is a link.

York County was formed from Lancaster County, 19 Aug 1749. If you look at a township map Chanceford is in the eastern edge of York County and adjoins Lancaster County.  I would guess that most of the records we would need for the early Bradshaws might be in Lancaster County

Including maybe Oliver Cromwell Bradshaw. But then Lancaster was formed from Chester County so might need to check those records also that go back before May 1729.  Chester was an original county. Hope this information helps.  The parent county keeps the records. Once in a while you may find some copies of the early records in the newer formed county but not often.Paras

Christopher Columbus married unknown, F.

Her name could be Phyllis based on naming patterns since Henry Marrs first daughter was named Phyllis but John’s first daughter was named Elizabeth.  In other words nothing has been found to say what her name is and since people removed my question mark from data they took from my last book and took the name as Phyllis I am not putting any name down.

They had the following children:

          6            i.          James, M (ca1740-1809)

          7           ii.          Francina, F (ca1742-ca1775)

          8          iii.          John, M (1744-1818)

                      iv.          Clement (Christopher?), M. Born in Fourteen middle of August last in Aug 1746. Occupation: Apprentice As A Taylor. I believe the family was not sure of his name and knew the name Christopher was a family name so concluded his was Christopher.  When in reality it was the name of his father.

5. Charles? son BRADSHAW, M. Born in 1727. Charles ? son died on 19 Mar 1821 in Chanceford twp. York County, PA. Buried in Downes Cemetery, York County, PA.

I found in my notes from the card index at York Historical Library

Bradshaw, Charles b. 1727 and died 19 Mar 1821. In Rev. Army 7th Co.

York County Militia Capt. Joseph Reed, Private, buried Downie Cemetery

Charles 1800 Chanceford twp. York

1 male under 10

1 female under 10

1 male 10-16

1 male 16-26

4 female 16-29

1 male 45 and up

Charles Bradshaw 1762 Twp Chanceford; Rate 3 10; Tax 0-5-3

Charles Bradshaw 1783 Twp Chanceford; Ref 79; inhabitants 12; Land 150;

Val f 103, Tax f 2.18.0; Houses 1; Out 1; Cattle 1; Horses 2; Secreted 1/21.15.9

Charles Bradshaw 1795 Twp Chanceford; Land 400; Cattle 3; Horse 2; val f

265; Tax 1.00 f

Bradshaw, Charles died March 19, 1821 Age 94 yrs

wife Jennet

ch: Mary, Joseph, Esther, Arthur, Charles, Margaret, Elizabeth andSinai:  Downes Cemetery, Chanceford twp.

Charles could well be a son of Oliver Cromwell Bradshaw and a brother of Christopher. A Charles Bradshaw was chosen by Clement, Christopher’s son, as his guardian.

Charles ? son married Jennet, F.

They had the following children:

                        i.          Mary, F.

                       ii.          Joseph, M.

                      iii.          Esther, F.

                      iv.          Arthur, M.

                       v.          Charles, M.

                      vi.          Margaret, F.

                     vii.          Elizabeth, F.

                    viii.          Sinai, F.

Fifth Generation


Family of Christopher Columbus BRADSHAW (4) & unknown

6. James BRADSHAW, M. Born in PA ca 1740.  1-3-1742 PA. James died on 19 Feb 1809 in Fort Delaware/NC.

  The NSDAR Patriot Index, Centennial Edition 1994 pg. 341 Lists a James Bradshaw b. 1-3-1742 PA d 2-19-1809 NC m Martha Watson. They had a daughter Elizabeth who married Samuel Weddington, Carbarrus CO, NC 1787.

So this is the source of the date of birth of James.  Thomas Bradshaw's 1886 letter mentions the name Weddington, so we know this is the same James, but the dates are not certain.

A reference in one of those newspapers abstracts books to a Mr. Bradshaw of Cabarrus County NC, taking his newly won seat in the state senate

James married Martha WILSON, F.

They had one child:

                        i.          Elizabeth, F.

                                    Elizabeth married WEDDINGTON, M.

7. Francina BRADSHAW, F. Born in PA ca 1742. ?December. Francina died ca 1775 in Tazewell Co VA.

It is stated that the first son born in a family is often named after the paternal grandfather, the second son after the maternal grandfather and the third son after the father, the first daughter after the maternal grandmother. So the names would be for Samuel Marr's children:

        Should be: William                         Was: Henry

                    be:?Christopher               Was:   Christopher

                    be:   Samuel                          Was:  Samuel

                    be:   ??                                   Was:  Phyllis

I would guess that Francina's parents were Christopher and Phyllis Bradshaw.

Was Henry Marrs' grandfather called William Henry or Henry William?  Or was Henry named after his Dad's mother's father.There is another son called William.

We do know that Marr's relative's said she had brothers, John, James and Christopher.  There is a town Bradshaw just over the line into WV from Tazewell County, VA.

abt 1760 Francina married Samuel MARRS, M, son of William Erskine MARRS, M & MUNDAY??????, F, in PA. Born in York Co. Penn on 1 Dec 1740.  Samuel died in Nicholasville, Jessamine County, KY on 27 Dec 1817; he was 77. Buried on home place on Catnip Hill Rd., Jassamine County, KY. Occupation: Farmer.

SAMUEL MARRS was born December 1, 1740, in York County, Pennsylvania. He married first Francina Bradshaw in Pennsylvania and lived there for possibly seven or eight years during which time their first five children were born. About 1768 the family migrated southward and settled for a time in Augusta County, that section now of which became Rockbridge County, in 1778. Here 3 sons Samuel W., William and John were born. Very shortly after the birth of John, the family migrated to Thompson's Valley where James was born in 1774.  The next year Francina Marrs died in 1775, a few years later he married the Widow Fowler.  Samuel Marrs married his 3rd wife Letitia Kerr-Laird, widow of James Laird, married August 5, 1788.  They never had any children.   Samuel Marrs will, made 5 April 1810 in Jessamine Co. KY. , proved Jan. Court 1818.   (Recorded in the Courthouse in Nicholasville KY and I have a copy of it)

The following is taken from portion of a letter written by John Marrs of Lexington, KY in 1869 a grandson of Samuel, born 1740.  "I have heard my mother say he was a small active old man and that she had seen Samuel and his 2 brothers (Henry & Barnabas) ride to Lexington horseback, it being 15 miles they were all 3 over 70 years of age at the time."  From Marrs & Allied Families by 4 sisters

Go to William Erskine Marrs Family In America for more on Samuel Marrs and Francina and Samuel’s children.

8. John BRADSHAW, M. Born on 22 Jan 1744, per document dated 3 Mar 1761.  Family says 18 Dec 1743. Was aged seventeen years, the twenty-second day of January last. John died in Mt. Horeb, Jefferson County, TN on 25 Dec 1818; he was 74.

Was a soldier under General Marrison. He was among the first who discovered the art of putting hoop tyre on a wagon wheel. Prior to his day iron was put on in pieces, just as many pieces as felloes. Having learned his trade in PA he came to Virginia and worked some at his trade.

The following are also records for a John Bradshaw.

John Bradshaw 1782 Survey 335 acres Plumb Creek Montgomery CH Fincastle  A-215.

John owned land in Thompson's Valley along with the others who settled there.

"History of Tazewell by Pendleton p165: Surveyors Record of Fincastle March 22 1775 John Bradshaw 335 acres on Plumb Creek Branch North Fork of Hals'n Cliché River

p2 94".... met John Bradshaw whom Bickley says had settled in the valley two miles west of the town of Tazewell in 1771..."

John witnessed a will of Sadrack White in 1858. ? if this John is the brother of Francina.

There is a John Bradshaw listed in a rooster of Militia of Montgomery Co. VA along with Samuel Marrs (James Robertson's List, 1777)

In the 1820 Cabell County census are Charles, John, Moses, Shelton and William Bradshaw.

1815 Cabell County tax list is found Moses.   (My guess they are James’ sons or grandson)

Samuel and Francina have a son named Christopher.  So I feel there is a good possibility there is a link.

It is believed that ca 1769 John married Nancy Agnes CLENDENNEN, F, daughter of John CLENDENNEN, M & Janet HUSTON, F, in Harrisburg, Lancaster County, PA. Born in Harrisburg, Lancaster county, PA on 1 Feb 1747/48. Nancy Agnes died in Mt. Horeb, Jefferson County, TN on 11 Aug 1824; she was 77.

NOTE:  Dauphin County was created in 1785 so Harrisburg would have still been in Lancaster County in 1769. It was probably about twenty-five miles from Windsor Township, York County where John began his apprentice in 1761 at age 17.He would have turned twenty-one in 1765 and his apprentice would be over.  He may well have traveled to Harrisburg to work as a blacksmith meeting his wife there and marrying ca three or four years later.

They had the following children:

                        i.          Elizabeth, F. Born on 24 Oct 1770.

                                    Elizabeth married Richard GRACE, M.

          9           ii.          Jennett  “Jane”, F (1772-1824)

                      iii.          John  ?, M. Born in Oct 1774.

                                    Not included in list of sons in letter of Tom Bradshaw 1886.

                      iv.          Francina, F. Born in Aug 1775. They moved west

              Francina married James McCRISTON, M.

                       v.         William, M. Born on 7 Jan 1778. Occupation: farmer.

                                    He became a great musician in his day in this section.  During the War of 1812 he enlisted in the regular army as a soldier during the war so as to secure the double bounty.  In less than a year after he enlisted peace was made and the war closed.  His bounty embraced Boon’s Lick in Missouri, and he went to it and his history after this is lost to Thomas Rankin Bradshaw who wrote the letter this is taken from.

                                    William married Margaret BERGHAM, F.

                      vi.          James, M. Born on 13 Nov 1779. Occupation: farmer and blacksmith. He married and moved to KY.

                                James married Susannah MASSEY, F.

                     vii.          Samuel, M. Born on 1 Sep 1782. Occupation: farmer and carpenter.

                                    At an early day in the history of Tennessee, soon after the War of 1812 he moved west across the Cumberland Mountains in Middle Tennessee, and settled in Franklin County and died there.  Some of his children remained there, and some went into Alabama.   Samuel married Dorcas PRIGMORE, F. Pure French blood.

       10        viii.         Christopher, M (1785-)

       11          ix.          Richard Ammon, M (1788-1872), He married Lydia PRIGMORE, sister of Dorcas.

                      x.          Thomas, M. Born in 1793.

Sixth Generation


Family of John BRADSHAW (8) & Nancy Agnes CLENDENNEN

9. Jennett  “Jane” BRADSHAW, F. Born on 21 May 1772. Jennett  “Jane” died on 14 Jan 1824; she was 51.

On 24 Feb 1789 when Jennett  “Jane” was 16, she married Thomas RANKIN, M, son of Thomas RANKIN, M & Isabelle CLENDENIN, a sister to Nancy Agnes CLENDENIN, F, in Green County, TN. Born on 3 Mar 1764. Thomas died on 3 Aug 1821; he was 57. Occupation: farmer.

Great grandfather of Rev C Rankin of Chattanooga, who was in 1886 making himself know as an advocate of prohibition.

They had the following children:

                        i.          Nancy, F. Born on 4 Apr 1790. Nancy died on 22 Apr 1842; she was 52.

                                    On 9 Oct 1815 when Nancy was 25, she married William DUNWOODY, M.

                       ii.          John, M. Born on 20 Feb 1792. John died on 18 Jun 1828; he was 36.

                                    On 13 Feb 1815 when John was 22, he married Ruth McGUIRE, F.

                      iii.          Thomas, M. Born on 6 Jan 1794. Thomas died on 4 Dec 1870; he was 76.

                                    On 19 Mar 1819 when Thomas was 25, he first married Caroline FRANKLIN, F.

                                    On 18 Dec 1834 when Thomas was 40, he second married Sara BARE, F.

                      iv.          William, M. Born on 2 Aug 1796. William died on 24 Feb 1871; he was 74.

                                    On 16 Feb 1836 when William was 39, he married Susan KIMBROUGH, F.

                       v.          James, M. Born on 7 Oct 1798. James died on 18 Aug 1824; he was 25.

                                    On 21 Sep 1823 when James was 24, he married Sara RANDOLPH, F.

                      vi.          Isabelle, F. Born on 11 Dec 1800. Isabelle died on 29 Dec 1886; she was 86.

                                    Isabelle married James NEWMAN, M. Born on 19 Feb 1822.

                     vii.          Conway, M. Born on 6 Aug 1803. Conway died in Dec 1823.

                    viii.          Sinia, F. Born on 7 May 1806. Sinia died on 3 Mar 1833; she was 26.

                                    On 21 Dec 1824 when Sinia was 18, she married Aaron NEWMAN, M.

       12          ix.          Christopher, M (1809-1881)

                       x.          Samuel E, M. Born on 2 Apr 1811. Samuel E died on 23 Nov 1812; he was 1.

                      xi.          Jane Wright, F. Born on 9 Jan 1813. Jane Wright died on 4 Sep 1847; she was 34.

                                    On 18 Sep 1832 when Jane Wright was 19, she married John P MATHIS, M.

                     xii.          Josiah Emmons, M. Born on 12 Sep 1815. Josiah Emmons died on 29 Dec 1893; he was 78

                                    On 22 Nov 1836 when Josiah Emmons was 21, he married Mary M GASS, F.

                    xiii.          Aaron Bogue, M. Born on 22 Dec 1818. Aaron Bogue died on 15 May 1884; he was 65.

                                    On 29 Oct 1840 when Aaron Bogue was 21, he married Marjory LOCKHART, F.

10. Christopher BRADSHAW, M. Born on 3 May 1785. Occupation: farmer and carpenter.

Having a desire to preach he left off farming, moved up to Greenville, Greene County and by his carpenter’s trade he obtained a liberal education at Greeneville College. After being licensed and ordained he moved from Tennessee up into North Carolina and settled on Reams Creek, Buncombe County, three miles south of Asheville. He preached at Asheville and at Mills River, twenty miles south of Asheville, and many other points in that mountainous county until his family was nearly grown.

Christopher married DAVIS, F. Of Jefferson County, Tennessee.

They had the following children:

                        I.          Polly, F.

                                    Never married

                       ii.          Nancy, F.

                                    Nancy married male BEARD, M, and son of BEARD, M

              He was wealthy, having a large interest in the gold mines of North Carolina.  He sold his interest and moved to Missouri.

                      iii.          Jane, F.

                      iv.          Eliza, F.

                                    Eliza married PAYSELY, M. Occupation: Presbyterian minister.

                                    He died after a few years of marriage and she went to her friends in Missouri.

                       v.          Ellen, F.

                      vi.          Martha, F.

                     vii.          Harriet, F.

                    viii.          John, M. John died in 1849 in Ft. Laramie.

                                    When his father-in-law sold out in Carolina and went to Missouri he went with him. Died at Fort Laramie of Cholera.  He and brothers Nicholas, Isaac and William were headed to the gold mines of California.

                                    John married female BEARD, F, daughter of BEARD, M.

                      ix.          Thomas, M.

                                    Never married

                                    When young he left his father and went to South Carolina, engaged in trading in stock became a victim of consumption, went to Florida to regain his health and died a few hours after landing at the city of Jackson in the state of Florida.

       13           x.          Nicholas, M

                      xi.          Isaac, M.

                                    Never married

                     xii.          William, M.

                                    Never married

11. Richard Ammon BRADSHAW, M. Born in Green County, North Carolina on 15 Jan 1788. Richard Ammon died on 3 Oct 1872; he was 84. Occupation: Farmer. Religion: Presbyterian.

He lived with his parents and took care of them until their death.  He loved to read and self taught himself.  He was a great reader of the Bible and acquired considerable political knowledge from Jefferson’s correspondence.

Richard was a magistrate and served as a soldier in the War of 1812 and in 1833 was elected as a delegate to the convention that revised and amended the Constitution of Tennessee.  He did all he could to change the constitution so as to end slavery in Tennessee without war.  He did live to see it done away by a vote of the people after the war was over.

On 4 Aug 1809 when Richard Ammon was 21, he first married Lydia PRIGMORE, F, daughter of Joseph PRIGMORE, M. Born on 10 Oct 1778. Lydia died on 27 Nov 1853; she was 75.

They had the following children:

                        i.          Mary Ann, F.                                    Mary Ann married ALEXANDER, M.

                       ii.          John P., M. Born in Jefferson County, Tennessee in 1810. John P. died in 1896.

                                    Learned the tanner’s trade and settled near the old homestead and besides tanning also farmed and at intervals taught school. They had eight children, six sons and two daughters.  One son and one daughter dying in childhood. All six lived till the War. One was killed at Vicksburg, another died since the War.

                                    John P. first married Elizabeth RAWLINGS, F.

                                    John P. second married Sarah WISDOM, F.

     14          iii.          Joseph Conaway, M (1811-1897)

     15         iv.          Thomas Rankin, M (1813-1899)

       16           v.          Richard Hardin, M (1815-1863)

                      vi.          Nancy Ann, F. Born in Jefferson County, Tennessee on 17 May 1817.

                                   Nancy Ann first married Robert D FRANKLIN, M.

                              On 3 Oct 1854 when Nancy Ann was 37, she second married Thomas J. ALEXANDER, M.

On 18 Jan 1858 when Richard Ammon was 70, he second married Margaret RAWLINGS, F, in Jefferson County, TN.

Seventh Generation


Family of Jennett  “Jane” BRADSHAW (9) & Thomas RANKIN

12. Christopher RANKIN, M. Born on 19 Jan 1809. Christopher died in Jefferson County, Tennessee on 1 Jul 1881; he was 72. Buried in Hebron Presbyterian Church Cemetery. Occupation: farmer. Religion: Presbyterian.

On 1 Oct 1833 when Christopher was 24, he married Frances George GALBREATH, F, daughter of James GALBREATH, M & Martha “Patsy” HOSKINS, F. Born in Jefferson County, Tennessee on 24 Dec 1816. Frances George died in Jefferson County, Tennessee on 4 Jun 1906; she was 89.

They had the following children:

                        i.          James Thomas, M. Born on 6 Sep 1834. James Thomas died on 30 Nov 1901; he was 67.    Father of seventeen children.

                                    On 3 Mar 1858 when James Thomas was 23, he first married Sara Jane Frances LOCKHART, F. Born on 24 Nov 1839. Sara Jane Frances died on 21 May 1877; she was 37.

                                    On 29 Nov 1877 when James Thomas was 43, he second married Nancy Jane WEBB, F. Born on 11 Aug 1851. Nancy Jane died on 24 Jun 1918; she was 66.

                       ii.          William M, M. Born on 18 Dec 1835. William M died on 24 Dec 1837; he was 2.

                      iii.          Nancy Elizabeth, F. Born on 28 Mar 1837. Nancy Elizabeth died on 5 Jun 1921; she was 84.

                                   On 12 Mar 1856 when Nancy Elizabeth was 18, she married Samuel Blair NEWMAN, M. Born on 10 Aug 1828. Samuel Blair died on 3 Dec 1892; he was 64.

                      iv.          Samuel Edwin, M. Born on 5 Jan 1839. Samuel Edwin died on 12 Apr 1900; he was 61.

                                    On 8 Feb 1867 when Samuel Edwin was 28, he married Sara Lorinda LYLE, F. Born on 3 Jan 1846. Sara Lorinda died on 17 May 1918; she was 72.

                       v.          John Fain, M. Born on 14 Dec 1840. John Fain died on 4 Dec 1917; he was 76.

                                   On 7 Feb 1867 when John Fain was 26, he married Martha Jane WILLIAMS, F. Born on 7 Sep 1847. Martha Jane died on 28 Feb 1925; she was 77.

                      vi.          Martha Jane, F. Born on 19 Sep 1842. Martha Jane died on 23 Nov 1918; she was 76.

                                    On 24 Nov 1866 when Martha Jane was 24, she married James Bradshaw DAVIS, M. Born on 23 Feb 1839. James Bradshaw died on 21 May 1917; he was 78.

                     vii.          Mary Ann, F. Born on 28 Apr 1844. Mary Ann died on 8 Jun 1846; she was 2.

                    viii.          Sara Malinda, F. Born on 7 Apr 1846. Sara Malinda died on 10 Oct 1918; she was 72.

                                    On 8 Dec 1874 when Sara Malinda was 28, she married Thomas Michael Hardin, M, son of Richard Hardin BRADSHAW (16), M (16 Mar 1815-7 Jan 1863) & Jane RAWLINGS, F (11 Jun 1818-14 Feb 1863). Born on 11 Jan 1857. Thomas Michael Hardin died on 7 Oct 1919; he was 62.

       17          ix.          Frances Leannah, F (1847-1927)

                     x.          Charlotte Isabel, F. Born on 2 Apr 1849. Charlotte Isabel died on 13 Nov 1925; she was 76.

                                    On 1 Jul 1891 when Charlotte Isabel was 42, she married David George NEWMAN, M. Born on 16 Oct 1835. David George died on 4 Mar 1913; he was 77.


                      xi.          Christopher Houston, M. Born on 4 Mar 1851. Christopher Houston died on 19 Mar 1932; he was 81.

                                    On 8 Jan 1874 when Christopher Houston was 22, he married Catherine Ruth FRANKLIN, F. Born on 26 Apr 1852. Catherine Ruth died on 6 Feb 1926; she was 73

                     xii.          Joseph Marshall, M. Born on 5 Oct 1854. Joseph Marshall died on 18 Jan 1932; he was 77.

                                    On 6 Sep 1883 when Joseph Marshall was 28, he married Rebecca Elizabeth STOFFEL, F. Born on 2 Mar 1861. Rebecca Elizabeth died on 20 Nov 1938; she was 77.

                   xiii.          Andrew Nelson, M. Born on 19 Jul 1856. Andrew Nelson died on 10 May 1927; he was 70.

                                   On 21 Oct 1886 when Andrew Nelson was 30, he married Martha Elizabeth CALLEN, F.

                    xiv.          Huldah Iantha, F. Born on 27 Feb 1858. Huldah Iantha died on 10 Mar 1946; she was 88.

Family of Christopher BRADSHAW (10) & DAVIS

13. Nicholas BRADSHAW, M.

Left home when but a lad, and entered as clerk in a store of a very wealthy merchant in Asheville by the name of Patton.  Having a natural talent for that business he soon became the best salesman in that entire county.  When gold was discovered in Habersham County, Georgia., Mr. Patton sold out in Asheville and located in the above named county and Nicholas went with him and continued in business with him until he was grown.  When news of the gold in California reached him he left his wife and two little children in Georgia and started for the gold fields of California.  He went to his father and brothers in Missouri.  There his brothers, John, Isaac and William all joined him and in the company with many others they left the land of the east to find the desired Eldorado in the fabled distant west beyond the mountains and beyond the great desert that lies between the Rockies and the Sierra Nevada’s.  They traveled on until they reached Fort Laramie, then John took the cholera and died in 1849.  Nicholas, Isaac and William buried him and then continued on to California arriving six months later.  They made preparations for mining, commenced work, and succeeded quite well for some time, when from their mode of living and exposure, and fatigue of mining, Nicholas took miner’ fever and soon died. Isaac and William quit the mines and went farther north near Clear Lake and near the boundary between California and Oregon, and farmed and raised stock but never married.

Nicholas married Emily J WALLACE, F.

A talented and educated lady.

They had the following children

       18            i.          Nicholas, M

                     ii.          Adelia, F. Education: in Monroe County, Tennessee.

                                She married Mr. Taylor and settled in Sweetwater forty-two miles west of Knoxville. They were doing well and then the civil war.  The war over the Taylors and the widow left Sweet water, moved up into Grainger County, East Tennessee and settled near Marshall’s Ferry on the Hoston River.

                                   Adelia married W. W. TAYLOR, M.

Family of Richard Ammon BRADSHAW (11) & Lydia PRIGMORE

14. oseph Conaway BRADSHAW, M. Born in Jefferson County, Tennessee on 16 Aug 1811. Joseph Conaway died in Jefferson County, TN on 4 Jul 1897; he was 85. Occupation: Farmer. Religion: Presbyterian.

On 17 Sep 1833 when Joseph Conaway was 22, he married Sarah “Sally” G. BLACKBURN, F, daughter of Edward BLACKBURN, M & Margaret “Peggy” McGIRK, F. Born on 23 Mar 1814. Sarah “Sally” G. died on 6 Nov 1860; she was 46.

They had the following children:

                        i.          Nancy Jane, F. Born in Jefferson County, Tennessee on 24 Dec 1834. Nancy Jane died ca 1864.

                                 Died leaving five daughters and two sons

                                  Nancy Jane married James H DARR, M.

              ii.          Catherine Emaline, F. Born in Jefferson County, Tennessee on 30 Mar 1836. Catherine Emaline died on 3 Mar 1914; she was 77.

                                 On 26 Nov 1857 when Catherine Emaline was 21, she married Andrew Carrol NEWMAN, M. Born on 16 Jan 1830. Andrew Carrol died on 25 Feb 1864; he was 34

                         Believed he died in the Civil War

                 iii.          Enoch Nelson, M. Born in Jefferson County, Tennessee on 15 Feb 1838. Enoch Nelson died on 13 Oct 1870; he was 32.

                            On 13 Aug 1863 when Enoch Nelson was 25, he married Virginia I. RAWLINGS, F. Born on 20 Sep 1842. Virginia I. died on 24 Jul 1871; she was 28.

                     iv.          Cindrilla Caldwell, F. Born in Jefferson County, Tennessee on 11 Dec 1839. Cindrilla Caldwell died on 5 Sep 1931; she was 91.

                                    Married to a Bradshaw cousin.  They have five children, four sons and one daughter.

                                    On 17 Jun 1868 when Cindrilla Caldwell was 28, she married Tom BRADSHAW, M.

                     v.          Edward A, M. Born in Jefferson County, Tennessee on 7 Nov 1841. Edward A died on 12 Oct 1863; he was 21.

                                   Died in the Civil War.

                     vi.          William M., M. Born in Jefferson County, Tennessee on 22 Aug 1844. William M. died on 21 Mar 1864; he was 19.

                                    Died in the Civil War.

      19          vii.          John Calvin, M (1848-1939)

            viii.          Joseph Richard, M. Born on 15 Aug 1850. Joseph Richard died on 3 Jun 1875; he was 24. Occupation: Doctor.

                     ix.          Sally Margaret Lyden, F. Born in Jefferson County, Tennessee on 29 Apr 1856. Sally Margaret Lyden died on 8 Nov 1863; she was 7.

                      x.          Andrew Thomas, M. Born in Jefferson County, Tennessee on 26 Jan 1858. Andrew Thomas died on 18 May 1928; he was 70.

                                  On 15 Feb 1878 when Andrew Thomas was 20, he married Belle TITTSWORTH, F. Belle died in Apr 1937.

15. Thomas Rankin BRADSHAW, M. Born in Jefferson County, Tennessee in 1813. Thomas Rankin died in 1899 in Mt. Horeb, Tennessee. Education: Marysville College, Southwestern Theological Seminary. Religion: Presbyterian minister. Thomas is the author of the 1886 letter which provides most of the information on this branch of the Bradshaw family.

He gave his daughter and son to their aunts and he went to Madisonville, Monroe County, and preached there and at Sweetwater fro fifty-five to fifty-seven years.  His last marriage was when he was sixty-one.  They moved to California for his wife’s health in 1867 and she improves for one year and then declined more so in 1882 they returned to Sweetwater and she died there in 1883

Thomas Rankin first married Margaret BLACKBURN, F.

They had the following children:

                        i.          daughter1, F.

                                    Died in her sixth year.

                       ii.          daughter2, F.

Thomas Rankin second married Martha GASS, F.

She died when her son was twelve days old.

They had one child:

                        i.          son, M.

                                  A farmer and a good vocalist but without heirs.  Thomas lived with him until his death in Jefferson County, TN.

Thomas Rankin third married Nancy BIGGS, F.

16. Richard Hardin BRADSHAW, M. Born on 16 Mar 1815. Richard Hardin died on 7 Jan 1863; he was 47.

Richard Hardin married Jane RAWLINGS, F. Born on 11 Jun 1818. Jane died on 14 Feb 1863; she was 44.

They had the following children:

                        i.          Nancy Dorthulia, F. Born on 13 Apr 1838. Nancy Dorthulia died on 7 Mar 1898; she was 59.

                       ii.          Martha Ann, F. Born on 17 Nov 1839. Martha Ann died on 18 Mar 1878; she was 38

                                    On 9 Feb 1864 when Martha Ann was 24, she married Joseph R. NEWMAN, M.

                      iii.          Richard Amos, M. Born on 15 Apr 1842. Richard Amos died on 8 Jun 1942; he was 100.

                      iv.          Harriet Jane, F. Born on 8 Sep 1843. Harriet Jane died on 15 Apr 1883; she was 39.

                            Harriet Jane married Elias ALEXANDER, M. Born on 15 Mar 1880.

       20           v.          Lydia Tamandy, F (1844-1896)

                      vi.          Sarah Elizabeth, F. Born on 2 Sep 1846.

                     vii.          male infant (Twin), M. Born on 29 Nov 1848. male infant died on 29 Nov 1848.

                    viii.          male infant2 (Twin), M. Born on 29 Nov 1848. male infant2 died on 29 Nov 1848.

                      ix.          John William Magdengill, M. Born on 4 Jan 1850.

                                    In Sep 1883 John William Magdengill married Ellen EMERT, F.

                       x.         Thomas Michael Hardin, M. Born on 11 Jan 1857. Thomas Michael Hardin died on 7 Oct 1919; he was 62.

                                    On 8 Dec 1874 when Thomas Michael Hardin was 17, he married Sara Malinda RANKIN, F, daughter of Christopher RANKIN (12), M (19 Jan 1809-1 Jul 1881) & Frances George GALBREATH, F (24 Dec 1816-4 Jun 1906). Born on 7 Apr 1846. Sara Malinda died on 10 Oct 1918; she was 72.

                    xi.          Joseph Palathiah Hood, M. Born on 16 Nov 1854. Joseph Palathiah Hood died on 21 Dec 1864; he was 10.

                 xii.          Asehel Biddle, M. Born on 11 Jan 1857.

                  xiii.          Stephen Smith, M. Born on 18 Feb 1862. Stephen Smith died on 25 May 1862.

Eighth Generation


Family of Christopher RANKIN (12) & Frances George GALBREATH


17. Frances Leannah RANKIN, F. Born in Jefferson County, Tennessee on 14 Sep 1847. Frances Leannah died in Eastland County, TX on 17 Sep 1927; she was 80. Buried in Scranton Cemetery.

Two researchers researching  the Bradshaw family are Sandra Kirtin and Elizabeth Napper.

John Clavin and Leannah Rankin Bradshaw are Sandra Kurtin’s great Grandparents.  Ralph Rankin Bradshaw is her grandfather.  Elizabeth Napper and Sandra are second cousins.  Elizabeth is a descendent of William Edward Bradshaw, another of the children of John Calvin and Leannah Bradshaw.

On 18 Nov 1868 when Frances Leannah was 21, she married John Calvin BRADSHAW (19), M, son of Joseph Conaway BRADSHAW (14), M (16 Aug 1811-4 Jul 1897) & Sarah “Sally” G. BLACKBURN, F (23 Mar 1814-6 Nov 1860), in Jefferson County, Tennessee. Born in Jefferson County, Tennessee on 8 Jan 1848. John Calvin died in Eastland County, Texas on 29 Jul 1939; he was 91. Buried in Scranton Cemetery.

They had the following children:

                        i.          Martha Francis “Fanny”, F. Born in 1869. (Foster Child)

                       ii.          William Edward, M. Born in 1870. William Edward died in 1926.

                                    (Elizabeth Napper’s ancestor)

                      iii.          Charles Cleton, M. Born in 1872. Charles Cleton died in 1956.

                      iv.          James Crawford, M. Born in 1874. James Crawford died in 1946.

                       v.          Ernest Neal, M. Born in 1876. Ernest Neal died in 1955.

                      vi.          Flora May, F. Born in 1878. Flora May died in 1971.

                     vii.          Emma Katherine, F. Born in 1881. Emma Katherine died in 1946.

                    viii. Ralph Rankin, M. Born in 1883. Ralph Rankin died in 1975.

                                    (Sandra Kurtin’s grandfather.)

                      ix.          Joseph Richard, M. Born in 1886. Joseph Richard died in 1887.

                       x.          Mary Elgin, M. Born in 1889. Mary Elgin died in 1947.

Family of Nicholas BRADSHAW (13) & Emily J WALLACE

18. Nicholas BRADSHAW, M.

The Carmichales kept Nicholas until the war.  He being a grown man entered the army and fought through the war as a soldier, and then married a daughter of Judge George Brown, of Knoxville, and moved to Texas and raised his family.

Nicholas married BROWN, F.

They had one child:

                        i.          George Brown, M.


Family of Joseph Conaway BRADSHAW (14) & Sarah “Sally” G. BLACKBURN

19. John Calvin BRADSHAW, M. Born in Jefferson County, TN on 8 Jan 1848. John Calvin died in Eastland County, TX on 29 Jul 1939; he was 91. Buried in Scranton Cemetery.

On 18 Nov 1868 when John Calvin was 20, he married Frances Leannah RANKIN (17) , F, daughter of Christopher RANKIN (12), M (19 Jan 1809-1 Jul 1881) & Frances George GALBREATH, F (24 Dec 1816-4 Jun 1906), in Jefferson County, Tennessee. Born in Jefferson County, TN on 14 Sep 1847. Frances Leannah died in Eastland County, Texas on 17 Sep 1927; she was 80. Buried in Scranton Cemetery.

They had the following children:

                        i.          Martha Francis “Fanny”, F. Born in 1869.

                       ii.          William Edward, M. Born in 1870. William Edward died in 1926.

                      iii.          Charles Cleton, M. Born in 1872. Charles Cleton died in 1956.

                      iv.          James Crawford, M. Born in 1874. James Crawford died in 1946.

                       v.          Ernest Neal, M. Born in 1876. Ernest Neal died in 1955.

                      vi.          Flora May, F. Born in 1878. Flora May died in 1971.

                     vii.          Emma Katherine, F. Born in 1881. Emma Katherine died in 1946.

viii. Ralph Rankin, M. Born in 1883. Ralph Rankin died in 1975.

                     ix.          Joseph Richard, M. Born in 1886. Joseph Richard died in 1887.

x.          Mary Elgin, M. Born in 1889. Mary Elgin died in 1947.

Family of Richard Hardin BRADSHAW (16) & Jane RAWLINGS

20. Lydia Tamandy BRADSHAW, F. Born on 11 Dec 1844. Lydia Tamandy died on 30 Apr 1896; she was 51.


On 12 Dec 1866 when Lydia Tamandy was 22, she married Hugh Alexander NEWMAN, M, in Mt. Horeb, Jefferson County, Tennessee. Born on 19 Nov 1843. Hugh Alexander died on 2 Jul 1917; he was 73.


They had one child:

                        i.         Sue Ella, F. Born in 1870. Sue Ella died in 1943.

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