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Note: If you find "They had one child". These words are generated by my genealogical program. There may be more children , but I only entered one.

Background taken in Burke's Garden, Va 1996


First Generation





Whether the first few generations are our line or not I do not know.  From Holland to America appears to be documented and correct.



          2            i.          Nicholas (-ca1543)



Second Generation


Family of ? WOERKMAN (1)



2. Nicholas WOERKMAN. Nicholas died ca 1543 in Kings Stanley, Gloucestershire, England.


The following is the source for information about Nicholas' will and the

names of his wife and children:

Anderson, Thelma C.. Workman Family History. Salt Lake City, UT, Publishers

Press, 1962.


 Nicolas WORKMAN signed a will in Jun 1543.   The will of NICHOLAS WORKMAN,

made 13th day of June 1543, was probated 19 July 1543 by his wife. An

abstract of this will follows:


"In dei nom' Amen the xiijth day of June the yere of our lorde god 1543 and

in the yere of the XXXVth reigne of o'r soveraigne lorde henry the eight by

the grace of god of Englonde, ffraunce and Ireland, kinge defendor of the

feithe, I, NICHOLAS WORKEMAN of kings stanley wth in the Dioces of Glouc",

husbandman, being sicke of bodye but of good and perfite memory, make my

Testament and last will in maner & fourme following.


"I bequethe my sowlle to Almighty god & my bodye to be buryed in the churche

yarde of kings stanley.


I geve and bequethe to very of my childers That ys to say to RICHARD,

UMFFREY, WILLIAM, JOHN, THOMAS and EDWARDE one kowe to be delyvered to

eyther of them ageynste the tyme of their maryage.


I geve and bequethe to evry of my doughters That ys to saye JONE, ALYCE and

KATHERYN one koew to be delyvered as ys abovesayd.


I geve and bequethe to every of my saide doughters one bedd with

thappurtenances to be delyvered to eyther of them as ys abovesaid. And yf yt

fortune eny of my seyde Childers to Decesse before the tyme of theire

mariage That then I wolde that their legacies to them dewe shall come and

remayne to my executors.


The residewe of all my goods and Catalls not bequethed I geve and bequethe

holy to JULYAN my wiffe and UMFREY my sonne whome I make and ordeyne my

Executors to bring my bodie honestly in erthe and paye any detts and

funeralls and to performe this my last will. Also I will and ordeyne RICHARD

COKE to be over seer of this my last will and testament. To this witnessethe

Sr. OLYVER BOSEK, curet there and WILLIAM MYLWARD. Proved by J. Workman,

19th July 1543."


Nicholas married Julyann GYLLIAN, F. Born ca 1540.

We are not sure how many generations there are between here and Holland.


They had the following children:

                        i.          Richard

          3           ii.          Thomas

                      iii.          Umffrey

                      iv.          William

                       v.          John

                      vi.          Edwarde

                     vii.          Jone

                    viii.          Alyce

                      ix.          Katheryn



Third Generation


Family of Nicholas WOERKMAN (2) & Julyann GYLLIAN


3. Thomas WOERKMAN


The below is pure speculation.  Trying to place mixed up data in some sort of order.  I feel that all before Holland needs much more research for which I do not have time.  We can only trust what we our self have time to document.


Thomas married Agnes HALE


They had the following children:

                        i.          Alyse Born bef 1574. Alyse died in 1574.

                       ii.          Jone (Jane) Born ca 1574.

                      iii.          Umffrey (Humphrey) Born in Kings Stanley, Lasboro, Gloucester, England ca 1583.

                      iv.          Elizabeth Born in Apr 1585.

                       v.          Robert Born on 16 Oct 1590.

          4          vi.          Jans (John)  William (ca1598-1647)

                     vii.          Edwarde Born ca 1599.

                    viii.          William Born in Stroud, Glouchester, England.

                      ix.          Katheryn

                       x.          Nicholas


Fourth Generation


Family of Thomas WOERKMAN (3) & Agnes HALE

I do not know if Jans is to son of Thomas but placed a link to hopefully help not hender futher researchers.


4. Jans (John)  William WOERKMAN, M. Born in Stroud, Glouchester, England ca 1598. Jans (John)  William died on 3 May 1647 in Amsterdam Holland.


The Dutch ancestors from material gathered by Lorraine Hansen Butta of Longmont CO., from Dutch Reform Church Records.  It is believed that he was an emigrant from England in 1628, coming to Holland as a result of religious persecution during the time of the Puritan upheavals...In church records, the patronymic (naming) pattern was followed . John's son Richard, is recorded as Dirck Jansen (or Jans) meaning Richard, son of John.


ca 1628 Jans (John)  William married Harmtje (Hannah), F. Born in 1604/1607. Harmtje (Hannah) died aft 1685 in USA?


They had the following children:

          5            i.          Dirck Jans, M (ca1630-)

                       ii.          Elizabeth, F. Born in Amsterdam, Holland ca 1630. Elizabeth died on 10 Mar 1694.

                                    Other spellings of name Lysbeth and Lysbet.


                                    On 7 Jul 1647 Elizabeth married Pieter Jansen NOORMAN, M, in Bushwick, New York. Born in Norway.



Fifth Generation


Family of Jans (John)  William WOERKMAN (4) & Harmtje (Hannah)


3. Dirck Jans WOERKMAN. Born Circa 1630 in Amsterdam, Holland.


He came to America in 1647. Dirck Jans assumed the surname Woertman after

immigrating to America. They were admitted to the Brooklyn Dutch Church on

10 April 1660/61. Some call him Richard Jans or Dirck Jansen.


He first married Marrietje Teunis(en) DENYSE, daughter of Teunice NYSSEN &

Femmetje (Phoebe) SEALS, 10 Apr 1661 in Brooklyn Dutch Church. Born 3 Apr

1644 in Brooklyn, NY. Died 1690 in Brooklyn, New York. They had the

following children:


5 i. Jan Derick WOERKMAN


He second married Annetje AUKES, daughter of Auke Jans VAN NUYS, 9 Apr 1691.


4. Elizabeth JANS. Born Circa 1630


Other spellings of name Lysbeth and Lysbet.


She married Pieter Jansen NOORMAN, 7 Jul 1647 in Bushwick, New York. Born in


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Sixth Generation



5. Jan Derick WOERKMAN. Christen 1665 in Brooklyn, NY.


Moved from Brooklyn, NY in 1699 to Somerville, NY in 1704 to Somerset

County, NJ , then to Raritan, NJ.


He married Anna Maria ANDRIESSEN, daughter of Andries Janse ANDRIESSEN

(JURIANSEN) & Annetje Pieterse PRAA, 17 Jan 1690/1691. Born Circa 1670/1672

in Brooklyn, Kings, NY. They had the following children:


6 i. Abraham WORKMAN


Seventh Generation



6. Abraham WORKMAN. Christen 27 Apr 1709, in Raritan, New Jersey. Died in

Chester Co., PA.


"Records in PA indicates he had an agreement with a Philadelphia man to

settle on a plot in the borough of Lancaster. After he failed to develop the

land, it was resold. In 1758 he was a renter living in the borough of

Oxford, Chester County, PA. It is believed he died in Chester County, PA.

Some of his sons enlisted in military service in Chester County. One of them

Joseph is believed to be the main ancestor of the early Workman families of

the present West Virginia." from booklet by Samuel Paul Perry who gives

credit to Sayre.


Research: from here on from, Tazewell County Histories, Wythe and Tazewell

Counties, VA Records, including census, Logan County, WVA Records, including

census, booklet on Workman's done by Samuel Paul Perry of Longwood, FL.,

Some Branches of The Workman Tree by Ralph Hall Sayre 1979, Workman Family

History by Thelma Anderson 1962 , Susie M. Eckerson, Aurora, Oregon and from

discussions on the Workman Discussion List [email protected]


He married Annetje (Anna) SMITH, daughter of Able SMITH & Tryntje WYBRANTZ.

Christen 14 Jul 1706 in NY. They had the following children:


7 i. Joseph WORKMAN

8 ii. Benjamin WORKMAN

9 iii. Samuel WORKMAN

10 iv. Abraham (Abram) WORKMAN

11 v. Jacob WORKMAN

12 vi. Andrew WORKMAN

13 vii. George WORKMAN

14 viii. William WORKMAN


NOTE: My husband Richard's direct line from here is proven.


Some of the names and dates of the Workmans are taken from Some Branches of

the Workman Tree by Sayre 1979. I talked to Ralph Sayre via phone on May 4,

1997. He wanted me to convey that there are some errors in his work and we

should take the names and dates and use it as a reference and go out and

document our own lines. This is also the way I feel. I am providing the

material as a help to you and you should verify your line.

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Eighth Generation



7. Joseph WORKMAN. Born Circa 1736 in Somerset Co., New Jersey. Died Circa

1813 in Burke's Garden, Tazewell County, Virginia.


Penn Archives, Series 5, Vol 1 says he enlisted in Chester County, PA in

Capt. Paul Jackson's Co Penn. Regiment, May 6 1758. Listed on the Wythe

County VA Tax Lists 1793, 1796, 1797 and 1799. Listed on the 1802 and 1803

Tax Lists for Tazewell County, VA. In 1805 he was listed as "exempt of taxes

due to old age and infirmity". County histories mention that he was among

those early settlers. He was 21 yrs. of age at the time of his enlistment

into the PA Regiment.


He married Phoebe M'Ray (McRay) MECMEHER, daughter of Hugh (Juh) McMAHEN (?

McMAHON), 4 Aug 1761 in Christ Lutheran Church, York County, PA. Born Circa

1744 in New Jersey. Died after 1815.


Her father was from Ireland.


They had the following children:


15 i. Abraham WORKMAN

16 ii. James WORKMAN

17 iii. Nimrod WORKMAN

18 iv. Anne WORKMAN

19 v. Thomas WORKMAN

20 vi. Joseph WORKMAN

21 vii. Jacob WORKMAN

22 viii. Moses WORKMAN

23 ix. Isaac WORKMAN

24 x. Phoebe WORKMAN


8. Benjamin WORKMAN. Born Circa 1729 in Somerset County, New Jersey.


9. Samuel WORKMAN. Born 1731. Died in Washington, PA.


10. Abraham (Abram) WORKMAN. Born 1737 in Somerset County, New Jersey.


Enlisted Capt. Paul Jackson PA Reg Abram Workman 5'9" Chester County, PA on

6 May 1756 age 19 born in New Jersey. Married son of Abraham. b 1758 See

p28-29 Workman Family History, by Anderson.


11. Jacob WORKMAN. Born 1740 in Somerset County, New Jersey. Died 1821 in

Bourbon County, KY.


12. Andrew WORKMAN. Born 1742 in New Jersey.


Listed in the return of Capt. Charles Stewart's Co. 5 Jun 1759 as labour,

enlisted 8 May 1759 age 17, of Pennsylvania, enlisted for service in the

Revolution 28 Aug 1776. p29 Anderson's book


13. George WORKMAN. Born Circa 1744 in Somerset County, NJ or New Brunswick,



14. William WORKMAN. Born Circa 1746 in Somerset County NJ. Died 1836 in

Poultney Twp., Belmont, Ohio.

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Ninth Generation


15. Abraham WORKMAN. Born 25 Jan 1761 in Washington Co., Penn. Died maybe

1858 probably at Burke's Garden, VA. Applied for pension in 1834 (Died maybe

1858). Can not find the date or a probate.


He may have lived in North Carolina in ca 1793 where is daughter Phoebe was

born or else she was born in 1792. He is on the Wythe County, VA Tax Lists

for the years 1793 - 1800. He is on the Tazewell County, VA Tax Lists for

the years 1801 - 1830. He enlisted for Military service while a citizen of

Monongalia County, near Fort Pitt, as a draftee and militia man under Col.

Morgan on the 1st day of April, 1777. (From pension application papers, have

copy of documents) He applied for Rev. War pension on 22 Sept 1834 in

Tazewell Co., VA. As senior citizens, Abraham and Margaret lived with son

John L. Workman. No probate found. When Abraham and Margaret marry, Joseph

Workman (father) signs consent for the marriage.


Wythe County, VA Tax Lists 1985 by Murphy and Pouthat

North of Walker Mountain

Abraham Workman 1793 - 1800

James Workman 93 - 94, 96-1800

Isaac Workman 96 - 97

Jacob Workman 93, 94, 97, 1800

Josiah Workman 1799

Joseph Jr. Workman 93, 95, 96, 98, 1800

Joseph Workman 93, 96, 97, 99

Thomas Workman 96, 97, 98,


I have land records for him from 1813 when he bought land in Tazewell

County, VA in Burke's Garden and when he sold land in Burke's Garden in

1823. Note: No permanent settlement in Burke's Garden until ca 1800.

Deed Book 2 page 169 28 April 1813 Capt. James and Margaret Thompson

(Abraham's daughter and husband) for 100 pounds Virginia currency land in

Burke's Garden.

Deed Book 2 page 450 30 Jany 1815 Abraham Workman and Peggy his wife, Thomas

Workman and Sally his wife to Hez Harman 155 acres in Burke's Garden, sum of

$300. (This must be his father Joseph Workman's land.)

Deed Book 3 page 49 24 June 1817 between Abraham Workman and Peggy his wife

of Tazewell County to Henry Day whereon Thomas Workman formally lived 68 1/2

acres in Burke's Garden, $300.

Book 3 page 117, 22 April 1820 Between Abraham Workman of Tazewell County to

John Day for $300 50 acres, lying along the west side of Henry Day's 68

acres, in Burke's Garden.

Deed Book 3 pages 260-262, 24 Jun 1822 Abraham Workman and Margaret his wife

of the County of Tazewell to William Gillespie and Jacob T. Fishback.

Abraham Workman is justly indebted to Henry P. and John B. George surviving

partners of the late firm of Henry P. George and Company for the sum of

$202.05 with legal interest until paid of $21.20. 120 acres purchased of

James P. Thompson decd. in Burke's Garden

Deed Book 3 page 316 29 May 1823 Abraham Workman and Peggy his wife to Hez.

Harman for $500. 100 acres more or less in Burke's Garden, one side along

old Thompson line.


From Tazewell County by Louise Leslie p426 Burke's Garden Lutheran Church

1813. Howard Haven, William Heninger and Abraham Workman four days of

work.." ca 1826


From Militia of Montgomery County, VA 1777 - 1790 p 26 " A list of men under

the command of Capt. Mairs: Abraham Workman, James Workman and James Workman

Jr. Could well have been Burke's Garden area but still in Montgomery County.

He married Margaret LE(I)TNER (LIGHTNER), daughter of Mathias LE(I)TNER

(LIGHTNER) & Eve?, 24 Sep 1785 in Montgomery County, VA ( Have copy of

certif.). Born Circa 1766 in Washington County, VA. They had the following



25 i. Mary Ann WORKMAN

26 ii. Joseph WORKMAN

27 iii. Margaret Phebe WORKMAN

28 iv. Sarah (Sally) WORKMAN

29 v. Moses WORKMAN

30 vi. Phoebe WORKMAN

31 vii. James WORKMAN

32 viii. Eli (? Son) WORKMAN

33 ix. Elizabeth (? A Daughter.) WORKMAN

34 x. John L. WORKMAN


16. James WORKMAN. Born Circa 1763 in York County, PA. Died Circa 1849.


"In 1794, James and his brothers, Joseph and Nimrod built a cabin on the

Island (now Logan, WVA) and planted a crop of corn. In the fall of 1796/97

James and family moved from their home in Wythe County (now Tazewell County,

VA) and settled there. All three of the brothers continued to live there

until the year 1800." from booklet of Samuel Perry

If this story is true they still paid taxes in Wythe County, VA. I checked

Map Guide to The U. S. Federal Census 1790 - 1920 by Thordale and

Dollarhide. It shows that in 1790 Wythe County went up a ways into WVA but

it looks like Logan was still above Wythe County, VA. Served in the

Revolutionary War


He married Nancy (Hannah) HEWI (E)TT. PA They had the following children:


35 i. Abraham WORKMAN

36 ii. James Hewett WORKMAN

37 iii. Mary (Polly) WORKMAN

38 iv. Elizabeth WORKMAN

39 v. Joseph WORKMAN

40 vi. John Theodore WORKMAN

41 vii. Squire Thompson WORKMAN

42 viii. Hannah WORKMAN


Research: Anderson and Sayre and Susie Eckerson.


17. Nimrod WORKMAN. Born Circa 1765 in PA.


"A genealogy of the Godby family has recorded that William Godby, born 1775,

married second Nancy Workman, born 1801, daughter of Nimrod Workman. Some of

the Godby family migrated to Illinois, so Nimrod may have gone that way."

(see note on brother James) Some Branches of The Workman Tree by Sayre page



18. Anne WORKMAN. Born Circa 1768 in PA.


She married Samuel MUNCY, son of Obadiah MUNCY (MUNSEY), 16 Jun 1788 in

Montgomery County, VA. Married

by Edward Morgan. Born Circa 1767.


They had the following children:


43 i. James MUNCY

44 ii. Thomas MUNCY

45 iii. Samuel MUNCY

46 iv. William MUNCY

47 v. Levi MUNCY

48 vi. Nancy MUNCY

49 vii. Polly MUNCY


19. Joseph WORKMAN. Born Circa 1770/1780 in PA. In the War of 1812.


He first married Hannah REED, 5 Mar 1807 in Monroe

County, VA. Born 15 Oct 1782. Died on Spruce Fork, Little Coal River (now

Boone County, WVA). They had the following children:


50 i. Robert WORKMAN

51 ii. Benjamin R. WORKMAN

52 iii. John M. WORKMAN


He second married Elizabeth REED, 9 Apr 1817 in Monroe County, VA. They had

the following children:


53 i. Raymond Shanton WORKMAN

54 ii. Charles William WORKMAN

55 iii. Malinda Jane WORKMAN

56 iv. James Matison WORKMAN

57 v. Mary (Polly) WORKMAN

58 vi. William Washington WORKMAN

59 vii. George Floyd WORKMAN


Research: Some names and dates from Sayre


20. Thomas WORKMAN. Born 1772 in PA.


Research: Boone County, VA 1850 Census # 437 and Sayre


He married Sarah DESKINS (HASKINS), 24 Oct 1805 in Tazewell County, VA. Born

Circa 1783. They had these possible children:


60 i. Harvey WORKMAN

61 ii. David Pierce WORKMAN

62 iii. Mary WORKMAN

63 iv. Martha WORKMAN

64 v. Robert WORKMAN


21. Jacob WORKMAN. Born Circa 1774 in Maryland?


He possibly married Mary MARTIN, 9 Jul 1791 in Mecklinburg County, N.C.


He married Eleanor JONES, 1803. Born Circa 1776 in Ireland. Buried after

1850. She was a bond servant from Ireland.


They had the following children:


65 i. Joseph Pleasant WORKMAN

66 ii. Stephen WORKMAN

67 iii. Jacob WORKMAN

68 iv. James WORKMAN

69 v. William WORKMAN

70 vi. Nancy WORKMAN

71 vii. Pleasant WORKMAN


Research: Some names and dates from Sayre

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22. Moses WORKMAN. Born Circa 1777 in Washington County, PA. Died Circa

1847/1848 in Logan County, VA (now WVA).


Portions of the material on Moses and wives Elizabeth (Muncy) and Sarah

(Marrs) Workman was provided by Jack Perry e-mail: [email protected] or

website: and I have listed his



Logan County Deed Book C pages 108 and 460 Heirs of Moses Workman were

listed as Abijah; Elizabeth, wife of Isaac Adkins Jr.; Eleanore, wife of

Stephen Lambert; Moses with wife Polly Mullins; Henry; John; Jane Dalton;

Malinda Perry; and Barbara Dempsey.


Research: LDS Ancestral File ver 416F QQ4D-C7

Logan County WV Marriage Records by Janet Hager


He first married Elizabeth MUNCY, daughter of Obediah Munsey MUNCY, 17 Jun

1802 in Tazewell County, VA. They had the following children:


72 i. Obadiah (Obed) WORKMAN

73 ii. Eleanor WORKMAN

74 iii. Moses WORKMAN Jr.

75 iv. Mary WORKMAN

76 v. John WORKMAN

77 vi. Elizabeth WORKMAN

78 vii. Matilda WORKMAN

79 viii. Marinda WORKMAN

80 ix. Nancy WORKMAN

81 x. Nellie WORKMAN


He second married Sarah Ann MARRS, daughter of Henry (Big Creek Marrs) MARRS

& Elizabeth MAXWELL, 11 Jul 1820 in Tazewell County, VA. Born 22 Apr

1785/1788 probably in Tazewell County, VA. Maybe born in 1792. Died after

1835. They had the following children:


82 i. Abijah WORKMAN

83 ii. Henry WORKMAN

84 iii. Malinda WORKMAN

85 iv. Winn WORKMAN

86 v. Moses WORKMAN

87 vi. Jane WORKMAN

88 vii. Barbara WORKMAN


23. Phoebe WORKMAN. Born Circa 1799. Died 25 Jan 1860 in Wayne County, VA.


Children before she married Isaac are:

Jesse WORKMAN, married Elizabeth MARCUM

Polly WORKMAN, married 26 April 1837, in Lawrence County., Kentucky to John



She married Isaac ROBERTS, 31 Jul 1822 in Lawrence County, KY. They had the

following children:


89 i. Isaac ROBERTS Jr.

90 ii. James ROBERTS

91 iii. Mary ROBERTS


Research: Sayre and Workman Discussion List.


24. Isaac WORKMAN. Born Circa 1780 in PA or VA.


He married Susan (Leit{P}) SULLIVANT, daughter of Charles LEIP(T), 11 Oct

1799 in Casewell County, NC. Born Circa 1782. Died Circa 3 Aug 1855. They

had the following children:


92 i. Joseph WORKMAN

93 ii. Phoebe WORKMAN

94 iii. Elias WORKMAN

95 iv. Josephus H. WORKMAN Rev.

96 v. Russell WORKMAN


Research: Some names and dates from Sayre

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Tenth Generation


25. Mary Ann WORKMAN. Born Circa 1797.


She married Phillip GREEVER, 21 Oct 1818 in Tazewell Co., VA.


26. Joseph WORKMAN. Born Circa 1787/1788 in Wythe County, VA.


27. Margaret Phebe WORKMAN. Born Circa 1788/1790.


She first married James Patton THOMPSON, Circa 1810 in Washington County,

VA. Died Circa 1814.


She second may have married James W. HENIGAR.


Research: Names and dates of 25, 26, 27 from Sayre


28. Sarah (Sally) WORKMAN. Born 11 May 1789 in Montgomery County, VA, now

Tazewell Co., VA. Died 9 Nov 1879 in Grundy County, MO.


Sarah (Sally) and James were married by John Peery at Jacob's Cove VA, on 28

Dec. 1810. (taken from pension application papers.) Sally applied for a

pension for War of 1812, which she filed on February 10, 1875. Application

was rejected. She was living in Grundy County, MO with a son when she filed.

Name of son not given. Found with Wesley P. Marrs in Clay Twp., Harrison

County, MO in 1860 Census. Have not found in 1870 Census yet. Checked

cemetery records in Harrison County, MO, neither found. Since her husband

died in Harrison County, MO, they probably came at the same time as James,

Wesley Price and Thomas to MO. Nancy Elvira Marrs was suppose to have been

born in Harrison County, MO in 1856. She was Thomas' daughter.


She married James MARRS, son of Henry (Big Creek Marrs) MARRS & Elizabeth

MAXWELL, 26 Dec 1810 in Jacobs Cove, Tazewell Co., VA. Born 19 Apr 1789 in

believed in Tazewell County, VA. Died 24 Sep 1859 in Harrison County, MO.


NOTE: For information on James MARRS see The William Erskine Marrs Family in

America section, page 39.


They had the following children:


97 i. Henry W. MARRS

98 ii. Joseph MARRS

99 iii. John MARRS

100 iv. James MARRS

101 v. Oliva MARRS

102 vi. Jane ? MARRS

103 vii. Sina (Susanah) MARRS

104 viii. Thomas MARRS

105 ix. David Whitley MARRS

106 x. Sarah (Sally) Elizabeth MARRS

107 xi. Samuel MARRS

108 xii. Wesley Price MARRS

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29. Moses WORKMAN. Born Circa 1791/1794.


He married Elizabeth SCARBROUGH. Born 25 Jun 1810. Died 1 Feb 1894. They had

the following children:


109 i. Levi WORKMAN

110 ii. Ellen WORKMAN

111 iii. Daniel WORKMAN

112 iv. Joseph WORKMAN

113 v. Susan WORKMAN

114 vi. Mary Ann WORKMAN

115 vii. William WORKMAN


Research: Sayre


30. Phoebe WORKMAN. Born 12 May 1793 in Hillsborough, Orange Co., North

Carolina? Died 4 Sep 1873 in Sebastopol, Sanoma Co., CA.


She married Charles JONES, 11 Nov 1811. Born 1 Feb 1784


They had the following children: William, Margaret, Rachel, Nancy,

Catherine, Abraham, Phoebe, Charles, Elizabeth Ann, Timothy, Louisa and



Research: Sayre


31. James WORKMAN. Born 1800/1815 in Tazewell County, VA (Maybe Born 1807).


He first married Rachel FICKLE.


He second married Mary Ann HOUGHBOK, before 1843.


They had the following possible children: Elizabeth, Ambrose, James Knox

Polk, Dulaney, Nancy and Randolph.


Research: Sayre


32. Eli (? Son) WORKMAN. Born Circa 1800/1810. Listed in

Research: 1830 Russell County, VA Census with wife and daughter.

? whether a son of Abraham.


33. Elizabeth Ann (? A Dau.) WORKMAN. Born Circa 1802.


One source does not have as a daughter.


She married Philip HENIGAR, Circa 1840. Born Circa 1801.


They had the following children: James P., Grant, Elizabeth, Letitia,

Louisa, Mary and Catherine.


Research: Sayre


34. John L. WORKMAN. Born Circa 1805. Resident of Tazewell County, VA in

1850 and 1860.


He first married Sopia, 1831. Born Circa 1815, from Tazewell County Census.

They had the following children:


116 i. Allen WORKMAN

117 ii. Matilda WORKMAN

118 iii. James WORKMAN

119 iv. John WORKMAN

120 v. Margaret WORKMAN

121 vi. Elizabeth Ann WORKMAN

122 vii. Andrew WORKMAN

123 viii. Zachariah T. WORKMAN

124 ix. Mesafia WORKMAN


He second married Grisilla (Suiter) LAMBERT.


Research: Sayre and Eckerson


35. Abraham WORKMAN. Born Circa 1782 in N C?.


Research: Census of Boone County 1850 #423 and Sayre


He married Mary BALLARD, daughter of Elijah ? BALLARD, 9 Nov 1809 in Kanawha

County,VA (now WVA). Born Circa 1882. They had the following children:


125 i. Jas. Madison WORKMAN


Additional children may have been: Francis, Lucy, Millie, Mary, Lurana,

Susan, Amanda


36. James Hewett WORKMAN. Born Circa 1785. Died Circa 1856 in Boone County,



Research: # 428 in Boone County, VA 1850 Census, Anderson, Sayre and



He married Ruth HALSTEAD, daughter of Amos HALSTEAD and Nancy ca 1796. Born

Circa 1810. They had the following children:


126 i.Amos WORKMAN

(some question if Amos is Ruth's child)

127 ii. Rhodes WORKMAN

128 iii. James WORKMAN

129 iv. Joseph WORKMAN

130 v. Ellison WORKMAN

131 vi. Mary (Polly) WORKMAN

132 vii. Abraham WORKMAN

133 viii. William WORKMAN

134 ix. Elizabeth WORKMAN

135 x. Pauline WORKMAN

136 xi. Letha WORKMAN


Other children may be: Nancy, Rosie, Joyce and Ruth.


37. Mary (Polly) WORKMAN.


She married James McNEELY.


38. Elizabeth WORKMAN. Born ca 1789


She married George McNEELEY on 3 Jan 1812 in Kanawha County, VA (now WVA)

Born ca 1787.


They had the following possible children: James, Bailey, Polly, Peter and



Research: Sayre and Eckerson.


39. Joseph WORKMAN. Born Circa 1791. Died Aug 1879 at

Bald Knob.


Research: Boone County 1850 Census # 432, Sayre, Eckerson and Susan Chaffin

from the discussion list.


He married Elizabeth (McNeeley) ELKINS, daughter of William McNEELY on 7 Nov

1813 in Cabell County, VA (now WVA). Born Circa 1792 in Spruce Creek, Logan

County VA.


She was married first to Joseph Elkins who died in the War of 1812. Joseph

Workman and Elkins were neighbors and friends. Elkins when wounded, asked

Joseph to care for his family. The children were; Zacheus Elkins born 1809

and Celia born 1811. Both at Bald Knob. Joseph Workman helped establish the

ME Church in the area and served as its minister.


Joseph and Elizabeth had the following children:


137 i. Andrew WORKMAN

138 ii. Amos WORKMAN

139 iii. James WORKMAN

140 iv. Jasper WORKMAN

141 v. Eliza WORKMAN

142 vi. Mary WORKMAN

143 vii. Venila WORKMAN

144 viii. Matilda WORKMAN

145 ix. Dorcus WORKMAN

146 x. William WORKMAN


40. John WORKMAN. Born Circa 1800. Died Before 1850.


He married Jane MOORE(WOD), daughter of George MOORE(WOD) & Margaret

EDMUNSON, Circa 1824. Born 8 Jul 1799 in Bath County, VA.


Living with her is Valentine/Sarah her granddaughter born circa 1848.


Research: 1850 Logan County Census #260 and Sayre


They had the following possible children:


147 i. James M. WORKMAN

148 ii. Ann WORKMAN

149 iii. Margaret WORKMAN

150 iv. George Washington WORKMAN

151 v. Thompson WORKMAN

152 vi. Virginia WORKMAN

153 vii. Tonsil Price WORKMAN

154 viii. Mary Jane WORKMAN

155 ix. Dorcas WORKMAN

156 x. William H. WORKMAN

157 xi. Benjamin WORKMAN


41. Squire Thompson WORKMAN. Born 1805.


He purchased 124 acres on Big Fork Creek in 1837 from J. J. Benoist; 125

acres on Whites Fork in 1939 from J. J. Benoist; and sold 234 acres on Big

Creek in 1849 to James Marrs. (Record of the sale to James Marrs top of page

40 of the William Erskine Marrs Family in America section)


He married Nancy. Born Circa 1806. They had the following possible children:


159 i. Mary WORKMAN

160 ii. Jasper WORKMAN

161 iii. Newton WORKMAN

162 iv. Marion WORKMAN

163 v. Patterson WORKMAN

164 vi. Thomas WORKMAN

165 vii. Dryden WORKMAN

166 viii. Amanda WORKMAN


Research: Sayre

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42. Hannah WORKMAN. Born Circa 1808.


She married Daniel JARRELL, Circa 1825/1830. Born Circa 1804.


They lived in Boone County VA/WVA


They had the following children:


167 i. Eliza D. JARRELL

168 ii. Anthony JARRELL

169 iii. Overton JARRELL

170 iv. Emmaline JARRELL

171 v. Victor D. JARRELL

172 vi. Tolbert JARRELL


Research: Sayre


43. James MUNCY. Born Circa 1790.


44. Thomas MUNCY. Born Circa 1796.


45. Samuel MUNCY. Born Circa 1798.


He married Hannah BLACK.


46. William MUNCY. Born Circa 1802.


He married Peggy HENSLEY.


47. Levi MUNCY. Born Circa 1808.


48. Nancy MUNCY. Born Circa 1810.


She married Francis ALDRIDGE.


49. Polly MUNCY. Born Circa 1811.


She married Henry DAVIS.


50. Robert WORKMAN. Born Circa 1816.


Research: Boone County 1850 census # 72 and Sayre


He first married Sarah Jane KIRK, daughter of Isaac KIRK SR. & Sarah Jane

HUNTER on 9 Oct 1838. Born Circa 1822. They were divorced. They had the

following children:


173 i. Rufus WORKMAN

174 ii. Sarah J. WORKMAN

175 iii. America WORKMAN

176 iv. Beth WORKMAN

177 v. Robert Leftridge WORKMAN

178 vi. Amelia Frances WORKMAN

179 vii. Gustave WORKMAN

180 viii. Octavia WORKMAN

181 ix. Rosa A. WORKMAN

182 x. James E. WORKMAN


He second married Nancy J. CAULLY, 15 Jun 1869.


He third married Martha (Coon) JARNELL 15 May 1871.


51. Benjamin R. WORKMAN. Born Circa 1808 in Spruce Fork, Cabell County, VA

(now WVA)


He married Rebecca FRENCH Circa 1830-34. Born in Giles County, VA


They had the following children: Martha, Andrew, Mary E., John L. Arminta,



Research: Sayre


52. John M. WORKMAN. Born 10 Apr 1814


He first married Permelia RICE ca 1832


They had the following children: Rebecca, Sarah A., William Clayburn,

Isabelle, Benjamin F. and Mary Elizabeth.


He second married Margaret Ann SIMS 8 Feb 1866.


They had the following children: Nina "Nancy", Sorenda Susan, John

Henderson, Geroge Wm. and Joseph Harvey.


Research: Sayre


53. Raymond Shanton WORKMAN. Born 1818 in Giles or Monroe County, VA. Died 7

Sep 1890 near Cordova, WVA


He first married Sarilda (Razilda) WEBB, daughter of George WEBB &

Elizabeth, Circa 1840 Recorded 2 Aug 1845 in Tazewell County, VA. Died 1899.

They were divorced Circa 1867/1870. Suppose to be a midwife.


Research: Sayre and Donna McKenzie from Workman Discussion List.


They had the following children:


183 i. Mary Ann WORKMAN

184 ii. Sarah WORKMAN

185 iii. Oley WORKMAN

186 iv. George Washington WORKMAN

187 v. Fielding WORKMAN

188 vi. Benjamin WORKMAN

189 vii. Phoebe WORKMAN

190 viii. Shelton R. "Shent" WORKMAN

191 ix. Franklin "Frank" WORKMAN

192 x. William Henry WORKMAN

193 xi. Zachariah WORKMAN

194 xii. Joseph L. WORKMAN


He second married Lucina "Delcina" ROBERTS, 28 Jul 1873 in Wyoming County,

WVA. They had the following children:


195 i. Delilah WORKMAN

196 ii. Margaret "Peggy" Jane WORKMAN

197 iii. Rebecca C. WORKMAN

198 iv. Merian WORKMAN

199 v. Henry Edward WORKMAN

200 vi. Ollie WORKMAN

201 vii. Marinda WORKMAN

202 viii. James WORKMAN

203 ix. Armeda WORKMAN


54. Charles William WORKMAN. Born Circa 1819. Buried in McMillion Church,

Friar's Hill, Greenbrier County, WVA.

He married Phoebe Margaret BAILEY, 3 Sep 1840. Born Circa 1822. Buried in

McMillion Church, Friar's Hill, Greenbrier County, WVA. They had the

following children:


204 i. John A. WORKMAN

205 ii. Jane WORKMAN

206 iii. Mary WORKMAN

207 iv. George W. WORKMAN

208 v. Alfred B. WORKMAN

209 vi. Causby WORKMAN

210 vii. Stephen M. WORKMAN

211 viii. Rachel Permelia WORKMAN

212 ix. Charles William WORKMAN

213 x. James Patrick WORKMAN

214 xi. Thomas Wetzel WORKMAN


Research: Sayre


55. Malinda Jane WORKMAN. Born Circa 1820.


She married Edward SIZEMORE, Circa 1849. They had the following children:


215 i. Mary SIZEMORE

216 ii. Hiram SIZEMORE

217 iii. Owen SIZEMORE

218 iv. Elizabeth SIZEMORE

219 v. Cina SIZEMORE

220 vi. Edward SIZEMORE

221 vii. Jane SIZEMORE

222 viii. Luvina SIZEMORE

223 ix. Calvin SIZEMORE

224 x. Lyda SIZEMORE

225 xi. Oma SIZEMORE

226 xii. Cosbi SIZEMORE


Research: Sayre

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56. James Matison WORKMAN. Born Circa 1821.


He married Nancy Elizabeth WEBB, Circa 1843. Born Circa 1828. Died Circa

1890. They had the following children:


227 i. Minerva WORKMAN

228 ii. Mariah WORKMAN

229 iii. Reece Carl WORKMAN

230 iv. Andrew Jackson WORKMAN

231 v. Mary E. WORKMAN

232 vi. Ribern F. WORKMAN

233 vii. Harriet WORKMAN

234 viii. Angeline WORKMAN

235 ix. Oliver WORKMAN

236 x. Seward Ceburn WORKMAN

237 xi. Zachariah Ambrose WORKMAN


He married second Hannah Margaret JOHNSON 13 Mar 1891 in Pocahontas County.


Research: Sayre


57. Mary (Polly) WORKMAN. Born Circa 1823 in Logan County, VA (now WVA).


She married Franklin SIZEMORE, Circa 1839. They had the following children:


238 i. Louisa SIZEMORE

239 ii. Miles SIZEMORE

240 iii. Wiley SIZEMORE

241 iv. Mira "Minnie" SIZEMORE

242 v. Jane SIZEMORE

243 vi. Cathany SIZEMORE

244 vii. Elizabeth SIZEMORE

245 viii. Harriett SIZEMORE


Research: Sayre


58. William Washington WORKMAN. Born 15 Nov 1830 in McDowell County, VA.

(now WVA) Died 4 Sep 1905 in Cordova, WVA.


He married Nereva "Eve" STANLEY, 31 May 1854 in Wyoming County, VA (now

WVA). Born 23 Aug 1838. Died Circa 1890. They had the following children:


246 i. Margaret Jane WORKMAN

247 ii. Nancy E. WORKMAN

248 iii. Joseph B. WORKMAN

249 iv. Miles WORKMAN

250 v. Lobelia Bethany WORKMAN

251 vi. Louretha WORKMAN

252 vii. Cosby WORKMAN

253 viii. Pernettie WORKMAN

254 ix. Judy WORKMAN

255 x. John A. WORKMAN

256 xi. Nellie WORKMAN


He married second Barbara BELCHER, 15 Apr 1894.


Research: Sayre


59. George Floyd WORKMAN. Born Circa 1836 in Logan County, VA. (now WVA)


He first married Sarah BELCHER, 3 Nov 1859 in Wyoming County, VA. (now WVA)

Born Circa 1837. They had the following children:


257 i. Allen Brown WORKMAN


He second married Nancy GUNNOE, Circa 1866. Born Circa 1848. They had the

following children:


258 i. Sarah WORKMAN

259 ii. Gordon WORKMAN

260 iii. Mary J. WORKMAN

261 iv. Cosby WORKMAN

262 v. Rosey WORKMAN

263 vi. Joseph WORKMAN

264 vii. Floyd WORKMAN

265 viii. Martha WORKMAN

266 ix. Charles WORKMAN

267 x. Frank WORKMAN

268 xi. James WORKMAN


Research: Sayre


60. Harvey WORKMAN. Born Circa 1819. Died 4 Oct 1856.


61. David Pierce WORKMAN. Born Circa 1824, in Tazewell County, VA.


Research: Boone County, VA 1850 Census #438 and Sayre


He married Elizabeth BROWN, daughter of James BROWN & Lucy FERRELL. Born

Circa 1825. They had the following children:


269 i. William Wilson WORKMAN

270 ii. Allen Brown WORKMAN

271 iii. Robert WORKMAN

272 iv. Columbus WORKMAN

273 v. Leander WORKMAN

274 vi. Frances WORKMAN


62. Mary WORKMAN. Born 1806 in Tazewell County, VA.


She married Henry PAULEY, Circa 1828. Born Circa 1804 in Tazewell County,

VA. They had the following children:


275 i. Hannah PAULEY

276 ii. John PAULEY

277 iii. Nancy PAULEY

278 iv. Perry PAULEY

279 v. Irvin PAULEY

280 vi. James Madison PAULEY

281 vii. David PAULEY


Research: Sayre


63. Martha WORKMAN. Born Circa 1813 in Tazewell County, VA.


She first married Joseph McNEELY. Born Circa 1812. Died 1854. They had the

following children:


282 i. Rhoda McNEELY

283 ii. Louisa McNEELY

284 iii. Andrew McNEELY

285 iv. Wilson McNEELY

286 v. Martha McNEELY


She second married Dr. Alexander CHURCH. Born Circa 1797 in New Hampshire.


Researcb: Sayre

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64. Robert WORKMAN. Born Circa 1817 in Tazewell County, VA.


He married Polly, Circa 1833. They had the following children:


287 i. David WORKMAN

288 ii. John WORKMAN

289 iii. Robert WORKMAN

290 iv. Henry WORKMAN

291 v. James WORKMAN

292 vi. Andrew WORKMAN


Research: Sayre


65. Joseph Pleasant WORKMAN. Born 22 May 1804 in Cabell County, VA. Died 11

Oct 1864 in Wayne, WVA. Buried three miles from Wayne, WVA. Started the Free



He married Nancy OSBURN, 21 Mar 1822 in Cabell, VA. Born 1801 in Lee, VA.

Died 9 Nov 1888 in Wayne, WVA. They had the following children:


293 i. Sarah WORKMAN

294 ii. Joseph Pleasant WORKMAN

295 iii. Polly WORKMAN

296 iv. Elizabeth WORKMAN

297 v. Alderson WORKMAN

298 vi. Kiziah WORKMAN

299 vii. Joannah WORKMAN

300 viii. Nancy WORKMAN

301 ix. Anthony P. WORKMAN


Research: Sayre


66. Stephen WORKMAN. Born Circa 1806. Died Circa 1905.


He married Catherine "Katy" EDWARDS, Circa 1826. Born Circa 1810 in KY. They

had the following children:


302 i. Meradith WORKMAN

303 ii. Pleasant WORKMAN

304 iii. Stephen WORKMAN

305 iv. Jacob WORKMAN

306 v. Jamison WORKMAN

307 vi. Suzanna WORKMAN

308 vii. Harmon WORKMAN

309 viii. Chilton WORKMAN

310 ix. Sarah WORKMAN

311 x. Josephine WORKMAN


Research: Sayre


67. Jacob WORKMAN. Born Circa 1810.


He first married Hariett McGINNIS, 17 Aug 1833 in Cabell County, VA. (now



He second married Elizabeth DEANE. Born Circa 1817. They had the following



312 i. Amanda WORKMAN

313 ii. Leander WORKMAN

314 iii. America WORKMAN

315 iv. Jasper WORKMAN

316 v. Merilla C. WORKMAN

317 vi. Bethsadia WORKMAN

318 vii. Bunavista WORKMAN

319 viii. Charles F. WORKMAN

320 ix. George C. WORKMAN

321 x. Lucinda WORKMAN

322 xi. Louisa WORKMAN


Research: Sayre


68. James WORKMAN.


69. William WORKMAN. Born Circa 1812. Died Before 1850.


He married Phoebe VAUGHN, 6 Nov 1834 in Cabell County, VA. (now WVA) They

had the following child:


323 i. Spencer WORKMAN

Research: Sayre


70. Nancy WORKMAN. Born Circa 1820


71. Pleasant WORKMAN. Born 27 Oct 1808 in Wayne County, VA.


He married Sarah FERGUSON, 20 Mar 1828. Born 9 Jul 1809 in Wayne County, VA.

(now WVA) They had the following children:


324 i. Mary Ann WORKMAN

325 ii. Harvey WORKMAN

326 iii. Allen WORKMAN

327 iv. Casander WORKMAN

328 v. Eleanor WORKMAN

329 vi. Prudence WORKMAN

330 vii. Alfred WORKMAN

331 viii. Andrew P. WORKMAN

332 ix. Thomas WORKMAN

333 x. Francis WORKMAN

334 xi. Sarah A. WORKMAN

335 xii. David B. WORKMAN

336 xiii. Pleasant W. WORKMAN


Research: Sayre

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72. Obadiah (Obed) WORKMAN. Born Circa 1807 in VA.


Research: 1850 #186 and 1860 Census of Logan County, VA/WVA & Logan County

Marriage Records


He married Rebecca LAMBERT, daughter of Stephen LAMBERT & Rhoda WAGGONER, 5

Aug 1828 in Tazewell County, VA. Born Circa 1805. They had the following



337 i. Cynthia WORKMAN

338 ii. Moses WORKMAN

339 iii. Rhoda WORKMAN

340 iv. John L. WORKMAN

341 v. William M. WORKMAN

342 vi. Nancy Jane WORKMAN


73. Eleanor WORKMAN. Born Circa 1808.


Research: Ancestree V9N4 by Logan County, WVA Gen. Soc.


She married Acies FANNIN.


74. Moses WORKMAN Jr. Born Circa 1809.


Living with Abijah in 1850 Logan County, VA/WVA Census


Research: LDS Ancestral file ver 416F)


He married Mary BLANKENSHIP.


75. Mary WORKMAN. Born Circa 1811.


Research: Ancestree V9N4 by Logan County Gen. Soc.

All children from 1850 Wayne County, VA/WVA Census


She married Alexander TOMBLIN.


They had the following children:


343 i. Eleanor TOMBLIN

344 ii. Alexander TOMBLIN

345 iii. James TOMBLIN

346 iv. Mary TOMBLIN

347 v. Alfred TOMBLIN

348 vi. Obed TOMBLIN

349 vii. John TOMBLIN

350 viii. Margaret Jane TOMBLIN

351 ix. Macus? TOMBLIN


76. John WORKMAN. Born Circa 1813.


Research: 1860 Logan WVA/VA Census by S. Olafson and

Logan County, VA 1850 Census #189


He married Sally DALTON, daughter of James DALTON & Mary ADAMS. Born Circa

1813. They had the following children:


352 i. Obediah WORKMAN

352a ii. Moses WORKMAN


77. Elizabeth WORKMAN. Born Circa 1818 in Cabell County, VA. (now WVA)


Research: LDS Ancestral file ver 416F JJR2-8N


She married Isaac ADKINS, son of Isaac ADKINS & Elizabeth. They had the

following children:


353 i. Isaiah ADKINS

354 ii. John H. ADKINS

355 iii. Elizabeth A. ADKINS

356 iv. Mary J ADKINS


78. Matilda WORKMAN. Born 22 Jun 1817, Died 30 Apr 1885


Research: Ancestree V9N4 by Logan County Gen. Soc.


She first married Jonathan OSBORNE. They had the following child: Mary



She second married Hansford CARTER, 3 Jan 1856.


She third married Jacob S. COX.


79. Marinda WORKMAN. Born 24 May 1819


Research: Ancestree V9N4 by Logan County Gen. Soc.


She first married Robert K. Ilgore GREEN, Circa 1832.


She second married T. HOMPSON ??.


80. Nancy WORKMAN. Born Circa 1820


She married Eli GORE. Born Circa 1817


Research: Logan County, VA/WV and Will Records 7/10/1895


They had the following children:


357 i. Charles Henry GORE

358 ii. Batto GORE

359 iii. Mary GORE

360 iv. Nancy A. GORE

361 v. Eli GORE

81. Nellie WORKMAN.


She married Stephen LAMBERT, son of Stephen LAMBERT & Rhoda WAGGONER.

Research: Ancestree V19N2 p19 by Logan County Gen. Soc.


They had the following child:

362 i. Victoria LAMBERT

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82. Abijah WORKMAN. Born Circa 1819/1821 in Virginia. Died in Logan, WVA.


Wayne County, WVA shows Sarah Marrs/Morris as mother as of his marriage to

Frances Nelson.


Research: 1850 Census and Wayne County, WVA Marriage Records


He first married Nancy PERRY, Circa 1844. Born Circa 1826 in Pike County,

KY. Died 25 Dec 1856. They had the following children:


363 i. Josiah WORKMAN

364 ii. Sarah E WORKMAN

365 iii. Barbara J. WORKMAN

366 iv. William Henry WORKMAN

367 v. Samuel WORKMAN

368 vi. John Grover WORKMAN


He second married Francis NELSON, daughter of Isaac NELSON & Margaret

STEPHENSON, 7 Jul 1857 in Wayne County, VA. (later WVA) They had the

following children:


369 i. Isaac WORKMAN

370 ii. Jason Maxwell WORKMAN

371 iii. Peggy WORKMAN

372 iv. Nancy WORKMAN

373 v. Malinda WORKMAN

374 vi. Samual WORKMAN

375 vii. Polly Emily WORKMAN

376 viii. Hannah WORKMAN

377 ix. Abijah WORKMAN

378 x. Evaline WORKMAN

379 xi. Arnold WORKMAN


83. Henry WORKMAN. Born 11 Mar 1820 in VA. Died 1862/1912.


Research: Ancestree V9N4 by Logan County Gen. Soc., 1860 Census and

Broderbund WFT Vol 2. Ed 1 Tree #4290 Date of import Oct 10, 1996


He married Nancy DALTON, 2 Jun 1869. Born 8 Sep 1830. Died Circa 1890. They

had the following children:


380 i. William WORKMAN

381 ii. John WORKMAN

382 iii. Moses WORKMAN

383 iv. Henry F WORKMAN


84. Malinda WORKMAN. Born 1826 in Wayne County, VA (now WVA). Died 1 Feb

1904 in Wayne County, West Virginia.


Research: 1850 census & Wayne, WV Death Records


She married Josiah PERRY, son of Arnold PERRY & Polly RATLIFF, Circa 1845.

They had the following children:


384 i. Elizabeth PERRY

385 ii. Sarah PERRY

386 iii. Nancy J. PERRY

387 iv. Thompson PERRY

388 v. Phoebe PERRY

389 vi. Moses PERRY

390 vii. Geroge W. PERRY

391 viii. Abijah C PERRY

392 ix. Marcia PERRY

393 x. Marion PERRY


85. Winn? WORKMAN. Born Circa 1831.


Research: 1850 Census

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86. Moses WORKMAN. Born Circa 1831/1832 in Tazewell, VA.


Research: 1850 Census and 1870 Census.


He married Polly (DEMPSEY) MULLINS, Circa 1851. They had the following



394 i. Henry WORKMAN

395 ii. Abijah WORKMAN

396 iii. Elias WORKMAN

397 iv. Peter WORKMAN

398 v. Sarah E. WORKMAN

399 vi. James WORKMAN

400 vii. Obediah WORKMAN

401 viii. Mary B. WORKMAN


87. Jane WORKMAN.


Research: Ancestree V9N4 by Logan County Gen. Soc.


She married James DALTON, son of James DALTON & Mary ADAMS. They had the

following children:


402 i. Moses DALTON


88. Barbara WORKMAN. Born Circa 1829


Research: Ancestree V9N4 by Logan County Gen. Soc.


She married William DEMPSEY, Circa 1848.


89. Isaac ROBERTS Jr.


He married Cynthia PACK.


90. James ROBERTS. Born Circa 1828.


91. Mary ROBERTS. Born 1830.


92. Joseph WORKMAN. Born Circa 1802 in ? N. C.


Research: Boone County, VA 1850 Census #419 and Sayre


He married Margaret. Born Circa 1795. They had the following children:


403 i. Issac WORKMAN

404 ii. Moses WORKMAN

405 iii. Burwell WORKMAN

406 iv. Martha WORKMAN

407 v. Mary WORKMAN

408 vi. Jasper WORKMAN

409 vii. Phoebe WORKMAN


93. Phoebe WORKMAN. Born Circa 1803


She married William DOTSON Circa 1820


They had the following children: Libby, Nathaniel, Mary Ann, Rhoda, William

and Daniel.


Research: Sayre


94. Elias WORKMAN. Born 1807.


Research: 1850 Boone County & 1850 Census # 415 and Sayre


He married Nancy. Born Circa 1805. They had the following children:


410 i. John WORKMAN

411 ii. Joseph WORKMAN

412 iii. Polly WORKMAN

413 iv. William WORKMAN

414 v. Daniel WORKMAN

415 vi. Nimrod WORKMAN

416 vii. Andrew J. WORKMAN

417 viii. Perry WORKMAN

Another possible child is James M.


95. Josephus H. WORKMAN Rev. Born Circa 1810.


Research: Logan County 1850 Census #182 and Sayre


He married Mary (Polly) BURGESS. Born Circa 1805. They had the following



418 i. John Wesley "Crockadill" WORKMAN

419 ii. Julia Ann WORKMAN

420 iii. Sarah W. WORKMAN

421 iv. Martha Ann WORKMAN

422 v. David S. WORKMAN

423 vi. Eliza J. WORKMAN

424 vii. Dicy D. WORKMAN

425 viii. Joseph Irvin WORKMAN


96. Russell WORKMAN. Born Circa 1815


He married Elizabeth


They had the following possible children: Caroline and William


Research: Sayre





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