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Background is a picture of Crathes Castle, taken in 1997

Note: If you find "They had one child". These words are generated by my genealogical program. There may be more children , but I only entered one.


Crathes Castle near Aberdeen, Scotland was the ancestral home of the Burnetts. It was

built 1553-1586. It has a noble great hall on the first floor, a vaulted

tower room adorned by a curved Elizabethan fireplace. There are well

preserved painted ceilings. Richard and Jean Leeper visited there on 24

September 1997.

The following from a book done by Miss Emma Mark 1951


Catherine Burnett - Mrs. Abner Mark Ancestry

1. There are two branches of this line in America, a northern branch and a southern branch.

  1. A northern branch are the descendants of Bishop Gilbert Burnett of Salisbury, England.
  2. Sir Thomas Burnett was a brother of Bishop Gilbert Burnett and both were the sons of a Robert Burnett.
  3. Southern branch, our branch, of the Burnett family, are descendants of the Sir Thomas Burnett. He was the father of twenty-one children. Jean's note: doubt # of children, 21 the # of children for Sir Thomas Burnett of Leys, 3rd Baronet and I have their names and baptism dates.
Family lore goes as follows:

2. Seven brothers immigrated from Edinburgh, Scotland to Norfolk, Virginia, sometime between 1670 and 1689. Some say 1670 and some say 1689. The names of these sons were as follows: Samuel; James; Robert; John S.; WILLIAM; Thomas and Henry. ( Another place says cme from Aberdeen.)

Note: The name is spelled with one "t" in Europe.

3. The Fayette County, Ohio, Burnetts trace their origin to WILLIAM, one of the six brothers who came from Scotland to America between 1670 and 1689. This WILLIAM was the great-grandfather of Robert Burnett, who was a soldier in the American Revolutionary War and who died in Fayette County, Ohio in 1820.

All of this Robert Burnett's descendants and all of the descendants of his granddaughter, Catherine Burnett Mark, who died in Mercer County, Missouri in 1899, are of the southern branch and are the descendants of Sir Thomas Burnett of the British Isles, supposedly of England, but whose father was Robert Burnett of Aberdeen, Scotland.

Incidentally, this Robert Burnett and his wife both died in the home of Catherine Burnett's father, when she was a small child, and both are buried back of the house where she spent her youth and young girlhood and from which she was married. (This is a far back as I Jean Leeper can document the rest is based on what Dr. John S. Burnett seems to have sent Emma Mark.)

Note: The substance of the above history, excepting the date 1670, and that pertaining to our branch of the family, was furnished by Dr. John S. Burnett of Pittman Center, Seiversville, Tennessee, a man of prominence and a Methodist minister (now deceased, 1948).

Burnett Ancestry - Northern Branch or New England Branch

1. In Europe: The origin of the name-in France is called and spelled Benard, also Burnard In the Angle-Saxon it is spelled Beornheard, and means Strong Bear. The historical records of the family date back to about 1000 A.D

2. The New England, or Northern branch of the Burnett family, are toe descendants of Bishop Gilbert Brunett of Salisbury, England He was married three times and left five children, namely : Mary; Elizabeth; William; Gilbert and Thomas. He was a member of the House of Lords, and the most distinguished member of the family. Bishop Gilbert Burnett was born in 1643 and died in 1715.

3. William Burnett, son of Bishop Gilbert Burnett, was governor of Massachusetts and New York from 1720-1728 and then governor of New Jersey for about one year, or until his death. He was founder of the New England, or Northern branch of the Burnett family in America. His brother Gilbert is not mentioned among the distinguished, but his brother Thomas became a judge and a baronet.

4. Among the distinguished of the Northern branch of the family in America was a Dr. William Burnett (1730-1791) of Elizabeth, New Jersey. This William evidently was a grandson of the William who was governor of New York. The later William had a son named Jacob Burnett (1770 to 1853), who was a judge, congressman and United States senator. Jacob died in 1853 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Another son of Dr. William Burnett of Elizabeth, New Jersey, was named David G. who was a Texas politician, and provincial governor of Texas at its declaration of independence. (See the History of Texas, 1789-1879) ..."

(End of summary from book)

From The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales 1884 p 149

*"Burnett (Sir Thos. Burnett, of Crimond, and his brother Gilbert Burnett, Bishop of Salisbury, nephews of the first bart. of Leys). As Burnett, of Leys, with a mullet az. in the fess point for diff. Crest—A dexter hand with a sword cutting through a vine branch leaved and fructuated ppr. Motto—Virescit vulnere virtus."

Possible lineage

1. Alexander Burnett, Laird of Crathes 1578 -1619, who married Katherine Gordon of Lesmoir - First Burnetts to move into Crathes

2. Robert, Lord Crimond of Aberdeen, Scotland, died 1661; brother of Sir Thomas Burnett. Thomas being first Baronet 1619-1653. Robert had documented son Gilbert, Bishop of Salisbury and by this genealogy - Thomas.

"Robert Burnett, Lord Crimond's issue by his second wife, Rachel Johnston three daughters and known sons Robert, (1630–1662), who, admitted to the Scottish bar 1656, died unmarried, Thomas, born 1638, physician successively to four English sovereigns and the bishop Gilbert Burnet." (summarized from http://viswiki.com/en/Robert_Burnet%2C_Lord_Crimond) Other children may be Alexander born ca 1629, James born ca 1835,

3. Sir Thomas Burnett, born 1638, who may have fathered seven sons. One of them being William who begins our line. These brothers were Samuel, James, John S. Thomas, Henry and Robert. His wife Janet Bruce is said to have died 30 April 1699 and he was actively involved in science in 1899 in Edinburgh.

"An eminent physician of the seventeenth century, a brother of the celebrated Bishop Burnet, practiced at Edinburgh, and had the degree of M.D. Very little is known concerning him." (from http://www.electricscotland.com/history/nation/burnet.htm)

If this is correct there is a chart I got at the Burnett Castle that will take us back from #1 Alexander to Burnards of Bedfordshire 1066

Here is where family histories say the line in America begins.

(Known lineage as given by Emma Mark begins here) (I Jean Leeper have not been able to document)

*7. William BURNETT. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in ?? 1683. William died in Virginia in 1747.

 The Fayette County, OH Burnetts trace their origin to William, one of the 7 brothers who came from Scotland to America between 1670 and 1689. This William was the great grandfather of Robert Burnett, who was a soldier in the America Revolutionary War and who died in Fayette County, OH in 1820.

"All of this Robert Burnett's descendants and all the descendants of his granddaughter Catherine Mark are of the southern branch and are the descendants of Sir Thomas Burnett of the British Isles, supposedly of England but whose father was Robert Burnett of Aberdeen, Scotland." - Emma Mark

William married Magdeline CRAIGE, F. Born in 1685. (No proof from Ancestry.com or anywhere else I have searched)


16 i. Robert BURNETT M. Born in Scotland in 1705. Robert married , F.

They had the following children:

19 i. John S. BURNETT, M (ca 1730-1755)

ii. Thomas BURNETT, M 1708-1783

*19. John S. BURNETT. Born ca 1730. John S. died in Braddock’s Defeat at now Pittsburg, PA, in 1755; he was 25. (ancestry.com says when he died but I cannot document)

He was one of General George Washington's 600 Virginia troops (Buckskins) at Braddock's defeat at Pittsburg, PA. I would presume he was from VA.

July 18, 1755 This letter, written by 23-year-old George Washington to his mother, Mary Washington, describes the battle near Pittsburgh in the French and Indian War in which the British and British Colonial forces under General Braddock were defeated. HONORED MADAM: As I doubt not but you have heard of our defeat, and, perhaps, had it represented in a worse light, if possible, than it deserves, I have taken this earliest opportunity to give you some account of the engagement as it happened, within ten miles of the French fort, on Wednesday the 9th instant. We marched to that place, without any considerable loss, having only now and then a straggler picked up by the French and scouting Indians. When we came there, we were attacked by a party of French and Indians, whose number, I am persuaded, did not exceed three hundred men; while ours consisted of about one thousand three hundred well-armed troops, chiefly regular soldiers, who were struck with such a panic that they behaved with more cowardice than it is possible to conceive. The officers behaved gallantly, in order to encourage their men, for which they suffered greatly, there being near sixty killed and wounded; a large proportion of the number we had. The Virginia troops showed a good deal of bravery, and were nearly all killed; for I believe, out of three companies that were there, scarcely thirty men are left alive. Captain Peyrouny, and all his officers down to a corporal, were killed. Captain Polson had nearly as hard a fate, for only one of his was left. In short, the dastardly behavior of those they call regulars exposed all others, that were inclined to do their duty, to almost certain death; and, at last, in despite of all the efforts of the officers to the contrary, they ran, as sheep pursued by dogs, and it was impossible to rally them. The General was wounded, of which he died three days after. Sir Peter Halket was killed in the field, where died many other brave officers. I luckily escaped without a wound, though I had four bullets through my coat, and two horses shot under me. Captains Orme and Morris, two of the aids-de-camp, were wounded early in the engagement, which rendered the duty harder upon me, as I was the only person then left to distribute the General's orders, which I was scarcely able to do, as I was not half recovered from a violent illness, that had confined me to my bed and a wagon for above ten days. I am still in a weak and feeble condition, which induces me to halt here two or three days in the hope of recovering a little strength, to enable me to proceed homewards; from whence, I fear, I shall not be able to stir till toward September; so that I shall not have the pleasure of seeing you till then, unless it be in Fairfax... I am, honored Madam, your most dutiful son.


not know if there were more

*36. Robert BURNETT. Born 1755. (On ancestry.com some say he was born 19 July 1855 in Chester, PA) Died 2 Feb 1820 in home of his son Thomas. His stone says he died in the 65 year of his life.

I found this clip on ancestry.com that says it is from this publication. "The Official Roster of the Soldiers of the Amer. Revolution who lived in the State of Ohio, VOL II, NSDAR of Ohio"

"Pvt in Capt Alex Lockhart's Co 4th Co of Concord and Bethel twps Chester Co Milit. Ref PA Arch S 5 Vol 5 p 197.Was with Washington at crossing of Delaware. Was born 1755 PA son of John S. Burnett one of Washington's VA Buckskins at Braddock Defeat. Mar Susannah Hollingsworth (d 1824 ae 66); chldr: Samuel, Amor; Mary Fiend; Robert Jr. mar Susanna Bush; Thomas mar Rachel Bush; Susan; Henry mar Magdalene Bush; John S. Soldr d 2-2-1820 Fayette co O; bun on farm now owned by Charles Bush nr Jasper C C C Hiway. Wf bur by his side. Soldr was at battl Brandywine hauled baggage dur retreat. Ref Clara G. Mark Columbus O. Rept by Washington C H chpt."

Buried behind house on Sugar Creek 5 Mi Sw of Washington Courthouse.

  His burial place was a short distance back of the house near Sugar Creek. An upright marble slab marks the grave. The grave is on the Thomas Burnett farmed owned in 1939 by Charles Bush and his wife Anna Mark Bush. The farm islocated about five miles southwest of Washington Courthouse, OH. He was a soldier in the American Revolutionary War; He enlisted in Capt. Alexander Lockharts list, 4th Co. of Concord Township, Chester County, PA, Militia in 1782. He is said to have crossed the Delaware River with General Washington.

In 1789 he was elected sheriff of Pendleton County, VA, now West VA. In 1818 Robert and his wife came from Pendleton County, WVA and made their home with their son Thomas and wife until their respective deaths. From a much-garbled account of the Burnetts in Pendleton County, VA history, it would appear that there were Burnetts settled in that county as early as 1759 or before but what relation they were to Robert Burnett is hard to tell. They had six sons and three daughters.

ca 1778 when Robert was 23, he married Susannah HOLLINGSWORTH, F, daughter of Thomas HOLLINGSWORTH III, M (13 Dec 1729-1 Mar 1799) & Jane SMITH, F (6 Jul 1726-6 May 1825), probably in Delaware. Born at Rockland Manor, Delaware, on 12 Sep 1758. Susannah died in Fayette County, OH at home of Son Thomas, on 7 Sep 1824; she was 65. Buried beside her Husband.


37 i. Thomas BURNETT

38 ii. Samuel BURNETT

39 iii. Armor BURNETT

40 iv. Mary BURNETT

41 v. Jane BURNETT

42 vi. Robert BURNETT

43 vii. Susannah BURNETT

44 viii. Henry BURNETT

45 ix. John S. BURNETT

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6th Generation


*37. Thomas BURNETT. Born 28 Mar 1790 in Pendleton Co. W. VA. Died 16 Feb

1871 in Warren Co., IA. Buried in Ackworth Friends Cemetery, Ackworth, IA.

Occupation Farmer.

Soldier in the War of 1812, Ohio Rooster of Soldiers. Served along with his brother Henry.


Map shows where Mark, Bush and Burnett families lived.

Thomas Burnett is believed to have accompanied the Leonard Bush family from

Pendleton County, WVA to Fayette County, OH or followed them soon after they

came. In 1828 he was appointed a member of the Board of Commissioners of

Fayette County, OH to build a new court house to replace the old one

destroyed by the fire in 1827.

He was a good carpenter, as well as a farmer. Soon after his marriage he

built a house. Thomas Burnett built a house on the land given his wife by

her father at the time of their marriage. He built this house in 1820 and

lived in it until ca 1844 when he moved to Missouri. His son in law Abner

Mark went with him. When Abner returned to Ohio, it is believed that Burnett

went down near Bonesville, MO and farmed that summer on the Missouri River

bottoms and that he had one or two brother living near Bonesville. One of

these brothers, was living near Jefferson City, MO during the Civil War. Thomas

returned to his home in Ohio in the autumn of 1845. His wife died in 1846.

He is said to have lost heavily by the MO trip. Before this he had been

considered well off and he was no longer so after the trip. Such was the

report of some OH grandsons, yet living in 1940.

His grandson, Benjamin L. Mark thought from remarks overheard, in the

conversations of his parents that his grandfather had lost a large sum of

money by having to pay surety for some friend. The trip west was made for

the purpose of recuperating this financial loss and possibly it only added

to his misfortunes.

He emigrated with his second wife to Warren County, IA from Ohio in 1859 or

1860. He settled near Palmyra, IA. It is believed that he kept a small

store, maybe in Palmyra a small town ten to twelve miles northeast of


It is said that he emigrated to Iowa, because some of his wives children

were there. While he lived in Warren County he made 203 trips to Decatur

County, IA and to Mercer county, MO to visit his daughter Catherine Mark,

near Pleasanton, IA and his sons, Rueben Dyer and Cyrus His last visit was

in 1869.

He was a tall, sparse built man, erect in his younger days but on his last

visit, as remembered by his grandson, as shrunken and bent. He died two

years later. He was buried in the OLD GOSHEN CHURCHYARD CEMETERY but because

a farmer wanted the stones moved he was reentered in Ackworth Friends

Cemetery. I have a picture of the stone. Stone reads 80 years 8 months and

18 days. I think it appropriate that he is buried in a Friends cemetery as

his mother came from early Quaker stock.


Research: His wives obit, Marion County Iowa Cemetery book and Emma Mark book.


He first married Rachel BUSH, daughter of Leonard BUSH Sr. & Catherine

STINGLEY, 1812. Born 1791 in West VA. Died 1846 in Fayette Co. OH. They had

the following children:


46 i. Susan BURNETT

47 ii. Sinia BURNETT

48 iii. Catherine BURNETT

49 iv. Rueben Dyer BURNETT

50 v. Belinda BURNETT

51 vi. Cyrus BURNETT

52 vii. Elishu BURNETT

53 viii. Thomas BURNETT

54 ix. Benjamine BURNETT

55 x. Amanda BURNETT

56 xi. Drusilla BURNETT

57 xii. Sara Jane BURNETT

58 xiii. Mary Ann BURNETT


He second married Charlotte B. IRIONS OR IRONS, Circa 1850. Born 18 Mar

1811. Died 1 Apr 1898 in Aged 82 Years. They had the following children:


59 i. Cassius McKorkle BURNETT


38. Samuel BURNETT. Born 10 May 1779 in Pendleton, VA.

 He and his brother Armor went directly from Pendleton County, VA to Missouri/Arkansas in 1810 or 1811. This was still undivided territory. He died in MO. He had six sons and one daughter.

39. Armor BURNETT. Born 19 Dec 1781 in Pendleton, VA.

 He emigrated with his brother Samuel to Missouri and Arkansas while the country was still undivided territory. In 1845 one or both of these brothers were living on the Missouri River near Bonesville, MO. For Thomas Burnett who had come with his daughter Catherine - Mrs. Abner MArk - with her husband and children to Harrison County, Missouri, the previous autumn, spent the next summer, 1845, farming on the Missouri River “bottom lands” near Booneville. He went there due to the fact that he had a brother or brothers there. (From Benjamine L. Mark, father of Miss Emma Mark) Also at the time of the Civil War, in 1861, either Samuel or Armor was living on a farm about sixteen miles from the Union Camp at Jefferson City, MO. He entertained Union officers one Sunday for dinner. The officers went to the old gentleman’s place on horseback. This man was a Rebel, and because he entertained Union officers in his home for Sunday dinner, it would indicate that he was a man of some standing and importance in the community. (this was told to Benjamine L. Mark , father of Emma Mark, by his brother Marion Mark, who was stationed at Jefferson City at the time, and the officers entertained were from his regiment. But Marion Mark never saw or met this old Uncle of his mother’s. By Emma Mark)

40. Mary BURNETT. Born 21 Sep 1784 in Pendleton, VA.

 It seems she probably never left Pendleton County, VA

41. Jane BURNETT. Born 28 Apr 1786 in Pendleton, VA.

 died in childhood.

42. Robert BURNETT. M. Born in Pendleton, VA, on 21 Jun 1788. Robert died in Fayette County, OH, on 9 Dec 1878; he was 90. Buried in Bush Cemetery, Fayette County, OH. In 1813 when Robert was 24, he married Susannah BUSH, F, daughter of Leonard BUSH Sr., M (5 Mar 1755-6 Jul 1832) & Catherine STINGLEY, F (2 Feb 1754-26 Jul 1848). Born in Pendleton County, WVA, on 24 Oct 1789. Susannah died in Fayette County, OH, on 3 Nov 1839; she was 50. Buried in Bush Cemetery, Fayette County, OH.

They had the following children:


60 i. Henry BURNETT

61 ii. John BURNETT (Twin)

62 iii. Jesse BURNETT (Twin)

63 iv. Thomas BURNETT

64 v. Elihu BURNETT

65 vi. Absalom BURNETT

66 vii. Sidney BURNETT

67 viii. Rebecca BURNETT

68 ix. Naomi BURNETT

69 x. Catherine BURNETT

70 xi. Susannah BURNETT


43. Susannah BURNETT. Born 23 Dec 1793 in Pendleton, VA.


44. Henry BURNETT. Born 20 Jan 1795. Died 29 Sep 1870 in Fayette County, Oh.

Buried in Bush Cemetery.

Soldier in the War of 1812. On Ohio Rooster of Soldiers and served with his brother Thomas.

 In 1818 when Henry was 22, he married Magdalene BUSH, F, daughter of Leonard BUSH Sr., M (5 Mar 1755-6 Jul 1832) & Catherine STINGLEY, F (2 Feb 1754-26 Jul 1848). Born on 4 May 1793. Magdalene died on 2 Jun 1871; she was 78.

They had the following



71 i. Robert BURNETT

72 ii. Harriet BURNETT

73 iii. Elizabeth BURNETT

74 iv. Daniel BURNETT

75 v. Matthew BURNETT

76 vi. Henry Clay BURNETT

77 vii. Jessie BURNETT

78 viii. John S. BURNETT

79 ix. Jacob Allen BURNETT

80 x. Jehu BURNETT

81 xi. infant BURNETT

82 xii. infant BURNETT


45. John S. BURNETT. Born 10 May 1797 in Pendleton, VA.

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7th Generation


46. Susan BURNETT.


She married HANEY.


47. Sinia BURNETT.


She married MARK.


*48. Catherine BURNETT. Born 15 Jan 1815 in Fayette Co. OH. Died 9 Mar 1899

in Mercer County, MO. Buried in Freedom Cem., Mercer Co. SE Part. Religion



She married Abner MARK, son of Peter MARK & Mary (Polly) LEGORE, 11 Dec 1834

in Fayette Co. OH. Born 10 Jun 1810 in Ross Co. Ohio. Died 25 Jan 1898 in

Mercer County MO. Buried in Freedom Cem. Mercer Co. MO. Occupation Farmer

Along IA and MO border in MO. Religion Baptist.


When Abner and Catherine started west they needed a tent so all the family

had a place to sleep, the covered wagon was far from big enough. Aaron was

nineteen, Eliza was seventeen, Marion was fifteen, Ezra was thirteen,

Benjamin was eleven, Sinia was seven, Latham was four and Anthony was twenty

months. Benjamin remembered the route they took to Iowa, that took them

within sight of Kankakee, IL. They crossed the Mississippi River at Clinton,

IA on a horse drawn ferry and they passed through Iowa City, then the

capitol of Iowa.


Abner remained in Marion County, Iowa until the next October when he located

permanently one and one half miles east of Pleasanton, Iowa. In Marion

County, all the good timber land was taken so as soon as his crops were in

Abner started out to see what was available. First he went to Decatur City

where Catherine's brother Rueben Burnett was, and from there he went south

of Pleasanton where his cousin John Mark, was now living. Adjoining cousin

John's land on the east and up against the IA-MO line Abner found a piece of

land that suited him. Accordingly he went to the govt land office at

Plattsburg in Clinton County, MO and entered 152 acres of this land, paying

$1.25 an acre for it. Next year he had Cyrus Burnett (his wife's brother)

enter forty more acres for him. In order to get the railroad to come through

Pleasanton, Abner donated in 1882, this forty acres, as his contribution to

the "Old Narrow Gauge" railroad.


Before moving, Abner came down from Marion County bringing with him Marion

and Eliza Ann and built a house. This house was built near where the present

(1941) barn stood. It was two log cabins, each about eighteen feet by

sixteen feet, placed eight feet apart and connected by an encased

passageway. The west room was the living room and the east room was the

kitchen. Later the roof of the west room was raised for an upstairs. Still

later about 1866 a frame kitchen was built on the north of the living room.

Around 1872 Abner with the help of his two sons Anthony and Benjamin built a

new frame house.

Anthony took over the farm and built two rooms on the east part of the main

house. Abner and Catherine decided a few months later they would rather live

in the two new rooms. In the autumn of 1882 Abner and Catherine went back to

Ohio for a visit. They were married sixty-four years.


In appearance Abner Mark was a square, stocky build, not unlike the pictures

of Holland Dutchmen. He wore good roomy tailored jeans, pants coat and vest,

a colored shirt, brown home knitted socks and a William Penn hat. In old age

he walked with a cane. He had reddish brown or sandy colored hair which

never became more than streaked with gray. The reddish hair is suppose to

have been a heritage from his French ancestors. His eyes were blue. In the

prime of his life he was probably 5 feet 10 inches and may have at one time

weighted 180 pounds. He was a man of convictions, firm and sometimes quite

set in his ways. He believed firmly in the signs of the moon and wasn't

afraid to say so in spite of the ridicule of his sons, none of whom cared in

the least what the signs were, when they planted potatoes, sheared sheep, or

did their butchering. Catherine too believed in the signs of the moon.


Abner liked to read and kept informed on events of the day. In Ohio the

newspaper in the home was "The Cincinnati Dollar Weekly Times". In the west

this was superseded by "The Chicago Weekly Inter-Ocean". Abner was not a

talkative person, although he talked considerable with Catherine, but not a

great deal with his children when they were young. He had a friendly and

sociable disposition and he never scolded in his family, or seldom whipped.

But if he spoke warningly to the child, that child was expected to obey.

Once only once was a child

remembered to have sassed him. That once by Sinia who was told to do

something which she refused to do. Sinia received a spanking. Latham was

once spanked severely but the reason for it could not be remembered.


Catherine scolded her children in an easy way and to which not much

attention was given. Benjamin remembered that once she spanked one of the

children and on this occasion Abner stood beside her and showed he backed

her up by saying "Lay it on! Lay it on! Lay it on!"


Catherine was of a tall, slim, rather angular build, although not especially

graceful. She had blue eyes and very light hair. She said once her hair was

never white with old age that it was always that color. Her house was

scrupulously clean and orderly and she was always a neat person. She was a

most efficient house keeper; every move counted. During the years Abner made

all his own shoes as well as for the family.


While his children were growing up, Abner made a barrel of sauerkraut each

autumn. His part in this was to wash and scour his feet very clean, climb

into the barrel and tramp down the kraut while the rest cut and emptied in

the cabbage. He said his feet were as clean for the work as a woman's hands

for making bread.


Catherine had many flowers, but as the years passed the flowers began to

disappear. The trees that had been set out began to shade the yard and took

the place of the flowers. As the years passed both began to fail, Abner

noticeably while Catherine continued to knit. When Abner was about fifty

years old lost the sight of one eye due to a whitish growth over the ball.

The growth, which caused him much pain was removed but the sight had been

destroyed. For many years he was considerably deaf so that towards the last

conversation with him became very difficult. also at times, the last year or

two of his life, his mind would wonder off a bit.

He was able to get around the house with his cane until this final sickness.

He was sick for only two weeks,and he died at age 88 . Fourteen months after

he died Catherine died, at age 84. Her mind was clear and had excellent

mentality until the end. About one o'clock p.m. before going into the stupor

preceding her death she perceiving the distressed look on the faces of her

assembled children said, "Don't make any fuss, just put me away." At five

p.m. she was gone. Story condensed from book by Emma Mark.


They had the following children:


83 i. Aaron Libriand MARK

84 ii. Eliza Ann MARK

85 iii. George Marion MARK

86 iv. Ezra Jacob MARK

87 v. Benjamin Lee MARK

88 vi. Sinia Margaret MARK

89 vii. Allen Lathan MARK

90 viii. Anthony Wayne MARK

91 ix. Mary Rachel MARK


49. Rueben Dyer BURNETT. Born 1816 in Fayette County, OH. Died 1878 in ?

Decatur County, IA Aged 61.


50. Belinda BURNETT.


She married Hyer.


51. Cyrus BURNETT. Born 1819 in Fayette County, OH?. Died 22 Jan 1910 in ?

Decatur County, IA.


52. Elishu BURNETT.


53. Thomas BURNETT.


54. Benjamine BURNETT.


55. Amanda BURNETT.


She married HOLMES.


56. Drusilla BURNETT.


She married POST.


57. Sara Jane BURNETT.


She married BURNETT.


58. Mary Ann BURNETT.


She married CRAIG.


59. Cassius McKorkle BURNETT. Born 13 Feb 1851 in Fayette County, OH. Died

11 Apr 1924. Buried in Graceland Cemetery, Knoxville, Ia.


In 1858 when he was seven years old he removed to Warren County, near

Palmyra, IA. In 1874 he was in law practice in Casey, Guthrie County, IA. He

practiced law for several years in Knoxville. sometime after the 1895 census

he removed to Newkirk, OK and lived there until his death. 73y 1m and 28d

when he died.


Research: I have his and his wife's obit. Census for 1880, 1885 and 1895,

Marion County Marriage Records and Marion County Cemetery book.


He married Rebecca Jane BELLAMY, daughter of Samuel King BELLAMY & Accasina

MANFORD, 23 Jun 1875 in Marion County, IA. Born 1 Jul 1941 in Switzerland

County, IN. Died 14 Jan 1893. They had the following children:


92 i. Frank Cassius BURNETT

93 ii. Clyde Bellamy BURNETT

94 iii. Rebecca Grace BURNETT

95 iv. Alie Fay BURNETT


60. Henry BURNETT.


61. John BURNETT.


62. Jesse BURNETT.


63. Thomas BURNETT.


64. Elihu BURNETT. Born 6 Sep 1826 in GAR Fayette County, OH. Died 11 Jun

1897 in Knoxville, IA. Buried in Graceland Cemetery, Knoxville, Ia.


In 168th Ohio Volunteer Infantry and 64 Ohio Infantry. Citizen of Knoxville

for ca twenty years, coming to Iowa in 1880. Street commissioner and

overseer of the Knoxville poor.


Research: Marion County Cemetery book and his obituary.


He married Sophia SNIDER, daughter of Peter SNIDER, 11 May 1851 in Fayette

County, Ohio. Born 14 Mar 1834 in Fayette County, Ohio. Died 5 Apr 1908.

They had the following children:


96 i. Jennie BURNETT

97 ii. Robert BURNETT

98 iii. N. Eleanor (Nellie) BURNETT

99 iv. John C. BURNETT

100 v. Adelaida (Addie) BURNETT

101 vi. Ruth BURNETT

102 vii. Edith BURNETT

103 viii. Albert S. BURNETT


65. Absalom BURNETT.


66. Sidney BURNETT.


67. Rebecca BURNETT.


She married MARK.


68. Naomi BURNETT.


She married MARK.


69. Catherine BURNETT.


She married PLUMB.


70. Susannah BURNETT.


She married BROOKS.


71. Robert BURNETT.


72. Harriet BURNETT.


She married PARKINSON.


73. Elizabeth BURNETT.


She married BLACKMORE.


74. Daniel BURNETT.


75. Matthew BURNETT.


76. Henry Clay BURNETT.


77. Jessie BURNETT.


78. John S. BURNETT.


79. Jacob Allen BURNETT.


80. Jehu BURNETT.


81. infant BURNETT.


82. infant BURNETT.

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8th Generation


83. Aaron Libriand MARK. Born 16 Dec 1835 in Fayette County, OH. Died 26 Aug

1856 in Attica, Marion County, IA. Buried in Indiana Chapel Cemetery,

Attica, Marion County, IA. Occupation School Teacher.


In 1855 when his father and family moved to Mercer county, MO, he stayed in

Marion County, IA where his Aunt Susan Free, lived. He died Aug 26, 1856

from blood poisoning. The infection started when he picked a pimple or boil

with a pin. Such poisoning was then called Black Erysipelas. A messenger was

sent from Attica to Pleasanton to tell his family about his death. The

messenger got off the trail and was on day and a half late arriving. Abner

and his daughter Eliza Ann started right away for Attica to attend the

funeral. When they arrived they found the funeral and burial was over due to

the messengers delay. Stone says twenty years eight months and ten days old.


84. Eliza Ann MARK. Born 7 May 1837 in Fayette County, OH. Died 6 May 1917

in Sargent, Custer County, NE. Buried in Mercer County, MO.


She married Kirby McGREW, 11 Dec 1856 in Married By Cousin Rev. John Mark.

Born 25 May 1827 in Highland County, OH. Died 7 Sep 1915 in NE. Buried in

Freedom Cemetery, Mercer County, MO. They had the following children:


104 i. Melvin McGREW

105 ii. Eliza McGREW

106 iii. Emily McGREW

107 iv. Lillie McGREW


85. George Marion MARK. Born 27 Mar 1839 in Fayette County, OH. Died 17 Aug

1918 in Near DeSoto, Dallas County, IA. Buried in Earlham Cemetery.


He enlisted in the Union Army at Chariton, IA in Aug 1861. Was 2nd Lieut.,

CO H, 1st Calvary for four and one half years in MO, Ark and TX. Marion was

a very good cabinet maker, making spinning wheels by the name of Hayworth,

north of Cainsville, MO. (another date of death is 17 Jul 1937)


He married Mary Ann CHESTERNUTWOOD WRIGHT, 22 Oct 1867 in Dallas County, IA.

Born 7 May 1844 in Stark County, OH. Died 13 May 1908 in DeSoto, Dallas

County, IA. Buried in Earlham Cemetery.


She was a war widow with two small sons John and George Wright.


They had the following children:


108 i. Merlin A. MARK

109 ii. Levi E MARK

110 iii. Charles A. MARK


86. Ezra Jacob MARK. Born 17 Oct 1841 in Fayette County, OH. Died 12 Feb

1917 in McLouth, Jefferson County, KS, on a Sunday. Buried in McLouth

Cemetery, McLouth, Kansas.


Came to Kansas from Mercer County, MO in 1867 and was shown on the 1870

census as working on a sawmill in Perry, Kansas. During the winter of 1879

Ezra and his family returned back to Mercer County, MO for a visit. They had

spent eighteen months at Coose Bay. OR. He worked for a big lumber mill at

Empire City, OR. He was not able to stand the cold and wet climate because

of rheumatism. The 1880 Census and 1895 State census shows him living in

Tonganoxie. Leavenworth County, Kansas. Apparently between 1880 and 1895 the

family moved back to Mercer County, Missouri and somewhere in Southern Iowa.

This is mentioned in Arthur Mark's obituary and is somewhat supported by the

fact that Warren was married in Mercer County, Missouri in 1888.


Ezra's obituary stated that he was mayor of McLouth for four years.


He married Melissa Jane CHIELDS, 5 Jan 1864/1865 in Nodaway County, MO. Born

11 May 1849 in Polk County, IA. Died 2 Mar 1922 in Kansas City, MO. Buried

in McLouth Cemetery, McLouth,Jefferson County, KS.


Her father was killed in a duel.

Grace Kientz in Valley Falls, Kansas is Melissa's granddaughter and the

daughter of Arthur Mark. She tells the story of how the Wright Brothers used

to come to McLouth and visit her grandmother. They called her Aunt Lissie

and used to comment on how beautiful she was and what a wonderful cook she

was. One time Grace said the Wright Brother's flew their plane from Kitty

Hawk to McLouth to visit Aunt Lissie. They tried to get Meilssa to fly in

the plane but she was too terrified to try. Grace was taken to see the plane

and just being near the plane was frightening to her. Grace is not sure if

the Wright Brothers were related or if they called Melissa "Aunt Lissie" as

a term of endearment. Research to date has not been able to determine a



Research: Richard Mark of Topeka, KS


They had the following children:


111 i. Warren Lee MARK

112 ii. Fred MARK

113 iii. Arthur Lynn MARK

114 iv. Earl MARK

115 v. Martha (Mattie C.) MARK

116 vi. Ralph MARK

117 vii. Marion MARK

118 viii. Elmer MARK


87. Benjamin Lee MARK. Born 1 Oct 1843 in Fayette County, OH. Died 9 Jul

1935 in Pleasanton, Decatur County, IA. Buried in Hamilton Cemetery, Decatur

County, IA.


He was in the Union Army for almost three years.


He married Mary Francis FOXWORTHY, 2 Oct 1870. Born 24 Sep 1847 in

Montgomery County, IN. Died 18 Jan 1818 in Lindley Twp., Mercer County, MO.

Buried in Hamilton Cemetery, Decatur County, Ia. They had the following



119 i. Emma MARK

120 ii. Lawrence H. MARK

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*88. Sinia Margaret MARK. Born 12 Feb 1847 in Fayette Co., Ohio. Died 10 Nov

1924 in Mercer County Mo. Buried in Hutchinson Cemetery, 1/2 m S Of

Pleasanton, Iowa In MO. Occupation Raised Children Taking In Wash And

Braiding Rugs.


They were married on Sunday May 4 1872. Sinia and James lived in a little

house east of her father.After James died Sinia cared for her children by

weaving rugs and doing washing for others.


She married James Monroe HOUK, son of Henry (Hawk) HOUK & Dora (Dovie)

REYNOLDS, 4 May 1872 in Benjamin Mark's Home Mercer Co., MO. Born 8 Jun 1851

in Indiana. Died 26 Dec 1881 in Mercer Co. MO. Buried in Hutchinson

Cemetery, 1/2 m S Of Pleasanton, Iowa, In MO. Education Could Read And

Write. They had the following children:


121 i. Theora Elma HOUK

122 ii. Ethel L. HOUK

123 iii. Henry Etna HOUK

124 iv. Emery HOUK

125 v. Sibbie (Sybbie) Ann HOUK

126 vi. Libbie Jane HOUK


89. Allen Lathan MARK. Born 24 Jan 1850 in Fayette County, OH. Died 16 Nov

1911 in Como, TX. Buried in Forest Academy Cemetery, Como, TX.


He married Sarah Mildred TONG, daughter of Joseph TONG & Sarah COLLINS, 15

Nov 1874 in Mercer County, MO. Born 4 Jan 1856 in Mercer, MO. Died 27 Dec

1915 in Dallas, TX. Buried in Forest Academy Cemetery, Como, TX. They had

the following children:


127 i. Austin MARK

128 ii. Nora Blanche MARK

129 iii. Ezra MARK

130 iv. Bessie H. MARK

131 v. Frank W. MARK

132 vi. Jessie MARK

133 vii. Oliver MARK

134 viii. Thomas MARK

135 ix. Roscoe MARK

136 x. Susan MARK


90. Anthony Wayne MARK. Born 25 Dec 1852 in Allen County, OH In A Log Cabin.

Died 1 Jan 1923 in Near Como, TX.


He married Susan Rebecca MYERS, 29 Dec 1878 In Old Bethel Church Near

Mercer, MO. Born 12 Jun 1852 in Clarion County, PA. Died 11 Dec 1845.


Her mother was a war widow.


They had the following children:


137 i. Charles MARK

138 ii. Ola MARK

139 iii. Mary Catherine MARK

140 iv. Christopher MARK

141 v. Margaret Sinia MARK


91. Mary Rachel MARK. Born 11 Nov 1856 in Mercer County, MO. Died 17 Sep

1859 in Mercer County, MO. Buried in Freedom Cemetery, Mercer County, MO.


Lived to be near three years of age.


92. Frank Cassius BURNETT. Born Circa 1876 in Guthrie County, IA.


Living in Washington D. C. at time of father's death.


93. Clyde Bellamy BURNETT. Born 1880 in Marion County, IA 4/12 On 1880

Census, Taken 24 June.

 Living in Yates Center, KS at the time of his father's death.

94. Rebecca Grace BURNETT. Born 1885 in Marion County IA, Reported As 0 On

1885 Census.


Mr. and Mrs. Rape had graduated from Northwestern University in 1908 married

and gone out to China under the Board of Missions of the Methodist Church.

They were home on a furlough in 1932 and lived at Delaware, Ohio where they

educated their four children.

Was living in Chung King, West China as missionaries at time of her father's



She married Charles Bertram RAPE.


95. Alie Fay BURNETT. Born Circa 1889 in Marion County, Iowa.

 Was living in Newkirk, OK at the time of her father's death.

96. Jennie BURNETT. Born Circa 1854 in Fayette County, OH. Died Jun 1943.


Lived in Knoxville at time of her mother's death.


97. Robert BURNETT. Born Circa 1855 in Fayette County, OH.


Lived in Knoxville at time of his mother's death.


98. N. Eleanor (Nellie) BURNETT. Born Circa 1857 in Fayette County, OH.


Living in Des Moines at time of parent's death.


She married William W. SLOCUM, 23 Sep 1891 in Marion County, IA.


99. John C. BURNETT. Born Circa 1860 in Fayette County, OH.


Living in Los Angles at time of mother's death.


100. Adelaida (Addie) BURNETT. Born Circa 1863 in Fayette County, OH.


She married Hugh E. McTAGGART, 17 Oct 1886 in Marion County, IA.


Living in Enid, OK at time of mother's death.


101. Ruth BURNETT. Born Circa 1867 in Fayette County, OH.


Living in El Reno, Ok at time of her mother's death.


She married Charles S. YEATON, 24 Jan 1884 in Marion County, IA.


102. Edith BURNETT. Born Circa 1869 in Fayette County, OH.


Living in Valley Junction at time of mother's death.


She married Francis Irving ROGERS, 3 Feb 1897 in Marion County, IA.


103. Albert S. BURNETT. Born Circa 1872 in Fayette County, OH.


Living in Valley Junction at time of mother's death.

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9th Generation


104. Melvin McGREW. Born 24 Sep 1857.


105. Eliza McGREW.


106. Emily McGREW.


She married GOODRICH.


107. Lillie McGREW.


Her step children.


She married J. O. MITCHELL. They had the following children:


142 i. Malinda MITCHELL

143 ii. Brandon MITCHELL

144 iii. Marion MITCHELL


108. Merlin A. MARK.


He married Nora CARTER.


109. Levi E MARK.


110. Charles A. MARK.


111. Warren Lee MARK. Born 21 Aug 1867 in Mercer County, MO. Died 2 Sep 1936

in Kansas City, KS, 906 State Street. Buried in McLouth Cemetery, McLouth,



Research: from daughter Edna


He married Zorilda Belle BOOTH, daughter of Anderville BOOTH & Mary

ROBERTSON, 8 Jan 1888 in Mercer county, MO. Born 1872 in Mercer County, MO.

Died 16 Feb 1946 in Basehor, KS , Rural Route 1. Buried in McLouth Cemetery,

McLouth, KS. They had the following children:


145 i. Lee Kenneth MARK Sr.

146 ii. Edna Grace MARK

147 iii. Francis Elmer MARK

148 iv. Iona Amelia MARK

149 v. Clarence Anthony MARK


112. Fred MARK. Born 6 Nov 1872. Died 6 Feb 1908. Buried in Tonganoxie, KS.


He married Mina WHITE. They had the following children:


150 i. Raymond MARK

151 ii. Estella Grace MARK


113. Arthur Lynn MARK. Born 3 Oct 1873 in Tonganoxie, Leavenworth County,

KS. Died 1 Jan 1945 in McLouth, KS. Buried in McLouth Cemetery, McLouth, KS.


He first married Susy TONY. They had the following children:


152 i. Pearle M. MARK

153 ii. Ethel MARK


He second married Olive ALEXANDER. They had the following children:


154 i. Ruby MARK

155 ii. Grace MARK


114. Earl MARK.


115. Martha (Mattie C.) MARK. Born 13 Jan 1888. Died 8 Sep 1891. Buried in

Freedom Cemetery, Mercer county, MO.


116. Ralph MARK. Born 14 Nov 1890. Died 27 Jan 1891. Buried in Freedom

Cemetery, Mercer County, MO.


117. Marion MARK.


118. Elmer MARK.


119. Emma MARK. Born Circa 1873.


She was a school teacher and completed a lot of this material on Peter mark



120. Lawrence H. MARK. Born Circa 1874. Died 1933.


He married Mirtis Loretta.


121. Theora Elma HOUK. Born 13 Apr 1867 in Mercer County, MO. Died 9 Sep



She was five years old when James Houk married her mother.


She married Joe (Joseph Lawrence) MOORE. Born 18 Jun 1857 in Vernon, Wis.

Died 23 Jul 1945.


Joe Moore already had two sons when Theora Elma married him. Harvey and Earl

are his tow sons and they are half brother to Ray, Roy and Cleo. Theora was

Joe's housekeeper before they married. It is believed that Joe's first wife



They had the following children:


156 i. Harve ( Harvey Ellsworth) MOORE

157 ii. Earl Allison MOORE

158 iii. Elza MOORE

159 iv. Ray Larry MOORE

160 v. Roy Anthony MOORE

161 vi. Cleo Lawrence MOORE


122. Ethel L. HOUK. Born 7 Feb 1873. Died 12 Jan 1960.


She married R. H. WELDON. They had the following children:


162 i. Elsie WELDON

163 ii. Nellie WELDON


123. Henry Etna HOUK. Born 20 Oct 1874. Died 7 Feb 1968.


He married Ella ROBERTSON.


married Hamilton and Clate Barth had five children


They had the following children:


164 i. Willis A. HOUK

165 ii. Florence HOUK

166 iii. James H. HOUK

167 iv. Margaret Mina HOUK

168 v. Charles K. HOUK

169 vi. Earl HOUK

170 vii. Fern HOUK

171 viii. Mabel HOUK


124. Emery HOUK. Born 12 Dec 1876. Died 13 Jan 1917.

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*125. Sibbie (Sybbie) Ann HOUK. Born 4 Nov 1879 in Mercer County, Mo. Died

20 Oct 1989 in Leon, Iowa. Buried in Hamilton Cemetery, Hamilton Twp.,

Decatur County, Iowa. Occupation Housewife, Raised Huge Gardens. Education

Could Read And Write. Religion Nazarene.


Died 20 Oct 1989 (almost 110 Years old)

Burial: Hamilton Cemetery


She married William Ernest ARGO, son of Alden Darrow ARGO & Nancy Elvira

MARRS, 1 Jan 1896 in Near Pleasanton, IA. Born 22 Aug 1875 in Mercer County,

MO. Died 26 Aug 1958 in Pleasanton, Iowa. Buried in Hamilton Cemetery,

Hamilton Twp., Decatur Co. Iowa. Occupation Woodworker , Mayor Of

Pleasanton-26 Yrs. Education Could Read And Write. Religion ?.


Living in Grundy County MO in Lincoln twp. in 1910 census which William

Ernest was the census taker for. (Una was 13) In Mercer County MO near

Robert Newton Leepers and attended Willis school (near Pleasanton IA) where

Una Argo (age 15) and Bill Leeper met. Lived in Decatur County, Ia near

Pleasanton and in Pleasanton several times too. William Argo was mayor of

Pleasanton. Ia. He was a woodworker and did some of the fine woodwork in a

few churches. Made the casket for Robert Newton Leeper when he died.


Research: Una Argo Leeper Bible, Virginia Pieffer Clio, Iowa records, 1910

Grundy Co census, Mercer County - Princeton Telegraph Jan 8, 1986


They had the following children:


172 i. Una Vivian ARGO

173 ii. Herbert Miles ARGO

174 iii. Alden Etna (Babe) ARGO

175 iv. Elizabeth Meldora (Lizzie) ARGO

176 v. Alice Margaret ARGO

177 vi. Melvin Cleo ARGO

178 vii. Roy Emory ARGO

179 viii. Ina Gay ARGO

180 ix. Angeline "Ruth" ARGO


126. Libbie Jane HOUK. Born 4 Nov 1879 in Mercer County, MO. Died 18 Jan

1970 in Fontane, Kansas.


She had a son:


185 i. Hershel F. (Hack) HOUK


She married Clarence FRENCH. They had the following children:


181 i. Elsie FRENCH

182 ii. Mona FRENCH

183 iii. Margaret FRENCH

184 iv. Robert FRENCH


127. Austin MARK.


He married Ollie NORRIS. They had the following children:


186 i. Rose MARK


128. Nora Blanche MARK. Died 7 Feb 1878.


129. Ezra MARK. Born 7 Oct 1880. Died 13 Aug 1898.


Accidently shot and killed as a young man.


130. Bessie H. MARK.


She married HAGAN.


131. Frank W. MARK. Born 30 Jun 1885. Died 28 Oct 1903.


Caught in a saw mill and died.


132. Jessie MARK.


133. Oliver MARK.


134. Thomas MARK.


135. Roscoe MARK.


136. Susan MARK.


She married LAIR.


137. Charles MARK.


138. Ola MARK.


She married Irvin FISHER.


139. Mary Catherine MARK.


She married SMITH.


140. Christopher MARK.


141. Margaret Sinia MARK.


She married CRAIG.



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