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This material is a combination of my own research, notes of Virginia

Peiffer, notes and letters of Max Howk and notes of Imogene Lane of Arlington, VA.

Pictures of James Houk and Sinia's family added April 30, 1998.

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Note: If you find "They had one child". These words are generated by my genealogical program. There may be more children , but I only entered one.


First Genration


1. John Jacob ? HOUCK. Occupation: He arrived in America September 21, 1742 from Rotterdam,



From Max Howk of Ottumwa, IA now deceased

"Our Howk families with these spellings Houk, Howk, Houck were here in

the middle 1700's. John Howk, born about 1765, was in North Carolina

for the 1790 census. By 1800 he moved to VA and in 1807 to KY. The

sons that I know of are John Jr., Adam, George, William, Daniel and

Michael. There were several girls, but I don't have any information on

any of them."


Imogene Lane of Arlington, VA.

" There were several by the name of Hawk who came to this country at

different periods of time. The only genealogy that I have located has

been in the DAR library in Washington D. C. and that is on the

Hauck/Hawk family of PA. Jacob Hauck arrived in America on Sept 21,

1742 from Rotterdam, Holland. Later generations of this family moved to

KS, OK, CO. This Jacob Hawk had sons Michael, Jacob, George, John and

Joseph. Jacob, John and George Hawk were living in Westmoreland County

at the time of the 1790 census and then John appears to drop from

sight. It is believed he is single and may have been the John Hawk who

in 1778-1783 was a ranger on the Western PA frontier (PA archives, 3rd

Series Vol 23, p 205."


I found three Houk/ Howk families in the 1850 Indiana census who came

through PA from Germany since 1800. This helps me to believe the name

is German not Dutch.

They were:

John Howk, 37, farmer, born Germany in Jennings County p 426

John Howk/Houk, 44, farmer, born Germany in Dearborn County p 358a

and John Houck, 27, Baker born in Germany and also in Dearborn County.


Once when Richard's mother, Richard and I visited Sibbie, Richard's mother and Sibbie

got out the family Bible. The were talking and laughing as they tried to decide how

much German they were. I believe it was one half or less. I believe they were talking

about Sibbie's Dad's family.


There is no proof of who the original ancestors were, but are believed either Dutch or

German and I lean toward the German. John Hawk Sr. was born about 1765. His wife

was Catherine. In 1802 a John purchased land in Lee County, VA. John had 100a

of land in the southern part of Estill County, KY. His oldest son William married

Lydia Fisher Sept 7, 1816 in Estill County, KY. My husband descends from them.


It is said that one family changed their name because there were too many with

the same name. One took Houk and the other Howk. The Houk line lived in Mercer

County, MO and the Howk/Hawk line near Ottumwa, IA. Henry in the 1850

census of Indiana goes by Howk, in MO by Houk. This may be true or it may be just the way

the name was spelled, when they moved to a new area. Names did change, often due

to the poor reading and spelling skills of the people.




2 i. John (ca1765-ca1825)

3 ii. Michael (1744-1821)

4 iii. George

5 iv. Joseph

6 v. Jacob (-1815)


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Second Generation


Family of John Jacob ? HOUCK (1)


2. John HAWK Sr. Born ca 1765. John died ca 1825.


1790 Census N. C.

John Houk

showed three males and five females.


land record 22 March 1786 lists his wife as Catherine.


In February 1802 John purchased land in Lee County, VA.


The tax lists of 1800 lists John Howk with 1 tyther. In 1806 John HOWK Sr., John HOWK, Jr. and

Adam HOWK were listed. Same for the years of 1807-8-9 and by 1810 they were in KY.


1810 Clay County, Ky

John Hauck 0-45

one male 16-26

two male u-10

one female 0-45



Estill County KY

John Howk Sr. 0-45

2 male 16-18

one male 10-16


John married ??.


They had the following children:

7 i. John (ca1785-1858)

8 ii. Adam (ca1786-1851)

9 iii. Daniel (ca1790-1858)

10 iv. George (ca1790-1829)

11 v. William, (Twin?) (1792-1886)

12 vi. Michael (Twin?) (1792-1893)


3. Michael HOUCK. Born in 1744. Michael died in 1821.


4. George HOUCK.


5. Joseph HOUCK.


6. Jacob HOUCK. Jacob died in 1815 in VA. Occupation: Westmoreland County, Pa 1790 census.


Took patriots oath 7 Mar 1778 in Washington County, MD.


Jacob married Margaret.



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Third Generation


Family of John HAWK Sr. (2) & ??


7. John HAUKE/HAWK Jr. Born ca 1785 in N. C. John died on 27 May 1858 in IN.


1820 Clark County, KY

John Hawk Jr. u-45

one male u-10

one female u-45

two female u-10


1830 census Jennings County

John 50-60

female 50-60

one male 15-20

one female 10-16

3 female 5-10

one female u-5


1840 Owen County, IN census

John 50-60

one female 40-50

one female 10-15

one male 5-10

one female 5-10

1 male u-5

2 female u-5


Sullivan County, IN census 1850 p 247 ( have copy)

John Hauke, 65, NC (They did not mark whether married)

Catherine, 45, KY (They did not mark whether married)

Phillip, 18, IN

Charity, 16, IN

Nancy,14, IN

Ann (Annis), 12, IN

John, 10, IN

Joseph, 6, IN

Mary, 4, IN

Benjamin 2 IN


Sold interest in E1/2 SW 3/4 Sec 29 range 8 twp. 8 (29-8-8) Sullivan County, IN

Annis Bedwell, John Houck g/son, Phillip Houck, Charity Dennon, Nancy J. Scott, Frances Snow,

Dorcas Toler, Elizabeth Kelly, Joseph Houck, Benjamin F. Houck, Mary Wright, Sabrina McClercy,

Clarinda Hoffman and Martha Shepherd.


On 10 Sep 1810 John first married Dorcus ELKIN, in Lee County, VA.


They had the following children:

13 i. John

14 ii. Edward

15 iii. Elizabeth

16 iv. Katherine

17 v. James

18 vi. Sabina

19 vii. Dorcas A.

20 viii. Martha

21 ix. Clarinda

22 x. Francis

23 xi. Phillip (ca1832-)

24 xii. Charity (ca1834-)

25 xiii. Nancy (ca1836-)

26 xiv. Ann (Annis) (ca1838-)

27 xv. John (ca1840-)

28 xvi. Joseph (ca1844-)

29 xvii. Mary (ca1846-)

30 xviii. Benjamin (ca1848-)


ca 1830 John second married Catherine.


I would say his children on from Frances or Philip are hers.


8. Adam H0WK. Born ca 1786 in NC. Adam died in 1851 in IN.


1810 Clark County KY

Adam Houke 16-25

one male 16-25

one female 16-25

one female u-10


George is probably the extra male listed in the family of Adam and Mary Hale HOWK for the 1810

census of CLark County, KY. It seems that George and Adam always lived close to each other. It has

been told to Max E. HOWK, that Adam had a large family of twenty five children but MAx believed

that Adam cared for the family of George, especially after his early death. Max could only account for

14 children for Adam and 11 children for George. By combining the two families you get twenty five.


In 1820 Adam was in Franklin county, IN. In 1830 in Jennings County, IN and in 1840 in Owen

County, IN.

On page 139 of the Owen County, IN 1850 census

Adam Howk 64, m, farmer, NC

Mary A. 53, f, VA

Isaac, 24, m, Laborer, IN

Lucinda, 18, f, IN

Daniel, m, 15, Farmer, IN

Peter, m, 12, IN

Susannah, f, 10, IN


A deed record of Owen County, IN, dated 1 May 1852, is a record headed by Benjamin D. Howk et

als, to Mary Howk, wife of Adam Howk deceased. This lists all the heirs except two, John Howk and

Rebecca Howk Loudenrback, both of Adams County, IL., made a separate transaction on 15 Jul 1852.

Also to their mother. Mary, wife of Adam, then sold the property to Elijah Stevens Nov 5 1952.

Benjamin who was a minister, being the oldest male must have taken his mother with him. Jim Howk

of Ottumwa, Iowa told Max E. Howk, that Benjamin went to Illinois. Adam S. came to Wapello

County, IA.


ca 1806 Adam married Mary (Polly) A HALE, daughter of Benjamin ? HALE. Born ca 1789 in VA.

Mary (Polly) A died in 1868/1872 in ILL.


They had the following children:

31 i. Rebecca (ca1808->1880)

32 ii. Benjamin D (1811-1883)

33 iii. Nancy (1813-)

34 iv. Catherine (ca1814-)

35 v. John (1815-1896)

36 vi. Mary Ann (1817-)

37 vii. Adam S. (1818-1904)

38 viii. George W (1822-1862)

39 ix. Isaac N. (1826-1864)

40 x. Sally Ann (1827-1889)

41 xi. William (1829-1902)

42 xii. Lucinda (1832-)

43 xiii. Daniel (1835-)

44 xiv. Peter (1839-1913)

45 xv. Susannah (ca1840-)


9. Daniel HAWK. Born ca 1790 in VA. Daniel died on 3 Jul 1858 in IN.


Daniel signed the land records in Estill county, KY for William and John, two other brothers. He is

lost after the 1840 census of Sullivan county.


Daniel married Mary (Polly).


10. George HAWK. Born ca 1790 in VA. George died in 1829 in IN.


George and Annis moved to Franklin County, IN by the time the 1820 census was taken. Peter Farrell

died leaving a share of his estate to Annis and on the 13th day of May 1829 George and Annis sold

Annis' share of the estate to her sister and husband Sally and George Williams. For the 1830 census of

Jennings County, IN Annis was listed as a widow.


By 1840 Annis was in Owen County, Indiana and in April 1842 Annis married Christian HAUSER, he

died in 1844. According to the estate record Annis died 11 March 1859 in Owen County but Max found

no grave stone for her or George.


Two know children stayed in Owen County, IN. Peter and Adam K. came with their Uncle William

HOWK in 1851 to Wapello County, IA


On 30 Aug 1810 George married Annis FERRELL, daughter of Peter FERRELL, in Clark County, KY.


They had the following children:

46 i. Adam K. (1822-1913)

47 ii. Peter (1839-1913)

48 iii. Samuel (ca1811-1875)

49 iv. Michael (-ca1849)


11. William HOUK. Born on 22 Mar 1792 in Madison Co., VA. William died in IN on 2 Apr 1886; he

was 94. Buried in Stephen's Cemetery, Owen Co IN.


William and part of his family came to Wapello County, IA from Clay County, IN bringing Adam S.

and George Howk, sons of his brother Adam.


1850 Clay County, IN census p230a

William Howk, 58, M, farmer, 400, VA

Lydia, 54, f, KY

William, 20, m, IN

Mary, 18, f, IN

Elizabeth, 16, f, IN

Samuel, 14, m, IN

Emiline, 12, f, IN


1856 Census for Adams Twp Wapello County, IA

William Houk 65 m VA farmer one year in state

Lydia 60 F KY;

Samuel 19 M In Farmer

and Emaline 17 F IN


1860 Census Adams Twp Amador PO Wapello County, IA

Houk, William Sr. 70 M farmer 1000, VA;

Lydia 65 F IN; Emeline 21 F Weaver IN.

Next door is

Houk Samuel J 24 M Farmer IN; and Alfred's children Elizabeth 17 F IN; William H. 15 M Day labor,

IN; Susan 12 F IN; Isaac N. 10 M IN; and Jasper W. 8 M IN are living with him.


After his wife's death he returned to IN.


On 7 Sep 1816 when William was 24, he married Lydia FISHER, daughter of Henry FISHER & Sarah

(Sally) REYNOLDS, in Estill Co., KY. Born in 1793 in KY. Lydia died on 9 Aug 1872 in IA. Buried

in Jay's Cemetery, Wapello Co., IA.

They had the following children:

50 i. Alfred (ca1818-<1860)

51 ii. Henry (Hawk) (1821-1871)

52 iii. Ansey

53 iv. John (1824-1907)

54 v. Sarah (1826-1915)

55 vi. Lydia (1828-1901)

56 vii. William (1830-1872)

57 viii. Elizabeth (1831-1883)

58 ix. Mary Ann (Polly) (1832-1912)

59 x. Samuel (1836-1879)

60 xi. Emiline (ca1838-?)


12. Michael HO(A)UKE. Born on 14 Mar 1792 in VA. Michael died in Jul 1893 in Sullivan County,

IN. 101.


Sullivan Democrat 5 Jul 1893. Death of a centenarian. Last Sunday night Uncle Michael HOUK died at

his home in Cass twp. at the age of 101 years. He was born in VA, he claimed on the 14 of Mar 1792,

but the burning of his father's house destroyed the record. If not a centenarian he was certainly not far

from it. From Virginia the family moved to IN, in 1836, and he located on the farm on which he died.

He sold out at one time with the view of going to Missouri, but spent one season on Shaker Prairie

where (he) raised an crop when all the family took sick and his wife and one child died he then

returned to the old place, bought it back and lived there the remainder of his days. He retained his

faculties to the end.


1850 census p246a Sullivan County, IN (have copy)


HAUKE/HOUKE, Michael, age 50, m, Sawyer or farmer?, born Tenn

Jackson, 21/24?, m, Laborer born KY

Emeline, 19, f, born KY

Armina, 16, f, born IN

Marion, 12, m, born in ?


On 25 Dec 1823 when Michael was 31, he married Elizabeth ALMBAUGH, in Estill County, KY.

Elizabeth died on 1 Apr 1841 in Shaker Prairie, Knox County, IN.


They had the following children:

61 i. Jackson (ca1829-)

62 ii. Emoline (ca1831-)

63 iii. Armina (ca1834-)

64 iv. Francis Marion (ca1838-)

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Fourth Generation


Family of John HAUKE/HAWK Jr. (7) & Dorcus ELKIN



13. John HOUCK.


On 3 Jun 1852 John married Prudence STANLEY, in Sullivan County, IN.


14. Edward HAWK.


15. Elizabeth HAWK.


Elizabeth married KELLY.


16. Katherine HOUK.


On 15 Mar 1835 Katherine married Michael HAWK (49) , son of George HAWK (10) (ca 1790-1829)

& Annis FERRELL, in Jennings County, IN. Michael died ca 1849 in Owens County, IN.


They had one child:

65 i. John (ca1837-)


17. James HAWK.


18. Sabina HAWK.


Sabina married McCLERCY.


19. Dorcas A. HAWK.


Dorcas A. married TOLER.


20. Martha HAWK.


Martha married SHEPHERD.


21. Clarinda HAWK.


Clarinda married HUFFMAN.


22. Francis HAWK.


Francis married SNOW.


23. Phillip HOUCK. Born ca 1832 in IN.


On 14 Feb 1860 Phillip married Eliza SIMMS, in Sullivan County, IN.


24. Charity HOUKE. Born ca 1834 in In.


On 22 Nov 1853 Charity married John DENNON, in Sullivan County, IN.


25. Nancy HOUCK. Born ca 1836 in IN.


On 13 Nov 1853 Nancy married Charles SCOTT, in Sullivan County, IN.


26. Ann (Annis) HOUKE. Born ca 1838 in IN.


On 20 Jun 1852 Ann (Annis) married James BEDWELL, in Sullivan County, IN.


27. John HAUKE/HAWK. Born ca 1840 in IN.


28. Joseph HAWK. Born ca 1844 in IN.


29. Mary HAWK. Born ca 1846 in IN.


On 22 Mar 1868 Mary married Enoch WRIGHT, in Sullivan County, IN.


30. Benjamin HAWK. Born ca 1848 in IN.


On 18 Sep 1860 Benjamin married Lydia DEHART, in Sullivan County, IN.



Family of Adam H0WK (8) & Mary (Polly) A HALE



31. Rebecca HOWK. Born ca 1808 in VA. Rebecca died aft 1880 in ILL.


On 12 May 1825 Rebecca married Richard LOUNDERBACK, in Franklin Co IN. Born ca 1806.


1860 Schuyler County, IL census

Richard 54, VA; Rebecca 52, VA; Richard 25, IL; Louisa 19, IL; Minerva 15, IL; George W. 12, IL;

and Benjamin 7, IL.

Max Howk said he had more information on the Richard Louderback family.


They had the following children:

66 i. Richard (ca1835-)

67 ii. Louisa (ca1841-)

68 iii. Minerva (ca1845-)

69 iv. George W. (ca1848-)

70 v. Benjamin (ca1853-)


32. Benjamin D H0WK. Born on 22 Jul 1811 in KY. Benjamin D died in ILL on 19 Mar 1883; he was



1950 census Owen county, IN p 138

Benjamin Howk, 39, M, Farmer, 600, KY

Mary, 39, f, KY

Susannah E., 16, f, IN

Rebecca, 14, f, IN

Thomas M., 11, m, IN

David W., 9, m, IN

Levi C., 7, m, IN

Rachel, 6, F, IN

Louisa F., 5, f, IN


ca 1833 Benjamin D married Mary. Born ca 1811 in KY.


They had the following children:

71 i. Susannah E. (ca1834-)

72 ii. Rebecca (ca1836-)

73 iii. Thomas M (ca1839-)

74 iv. David W. (ca1841-)

75 v. Levi C. (ca1843-)

76 vi. Rachel (ca1844-)

77 vii. Louisa F. (ca1845-)


33. Nancy H0WK. Born in 1813. Buried in Knight Cemetery.


34. Catherine HOWK. Born ca 1814 in IN.


Catherine Howk and David Ferrell purchased land in Wapello County, IA 4 Mar 1854. They moved

back to Brown County, IL and on 15 Mar 1855, they sold this same land to Isaac, who was living in

Adams County, IL at that time.

Their family 1860 Brown County, IL census:

David 46 KY; Catherine 46, IN; William 14, IN; Isaac 12, IN; Lucinda 9, IN; and Marian(?) 6 IL.


On 31 Mar 1833 Catherine married David FERRELL, in Jennings Co IN. Born ca 1814.


They had the following children:

78 i. William (ca1846-)

79 ii. Isaac (ca1848-)

80 iii. Marian (ca1854-)

81 iv.


35. John HOWK. Born on 6 Apr 1815 in IN. John died in IA on 19 Mar 1896; he was 80.


1850 census for Owen County, IN p139

John Howk, 34, , farmer, IN

Elizabeth, 30, f, IN

Margaret, 9, f, IN

Jepthah, 7, m, IN

Minerva, 6, f, IN

Sarah, 2, f, IN


John married Elizabeth. Born ca 1820 in IN.


They had the following children:

82 i. Margaret (1841-)

83 ii. Jeptheh (ca1843-)

84 iii. Minerva (ca1844-)

85 iv. Sarah (ca1848-)


36. Mary Ann HOWK. Born on 16 Feb 1817 in IN.


Mary Ann married GUNNING.


37. Adam S. HOWK. Born on 23 Sep 1818 in Franklin Co IN. Adam S. died in Ormanville IA on 7

Apr 1904; he was 85. Buried in Ormanville Cemetery.


1850 Clay County, IN census p 231a

Adam Howk, 33, m, farmer, 400, IN

Mary, 32, f, N.C.

George, 10, m, IN

Elisha, 8, m, IN

Sarah, 6, f, IN


Iowa 1856 Special Census Wapello County, IA

Adam S., 37, 4 years in Iowa, IN

Mary, 37, IN

George W., 17, IN

Elisha 13/15, IN

Sarah A. , 11, IN

Mary E., 5. IN

Harrison, O, IA



Adam S. came to Wapello County, IA with several other Howk's in 1851. They settled near

Ormanville, Iowa named after David Orman. Mary Kendall, earlier spelled Kindle was a sister to Sarah

Kendall Howk, wife of Adam K. Howk, Max Howk's great grandfather. The two Howk's were

cousins and the two wives were sisters, daughters of John and Elizabeth Kindle b. ca 1788 NC.


Adam S. married Mary (Polly) KENDALL, daughter of John KENDALL (KINDLE) (1788-) &

Elizabeth. Born on 3 Feb 1819 in NC. Mary (Polly) died in IA on 9 Sep 1899; she was 80. Buried in

Ormanville Cemetery.


They had the following children:

86 i. George W. (1840-1926)

87 ii. Elisha (1842-1928)

88 iii. Sarah A. (1845-1918)

89 iv. Mary E. (1850-1898)

90 v. Harrison (1853-1956)

91 vi. Adam L. (1859-1861)

92 vii. John H. (1861-1863)


38. George W HOWK. Born on 11 Mar 1822 in IN. George W died in IA on 6 Feb 1862; he was 39.


A George W. Hawk b. 8 Jun 1836 and died 19 Dec 1883. He was in C. W. Army Pvt Co. C 1st Reg

OVHA in 1862-65


39. Issac N. HOWK. Born on 23 Oct 1826 in IN. Issac N. died in ILL on 21 Jul 1864; he was 37.


40. Sally Ann HOWK. Born in 1827 in IN. Sally Ann died on 14 Nov 1889 in ILL.


On 31 Mar 1844 Sally Ann married Stephen SHEPHARD, son of ? SHEPHARD, in Owen County, IN.


They came to Iowa with the rest and back to Schuyler County, IL for the 1860 census


They had the following children:

93 i. Adam (1845-)

94 ii. Brice (1847-1917)

95 iii. William H (1849-1914)

96 iv. Stephen (ca1851-)

97 v. Mary (1853-)

98 vi. Jasper (1855-1912)

99 vii. Minerva (1856-)


41. William HOWK. Born on 10 Feb 1829 in IN. William died in IN on 16 Apr 1902; he was 73.


1850 census Clay county, IN p230

William, 23, m, laborer, IN

Elizabeth, 22, f, TN

Nancy, 1, f, IN

Next door to Andrew Orman 48 and family


William married Elizabeth ORMAN, daughter of Andrew ? ORMAN. Born on 7 Aug 1827. Elizabeth

died on 21 Jan 1885; she was 57.


They had the following children:

100 i. Nancy (1848-1860)

101 ii. Mary (ca1850-)

102 iii. Lydia (1852-1856)

103 iv. Henrietta (1853-1881)

104 v. Alice A. (ca1855-1928)

105 vi. William Riley (1857-1926)

106 vii. Andrew S. (1859-1922)

107 viii. Jenetta

108 ix. George (1861-)

109 x. Samantha (1865-1870)

110 xi. Antan M. (1867-)

111 xii. Lucy A. (1870-1950)


42. Lucinda HOWK. Born in 1832 in IN.


On 13 Dec 1855 Lucinda married McLAIN.


43. Daniel HOWK. Born in 1835 in IN.


44. Peter HOWK. Born on 10 Dec 1839 in IN. Peter died in IN on 16 Mar 1913; he was 73.


45. Susannah HOWK. Born ca 1840 in IN.


Susannah married THOMAS.



Family of George HAWK (10) & Annis FERRELL



46. Adam K. HOWK. Born on 28 Dec 1822 in IN. Adam K. died in IA on 6 Oct 1913; he was 90.


The Clay and Owen County histories states that Adam enlisted in the Mexican War Company D 2nd

Regiment, Indiana Volunteers, Col. Jim Lane, 1843. He was at Muster 22 Jun 1846 at New Albany. At

muster 23 Jun 1847 at New Orleans.


The first three children were born in Clay County, Indiana and the rest were born in Wapello County.

all were married in Wapello County.


1850 Clay County, IN census p 230

Adam Howk, 24, m, farmer, 300, IN

Sarah, 26, f, N. C.

Mary, 5, f, IN

Martha, 3, f, IN

Elizabeth, 3/4, f, IN


1856 census for Wapello County, IA

Adam Howk 30, M, In four years in IA; Sarah 32, F, IN; John 20, M, IN; Polly A.,11,F, IN;

Elizabeth 6, F, IN; Jane 4, F, IA; Jenny 2, F, IA; Margaret ?age F, IA.. The John, age 20 is believed

to be his brother Michael's child.


Obituary from the Ottumwa Courier 6 Oct 1913: Adam Howk, resident of Wapello County, for sixty

years died at the home of his son Adam L. Howk, 323 Church Street, at 9 o'clock this morning. Mr

Houk had been a resident of Wapello County for sixty years having settled here in 1851. He was a

veteran of the Mexican War. He is survived by four daughters and two sons. They are Mrs. Polly ann

Boone of Independence, KS, Mrs. Catherine Moss, Ormanville, Mrs. Annise Burdett of Drakesville,

Mrs. Matilda Randall of Ottumwa, G. W. and Adam L. HOWK of Ottumwa. Mrs. Houk preceded her

husband in death in 1908.


On 22 Dec 1843 when Adam K. was 20, he married Sarah KINDALL, daughter of John KENDALL

(KINDLE) (1788-) & Elizabeth, in Clay County, IN. Born on 2 Apr 1822 in NC. Sarah died in IA on 8

Feb 1909; she was 86.


Obituary form the Ottumwa Courier 26 Feb 1909; Mrs. A. E. Howk, an aged and highly respected

woman passed away 8 Feb 1909 at the home of her daughter. Mrs John Albright, with whom she and

her husband were spending the winter months. Mrs. Howk was born april 2, 1822 in NC. When eight

years old she came with her parents to Clay County, IN. On December 22 1843 she was united in

marriage to A. E. Howk. They came to Wapello County in 1851, settling west of Ormanville, their

present home. The deceased was 86 years 10 months and 6 days old. ten children were born to this

union, eight of whom are living.


They had the following children:

112 i. Mary (Polly) (1844-1921)

113 ii. Martha C. (1847-1923)

114 iii. Elizabeth (1850-1923)

115 iv. Matilda Jane (1852-1910)

116 v. Terry (1853-1928)

117 vi. Margaret A. (1855-1944)

118 vii. George Washington (1857-1925)

119 viii. Alice (1861-)

120 ix. Matilda (1864-1943)

121 x. Adam L. (1865-1926)


47. Peter HAWK. Born on 10 Dec 1839/19. Peter died on 16 Mar 1913; he was 73.


1856 census Wapello County, IA (in IA three years)

Peter age 36 born IN; Sarah age 22, born IN; William age 14 born IN; Sally age 12, born IN; Charles

age 4, born IN, Eliza age 2, born IA, George, O, born IA.


Peter first married .


They had the following children:

122 i. William (ca1842-)

123 ii. Sally (ca1844-)


Peter second married Sarah LINHART. Born on 6 Oct 1839. Sarah died on 2 Feb 1913; she was 73.


They had the following children:

124 i. Charles (ca1852-)

125 ii. Eliza (ca1854-)

126 iii. George (ca1856-)

127 iv. Christopher/Christian? (ca1860-)


48. Samuel HOUK. Born ca 1811 in OH. Samuel died in 1875.


will in Bk 33 p 350 March term of 1875


1850 Owen County, In census p22a

Samuel, 39, m, farmer, 700, OH

Zelphy, 38, f, N. C.

Catherine E., 16, f, IN

Matilda, 8, f, IN

Jane, 5, f, IN

Eda, 3, f, IN

Sally A. 1/12, f, IN

John 15, m, IN

Wesley Jones, 45, Farmer, 250, KY


Samuel married Zelphia OLIVER, in Jennings County, IN. Born in 1812 in NC.


They had the following children:

128 i. Female (ca1835-)

129 ii. Catherine E. (ca1839-<1871)

130 iii. Matilda (1842-)

131 iv. Jane (ca1845-)

132 v. Eda (ca1847-)

133 vi. Sally A. (1850-1876)

134 vii. John Peter (ca1852-1900)

135 viii. George Mession (1856-)


49. Michael HAWK. Michael died ca 1849 in Owens County, IN.


On 15 Mar 1835 Michael married Katherine HOUK (16) , daughter of John HAUKE/HAWK Jr. (7) (ca

1785-27 May 1858) & Dorcus ELKIN, in Jennings County, IN.


They had one child:

65 i. John (ca1837-)



Family of William HOUK (11) & Lydia FISHER



50. Alfred HOUK. Born ca 1818 in KY. Alfred died bef 1860.


In Owen County, IN 1850 census. p 40

Alfred Howk, 33, m, Farmer, 300, KY

Malinda, f, 33, N. C.

Lydia E. 9, f, IN

Tempra J., 7, f, IN

William H., 5, m, IN

Susannah, 3, f, IN

Isaac N. 1/12, m, IN


1860 census shows four of Alfred's children with Samuel his brother at Wapello County, IA


Alfred married Malinda BEAMAN, daughter of ? BEAMAN. Born ca 1817 in NC. Malinda died ca

1852 in IN.


Reuben Jordan etal Hugh Reese

Rec'd for record October 6, 1852 Owen County, IN

This indenture witnesseth that we, Reuben Jordan and Nancy Jordan, his wife, Jacob Hicks and Ann

Hicks, his wife, Henry Halton and Mary Halton his wife, John Halton and Elizabeth Halton, his wife,

James Stevens and Welthy Stevens, his wife, Isaac Beaman and Elizabeth Beaman his wife, Laban

Beeman and Mahala Beeman, his wife, Abraham Beeman and Mary Beaman, his wife, Henry Singleton

and Susan his wife, Alfred HOUK and Malinda HOUK, his wife and Ellen Beaman in consideration of

the sum of $300 to us paid by Hugh Reese, of acknowledged, do hereby bargain, sell and convey to

the said Hugh Rease his heirs and assigns, forever the following real estate in Owen County and State

of indiana and described as follows towit: the SW 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Sec 19, in twp 11, North of

Range 4 West in the district of lands subject to sale at Vincenes, IN, containing forty acres more or

less, together with all the privileges and apertures to the same belongings. to have and to hold the

same to the said Hugh Reese, his heirs as assigned forever--etc. etc. etc.


They had the following children:

136 i. Lydia E. (ca1841-)

137 ii. Tempa J (ca1843-)

138 iii. William H. (ca1845-)

139 iv. Susannah (ca1848-)

140 v. Isaac N. (ca1850-)

141 vi. Jasper W. (ca1852-)


51. Henry (Hawk) HOUK. Born on 20 Feb 1821 in KY. Henry (Hawk) died in Mercer Co. MO on 23

Mar 1871; he was 50. Buried in Hutchinson Cemetery, S One Half Mile Pleasanton, IA In MO.


In 1850 census for Owen County, IN p 144

Henry Howk, 27, m, Farmer, 300, KY

Dovy, 31, F, N. C.

Nancy E., 4, f, IN

Lydia, 2, f, IN

William 11/12, m, IN


ca 1855-1856 to MO


Lindley Twp Mercer County MO 9 Jul 1960 PO Saline, MO

Houk Henry 38 M Farmer 600/300 TN;

Dovey 39 F NC;

Nancy E. 15 IN;

Lydia A. 12 IN;

William 10 IN;

James 9 IN;

Rebecca J 6 IN;

S. E. 5 IN;

M. E. 3 MO;

and Samuel 11/12 MO.


Lindley Twp Mercer County MO Aug 23 1870 Princeton PO

Henry Houk 46 M Farmer 1200/940 KY;

Dora 46 F Keeping house NC can't read or write;

Lydia A. 22 F blind IN;

William L. 20 M helping on farm can't write IN;

James M. 19 M Helping farm can read and write attended school;

Rebecca J. 17 F helping at home IN In school can't write;

Sarah 15 F at home IN in school can't write;

Mary . 13 F At home MO attends school can't write;

Samuel 10 M at home MO can't read or write

Willard 7 M at home MO school



On 24 Dec 1844 when Henry (Hawk) was 23, he married Dora (Dovie) REYNOLDS, daughter of

Richard REYNOLDS (-1848) & Rebecca (ca 1790-), in Owen's Co IN. Born on 27 Aug 1820 in N. C.

Dora (Dovie) died in Mercer Co. MO on 12 Aug 1870; she was 49. Buried in Hutchinson Cemetery, S

One Half Mile Pleasanton, IA In MO.


They had the following children:

142 i. Nancy E. (1846-)

143 ii. Lydia (1848-1878)

144 iii. William Loving (1850-1906)

145 iv. James Monroe (1851-1881)

146 v. Rebecca Jane (1853-1881)

147 vi. Sarah L. (1855-1881)

148 vii. Mary C (ca1857-)

149 viii. Samuel J. (1859-1897)

150 ix. Williard (1863-)


52. Ansey HOUK.


53. John HOUK. Born on 25 Jan 1824 in KY. John died in IN on 26 May 1907; he was 83.


1850 census of Clay county, IN p 230a

John, 26, m, Farmer, 300, KY

Eveline, 27, f, N C

Martin, 6, m, IN

Frances, 4, m, IN

Lydia, 23, F, IN

Curty Cromwell, 7, m, IN

Lydia Howk, 20, f, IN listed on top of page 231 (maybe should read 2)


John Houk one of the pioneer farmers of Washington Township, was born in KY, on Jan 25, 1824,

and is the fourth of eleven children of Wm and Lydia (Fisher) Houk, the former a native of Virginia,

the latter of NC and of German and Irish ancestry.

Our subject grew up on a farm, but had no advantage of an education. With his parents he emigrated

from KY to Jennings County, IN when he was but two years old, remaining there about seven years.

He then in 1833, came to CLay County and settled in Washington twp., and her he has since resided.

His present farm consists of 240 acres near Bowling Green. He owns 130 more. On Jan 8, 1849 he

was married to Evaline Crouse, a native of North Carolina, and daughter of Martin and Susanna

(Wagoner) Crouse, natives of NC and of German ancestry. 8 children: Martin, Jane, Lydia (Foreman),

Wm, James, Calvin, Susana (Kiser), and Henry.


On 8 Jan 1844 when John was 19, he married Eveline CROUSE, daughter of Martin CROUSE

(1797-13 Apr 1883) & Susannah WAGONER (-1881), in IN. Born on 28 Sep 1821 in Ashe Co, KY.

26 Sep 1822 second date found. Eveline died in IN on 25 Jan 1915; she was 93. Buried in Six Mile

Cemetery, Washington Twp. Clay County, IN.


Evyline Houk was born in North Carolina on the 26th of Sept. 1822, and came to Indiana with her

family in 1834.On January 8, 1844, she was married to John Houk and is now living with her husband

at the old Houk homestead five miles north west of Lancastor. To this union was born 13 children and

from these are 35 grand children. The Democrat, Spencer, Owen County, IN Sept 17, 1896.


They had the following children:

151 i. Martin (ca1844-)

152 ii. Francis Jane (1846-1932)

153 iii. Lydia (ca1848-)

154 iv. William (1850-)

155 v. James (ca1852-)

156 vi. Calvin (ca1854-1934)

157 vii. Susannah (1857-1952)

158 viii. Henry (1857-1948)


54. Sarah HOUK. Born on 23 Mar 1826. Sarah died on 12 Apr 1915; she was 89.


Sarah married Archie KINCAID.


55. Lydia HOUK. Born on 13 Dec 1828 in IN. Lydia died in IN on 20 Nov 1901; she was 72.


Lydia married ORMAN, son of ? ORMAN.


56. William HOUK. Born on 4 Jan 1830 in IN. William died in IA on 4 Sep 1872; he was 42.


1856 census of Adams Twp. Wapello County, IA

p55 William Houk either 26 or 20 three years in Iowa

Catherine age 21; Mary E. 4 born IN ; Lydia 3, born IA; Marion 1, born IA


1860 Census Wapello County, IA p 708 Adams Twp Amador PO

Houk, William Jr 28 m Farmer 100 IN

Catherine 28 F IN; Mary E. 8 F IN; Marion 5 M IA; Nancy E. 3 F IA; Sarah A. 1 F IA.


William married Catherine. Born ca 1829 in VA.


57. Elizabeth HOUK. Born on 28 Mar 1831 in IN. Elizabeth died in IN on 24 Jan 1883; she was 51.

Buried in Stephens Cemetery, Owen County, IN.


Elizabeth married Laborn STEPHENS, son of James STEPHENS & Welthy BEAMAN. Born on 12 Oct

1831 in IN. Laborn died in IN on 6 Nov 1891; he was 60. Buried in Stephens Cemetery, Owen

County, IN.


They had the following children:

159 i. James B (1845-)

160 ii. William (1847-)

161 iii. Emma (1849-)

162 iv. Mary (1852-)

163 v. Sarah (1854-)

164 vi. Theodore (1856-)

165 vii. Lida (1858-)


58. Mary Ann (Polly) HOUK. Born on 7 Feb 1832 in IN. Mary Ann (Polly) died on 23 Feb 1912; she

was 80.


ca 1855 Mary Ann (Polly) married Nelson Henry BRADSHAW, in IN. Born on 18 Apr 1828 in IN.

Nelson Henry died in IA on 22 Mar 1907; he was 78.


They had the following children:

166 i. William H. (-1896)

167 ii. Lydia (1857-)

168 iii. Robert Nelson (1860-1902)

169 iv. Lucy Jane (1863-1951)

170 v. Mary Ellen (1867-1902)

171 vi. Emma (1871-1938)


59. Samuel HOUK. Born on 17 Dec 1836 in IN. Samuel died in IN on 25 Dec 1879; he was 43.


1860 Census Adams twp. Amador PO Wapello County, IA


Houk Samuel J 24 M Farmer IN; Elizabeth 17 F IN; William H. 15 M Day labor, IN; Susan 12 F IN;

Isaac N. 10 M IN; and Jasper W. 8 M IN.



60. Emiline HOUK. Born ca 1838 in IN. Emiline died ? .


On 9 Feb 1862 Emiline married John ELY.



Family of Michael HO(A)UKE (12) & Elizabeth ALMBAUGH



61. Jackson HOUKE. Born ca 1829 in KY.


62. Emoline HOUCK. Born ca 1831.


On 19 Apr 1853 Emoline married Elisha ASHCRAFT, son of Elisha ASHCRAFT & Rebecca

BOWMAN, in Sullivan County, IN.


63. Armina HAWK. Born ca 1834 in IN.


On 4 Aug 1857 Armina married Allen DECKARD, in Sullivan County, IN.


64. Francis Marion HOUCK. Born ca 1838 in Place ? Not Listed In 1850 Census.


In Jul 1860 Francis Marion married Sarah WALL, in Sullivan County, IN.


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Fifth Generation


Family of Katherine HOUK (16) & Michael HAWK (49)



65. John HAWK. Born ca 1837.


Stories say he was married several times and that he was a rough or even mean. Max had heard that

Elizabeth wore high collar dresses to hide the scar where John had cut her throat.


On 10 Mar 1859 John married Elizabeth KENDALL, in Wapello County, IA. They were divorced on 10

May 1866 in Adams County, IL.



Family of Rebecca HOWK (31) & Richard LOUNDERBACK



66. Richard LOUNDERBACK. Born ca 1835.


On 21 Jul 1866 Richard married Elizabeth KENDALL, in Rushville, IL.


67. Louisa LOUNDERBACK. Born ca 1841.


68. Minerva LOUNDERBACK. Born ca 1845.


69. George W. LOUNDERBACK. Born ca 1848.


70. Benjamin LOUNDERBACK. Born ca 1853.



Family of Benjamin D H0WK (32) & Mary



71. Susannah E. H0WK. Born ca 1834 in IN.


72. Rebecca H0WK. Born ca 1836 in IN.


73. Thomas M H0WK. Born ca 1839 in IN.


74. David W. H0WK. Born ca 1841 in IN.


75. Levi C. H0WK. Born ca 1843 in IN.


76. Rachel H0WK. Born ca 1844 in IN.


77. Louisa F. H0WK. Born ca 1845 in IN.



Family of Catherine HOWK (34) & David FERRELL



78. William FERRELL. Born ca 1846.


79. Isaac FERRELL. Born ca 1848 in IN.


80. Marian FERRELL. Born ca 1854 in Il.


81. .


Family of John HOWK (35) & Elizabeth



82. Margaret HOWK. Born in 1841.


83. Jeptheh HOWK. Born ca 1843 in IN.


84. Minerva HOWK. Born ca 1844 in IN.


85. Sarah HOWK. Born ca 1848 in IN.



Family of Adam S. HOWK (37) & Mary (Polly) KENDALL



86. George W. HOWK. Born on 12 Dec 1840 in IN. George W. died in IA on 28 Nov 1926; he was



A George W. Hawk b. 8 Jun 1836 and died 19 Dec 1883. He was in C. W. Army Pvt Co. C 1st Reg

OVHA in 1862-65.


87. Elisha H0UK. Born on 19 Dec 1842 in Frnaklin Co. IN. Elisha died in Ormanville, IA on 9 Oct

1928; he was 85. Buried in Ormanville Cemetery.


On 5 Feb 1865 when Elisha was 22, he married Nancy ELKINS, daughter of William B. ELKINS &

Mary REDMAN, in Wapello Co, IA. Born on 9 Nov 1947 in KY. Nancy died on 10 Dec 1910 in

Ormanville, IA. Buried in Ormanville Cemetery.


They had the following children:

172 i. Mary Louisa (1865-1900)

173 ii. John Henry (1867-1953)

174 iii. George Calvin (1869-1946)

175 iv. Clara Alice (1871-1953)

176 v. Rebecca (1873-1875)

177 vi. Adam S. (1876-1958)

178 vii. Martha Bell (1879-1952)

179 viii. Albert (1882-1948)

180 ix. Elmyra (1886-1960)

181 x. Benjamin F (1891-1961)


88. Sarah A. HOWK. Born on 1 Feb 1845 in IN. Sarah A. died in IA on 6 Aug 1918; she was 73.


On 18 Jan 1866 when Sarah A. was 20, she married OWEN.


89. Mary E. HOWK. Born on 10 Apr 1850 in IN. Mary E. died in IA on 5 Dec 1898; she was 48.


On 3 Mar 1867 when Mary E. was 16, she married ORMAN.


90. Harrison HOWK. Born in 1853 in IA. Harrison died on 23 Sep 1956 in IA.


91. Adam L. HOWK. Born in 1859 in IA. Adam L. died on 1 Mar 1861 in IA.


92. John H. HOWK. Born in 1861 in IA. John H. died on 20 Sep 1863.



Family of Sally Ann HOWK (40) & Stephen SHEPHARD



93. Adam. Born in 1845 in IN.


94. Brice SHEPHARD. Born in 1847 in IN. Brice died in 1917.


95. William H SHEPHARD. Born in 1849 in IN. William H died in 1914.


96. Stephen SHEPHARD. Born ca 1851.


97. Mary SHEPHARD. Born in 1853.


98. Jasper SHEPHARD. Born on 25 Jan 1855 in IA. Jasper died on 17 Jul 1912; he was 57.


99. Minerva SHEPHARD. Born in 1856 in IA.



Family of William HOWK (41) & Elizabeth ORMAN



100. Nancy HOWK. Born on 12 Jan 1848 in IN. Nancy died in IN on 14 Mar 1860; she was 12.


101. Mary HOWK. Born ca 1850 in IN.


On 15 Jun 1870 Mary married BROWN.


102. Lydia HOWK. Born in 1852 in IN. Lydia died on 12 Aug 1856 in IN.


103. Henrietta HOWK. Born on 11 Oct 1853 in IN. Henrietta died on 15 Sep 1881; she was 27.


On 8 Jan 1874 when Henrietta was 20, she married SUFFAL.


104. Alice A. HOWK. Born ca 1855 in IN. Alice A. died in 1928.


On 22 Aug 1878 Alice A. first married FRUMP.


Alice A. second married ELLIS.


105. William Riley HOWK. Born in 1857 in IN. William Riley died in 1926.


106. Andrew S. HOWK. Born in 1859 in IN. Andrew S. died in 1922.


107. Jenetta HOWK.


Jenetta married WOODS.


108. George HOWK. Born in 1861 in IN.


109. Samantha HOWK. Born in 1865 in IN. Samantha died on 15 Sep 1870 in IN.


110. Antan M. HOWK. Born in 1867 in IN.


Antan M. first married Sheese.


Antan M. second married Kay.


111. Lucy A. HOWK. Born on 5 Sep 1870 in IN. Lucy A. died on 11 Apr 1950; she was 79.



Family of Adam K. HOWK (46) & Sarah KINDALL



112. Mary (Polly) HOWK. Born on 30 Nov 1844 in IN. Mary (Polly) died in KS on 23 Jun 1921; she

was 76.


Mary (Polly) married BOONE.


113. Martha C. HOWK. Born on 4 Apr 1847 in IN. Martha C. died in IA on 24 Mar 1923; she was 75.


Martha C. married MOSS.


114. Elizabeth HOWK. Born on 11 Feb 1850 in IN. Elizabeth died in IA on 24 Mar 1923; she was 73.


115. Matilda Jane HOWK. Born on 11 Feb 1852 in IA. Matilda Jane died in IA on 2 Apr 1910; she

was 58.


Matilda Jane married ALBRIGHT.


116. Terry HOWK. Born on 18 Nov 1853 in IA. Terry died in IA on 28 Dec 1928; she was 75.


Terry married VAUGHN.


117. Margaret A. HOWK. Born on 18 Oct 1855 in IA. Margaret A. died in IA on 11 Jul 1944; she was



Margaret A. married BURDETT.


118. George Washington HOWK. Born on 6 Oct 1857 in IA. George Washington died in IA on 1 Nov

1925; he was 68.


On 19 Dec 1889 when George Washington was 32, he married Emma Etta EAKINS, in Wapello

County, IA. Born on 16 Dec 1873 in IA. Emma Etta died in WA on 25 Jun 1948; she was 74. Buried

in Near Seattle, WA.


They had the following children:

182 i. Nellie Blye (1891-1989)

183 ii. Samuel Lawrence (1894-1924)

184 iii. Edgar Adam (1898-1971)

185 iv. Jennie Mae (1901-1970)


119. Alice HOWK. Born on 24 Jun 1861 in IA.


120. Matilda HOWK. Born on 12 Nov 1864 in IA. Matilda died in IA on 2 Dec 1943; she was 79.


Matilda married RANDALL.


121. Adam L. HOWK. Born on 1 Oct 1865 in IA. Adam L. died in IA on 8 Oct 1926; he was 61.



Family of Peter HAWK (47) & UNNAMED



122. William HAWK. Born ca 1842 in IN.


123. Sally HAWK. Born ca 1844 in IN.



Family of Peter HAWK (47) & Sarah LINHART



124. Charles HAWK. Born ca 1852 in IN.


125. Eliza HAWK. Born ca 1854 in IA.


126. George HAWK. Born ca 1856 in IA.


127. Christopher/Christian? HAWK. Born ca 1860 in IA.


Not sure if correct.



Family of Samuel HOUK (48) & Zelphia OLIVER



128. Female HOUK. Born ca 1835 in IN.


129. Catherine E. HOUK. Born ca 1839 in Jennings County, IN. Catherine E. died bef 1871 in IN.


On 18 Jun 1854 Catherine E. married George B. SHEPHERD, in Owen County, IN. Born in Floyd

County, KY.


George enlisted in 1861 in 43rd INd Vol Inf. Co A He went to Stone County, MO in 1871


They had the following children:

186 i. Zilpha A. (1855-)

187 ii. George Marion (1858-)


130. Matilda HOUK. Born in 1842 in IN.


Matilda married FRANCE.


131. Jane HOUK. Born ca 1845 in IN.


Jane married JOHNSON.


132. Eda HOUK. Born ca 1847 in IN.


Eda married BURGESS.


133. Sally A. HOUK. Born on 4 Oct 1850 in IN. Sally A. died on 2 Jan 1876; she was 25.


Sally A. married C. C. CROMWELL.


134. John Peter HOUK. Born ca 1852 in IN. John Peter died in 1900.


135. George Mession HOUK. Born in 1856 in IN.



Family of Alfred HOUK (50) & Malinda BEAMAN



136. Lydia E. HOUK. Born ca 1841 in IN.


137. Tempa J HOUK. Born ca 1843 in IN.


138. William H. HOUK. Born ca 1845 in IN.


139. Susannah HOUK. Born ca 1848 in IN.


140. Isaac N. HOUK. Born ca 1850 in IN.


141. Jasper W. HOUK. Born ca 1852 in IN.



Family of Henry (Hawk) HOUK (51) & Dora (Dovie) REYNOLDS



142. Nancy E. HOUK. Born in 1846 in Indiana.




143. Lydia HOUK. Born on 29 Mar 1848 in Indiana. Lydia died on 29 Dec 1878; she was 30.


Lydia married Tom CUMMINGS.


They had the following children:

188 i. Eva

189 ii. Iva


144. William Loving HOUK. Born on 27 Apr 1850 in Indiana. William Loving died on 5 Jul 1906; he

was 56.


William Loving married Mary J. FRAZIER.


They had the following children:

190 i. Emily (1877-1962)

191 ii. Mable (1886-1952)

192 iii. Harlan (1890-1956)


145. James Monroe HOUK. Born on 8 Jun 1851 in Indiana. James Monroe died in Mercer Co. MO on

26 Dec 1881; he was 30. Buried in Hutchinson Cemetery, 1/2 m S Of Pleasanton, Iowa, In MO.

Education: Could Read And Write.


On 4 May 1872 when James Monroe was 20, he married Sinia Margaret MARK, F,

daughter of Abner MARK, M & Catherine BURNETT, F, in Benjamin Mark's Home

Mercer Co., MO. Born on 12 Feb 1847 in Fayette Co., Ohio. Sinia Margaret

died in Mercer County Mo. on 10 Nov 1924; she was 77. Buried in Hutchinson

Cemetery, 1/2 m S Of Pleasanton, Iowa In MO. Occupation: Raised Children

Taking In Wash And Braiding Rugs..

James and Sinia Mark HOUK 1872 with Elma

They were married on Sunday May 4 1872. Sinia and James lived in a little house east of her father.

After James died Sinia cared for her children by weaving rugs and doing washing for others.


They had the following children:

193 i. Theora Elma (1867-1950)

194 ii. Ethel L. (1873-1960)

195 iii. Henry Etna (1874-1968)

196 iv. Emery (1876-1917)

197 v. Sibbie (Sybbie) Ann (1879-1989)

198 vi. Libbie Jane (1879-1970)


146. Rebecca Jane HOUK. Born in 1853 in Indiana. Rebecca Jane died in 1881.


On 16 Mar 1874 Rebecca Jane married Thomas T. CUMMINGS, son of John R. CUMMINGS & Heslin

BRILLINGHAM, in Nemaha County, NE.


147. Sarah L. HOUK. Born in 1855 in Indiana. Sarah L. died in 1881.


Died young Of TB


148. Mary C HOUK. Born ca 1857 in MO.


149. Samuel J. HOUK. Born on 19 Jul 1859 in MO. Samuel J. died in St. Deroin Drowned In MO.

River on 13 May 1897; he was 37. Buried in Hillsdale cemetery NE1/4 NE1/4Sec 27-4-16.


Ran cable ferry. He was in the small boat connected with the ferry and was holding to a rope attached

to the cable while Henry Lemon towed the boat. The wind and the pulling of the rope capsized the

boat. Lemon managed to get hold of the boat and clung to it until he was rescued by Bob Ross. Houk

who could not swim sank at once. the body was found near Corning Mo Tuesday evening May 25


On 4 Mar 1892 when Samuel J. was 32, he married Emma Artie KERLEY, daughter of Thomas Jeff

KERLEY (-12 Dec 1880) & Mary A (5 Dec 1845-1 Jan 1900), in Auburn, Nemaha County, NE. Born

in Nov 1876 in Nemaha County, NE. Emma Artie died in Jun 1900.


They had the following children:

199 i. James T. (Tommy) (1894-1953)

200 ii. Viannah (1896-1993)


150. Williard HOUK. Born in 1863 in MO. Occupation: L. In St. Joe MO.



201 i. Nora

202 ii. Dewey



Family of John HOUK (53) & Eveline CROUSE



151. Martin HOUK. Born ca 1844 in IN.


Martin married Mary.


152. Francis Jane HOUK. Born on 20 Oct 1846 in IN. Francis Jane died on 31 Dec 1932; she was 86.

Buried in Six Mile Cemetery, Washington Twp. Clay County, IN.


153. Lydia HOUK. Born ca 1848 in IN.


In 1868 Lydia married John H. FOREMAN.


They had the following children:

203 i. Samuel C (1869-)

204 ii. William A (1871-)

205 iii. James L (1884-)

206 iv. Nora A. (1884-)

207 v. Zora E. (1886-)

208 vi. John E. (1889-?)


154. William HOUK. Born in 1850 in IN.


William married Katherine (Kate).


155. James HOUK. Born ca 1852 in IN.


156. Calvin HOUK. Born ca 1854 in IN. Calvin died in 1934. Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery., near

Riley, Vigo Co., IN.


Calvin married Louvine (Vine) BOLMAN.


157. Susannah HOUK. Born on 7 Jan 1857 in Clay County, IN. Susannah died in Bowling Green,

Clay County, IN on 25 May 1952; she was 95. Buried in Lutheran Cemetery., Patricksburg, Owen Co.



On 11 Nov 1877 when Susannah was 20, she married Martin KEISER, in Clay County, IN. Born in

Jul 1852. Martin died on 14 Oct 1931 in Bowling Green IN. Buried in Lutheran Cemetery.,

Patricksburg, Owen Co. IN.


They had the following children:

209 i. Nora (1878-1878)

210 ii. Ellen Eda (1881-1960)

211 iii. Zuelina (Lena) (1883-1966)

212 iv. Noah A. (1886-1911)

213 v. Lola Jane (1890-1975)


158. Henry HOUK. Born on 2 Nov 1857/1858 in IN. Henry died on 7 Feb 1948; he was 90. Buried in

Fairview Cemetery, Washington Twp, Clay County, IN.


On 16 Sep 1883 when Henry was 25, he married Sarah Matilda (Tillie) OBERHOLTZER. Born on 25

Mar 1863 in IN. Sarah Matilda (Tillie) died on 29 Oct 1934; she was 71. Buried in Fairview Cemetery,

Bowling Green, IN.


They had the following children:

214 i. Reanice (Renos) (1884-1933)

215 ii. Elnora (1885- ?)

216 iii. Tina B. (1887-1976)

217 iv. Elda R. (1889-1978)

218 v. Benjamin H. (1891-1979)

219 vi. Harry (1893-1979)

220 vii. Jesse (1895-1961)

221 viii. Farrel (1902-1975)

222 ix. Laura (1904- ?)



Family of Elizabeth HOUK (57) & Laborn STEPHENS



159. James B HOUK. Born in 1845.


160. William HOUK. Born in 1847.


161. Emma HOUK. Born in 1849.


162. Mary HOUK. Born in 1852.


163. Sarah HOUK. Born in 1854.


164. Theodore HOUK. Born in 1856.


165. Lida HOUK. Born in 1858.



Family of Mary Ann (Polly) HOUK (58) & Nelson Henry BRADSHAW



166. William H. BRADSHAW. Born in IN. William H. died on 16 May 1896 in IA 40y 8m 19d.


167. Lydia BRADSHAW. Born on 12 Aug 1857 in IA. Buried in Jay's Cemetery.


Lydia married William LEFFLER. Born on 19 Jan 1851. William died in IA on 9 Jan 1918; he was 66.

Buried in Jay's Cemetery.


They had the following children:

223 i. Lula (1889-1909)

224 ii. Fred

225 iii. William (1891-1970)


168. Robert Nelson BRADSHAW. Born on 26 Nov 1860 in IA. Robert Nelson died in IA on 21 Jun

1902; he was 41. Buried in Jay's Cemetery.


Robert Nelson married Della SIMMONS, daughter of Joseph H SIMMONS & Laura Ellen. Born on 4

Nov 1871 in IA. Della died in IA on 21 May 1935; she was 63. Buried in Shaul.


They had the following children:

226 i. Robert Lester (1891-1971)

227 ii. Elmer (1893-1972)

228 iii. Oscar Ray (1894-1918)

229 iv. Zatha Ellen (1897-1949)

230 v. Artie Ivan ( 1900/2-1979)


169. Lucy Jane BRADSHAW. Born in 1863 in IA. Lucy Jane died in 1951 in IA.


170. Mary Ellen BRADSHAW. Born on 11 May 1867 in IA. Mary Ellen died in IA on 29 Sep 1902;

she was 35.


Mary Ellen married GLOSSER.


171. Emma BRADSHAW. Born on 6 Jul 1871 in IA. Emma died in IA on 3 Aug 1938; she was 67.


Emma married CONN.


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Sixth Generation


Family of Elisha H0UK (87) & Nancy ELKINS


172. Mary Louisa H0UK. Born on 15 Nov 1865. Mary Louisa died on 23 May 1900; she was 34.


On 4 Mar 1888 when Mary Louisa was 22, she married OVERTURF.


173. John Henry H0UK. Born on 19 May 1867 in IA. John Henry died in IA on 15 Mar 1953; he was



174. George Calvin H0UK. Born on 27 Jul 1869 in IA. George Calvin died in IA on 19 Nov 1946; he

was 77.


175. Clara Alice H0UK. Born on 23 Sep 1871. Clara Alice died in IA on 6 Jul 1953; she was 81.


On 15 Feb 1893 when Clara Alice was 21, she first married DAVIS.


Clara Alice second married STOKER.


176. Rebecca H0UK. Born on 21 Jan 1873. Rebecca died in IA on 15 Aug 1875; she was 2.


177. Adam S. HOUK. Born on 7 Mar 1876 in IA. Adam S. died in IA on 21 Oct 1958; he was 82.

Buried in Ormanville Cemetery, Ormanville IA.


Adam S. married Stella Melinda HAWKINS, daughter of Thomas Jefferson HAWKINS & Amanda

Ellen, in Wapello Co., IA. Born on 6 Feb 1880 in IA. Stella Melinda died in IA on 9 Jan 1950; she

was 69. Buried in Ormanville Cemetery, Ormanville IA.


They had the following children:

231 i. Bernie (1904-1975)

232 ii. Mildred (1910-1963)

233 iii. Blanche (1908-1978)

234 iv.


178. Martha Bell H0UK. Born on 25 Sep 1879. Martha Bell died on 21 May 1952; she was 72.


On 28 Dec 1898 when Martha Bell was 19, she married BENNETT.


179. Albert H0UK. Born on 30 May 1882 in IA. Albert died in IA on 14 Dec 1948; he was 66.


180. Elmyra H0UK. Born on 4 Mar 1886 in IA. Elmyra died in IA on 28 Nov 1960; she was 74.


On 10 Oct 1908 when Elmyra was 22, she first married KENDALL.


On 3 Dec 1912 when Elmyra was 26, she second married COLEMAN. Born in 78 y in IA. died on 2

Jan 1967 in IA.


181. Benjamin F H0UK. Born on 28 Dec 1891 in IA. Benjamin F died in IA on 16 Feb 1961; he was




Family of George Washington HOWK (118) & Emma Etta EAKINS



182. Nellie Blye HOWK. Born on 10 Apr 1891 in Wapello County, IA. Nellie Blye died in Ca on 16

Feb 1989; she was 97.


Nellie Blye first married SLATER.


Nellie Blye second married WINEBERG.


Nellie Blye third married SPEEGLE.


183. Samuel Lawrence HOWK. Born on 14 Oct 1894 in Wapello County, IA. Samuel Lawrence died in

IA on 16 Jul 1924; he was 29.


184. Edgar Adam HOWK. Born on 23 Dec 1898 in Wapello County, IA. Edgar Adam died in IA on 11

May 1971; he was 72. Buried in Shaul Cemetery.


On 2 Nov 1918 when Edgar Adam was 19, he married Neva Blanche CRANE, daughter of Edward

CRANE & Eva Josephine CUDWORTH, in Wapello County, IA. Born on 7 Nov 1898 in IA. Neva

Blanche died in IA on 31 Jul 1992; she was 93.


They had the following children:

235 i. Max Edgar (1919-1994)

236 ii.


185. Jennie Mae HOWK. Born on 10 Oct 1901 in IA. Jennie Mae died in Wa on 5 Jul 1970; she was



Jennie Mae first married ARWIN.


Jennie Mae second married WILSON.



Family of Catherine E. HOUK (129) & George B. SHEPHERD



186. Zilpha A. SHEPHERD. Born in 1855 in IN.


187. George Marion SHEPHERD. Born in 1858 in IN.


to Texas



Family of Lydia HOUK (143) & Tom CUMMINGS



188. Eva CUMMINGS.


189. Iva CUMMINGS.



Family of William Loving HOUK (144) & Mary J. FRAZIER



190. Emily HOUK. Born in 1877. Emily died in 1962. Buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Lamoni, IA.


Emily married ? BRENZIER.


191. Mable HOUK. Born on 26 May 1886. Mable died on 4 Mar 1952; she was 65. Buried in Rose

Hill Cemetery, Lamoni, IA.


192. Harlan HOUK. Born in 1890. Harlan died in 1956. Buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Lamoni, IA.


Rose Hill Cemetery



Family of James Monroe HOUK (145) & Sinia Margaret MARK



193. Theora Elma HOUK. Born on 13 Apr 1867 in Mercer County, MO. Theora Elma died on 9 Sep

1950; she was 83.


She was fiv e years old when James Houk married her mother.


Theora Elma married Joe (Joseph Lawrence) MOORE. Born on 18 Jun 1857 in Vernon, Wis. Joe

(Joseph Lawrence) died on 23 Jul 1945; he was 88.


Jo Moore already had two sons when Theora Elma married him. Harvey and Earl are his two sons and

they are half brother to Ray, Roy and Cleo. Theora was Joe's housekeeper before they married. It is

believed that Joe's first wife died.


They had the following children:

237 i. Harve ( Harvey Ellsworth) (1880-)

238 ii. Earl Allison (1884-1964)

239 iii. Elza (1886-1886)

240 iv. Ray Larry (1887-1969)

241 v. Roy Anthony (1889-1966)

242 vi. Cleo Lawrence (1891-1949)


194. Ethel L. HOUK. Born on 7 Feb 1873. Ethel L. died on 12 Jan 1960; she was 86.


Ethel L. married R. H. WELDON.


They had the following children:

243 i. Elsie

244 ii. Nellie


195. Henry Etna HOUK. Born on 20 Oct 1874. Henry Etna died on 7 Feb 1968; he was 93.


Henry Etna married A. Eleanor (Ella) ROBERTSON. Born in 1880. A. Eleanor (Ella) died in 1924.

Buried in Freedom Cemetery, Mercer County, MO.


married Hamilton and Clate Barth had five children


They had the following children:

245 i.

246 ii.

247 iii. James H. (1909-1929)

248 iv.

249 v. Charles Kenneth (1913-1964)

250 vi. Earl (1916-1916)

251 vii.

252 viii.


196. Emery HOUK. Born on 12 Dec 1876. Emery died on 13 Jan 1917; he was 40.


197. Sibbie (Sybbie) Ann HOUK. Born on 4 Nov 1879 in Mercer County, Mo. Sibbie (Sybbie) Ann

died in Leon, Iowa on 20 Oct 1989; she was 109. Buried in Hamilton Cemetery, Hamilton Twp.,

Decatur County, Iowa. Occupation: Housewife, Raised Huge Gardens. Education: Could Read And

Write. Religion: Nazarene.


Died 20 Oct 1989 (almost 110 Years old)

Burial: Hamilton Cemetery


On 1 Jan 1896 when Sibbie (Sybbie) Ann was 16, she married William Ernest ARGO, son of Alden

Darrow ARGO (2 Sep 1852-26 Jul 1926) & Nancy Elvira MARRS (28 Dec 1856-15 Apr 1914), in Near

Pleasanton, IA. Born on 22 Aug 1875 in Mercer County, MO. William Ernest died in Pleasanton, Iowa

on 26 Aug 1958; he was 83. Buried in Hamilton Cemetery, Hamilton Twp., Decatur Co. Iowa.

Occupation: Woodworker , Mayor Of Pleasanton-26 Yrs. Education: Could Read And Write. Religion:



Living in Grundy County MO in Lincoln twp. in 1910 census which William Ernest was the census

taker for. (Una was 13) In Mercer County MO near Robert Newton Leepers and attended Willis school

(near Pleasanton IA) where Una Argo (age 15) and Bill Leeper met. Lived in Decatur County, Ia near

Pleasanton and in Pleasanton several times too. William Argo was mayor of Pleasanton. Ia. He was a

woodworker and did some of the fine woodwork in a few churches. Made the casket for Robert

Newton Leeper when he died.


Research: Una Argo Leeper Bible, Virginia Peiffer Clio, Iowa records, 1910 Grundy County Census,

Mercer County - Princeton Telegraph Jan 8, 1986


They had the following children:

253 i. Una Vivian (1897-1985)

254 ii. Herbert Miles (1899-1932)

255 iii. Alden Etna (Babe) (1902-1971)

256 iv. Elizabeth Meldora (Lizzie) (1904-1904)

257 v.

258 vi. Melvin Cleo (1908-1985)

259 vii.

260 viii.

261 ix. Angeline "Ruth" (1917-1996)


198. Libbie Jane HOUK. Born on 4 Nov 1879 in Mercer County, MO. Libbie Jane died in Fontane,

Kansas on 18 Jan 1970; she was 90.



262 i. Hershel F. (Hack) (1899-1964)


Libbie Jane second married Clarence FRENCH.


They had the following children:

263 i. Elsie

264 ii. Mona

265 iii. Margaret

266 iv. Robert



Family of Samuel J. HOUK (149) & Emma Artie KERLEY



199. James T. (Tommy) HOUK. Born on 17 Oct 1894 in St. Derion, NE. James T. (Tommy) died in

Scottsbluff, NE on 13 Jan 1953; he was 58. Occupation: contractor.


On 11 Feb 1914 when James T. (Tommy) was 19, he married Estelle (Stella) THIEMANN, in Pawnee

City, NE. Born on 10 Jul 1898 in St. Joseph. MO. Estelle (Stella) died in Scottsbluff, NE.


They had the following children:

267 i. Wayne (1916-1995)

268 ii. Goldie (1917-1995)

269 iii. Opal Faye (1922-1998)


200. Viannah HOUK. Born on 16 Aug 1896 in St. Deroin, NE. Viannah died in Pawnee City, NE on

13 Jun 1993; she was 96.


In 1913 Viannah married Earl Eddy PRICE.


They had the following children:

270 i. Emma

271 ii. David

272 iii. Hazel

273 iv. Thaine

274 v. June E. (-1991)



Family of Williard HOUK (150)



201. Nora HOUK.


202. Dewey HOUK.



Family of Lydia HOUK (153) & John H. FOREMAN



203. Samuel C FOREMAN. Born in Dec 1869 in IN.


204. William A FOREMAN. Born in Sep 1871 in IN.


205. James L FOREMAN. Born in Oct 1884.


206. Nora A. FOREMAN. Born in Jan 1884.


207. Zora E. FOREMAN. Born in Apr 1886.


208. John E. FOREMAN. Born in Jul 1889. John E. died ? .



Family of Susannah HOUK (157) & Martin KEISER



209. Nora KEISER. Born on 5 Jul 1878. Nora died on 24 Aug 1878. Buried in Lutheran Cemetery.,

Patricksburg, Owen Co. IN.


210. Ellen Eda KEISER. Born on 31 Aug 1881 in Forest City, MN. Ellen Eda died in Forest Hill,

Green Castle, IN on 9 Jul 1960; she was 78.


On 26 Feb 1908 when Ellen Eda was 26, she married James Walter WOODRUM, in Putnam County,

IL. Born on 23 Apr 1870. James Walter died in Nov 1932 in Green Castle, IN. Buried in Forest Hill,

Green Castle, IN.


211. Zuelina (Lena) KEISER. Born on 22 Oct 1883 in Owens County, I N. Zuelina (Lena) died in

Fairview Cemetery, Bouling Green on 18 Aug 1966; she was 82.


On 30 Apr 1913 when Zuelina (Lena) was 29, she married James C HUBER, in Clay County, IN. Born

on 6 Feb 1883. James C died on 29 Aug 1960; he was 77. Buried in Fairview Cemetery, Bowling

Green, IN.


212. Noah A. KEISER. Born on 3 Aug 1886 in Owen County, IN. Noah A. died on 18 Mar 1911; he

was 24. Tree fell on him. Buried in Lutheran Cemetery., Patricksburg, Owen Co. IN.


213. Lola Jane KEISER. Born on 31 Dec 1890 in Owens County, I N. Lola Jane died on 30 Jul 1975;

she was 84. Buried in Lutheran Cemetery., Patricksburg, Owen Co. IN.


For ten years after Lola's death we tried to keep the farm as neat as she did. But in 1986 we sold the

property. Since then the house has burned down. Note of Marjorie Woodrum Greencastle, IN


On 1 May 1919 when Lola Jane was 28, she married John JOHNSON, in Owen County, IN. Born on 7

Mar 1882 in Owen County, IN. John died in Lutheran Cemetery., Patricksburg, Owen Co. IN on 1

May 1960; he was 78.



Family of Henry HOUK (158) & Sarah Matilda (Tillie) OBERHOLTZER



214. Reanice (Renos) HOUK. Born on 19 Jun 1884 in IN. Reanice (Renos) died in 9 Jan 1933/35.

Buried in Fairview Cemetery, Bowling Green, IN.


Reanice (Renos) married Gail BROWN.


215. Elnora HOUK. Born on 2 Aug 1885 in IN.


Elnora married Charles NEWPORT. Born in 1887. Charles died in 1953.


216. Tina B. HOUK. Born on 20 Jul 1887 in IN. Tina B. died on 22 Jun 1976; she was 88. Buried in

Mt. Zion Cemetery, Clay County, IN.


Tina B. married Frank CLINGERMAN.


217. Elda R. HOUK. Born on 4 Jul 1889 in IN. Elda R. died on 8 Jun 1978; she was 88. Buried in

Fairview Cemetery, Bowling Green, IN.


Elda R. married Willaim CADE.


218. Benjamin H. HOUK. Born on 4 Dec 1891 in IN. Benjamin H. died on 8 Apr 1979; he was 87.

Buried in Fairview Cemetery, Bowling Green, IN.


Benjamin H. first married Pauline STWALLEY.


Benjamin H. second married Ruby HUBER.


219. Harry HOUK. Born on 2 Oct 1893 in IN. Harry died in Peru, IN on 12 Sep 1979; he was 85.


Harry first married Vivian THOMPSON.


Harry second married Nora COOK.


220. Jesse HOUK. Born on 17 Oct 1895. Jesse died on 28 Oct 1961; he was 66. Buried in Mt. Zion

Cemetery, Clay County, IN.


Jesse married Elmyra CLARD (CLARK?).


221. Farrel HOUK. Born on 26 Oct 1902. Farrel died in Chicago, IL on 10 Jul 1975; he was 72.


Farrel married Ethel.


222. Laura HOUK. Born on 15 Dec 1904


married Melvin McCALLOUGH. Born in 1906. Melvin died in 1983. Buried in Covington Memorial

Gardens, Ft. Wayne, IN.


Family of Lydia BRADSHAW (167) & William LEFFLER



223. Lula LEFFLER. Born on 15 Apr 1889 in IA. Lula died in IA on 1 Nov 1909; she was 20. Buried

in Jay's Cemetery.


224. Fred LEFFLER.


225. William LEFFLER. Born on 10 Sep 1891 in IA. William died in IA on 19 Mar 1970; he was 78.



Family of Robert Nelson BRADSHAW (168) & Della SIMMONS



226. Robert Lester BRADSHAW. Born on 6 Jan 1891 in IA. Robert Lester died in IA on 29 Dec 1971;

he was 80.


227. Elmer BRADSHAW. Born on 14 Jan 1893 in IA. Elmer died in IA on 4 Jan 1972; he was 78.


228. Oscar Ray BRADSHAW. Born on 19 Dec 1894 in IA. Oscar Ray died in IA on 24 Apr 1918; he

was 23.


229. Zatha Ellen BRADSHAW. Born on 1 Jul 1897. Zatha Ellen died in 1949 in IA.


230. Art Ivan BRADSHAW. Born on 15 Jan 1900/02 in IA. Art Ivan May 1979 in IA.




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