Other spellings of the name are Thorniloe and Thornilow.

There is ongoing research on this family and some of the below data may change as more research is completed. At the present the christening records we have found and which best fit have been used. Will try to verify more completely.

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Note: If you find "They had one child". These words are generated by my genealogical program. There may be more children , but I only entered one.



First Generation


 1. Francis THORNELOE (THORNILOW), M. Born ca 1781. Francis died ? .


1841 Census for Burton Extra

Lichfield Street

Francis Thorneloe age 60 and a male Sheriffs Office

Sarah age 70

Oliver Brown 15; Sarah Brown 10; William Brown 8; Augusta Brown age 6.

(I believe these to be grandchildren) Living in the household is one

servant. Emma Marriott age 11 Female Labourer.


In the 1851 census we find Edward Thorneloe age nineteen. Barton Mill,

Farmer Servant, Barton #11356


Francis married Sarah ??, F. Born ca 1771. Sarah died ? .


A Sarah Thorneloe in 1851 lived on Lions Lane and was 84 years old. Was

proprietor of Houses and born in Hall End Warwickshire, parish West



They had the following children:

2 i. George, M (ca1800-)

3 ii. Oliver, M (ca1801-)

4 iii. William, M (ca1802-)

5 iv. Matthew, M (ca1804-)

6 v. Sarah, F (ca1806-<1884)


Second Generation


Family of Francis THORNELOE (THORNILOW) (1) & Sarah ??


2. George THORNELOE (THORNILOW), M. Born ca 1800. Christened on 31 Jan

1800 in Tamworth. Francis Thornilow and Sarah parents Family Search Cd's IGI

George married Bessy, F. George is a shoemaker.

Their children:

i. Elizabeth who was christened 20 May 1830 in Tamworth, St. Editha. bap 1813-1830

ii. Oliver Simpkins who was christened 24 Feb 1833, Tamworth, St. Editha bap 1830-41

iii. George Newry who was christened 16 Aug 1835 in Tamworth, St. Editha bap 1830-41


3. Oliver THORNELOE (THORNILOW), M. Born ca 1801. Christened on 13 Sep 1801

in Tamworth. Parents Francis Thornilow and Sarah. IGI Fiche of Bristish Isles.


4. William THORNELOE (THORNILOW), M. Born ca 1802. Christened on 13 Jun

1802 in Polesworth, Warwick, England. Mother at christening is Sarah Thornilow. No

father given. Family Search IGI CD's

William married Anne, F. William is a gardener.

They have a child Sarah christened 14 Jun 1828 at Tamworth, St. Editha.bap 1813-30


5. Matthew THORNELOE (THORNILOW), M. Born ca 1804. Christened on 19 Feb 1804

in Tamworth. Parents Wm and Sarah Thornilow. IGI Fiche of British Isles


6. Sarah THORNELOE* (THORNILOW), F. Born ca 1806 in Fazeley (near Tamworth) ,

Staffordshire, England. Sarah died in Burton District, Staffordshire,

England (from death index) bef 31 Dec 1884; she was 78. Christened on 22 Jun

1806 in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England. IGI Family Search CD's

When she died she was aged seventy-seven. Take from death indexes for Burton

District, Staffordshire, England.


ca Aug 1823 when Sarah was 17, she first married William BROWN, M. William

either died ca 1840 or deserted the family.


They had the following children:

7 i. Oliver Thorniloe, M (ca1824-)

7a. ?Anna Maria , F (ca 1826-)

8 ii. George, M (ca1828-)

9 iii. Sarah, F (ca1832-)

10 iv. William, M (ca1834-)

11 v. Augusta Ann, F (ca1835-)

11a vi. Daniel, M (ca 1837-)


ca 1841 Sarah she second married Humphrey HIGGOTT, M, son of William

HIGGOTT, M (-bef 1841) & Mary BUTLER, F (ca 1781-aft 1861). Born in 1817 in

Branstone near Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England. Christened on 17 Jun

1817 in Burton Upon Trent-in Christ Church Parish, Staffordshire. Humphrey

died in 4 Waterside Road, Stapenhill, Burton-on-Trent. on 13 Apr 1897; he

was 80. Occupation: Inn Keeper, farmer and brewery labourer. Religion:

Christ's Church.


1841 census Branston page 7

Humphrey Higgott age 24 Inn Keeper, *Sarah Brown 25 Female labourer, George

Brown 12 Male Labourer, Fanny D. age 3 and Mallel Dedrick age 12 Female

Labourer. *I think it should read Sarah Brown age 35


1851 census

Humphrey Higgott 36 years old. Inn Keeper and farmer of 16 acres. lived

Anglesey Arms, Village Street, Branstone. States he was born at Branstone.

Wife was Sarah age 40 born Fazeley, Staffordshire. Frances age 12; Sarah

Jane age 11; Humphrey age 9, Scholar; Elizabeth age 8; Alexander age 4; and

John age 1. Lists all children as born at Branstone. Living with them is

George Brown, visitor, laborer, unmarried, age 20, born Fazeley; Sarah Brown,

unmarried,visitor, servant, born Fazeley, with no age given and James Hill, servant,

unmarried, age 56, farm servant.


Humphrey's brother William Higgott was farmer of 315 acres and was born at

Branstone and lived on Bridge Lane, Branstone and his age was 43 years old.


1861 census Burton on Trent Christ's Church Parish

Emel Walter age 25 Cooper; *Augusta A, wife age 26; Paul Brothers Boarder

unmarried age 36, cooper; Humphrey Higgott, visitor, age 45 labourer, born

Branstone; *Sarah, mother-in-law, age 55, born Fazeley; Alexander

brother-in-law unmarried age 15 Cooper Apprentee, born Branstone; John

brother-in-law, unmarried age 12 scholar, born Branstone. I could not find

the older children. My guess they were working in other households.


*This tells me that Augusta Brown and Sarah Jane Brown/Higgott are indeed

sisters and have the same mother Sarah J. Thornilow Brown Higgott


Did not locate Humphrey Higgott in the 1871 census.


1881 Census place Burton on Trent, Parish Burton on Trent

Humphrey Higgott, age 66, Brewers labourer, born Burton on Trent. Sarah, age

76, wife, born Fazeley


They had the following children:

12 i. Sarah Jane, F (1840-1934)

13 vii. Frances (Fanny), F (1838-)

14 ii. Elisabett, F (ca1844-?)

15 iii. Humphrey, M (ca1842-?)

16 iv. Alexander, M (1846-<1881)

17 v. John, M (1849-?)

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Third Generation


Family of Sarah THORNELOE (THORNILOW) (6) & William BROWN


7. Oliver Thorniloe BROWN, M. Born ca 1824. Christened on 12 May 1824 in Tamworth St.

Editha. bap 1813-30. F3773/1/7-8 William and Sarah Brown Fazeley are parents and he is a lathe cleaner.


1861 census RG9/1966 fo.71,p.46 Borough Road, Burton Extra (Christchurch)

Oliver T. Brown hd m 36 Railway Porter, born Tamworth; Frances Brown, wf, m, 33,

born Derbyshire, Stapenhill; Sofia Brown, d, 10 scholar, born Burton; Rebecca Brown,

d, 9, born Burton; Sarah E., d, 7, born Burton; William U., s, 5, born Burton, Jessie,

s, 2, born Burton; George A., s, 1, born Branstone.


RG9/1966 fo.45, p.42

Mary Ann Brown servt, 12, Burton


7a. ?Anna Maria, F baptized 9 Apr 1826 and 3 Jun 1

827 in Tamworth, St. Editha. bap

1813-30 Parents Wm and Sarah Brown Fazeley Timber merchant. Did she die?


8. George BROWN, M. Born ca 1828. Christened on 2 Mar 1828 in Tamworth, St

Editha. bap 1813-30. William and Sarah Brown Fazeley Timber merchant


9. Sarah BROWN, F. Born ca 1831. Christened on 4 Jan 1832 Tamworth d/o William and

Sarah Brown Fazeley lathe cleaner.


10. William BROWN, M. Born ca 1833. Christened on 4 May 1834 in Tamworth.

William and Sarah Brown Fazeley parents. William Timber merchant . IGI Fiche for British Isles.


11. Augusta Ann BROWN, F. Born ca 1835. Christened on 27 Dec 1835 in

Rugeley, Staffordshire, England.F14541116 Rugeley Parish Register Baps. d/o William

and Sarah Brown Rugeley, lathe cleaner.


1861 Census Burton on Trent Christ's Church Parish

Emel Walter age 25 Cooper; Augusta A. wife age 26; Paul Brothers unmarried

age 36, cooper; Humphrey Higgott visitor, age 45, labourer, born Branstone;

Sarah, mother-in-law, age 55, born Fazeley; Alexander brother-in-law,

unmarried, age 15 Cooper Apprentee, born Branstone; John brother-in-law,

unmarried, age 12 scholar, born Branstone.


This shows that Augusta Brown and Sarah Jane Brown/Higgott are indeed

sisters. They both have the same mother.


On 18 Feb 1860 when Augusta Ann was 25, she married Emel WALTERS, M, in St.

Modwen, Burton On Trent.d/o William Brown, innkeeper. She is 25 and Emel is 24

and a cooper. Emel is the son of Emel Walters, cooper. Humphrey Higgott and Sarah

Jane Higgott witnesses. F4219/1/16 Burton St. Modwen mar. Emel Born ca 1836.

Occupation: Cooper. Religion: Christ's Church.


11a. Daniel BROWN, M. Born Jun 1837 in Branstone, Staffordshire, England.

Christened 24 Jun 1837 St. Modwen, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, England.

Parents William and Sarah Brown Branstone, victualler (meaning innkeeper)

Buried 29 Jun 1837 in St. Modwen, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire and

says two days old.


Family of Sarah THORNELOE (THORNILOW) (6) & Humphrey HIGGOTT





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