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NOTE: I read information from all of the above sources, plus those listed in the written material and tried to place the conflicting information into some type of order. I have printed what I feel comes the closest to being correct.

 Background is a picture of Braemar Castle taken in 1995

Erskine Castle and Residence Pictures

 Pictures taken May 1995

by Richard and Michelle Leeper

They are included in the above copyright.


Kildrummy Castle along the River Don



Mar's Wark in Stirling



Braemar Castle along the River Dee 


 Alloa Tower, Clackmannanshire, Scotland

Pictures taken September 1997 by Richard and Jean Leeper.

They are included in the above copyright.


The back of the Alloa Tower House. You can see where the house that burned was attached. I am standing at the back corner of the Tower to show how big a structure it was. The tower was built in the 16th century and the house was probably added in the 17th century.

North end of the Alloa Tower House.

Front of Alloa Tower House.

Above the front entrance is the Erskine crest.

Je Pense Plus "I Think More"


We begin with Der IRSKYN and a summary of the early history on the family.



"From the middle of the 13th century the Earls were recognized as among "the Seven Earls of Scotland", and held a great position. Earl Gratney married a sister of King Robert Bruce, who brought them the Lordship of Garioch and castle of Kildrummy, which she held against the Earl of Athole, as ally of the English. Their son Donald was made regent in July 1332, but was disastrously defeated and slain at Dupplin Moor near Perth, the next month. His daughter and eventual heir Margaret brought the Earldom to her husband, William, Earl of Douglas and on the accession of her daughter Isabel a troublesome time followed.

While she was living as a widow at her castle of Kildrummy, it was stormed by Alexander Stewart, a bastard, who forced her to execute a charter (August 12, 1404) settling the reversion to the Earldom to himself and his heirs. This act she revoked by a charter of the 19th of September 1404, which cannot now be found; but on marrying him on the 9th of December 1404 she granted him the Earldom for life, the king confirmed this on the 21st of June 1405. After her death in 1408 the Earl played a great part, commanding the Royal forces at the battle of Harlaow, when the Lord of Isles was defeated in 1411, and afterwards acting as Warden of the Marches. In 1426 he resigned the Earldom to the Crown, the King granted it by a fresh creation to him and certain heirs, with revision to the Crown. On the Earl's death in 1435 and the Earldom was claimed by Lord Robert Erskine, as heir of Gratney; Earl of Mar, through a daughter by the Crown claimed as reversionary under the creation of 1426. A long struggle followed until in 1457 James II obtained from a judiciary court of Aberdeen a recognition of the Crown's right to the Earldom and its lands, and shortly after bestowed them on his son John, as Earl of Mar and Garioch. John died unmarried in 1470 and in 1483 his elder brother Alexander Duke of Albany received the Earldom, but it was soon forfeited.... " Later the Title revived in the Erskine family. Taken from Marrs by Mabel Marrs 1977


We visited Braemar Castle, which is in a beautiful location. It is deep in the great forest of Braemar (Braes of Mar); in the Highlands of Scotland Braemar was a castle where large parties of hunters came to hunt. Red deer are plentiful in this area and when the clansmen wanted to go hunting they would come to this area. Each dressed in the colorful attire of their clan. The Earl of Mar would be their host, and it was a big social event.


Mar is between the rivers Dee and Don. Upper Dee is wild rugged and mountainous. Mar comprises the largest portion of Aberdeenshire and in Celtic times it was under the rule of a Mormaeur. From the 12th century on, an Earl took the Mormaeurs place, but no definite succession of Earls appeared until the 13th century. The Royal Castle of Balmorel is in the MAR district. It is the ancient Domain of the Earls of Buchan.

If we are of Scottish origin we well could be from Aberdeenshire County, Scotland. Aberdeenshire County, Scotland is divided into five districts: MAR, GARIOCH, STRATHBOGIE, PROMARTIVE & BUCHAN.


The Erskines came from a family headed by Henry de Erskin, on the Clyde, in Renfrewshire and who owned the Barony called Erskine. (In 1638 the barony of Erskine was sold to Sir John Hamilton). Henry's ownership of the Barony of Erskine was first recorded in the reign of Alexander II (1214-49). The Erskines fought for Robert the Bruce in the Scottish War of Independence. In the 1430's the head of the family Sir Robert inherited the title Earl of Mar and was Chamberlain of Scotland. Robert II conferred the lands in Clackmannanshire to the Erskines in 1360/63. The Erskine's built Alloa Tower in Clackmannanshire in the fifteenth century and added to it as their fortunes increased. In the eighteenth century the tower now was joined by a square of buildings (some said too nice to be called a castle). John the 23rd Earl liked flowers and had beautiful gardens. Sir Robert Erskine's grandson, also Robert, became 1st Lord Erskine in 1435/8. Sir Robert's son Thomas was deprived of the earldom in 1457, then 10 years later received a barony as Lord Erskine. Sir Robert the 4th Lord was among those who perished with James IV at Flodden in 1513.

The 5th Lord Erskine was made guardian of infant Mary, Queen of Scots, when her father James V (1513-42) died soon after the defeat of the Scots by the English in the Battle of Solway Moss. Erskine eventually sent Mary to France into the protection of the French King Henry II.

There is a story that Mary Queen of Scots' infant died soon after birth and that an infant son of the Earl of Mar (6th Lord Erskine) was substituted in place of the dead Prince and called James VI. This was Queen Mary's wish they say. In 1830 the body of an infant was found in the wall of the royal apartments in Edinburgh Castle, where Mary is said to have given birth. Portraits of the 2nd Earl of Mar and James VI were said to have similar facial features.

The Earldom of Mar was restored in 1565 by Mary Queen of Scots when she created the *6th Lord "Earl of Mar" in reward for the family's service as Regents and for their care as custodians of her father and of herself when infants. Mary Queen of Scots in 1565 returned the estranged estates of the earldom of Mar to the family Erskine. John was made guardian of James, the infant son of Queen Mary and her husband Lord Darnley. Mary was captured in 1567 and taken to Loch Leven Castle and held by her half-brother Moray, where the chatelaine was Margaret Erskine. At the end of July 1567 the infant James was crowned King James VI. At the ceremony Mars had to hold the crown above the baby's head because it was too heavy for the child to wear.

John Erskine the 7th Lord (also confirmed as 2nd. Earl of Mar) His first concern was to re-establish their position in Aberdeenshire. John was High Treasurer of Scotland as well as grew up with young King James VI (1566-1625). He was called "Jock o' the Sclaits" (slate) by James VI. John took back the castles of Corgarff and Kildrummy in Strathdon in 1626 from Elphinstones, and in 1628 began the construction of a new fortress at Braemar in Strathdee "A great body of a house, a jam and a staircase." This tower-house had a dual purpose of providing a hunting-lodge for the Earl's use when he came for sport to the great forests of Deeside, and to dominate his neighbor, the fearsome Farquharson clam. In 1688/89, during the short-lived Jacobite uprising the Black Colonel, John Farquharson of Inverey, burned out the castle. Although proposals to repair Braemar Castle were made both in 1689 and 1715, it remained a burned out shell for the next 60 years and was not restored, until 1748.

John Erskine 1675-1732, the 23rd. Earl of Mar was known to the people of Scotland as "Bobbin' Jock" or "Bobbing John" for his habit of changing sides. He was for a time Secretary of State and servant of the throne. He had been stripped of office on the accession of the Hanoverian King George I.

James Edward, the old Pretender, wrote from France to John Erskine, Earl of Mar inviting him to raise the clans and start war against the new King. Immediately Mar sought the exiled Jacobites and organized the uprising of 1715. Coming to his Deeside estate he called the unhappy Scottish chief to the Farquharson house of Invercauld, a mile from Braemar Castle. He raised the standard of King James VIII on Sept. 6 1715 in Braemar village where the Invercauld Arms Hotel now stands. He and his army took Perth without resistance and two months later the disastrous battle of Sheriffmuir marked the collapse of the Jacobite attempt and the Earl's estates were forfeited. He fled to France to spend the rest of his life in exile. He lived in Rome and France and even received an English Pension. He never received his land back and was never allowed to return. On 10 Nov 1717 he was again created Earl of Mar and 13 Dec 1722 Duke of Mar. In 1824 the earldom of Mar was returned to his grandson.


"In 1720 William Erskine Marr, a nobleman of Scotland came to America. .... The dominant Religionist had passed his sentence, which was that he is tied to the tail of a wild colt, and it, be turned loose in the streets of Edinburgh. To avoid this fearful fate he fled his county." (From "MARRS" by Mabel Marrs p13) A few years after his arrival, he located near the town of Little York, Pennsylvania, where, using last name of Mars or Marrs, he raised his three sons. His oldest son Samuel married there, but left for VA a few years later.


*It says he is the 6th Earl, which means of the name Erskine. During lifetime of any given earl, he is referred to as "His Lordship" or as "Mar" not as 1st Earl or 19th and etc. Those terms for historical use only and therefore begin where the historian begins counting.


Early Earl's of Mar

I have changed this slightly from the first book. I have removed 1115 Rothri and 1141 Morgund and added 1-6. Based on a chart on page 3 of Alloa Tower And the Erskines of Mar 1996 by Clackmannanshire Field Studies Society and Friends of Alloa Tower

1. 1065 Mortachos - maormor of Mar Styled first Earl.

2. 1114 Gratnach - son of above.

3. Morgundus - son of number 2 - reign of David.

4. Gillocher - son of number 3.

5. 1171 Morguard - son of number 4 - reign of William the Lion.

6. Gilbert - son of number 5.

7. 1182 Gilchrist.

8. 1228 Duncan - Earl Duncan died before 1234.

9. 1244 William m. Elizabeth Comyn d/o Wm. Comyn - Earl of Buchan One of the Regents of Scotland 1258 and died 1270.

10. 1281 Donald died 1294 - m. Elyn of Wales d/o Llewellyn - Prince of North Wales - daughter Isabella, queen of Robert I.

11. 1297 Gratney m. Christina Bruce sister of Robert The Bruce, King Robert I of Scotland.

12. 1305 Donald m. Isabel Stewart Regent of Scotland Aug 2, 1332 and slain at Dupplin Moor Aug 12, 1332.

13. 1332 Thomas m. Margaret Graham d/o Sir John Graham - Earl of Mentsith. Great Chamberlain of Scotland 1338 Died 1377.


Direct Male line extinct

Earls of marriage with or by descent from female heirs

1. 1374 William - first Earl of Douglas and husband of Countess Isabel who was daughter of 13th Earl.

2. 1384 James their son, Earl of Douglas and Mar. Slain at Otterburn 1388. No issue

3. Sir Malcolm Drummond, first husband of Isabella, sister of Earl James, died without issue 1403

4. Alexander Sterwart, natural son of Earl of Buchan and second husband of Isabelle 1404 died 1435

5. Title goes to the crown in 1457 and to John 3rd son of James II; then Alexander Stewart Duke of Ross, 3rd son of James III and then Lord James Stewart, earl of Moray, natural brother of Queen Mary and whose mother was Margaret Erskine and father James V

There are many numbering systems used depending where they start and/or whom they begin with. I mention some of the different numberings in the book but have found even more.

Second Generation


Family of Der IRSKYN, De ERKYRN, ERSKINE (1)



2. Henry De ERSKIN, M. Born bef 1226.


Owned barony of Erskine in Renfrewshire, situated on the south bank of the Clyde River, early in the reign of Alexander II, 1214-1249. He witnessed a charter by King Alexander II confirming a grant of the church Rosemcath 12 Mar 1226.



3 i. John Erskine (Johannis De Erkyrn), M (<1260-)



Third Generation


Family of Henry De ERSKIN (2)



3. John Erskine (Johannis De Erkyrn) ERSKINE Sir., M. Born bef 1260. Occupation: Knight.


Witnessed a charter by Adam dated 1260. He is probably the Johan der Irskyn who appears among other landowners of Renfrewshire in the Homage Roll of 1292.



4 i. John De, M

5 ii. William, M



Fourth Generation


Family of John Erskine (Johannis De Erkyrn) ERSKINE Sir. (3)



4. John De ERSKINE Sir, M.



6 i. William De, M (->1331)

ii. John, M.

Became High Steward and granted lands in Largs.


iii. Helen, F.

Said to be married to Sir Thomas Bruce brother of King Robert Bruce. Thomas was executed at Carlisle by order of King Edward I.


Helen married Thomas BRUCE Sir, M, son of ? BRUCE, M.


5. William ERSKINE, M.



i. Allen, M.


Fifth Generation


Family of John De ERSKINE Sir (4)



6. William De ERSKINE Knight, M. William De died aft 1331.



7 i. Sir Robert De, M (<1343-1387)

8 ii. Allan, M (-1400)

iii. Andrew, M.

Had a charter of Roploch from King David II 1361.

iv. Archibald, M.



Sixth Generation


Family of William De ERSKINE Knight (6)



7. Sir Robert De ERSKINE Knight, M. Born bef 1343. Sir Robert De died in 1387.


The first record of him : in 1343 he witnessed a charter of Sir John Maxwell of Pencaitland to monks at Dryburgh. He was one of the most prominent member of the family, he was Lord High Chamberlain from 1350-1357, Justiciary north of the Forth, Constable of the Castles of Edinburgh, Stirling and Dunbarton, six times ambassador to England, sent on embassy to France, Warden of the Marches and Sheriff of Stirlingshire, active role in the succession of the House of Stewart to the throne on the death of David Bruce. In 1368 the royal lands of Alloa, in Clackmannanshire were exchanged by David II for the Erskine lands of Strathgartrey on Loch Katrine side. The Alloa lands included Alloa, Galbardstoun (Gaberston) and the Isle of Clackmannan on the west side of the Water of Little Duvan (Devon). David II also granted to Sir robert the New Park in Sterling, Brewhaugh in the Forest of Clackmannan, the lands of Ferrytown, the meadow of Clackmannan, a portion of the royal park on the east side of the water of the Little Duvan and the POW or port of Alloa.


ca 1299 Sir Robert De first married Beatrice (Beatrix) LINDSAY, F, daughter of Alexander LINDSAY Sir, M. Born ca 1278.


Widow of Archibald Douglas who for a short time was Regent of Scotland. He fell at Halidon Hill on 19 July 1333.


They had the following children:

9 i. Thomas, M (<1354-1403)

ii. Malcolm, M.

Ancestor of the Erskines of Kinnaull. Not in Peerage, maybe same person as Nicholas.)

10 iii. Nicholas, M

iv. Marion, F.

bef 1362 Marion married Maurice DRUMMOND 2nd Of Concraig, M.


Sir Robert De second married Christiana MENTETH, F, daughter of Sir John MENTETH Lord of Arrand, M (-1357) & Elyne (Ellen) DE MARR, F. Born in 1321. Christiana died in 1387/8.


She was the widow of Edward Keith of Sinton.

Robert's son Thomas married their daughter Janet Keith.


8. Allan ERSKINE, M. Allan died in May 1400.


bef 1362 Allan married Isabel INCHMARTINE, F, daughter of Sir John INCHMARTINE Of Ilk, M & Margaret WEMYSS, F.


They had the following children:

i. Margaret, F.

Margaret married John GLEN Sir, M.

of Glen and Balmuto

ii. Isabella, F.

ca 1386 Isabella married John WEMYSS Sir, M.

of Kincaldrum and Reresof Kincaldrum & Reres, afterwards of Wemyss.


Seventh Generation


Family of Sir Robert De ERSKINE Knight (7) & Beatrice (Beatrix) LINDSAY



9. Thomas ERSKINE, M. Born in of Erskine bef 1354. Thomas died in 1403/1404. between Martinmas 11 Nov 1403 and Whitsunday 18 May 1404.


The Erskines of Dun descended from the Erskines of Erskine when Sir Thomas received a Charter of the Barony of Dun from King Robert II in 1376. Fought King James III. He was made a knight between 1365 and 1370. He was keeper of Edinburgh Castle and Sheriff of Edinburgh.

Laid the foundation of the claim which the Erskines preferred to the dignity, and the vast estates which were included in the earldom. Though their claim was rejected by James III family continued to prosper and they were elevated to peerage by 1467.


abt 1365 Thomas first married Mary DOUGLAS, F.


Died giving birth to her first child. Her father was Sir William Douglas known as the Knight of Liddesdale.


bef 13 Apr 1370 Thomas second married Janet KEITH of Alloa and Dun, F, daughter of Edward KEITH Sir, M (-bef 1350) & Christiana MENTETH, F (1321-1387/8). Born in Synton Selkirk Scotland in 1342. Janet died in 1413.


She was the widow of Sir David Barclay of Brechin and the great grand daughter of Gratney 11th Earl. This relationship to Gratney was the basis for the Erskine claim to the Earldom of Mar.


They had the following children:

11 i. Sir Robert, M (ca1368-1451)

12 ii. John, M (->1409)

iii. Elizabeth, F.

Another source says her name was Isabel and she married Sir John WEMYSS.

Elizabeth married Duncan WEMYSS Of Rires, M.


10. Nicholas ERSKINE of Kinnoull, M.


Nicholas first married Jean CAMERON of Balegarno, F, daughter of John CAMERON Sir, M.


They had one child:

i. William, M.


Nicholas second married Elizabeth KEITH, F.


Elizabeth was the widow of Sir Adam Gordon.


Eighth Generation


Family of Thomas ERSKINE (9) & Janet KEITH of Alloa and Dun



11. Sir Robert ERSKINE (EARL OF MAR) heir of Gratney, M. Born in Erikineontheclyd, Scotland ca 1368. Sir Robert died on 7 Sep 1451 - 6 Nov 1452.


He was confirmed Earl of Mar in 1438 - 13th Earl of Mar. He started the struggle with the Crown for the Earldom of Mar. Alloa Tower was seized by the crown in 1446 and returned to the family by James III about 1467. Many of the family of Dun fell at Flodden and after several generations the estate of Dun passed to the Marquis of Ailsa in 1793 whose second son inheriting property assumed the name of Erskine. Another source says he married a daughter of Robert Stewart, Lord of Lorn.


aft 20 Dec 1400 Sir Robert married Elizabeth LINDSAY, F, daughter of David LINDSAY 1st Earl of Crawford, M & Elizabeth, F.


They had the following children:

13 i. Thomas, M (<1400-1493)

14 ii. Janet, F (ca1400-)

iii. Agnes ?, F. Born ca 1440.

Not sure if she fits here.

Agnes ? married Henry DOUGLAS, M. Born ca 1438.

15 iv. Christian, F (ca1402->1479)


12. John ERSKINE, M. John died aft 1409.


Ancestor Erskines of Dun of Pittodrie



16 i. Alexander, M (<1451-)



Ninth Generation


Family of Sir Robert ERSKINE (EARL OF MAR) heir of Gratney (11) & Elizabeth LINDSAY



13. Thomas ERSKINE Lord, M. Born bef 1400. Thomas died in Dec 1493/4.


He was the 2nd Lord Erskine and fought on the side of King James III against rebels at Sauchieburn. Named Lord Erskine at Stirling 6 Nov 1452 and deprived of the title Earl of Mar in 1457. Ten years later he received a barony as Lord Erskine and became the 14th Earl of Mar. In 1488 22 Jany, a plea is moved between "Alexander Skeyn of that Ilke and Thomas Lord Eriskine." from (Acta Dom Auditorum)


bef 1445 Thomas married Elizabeth Janet DOUGLAS, F, daughter of James DOUGLAS, M & Joan STEWART, F. Born ca 1429. Elizabeth Janet died aft 1489.


They had the following children:

17 i. Alexander, M (<1446-1509)

18 ii. Helen, F

iii. Isobel, F.

had issue

Isobel married Patrick GRAHAM of Kilpont, M.

iv. Elizabeth, F.

had issie

Elizabeth married Sir Alexander SETON of Touch, M.

v. Mariota, F.

Mariota married William KEITH 2nd Earl Marischal, M.


14. Janet ERSKINE, F. Born ca 1400/1405.


Ancestress of the Earls of Castle Stewart of Ireland.


ca 24 Apr 1421 Janet married Walter STEWART, M. Walter died on 24 May 1425.


They had one child:

i. Walter ?, M.

Ancestor of the Earls of Castle Stewart in Ireland.

15. Christian ERSKINE Baroness Graham, F. Born ca 1402/1407. Christian died aft 1479.


Christian married Patrick Lord GRAHAM Baron, M. Born ca 1400. Patrick Lord died in 1466.


They had one child:

i. William Lord, M.



Family of John ERSKINE (12)



16. Alexander ERSKINE, M. Born bef 1451.


2nd of Dun



19 i. Sir John, M (-1504)



Tenth Generation


Family of Thomas ERSKINE Lord (13) & Elizabeth Janet DOUGLAS



17. Alexander ERSKINE, M. Born bef 9 Oct 1446. Alexander died on 10 May 1509.


He was 3rd Lord Erskine and Governor of Dunbarton Castle. He was made guardian of King James IV when James was the Prince of Scotland. Alexander built the present Alloa Tower in 1497. "A massively constructed Keep of coursed rubble, it's eleven feet thick walls rising over seventy feet above the ground. The thick walls supporting a high vault which formed the roof of the main hall and the flooring of the living quarters which were on the top floor." p 6 Sauchie and Alloa - A People History


bef 9 Oct 1466 Alexander first married Christian CRICHTON, F, daughter of Sir Robert CRICHTON of Sanquhar, M. Christian died bet. Nov 1477 & Mar 1478.


They had the following children:

20 i. Robert, M (<1485-1513)

ii. Walter, M.

Said to be the second son of the first marriage. Of Over Dunnotter

iii. Christian, F.

Christian married David STEWART, M.

younger of Rossyth.

iv. Agnes, F.

Agnes married William ? MENTEITH Of Kerse, M.

v. Mr. Alexander ?, M.


bef 1480 Alexander second married Ellen, F, daughter of Alexander 1st. Lord Home, M. Ellen died aft 1513.


Ellen was the widow of Sir Adam Hepburn of Hailes. Not sure if she is the mother of any of Alexander's children.


18. Helen ERSKINE, F.


Helen married Sir Humphrey COLQUHOUN Of Luss, M.


They had one child:

i. Sir John, M.



Family of Alexander ERSKINE (16)


19. Sir John ERSKINE, M. Sir John died on 17 May 1504.


3rd of Dun, had a charter 28 Jan 1449-50


ca 1452 Sir John married Elizabeth ? Margory GRAHAM, F. Elizabeth ? Margory died on 15 Mar 1508.


They had the following children:

i. Isobel, F.

Isobel married LUNDY of Benholme, M.

21 ii. John, M

iii. Thomas, M.

iv. Alexander, M.



Eleventh Generation


Family of Alexander ERSKINE (17) & Christian CRICHTON



20. Robert ERSKINE 4th. Lord, M. Born bef 1485. Robert died on 9 Sep 1513 in battle of Flodden.


He fell at the battle of Flodden 9 Sept 1513 with four others his kinsmen and King James IV. John Erskine of Dun also fell at Flodden. John married Margaret Ruthven d/o 1st Lord Ruthven of Huntington Towers.


In 1485 Robert married Isabell(a) CAMPBELL Lady, F, daughter of Sir George CAMPBELL of Loudoun, M. Isabell(a) died aft 14 Dec 1518. Her name may be Elizabeth.


They had the following children:

i. Robert, M.

He preceded his father and died unmarried. Master of Erskine.

22 ii. John, M (<1510->1553)

23 iii. James, M (-ca1592)

iv. Mr. Alexander, M. Occupation: Parson of Moniabroch or Kilsyth.

v. Mr. Willian, M.

vi. Margaret, F.

On 14 Dec 1518 Margaret married James HALDANE of Gleneagles, M.

vii. Janet, F.

It is said she is the wife of John Murray of Touchadam but he is suppose to have married her niece of the same name.



Family of Sir John ERSKINE (19) & Elizabeth ? Margory GRAHAM


21. John ERSKINE, M.


4th of Dun


John married Katherine, F.


Katherine was the daughter of William Monypenay of Pitmillie and he fell at Flodden in 1513.


They had the following children:

24 i. John, M

ii. Thomas, M.



Twelfth Generation


Family of Robert ERSKINE 4th. Lord (20) & Isabell(a) CAMPBELL Lady



22. John ERSKINE 5th Lord, M. Born bef 1510. John died aft 11 Jul 1553/55.


In 1542, the young Queen of Scots was placed under his charge. He was knighted before June 1510. He was also present at death of monarch at Falkland. He was Hereditary Governor and kept James V during his minority, 1513-28, and Mary his infant daughter, during her minority, 1542-48, in Stirling Castle. He was keeper of Stirling Castle until his death and he also had custody of the Castle of Edinburgh. He had a brother faithful to Robert Bruce. When Scotland was invaded by England, he sent Mary to Prory of Inchmahome, an island on the Lake of Menteith, but was his property. A possible illegitimate daughter Margaret married before Aug 1526 to George Home of Lundies both alive 25 Mar 1556


John married Margaret CAMPBELL Lady, F.


Margaret was the daughter of Sir. Archibald Campbell 2nd Earl of Argyll.


They had the following children:

25 i. Robert, M (-1547)

26 ii. Thomas, M (-1551)

27 iii. Sir John De, M (ca1510-1572)

28 iv. Alexander, M (-1592)

v. Arthur, M. Arthur died in 1570/71.

He was Queen Mary's favorite equerry and was in personal attendance to her the night Rizzio was murdered.

Arthur married Magdalen LIVINGSTONE, F.

Magdalen was the daughter of Alexander fifth Lord Livingstone

vi. Catherine, F.

On 20 Nov 1525 Catherine married Alexander 2nd Lord Elphinstone, M. Born on 22 May 1511. Alexander 2nd Lord Elphinstone died on 10 Sep .

29 vii. Margaret, F (-1572)

viii. Janet, F.

On 1 Sep 1532 Janet married John MURRAY Of Touchadam, M.

John was the ancestor of the Polmaise family.

ix. Elizabeth, F.

Elizabeth married Walter SETON, M.

of Touch and Tullibody


23. James ERSKINE, M. James died ca 1592/1596, at 70 years of age.


James was the first Laird of Balgouny of Little Sauchie, Stirlingshire, Scotland.


In ante 1541 James married Christine STIRLING, F. Christine died in Sep 1582.


They had the following children:

i. Robert, M.

ii. William, M. Occupation: Parson of Campsie.

iii. Adam, M.

iv. James, M. Occupation: Vicar of Falkirk.

v. Captain Thomas, M.

vi. Jean, F.

Jean married James PRESTON of Valleyfield, M.

30 vii. Alexander, M (-1580)



Family of John ERSKINE (21) & Katherine



24. John ERSKINE, M.


of Dun



31 i. Robert, M




Thirteenth Generation


Family of John ERSKINE 5th Lord (22) & Margaret CAMPBELL Lady


25. Robert ERSKINE, M. Robert died on 10 Sep 1547.


He was the master of Erskine and he fell at battle of Pinkie on 10 Sept 1547. His illegitimate son David was the ancestor of the Erskines of Shieldfield. The Succession Church leaders Ebenezer and Ralph No issue with his wife.


Robert first married Margaret GRAHAM, F.


Margaret was the eldest daughter of William, second Earl of Montrose.


He did not marry Mrs. Jean HOME, F.


They had one child:

32 i. David, M (ca1540-)


26. Thomas ERSKINE, M. Thomas died in 1551. Occupation: Master of Erskine, after Robert's Death.


Thomas died before his father died. No issue with his wife. Had two natural children.


Thomas first married Margaret FLEMING, F.


Margaret was the daughter of Malcolm, third Lord Fleming.



i. Adam, M.

Natural son Adam Commendator of Cambuckenneth.

ii. Elizabeth, F.

Her mother is Janet Abernethy.

ca 29 Jan 1562/1563 Elizabeth married Robert GRAHAM Of Gartmore, M,

Brother of John Earl of Menteith


27. Sir John De ERSKINE 6th Lord, M. Born in ? Stirling Castle Stirlingshire, Scotland ca 1510. Sir John De Erskine died on 28 Oct 1572. Buried in Alloa.


On 23 June 1565 he became Earl of Mar. The first acknowledged earl of "Erskine family". As a reward, Queen Mary created, or restored him as 18th Earl of Mar, because of his services for the Crown. He was Reagent of Scotland from1571 until his death in 1572. The earldom of Mar included Strathdon, Braemar, Cromar and Strathdee as well as the lands of the lordship of Garioch. He became guardian in 1566 of young Prince James VI, a small infant. His sister was mother of Reagent Moray by James V. She later married Sir William Douglas of Loch Leven.

From Collins Encyclopedia of Scotland Edited by John Keay and Julia Keay 1994 p 359 "John was confirmed in the Earldom of Mar after the title was adopted and then relinquished by his nephew (1565)" I believe his nephew is the son of King James V, James Stewart by Margaret Erskine. On 7 Feb 1561/62 this nephew was made Earl of Mar, but it is said he resigned it before Oct 1562 and resumed the title of Earl of Moray.


On 29 Jan 1556/1557 Sir John De married Lady Annabella MURRAY of Tullibardine, F. Lady Annabella died in Feb 1602/1603.


Lady Annabella was the daughter of William Murray of Tullibardine.


They had the following children:

33 i. John, M (ca1557-1634)

ii. Mary, F.

On 13 Jun 1573 Mary married Archibald, 8th Earl of Angus, M.


28. Alexander ERSKINE, M. Alexander died in 1592.


He was the ancestor of the Earls of Kellie and the third Earl of Kellie.


Alexander married Margaret HOME, F, daughter of George HOME, M. Born ca 1540.


They had the following children:

34 i. Thomas, M (1566-1639)

ii. Alexander, M. Born ca 1568.

iii. George, M. Born in 1571.

iv. James, M. Born ca 1572.

v. Archibald, M. Born ca 1574.

vi. Mary, F. Born in 1575.

vii. Margaret, F. Born ca 1576.

viii. Jean, F. Born ca 1578.

ix. Christian, M. Born ca 1582.


29. Margaret ERSKINE, F. Margaret died on 5 May 1572.



She was mistress of King James V. and mother of Lord James Stewart - Earl of Moray. This made Lord James Stewart Queen Mary's half brother. He was Regent of Scotland, for awhile or Regent Moray.


On 11 Jul 1527 Margaret first married Sir Robert DOUGLAS, M.


Sir Robert DOUGLAS was of Loch Leven.


She second did not marry King James V, M.


They had one child:

i. James, M. James died in 1570. assassinated.

Earl of Moray

Regent 1567

Created Earl of Mar on 7 Feb 1561/1562.



Family of James ERSKINE (23) & Christine STIRLING


30. Alexander ERSKINE 1st Lord of Shieilfield, M. Alexander died on ante 20 Jan 1580.


Called Ist Lord of Shielfield, taken from Pedigrees of Some of the Emperor Charlemagne's Descendants Vol III 1988


I did not have him from Scot's Peerage as a son of James and Christine Erskine. I will add the line for some one else to sort.


Alexander married Elizabeth HALIBURTON, F, daughter of Walter HALYBURTON, M & Agnes STEWART, F.


They had one child:

35 i. Ralph, M (ca1570-1645)



Family of John ERSKINE (24)



31. Robert ERSKINE, M.



i. John, M.


14th Generation


Family of Robert ERSKINE (25) & Mrs. Jean HOME



32. David ERSKINE, M. Born ca 1540/55. Occupation: Became Abbot of Inchmahome and Dryburgh.


He may be the natural son of John, 5th Lord Erskine. Both has been mentioned as his father but "The Scot's Peerage" shows Robert as father.



35 i. Ralph, M (ca1570-1645)



Family of Sir John De ERSKINE 6th Lord (27) & Lady Annabella MURRAY of Tullibardine


33. John ERSKINE 2nd Earl Of MAR, M. Born in Stirling Castle, Stirling, Scotland ca 1557. John died on 14 Dec 1634 in Stirlingshire, Scotland, aged 79.


He was the most prominent family member. He was 7th Lord Erskine, 2nd. Earl of Mar by the name Erskine. Another place called 19th Earl of Mar.

He grew up with James VI (1566-1625) James VI called him "Jock o' the Sclates" (slates). They had a deep friendship and they were educated together. He and James VI and his cousins sons of Erskine of Gogar were taught by George Buchanan under the superintendence of the Countess of Mar. There is a story that Mary Queen of Scots' infant died soon after birth and that an infant son of the Earl of Mar (6th Lord Erskine) was substituted in place of the dead Prince and called James VI. This was Queen Mary's wish they say. In 1830 the body of an infant was found in the wall of the royal apartments in Edinburgh Castle, where Mary is said to have given birth. Some say portraits of the 2nd Earl of Mar and James VI were said to have similar facial features.

His greatest achievement was the recovery of the Mar estates, in 1626, including Corgarff & Kildrummy. Kildrummy was the "head" of the earldom. Alienated by the Crown during the long period that his family had been out of possession, he recovered all of the actual possessions of the earldom of Mar granted to his father. It was in his time that the problem with the earldom was settled. He also began building Braemar Castle in 1628. It was burned out during the short lived Jacobite rebellion of 1688/89. He was ambassador to England in 1601. He was appointed in 1616 High Treasurer of Scotland and held that position until 1620; and was guardian of the infant son of King James VI, Prince Henry.

On June 10, 1610 he was created Lord Cardross. On 9 December 1616 the Earl received an appointment under the Great Seal as High Treasurer of Scotland.

He had five sons and four daughters by his second wife. I ended up with an extra daughter. (Dr. Mills of the Scottish Record Office said he had seven sons by his second wife.)


He was one of the nobles who took part in the Raid of Ruthven in 1582 and was deprived of his office of Governor of Stirling and took refuge in Ireland being exiled from 1583-1585 In November 1585 he and other banished lords reentered Scotland with eight thousand men and took possession of Stirling Castle and expelled Arran, from the Court. The Earl of Mar became one of the most trusted counsellors and friends to the King. In July 1595 King James entrusted the custody and education of Prince Henry, to him. Prince Henry was the fifth of the heirs to the throne who had been entrusted to the care of an Erskine.


On 27 Jul 1580 John first married Anne DRUMMOND Countess of Mar, F, daughter of David Lord of Drummond, M. Born ca 1566. Anne died aft 1584.


Anna or Agnes was the 2nd daughter of David Lord Drummond.


They had one child:

36 i. John, M (1586-1653)


On 7 Dec 1592 John second married Mary (Marie) STEWARD(T), F, daughter of Esme STEWARD(T) 1st. Duke Lennox, M. Mary (Marie) died on 11 May 1644.


Duke Lennox's father was Segneur of Aubigny. His wife Catherine de Balsac d'Entranques. She made her will 8 May 1644 and she died three days later.


They had the following children:

37 i. James, M (ca1594-)

38 ii. Henry, M (-1628)

39 iii. Col. Sir Alexander, M (->1625)

40 iv. Arthur, M (-1651)

v. John, M. John died bef 1668.


In 1640 John married Margaret INGLIS, F, daughter of William INGLIS, M.

41 vi. Sir Charles, M (-1663)

vii. William, M.

Cupbearer to Charles I and Master of Charterhouse London. He died unmarried and with no acknowledged children. A minor at his father's death.

viii. Margaret, F. Born in Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland ca 1599.

Margaret married John LYON of Kinghorne, M. Born in Glamis, Anqushire Scotland ca 1596.

ix. Annabella, F. Born ca 1601.

Probably died young. Listed as fourth daughter in his will.

x. Catherine, F. Born ca 1603.

On 27 Feb 1622 Catherine married Thomas Second Earl Of Haddington, M.

xi. Mary (Countess of Marischel), F. Born in Mar District, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, ca 1604.

On 12 Oct 1609 Mary (Countess of Marischel) married William KEITH Earl Marischal, M. Born in Mar District, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, ca 1604.

xii. Anna, F.

Anna married John Sixth Earl of Rothes, M.



Family of Alexander ERSKINE (28) & Margaret HOME


34. Thomas ERSKINE Earl Of Kellie, M. Born in Gogar in 1566. Thomas died on 12 Jun 1639 in London. Buried on 23 Jun 1639 in Pittenweem, County Fife.


The title Earl of Kellie was conferred by James VI, in 1619 on Sir Thomas Erskine. The eldest surviving son of Sir Alexander, who had been the King's schoolfellow, and was through life regarded by him with great favor. His grandson, Thomas, who died unmarried in 1642, succeeded him.


On 30 Nov 1587 Thomas first married Ann OGILVY, F, daughter of Sir Gilbert OGILVY of Powrie, M. Born in Powris ca 1570.


They had one child:

42 i. Alexander, M (ca1591-1631)


In 1604 Thomas second married Elizabeth PIERREPONT, F, daughter of Sir Henry PIERREPONT, M. Elizabeth died on 27 Apr 1621.


Thomas third married Dorothy SMITH, F. Dorothy died ca 1639.



Family of Alexander ERSKINE 1st Lord of Shieilfield (30) & Elizabeth HALIBURTON

Could be son of David ERSKINE #32


35. Ralph ERSKINE 2nd Laird of Shielfield, M. Born ca 1570/80. Ralph died on 13 Feb 1645.


Not sure if another generation here or linked to correct father. He may be the son of Alexander and Elizabeth Erskine or of David ERSKINE #32. You decide! Confusing information I looked at.


Ralph was of Shielfield, Merse, Scotland and was the father of thirty-three children. He originally descended from the ancient house of Mar.



43 i. Henry, M (ca1630-1696)

44 ii. John, M (1589-1672)



15th Generation


Family of John ERSKINE 2nd Earl of MAR (33) & Anne DRUMMOND Countess of MAR



36. John ERSKINE 8th Earl, M. Born in of Otterstown in 1586. John died in 1653 in either January or October.


He was the 20th. Earl of Mar. He was appointed a member of the Privy Council in 1617. In 1610 he was made a knight of the Bath, when Prince Henry was created Prince of Wales. In about 1615/17 he was appointed Governor of Stirling Castle. In 1638 he was deprived of the command of the Castle which Charles I conferred on General Ruthven.

That same year the Earl was made to sell to the King the sheriffship of Stirling, and the bailiery of the Forth for the sum of 8,000 #. His properties were sequestered by the Estates and in 1638 he sold the barony of Erskine, the ancient possession of the family to Sir John Hamilton. He is said to have lost some lands he owned in Ireland during the Irish rebellion



On 6 Feb 1610 John married Jean HAY, F, daughter of Francis HAY Earl, M (1564-) & Elizabeth DOUGLAS, F (ca 1566-), in Edinburgh Castle. Born ca 1590. Jean died on 24 May 1668.


Jean was the daughter of Sir Francis Hay 9th Earl of Erroll and Elizabeth Douglas. Elizabeth was the daughter of the Earl of Morton.


They had the following children:

i. Elizabeth, F. Born ca 1619.

Elizabeth married Archbald NAPIER, M. Born ca 1617.

ii. Francis, M. Born ca 1621. Francis died in 1662.

Died unmarried

iii. Mary, F. Born ca 1623.

Died unmarried

iv. Annabelle, F. Born ca 1625.

Was a natural daughter.

Annabelle married Robert STEWART Of Culberg, M.

45 v. John, M (ca1617-1668)



Family of John ERSKINE 2nd Earl Of MAR (33) & Mary (Marie) STEWARD(T)


37. James ERSKINE, M. Born in Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland ca 1594.


He acquired the Earldom of Buchan. This title ended with the death of William, 8th Earl in 1695.


James married Marjery RAMSEY, F.


Margery was the daughter of William Earl of Dalhousie.


They had one child:

i. William, M.

Married, no issue



38. Henry ERSKINE barony-Cardross, M. Henry died in 1628.


He never inherited the title Lord Cardross given to him by his father, because he died before his father.


Henry married Margaret BELLENDEN, F.


Margaret was the daughter of Sir James Bellenden of Broughtoun.


They had the following children:

46 i. David, M

ii. Alexander, M. Born in Died Young.

iii. William, M.

Had issue and names are unknown.

William married Magdalen LUMSDAIN, F.

Magdalen was the daughter of Sir James Lumsdain.

47 iv. John, M


39. Col. Sir Alexander ERSKINE, M. Col. Sir Alexander died aft Apr 1625. Occupation: Soldier.


He did not marry Anna BOTHWELL, F.


Anna was the daughter of the first Lord of Holyroodhouse.


They had one child:

i. Alexander, M. Born ca Apr 1622.

He is called a natural son of Anna Bothwell.



40. Arthur ERSKINE Sir, M. Arthur was killed on 3 Sep 1651.


Arthur made a will on 17 Oct 1646.


Arthur married Margaret BUCKANEN, F, daughter of Sir John BUCKANEN of Scotscraig, M.


They had the following children:

i. John, M.

ii. William, M.


41. Sir Charles ERSKINE, M. Sir Charles died on 8 Jul 1663.


Ancestors are Erskines of Alva


On 10 Jan 1639 Sir Charles first married Mary HOPE, F.


Mary was the daughter of Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall & Jacqueline deTott.


They had one child:

48 i. Charles, M (1643-1690)


Sir Charles second married Helen SKENE, F.


d/o Sir James Skene of Curriehill. Had issue


They had one child:

49 i. John, M (-1741)



Family of Thomas ERSKINE Earl of Kellie (34) & Ann OGILVY


42. Alexander ERSKINE, M. Born in Cambo ca 1591. Alexander died on 11 Feb 1631.


In Jun 1610 Alexander married Anne SETON, F, daughter of Alexander SETON, M.


They had the following children:

50 i. Charles, M (ca1615-1677)

ii. Thomas, M. Born in North Berwick in 1615. Thomas died in 1642/43, aged 27 years.


He was the 3rd Earl of Kellie.


51 iii. Alexander, M (-1677)



Family of Ralph ERSKINE 2nd Laird of Shielfield (35)


43. Henry ERSKINE, M. Born ca 1630. Henry died in 1696.


He preached the gospel first in Cornwell, Northumberland County, England and then became Minister of Chirnside in Berwickshire, upon the Leed River.


In 1674 Henry married Margaret HALCRO, F.


They had the following children:

52 i. Hugh, M (ca1655-)

53 ii. Ebenezer, M (1680-1754)

54 iii. Ralph, M (1685-)


44. John ERSKINE 3rd Laird of Shielfield, M. Born on 26 Aug 1589. John died on 16 Dec 1672; he was 83.


On 28 Mar 1617 when John was 27, he married Margaret HALIBURTON, F, daughter of James HALIBURTON, M. Born in 1593. Margaret died on 12 Dec 1668.


They had one child:

55 i. James, M


16th Generation


Family of John ERSKINE 8th Earl (36) & Jean HAY


45. John ERSKINE 9th Earl, M. Born in Shielfield ca 1617. John died in Sep 1668 in Alloa.


John was the 9th Earl of Mar of name Erskine, or 21st. Earl of Mar. He was invested with the Order of Bath in 1610 and was nominated as one and succeeded his father in 1654 upon his father's death. He was commander of the Stirlingshire Regiment of 1644, for the purpose of resisting the threatened invasion of Scotland, by Charles I. The following year along with his father, he joined the Cumbernauld Association, for the defence of the royal cause. He lost his estates in 1654, and he lived for a time in a small cottage at the gate of what had been his own mansion Alloa House. He then lost his eyesight. In 1660 the estates were restored, by Charles II. He never recovered from his losses.


In 1641 John first married Elizabeth (Mary) SCOTT, F. Born ca 1619. Elizabeth (Mary) died bef 23 Jul 1647.


(no issue)


Elizabeth (Mary) was the daughter of Walter Scott, Earl of Buceleuch.


On 8 Oct 1647 John second married Jean MACKENZIE, F, daughter of George MACKENZIE Earl of Seaforth, M (ca 1608-Aug 1651) & Barbara FORBES, F (17 Jan 1607-bur. aft 1666). Born in Seaforth, Scotland ca 1640. Jean died aft 16 Sep 1674/1675.


They had the following children:

56 i. Charles, M (1650-1689)

ii. Jean, F. Christened on 25 Sep 1649 in Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland.

iii. Barbara, F. Born in 1652. Barbara died in Aug 1690.

On 7 Sep 1670 Barbara married James Marquess of Douglas, M.

iv. Sophia, F. Born ca 1656. Sophia died in Jun 1734.

In 1676 Sophia married Alexander 3rd Lord Forbes of Pitsligo Baron, M.

v. Marie, F. Born on 2 Feb 1657. Marie died on 14 Dec 1695; she was 38.

On 5 Aug 1673 when Marie was 16, she married John 10th Earl of Glencairn CUNNINGHAM, M.

vi. George, M. Born ca 1658. George died on 21 Jun 1676 in Muckall.



Family of Henry ERSKINE Barony-Cardross (38) & Margaret BELLENDEN



46. David ERSKINE 2nd Lord of Cardross, M.


David succeed to the Lordship of Cardross on the death of his grandfather John, Earl of Mar.


David first married Anne HOPE, F.


Anne was the daughter of Sir Thomas Hope, King's Advocate of Craighall.


They had the following children:

57 i. Henry, M (ca1649-1693)

ii. Margaret, F.

Margaret married William CUNNINGHAM, M, of Boquham in Stirlingshire.


David second married Mary BRUCE, F, daughter of Sir George BRUCE, M.


Mary was the daughter of George Bruce of Carnock.


They had the following children:

i. Alexander, M.

He died young


ii. William, M., of Torry.


William married Magdalen LUMSDAIN, F. His wife was his German cousin - Magdalen, daughter of Sir James Lumsdain.


iii. John, M., of Carnock. ( One reference had him being #47 below.)

He was M. P. for the burgh of Stirling.


iv. Charles, M.


v. Veronica, F.

Veronica married Walter LOCKHART, M., of Kirktown, Lanarkshire


vi. Magdalen, F.

Magdalen married Alexander MONEYPENNY, M., of Pitmilly


vii. Maria, F.


47. John ERSKINE of Carnock, M.


Was father of John Erskine author of Institutes of the Law of Scotland and his grandson is Dr. John Erskine Minister of Greyfriars Church, Edinburgh. Sir Water Scott wrote about him in Guy Mannering.


John first married Jane MURE, F.


Jane was the daughter of William Mure of Caldwell


They had one child:

i. John, M. Born in 1695. John died in 1768.


John second married Anna DUNDAS, F.


(Had four sons and one daughter.)


Anna was the daughter of William Dundas of Kincavil.


John third married Lilias STIRLING, F.


(No issue)


Lilias was the daughter of Sir John Stirling of Keir.


John fourth married Mary STUART, F.


(One son)


Mary was the daughter of Charles Stuart of Dunearn.



Family of Sir Charles ERSKINE (41) & Mary HOPE


48. Charles ERSKINE 1st Baron of Alva, M. Born on 4 Jul 1643. Charles died on 4 Jun 1690; he was 46.


His descendant, the 6th Baronet inherited the Earldom of Rosslyn from maternal grand father Alexander Wedderburn Lord Chancellor of England, and his descendants still enjoy this title.


Charles married Christian DUNDAS, F.


They had the following children:

i. James, M. Born ca 1669.

ii. John, M. Born ca 1672.

iii. Charles, M. Born ca 1680.

iv. Robert, M. Born ca 1682.



Family of Sir Charles ERSKINE (41) & Helen SKENE



49. John ERSKINE Colonel, M. John died in 1741.


John was depute-governor of Stirling Castle. According to his testament dative (he died without making a will in 1741 ref;CC6/5/25) his eldest son was named John and was an advocate, but he may have had another son not mentioned here, making him of an age when he would perhaps have been more likely to emigrate, and indeed to marry almost twenty years later. (from Dr. N. J. Mills, Historical Search Room, Scottish Record Office, Edinburgh, Scotland.) His second wife was widow of Charles Erskine - Earl of Mar.


John first married Euphame COCHRANE, F.


Euphame was the sister of the 8th Earl of Dundonald.


They had the following children:

i. Mary, F.

Mary married William HAMILTON, M.

ii. Margaret, F.

Margaret married William ERSKINE, M, son of Henry ERSKINE 3d Lord Cardross (57), M (ca 1649-21 May 1693) & Catherine STEWART, F (ca 1651-Jan 1725). Born ca 1676. William died on 10 Oct 1739. Occupation: Deputy Gov. of Blackness Castle between Stirling & Edinburgh.

iii. John, M.

Advocate from 1741 will ref: CC6/5/25



On 29 Apr 1697 John second married Lady Mary MAULE, F, daughter of George MAULE Lord Panmure, M & Jean FLEMING, F. Born in of Panmune ca 1654.


They may have had a child:

i. ? son, M.

Dr. N. J. Mills, Historical Search Room Scottish Record Office, Edinburgh. "John may have had a son not mentioned in the records."



Family of Alexander ERSKINE (42) & Anne SETON


50. Charles ERSKINE Lyon King, M. Born in Cambo, Fife, Scotland ca 1615. Charles died in Sep 1677.


bef 1663 Charles married Penelope BARCLAY, F. Born in Collairnie, Scotland ca 1642.


They had one child:

58 i. Alexander, M (1663-1727)


51. Alexander ERSKINE, M. Alexander died in May 1677.


He was the 4th Earl of Kellie.


In 1661 Alexander first married Anna, F.


Anna was the daughter of Colonial Jon Kirkpatrick, Governor of Bois-le-Duc


Alexander second married Mary, F. Mary died aft 1677.


Mary was the daughter of Sir John Dalzell of Glenae, County Dunfries.


They had one child:

59 i. Alexander, M (1677-1710)



Family of Henry ERSKINE (43) & Margaret HALCRO


52. Hugh ERSKINE, M. Born ca 1655.


He married and fled with his family to the north of Ireland during the period 1660 - 1688 a time of persecution. I feel it is a possibility that we descend from this Erskine family that fled to Ireland. I feel it could be one of Archibald's sons.



60 i. Archibald, M


53. Ebenezer ERSKINE, M. Born in Dryburgh, Berwick, Scotland on 22 Jun 1680. Ebenezer died in Stirling, Scotland on 2 Jun 1754; he was 73.


Ten children (two sons and four daughters survived infancy) by his first wife. A Scottish theologian and founder of the Secession Church in Scotland. He studied at Edinburgh and he was licensed to preach the Gospel by the Presbytery of Kirkcaldy in 1703.


In 1704 Ebenezer first married Alison TURPIE, F.


They had the following children:

i. son, M.

ii. son, M.

iii. Joan Turpio, F. Joan Turpio died in 1717.

On 3 Jul 1717 Joan Turpio married Rev. James FISHER, M.

61 iv. Allison, F (1719-1814)

v. dau, F.

vi. dau, F.


In 1723 Ebenezer second married Mary WEBSTER, F.


They had the following children:

i. James, M.

ii. Alexander, M.

iii. dau, F.

iv. dau, F.

v. Mary, F.



54. Ralph ERSKINE, M. Born in Monilaws, Northcumberland in 1685.


Ten children and three, James, Henry and John became ministers. All by first wife. With second wife he had four sons. He studied at the University of Edinburgh and was licensed to preach in 1709, and became pastor at Dunfermline in 1711.


On 15 Jul 1714 Ralph first married Margaret DEWAR, F.


They had the following children:

i. Elizabeth, F. Born on 24 May 1715.

ii. Jean, F. Born on 3 Jan 1717.

iii. Margaret, F. Born on 15 Apr 1718.

iv. Helen, F. Born on 17 Dec 1719.

v. Henry, M. Born on 9 Dec 1720.

vi. John, M. Born on 8 Aug 1722.

vii. Rachel, F. Born on 16 Jun 1724.

viii. Ebenezar, M. Born on 8 Sep 1726.

ix. Ralph, M. Born on 25 Sep 1730.

x. James, M.


On 24 Feb 1732 Ralph second married Margaret SIMPSON (SYMSON), F.


They had the following children:

i. Ralph, M. Born on 5 Dec 1732.

ii. Daniel, M. Born in May 1734.

iii. Robert, M. Born on 7 Aug 1735. Robert died in America.

Was a London merchant and later geographer and surveyor-general to the United States Army.

iv. Ralph, M. Born on 27 Jan 1736.



Family of John ERSKINE 3rd Laird of Shielfield (44) & Margaret HALIBURTON


55. James ERSKINE 4th Laird of Shielfield, M.


In 1656 James married Elizabeth CARRE, F.

They had one child:

i. dau, F.

dau married Patrick HALIBURTON, M, son of John HALIBURTON of Muirhouselaw, M & Jean PRINGLE, F. Patrick died on 29 Jun 1703.



17th Generation



Family of John ERSKINE 9th. Earl (45) & Jean MACKENZIE


56. Charles ERSKINE, 10th. Earl of MAR, M. Born in Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland on 24 Oct 1650. Charles died on 23 May 1689; he was 38 years old.


Charles was the tenth Earl of Mar by the name of Erskine or 22nd. Earl of Mar, depending on where you start counting. He had eight sons and one daughter - five sons died young. When I copied the christening records I found Francis christened in 1687. Was there another child born at about the time of his father's death or soon after and was not christened at the same place as his siblings? The Scot's Peerage does not say so but some people say they lived at Albon or Alloa Castle, Mar, Yorkshire, England, near Newcastle. I believe that they may have lived all the way down at Hilston Park located five miles northeast of Monmouth in old Monmouthshire, England. The church used by the people of Hilston was and still is at Llangattock-Vibon-Abel. The area between Hilston Park and the chapel was known as Newcastle. I believe that his wife may have lived in lower England for a few years or until she married in 1697, Col. John Erskine. Needs more research, but would not be uncommon for noblemen to live in England and only go back to Scotland in the warmer weather, but the older children were christened during the winter.


The Glorious Revolution of 1688 was when King James II (grandson of Mary Queen of Scots) was ousted. He was a Roman Catholic and had become King in 1685. His daughter was a protestant and the people waited for her to become ruler, but James' Catholic wife had a son born in June 1688. This worried the people, they did not want another Catholic ruler. A group of politicians asked James' daughter Mary and her husband William of Orange the ruler of the Netherlands to come to England. William invaded with an army in November. Charles was asked to lead an army on the rebelling Highlanders. Charles was imprisoned, in late1688, for a short time and lost Braemar, Kildrummy and Corgarff Castle at that same time, all burned during the rebellion of 1688. I read somewhere that it was the practice that if you did not like someone or wanted to get rid of them, you burned them out. Our term firing someone comes from that. William III and Mary II (dau of James II) became joint rulers of England and Scotland. The new King William II restored Charles to his offices, in 1689, but he died soon afterwards. It is believed he died suddenly and without a will.

Charles' first living son was John - Earl of Mar, who was the Jacobite leader during the rebellion in 1715. His second living son was James Erskine of Grange, Lord Justice Clerk. The third living son was Lieutenant - Colonel Henry Erskine, who was killed at the battle of Almanza in 1707. I think there may have been a son William (named after William III) who may have been born in late 1689 or early 1690 in the lower part of England and never was taken back to Alloa in Clackmannanshire, Scotland to be christened. If christened in Llangattock-Vibon-Able, christening records no longer are said to exist for the years 1688-1690.

On 2 Apr 1674 when Charles was 23, he married Lady Mary MAULE, F, daughter of George MAULE Lord Panmure, M & Jean FLEMING, F. Born in Panmure ca 1654.


They had the following children:


62 i. John, M (1675-1732)


ii. George, M. Born in 1676. Christened on 27 Feb 1676 in Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland.


iii. Charles, M. Born in 1677. Christened on 14 Jan 1677 in Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland.


iv. George, M. Born in 1678. Christened on 12 Apr 1678 in Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland.


63 v. James, M (ca1679-1754)


vi. Jeane, F. Born in 1681. Christened on 14 Jun 1681 in Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland. Jeane died on 16 Nov 1763 in Bannockburn.


On 21 Feb 1712 Jeane married Hugh PATERSON, M, at Twickenham. Hugh died on 23 Mar 1777, in Touch. Hugh was of Bannockburn, Bart.(Had issue)


vii. Henry, M. Born in ? Marr Yorkshire England on 11 Sep 1682. Christened on 16 Sep 1682 in Alloa Clackmannanshire Scotland. Henry died in Battle of Alomanza on 14 Apr 1707; he was 24.

Was in the army and served as Captain of the Royal Scots Fusiliers in England about 1702. In 1706 he was named liet-colonel and sailed to Lisbon to fight against Spain. He died there. He is not known to have married or to have issue. (Did he die in that battle or end up in America?)


viii. Charles, M. Born in 1684. Christened on 19 Sep 1684 in Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland.


ix. Francis, F. Born in 1687. Christened on 30 Jun 1687 in Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland.



Family of David ERSKINE 2nd Lord Cardross (46) & Anne HOPE


57. Henry ERSKINE 3rd Lord Cardross, M. Born ca 1649. Henry died on 21 May 1693 in Edinburgh, he was 44 years old.


Henry undertook civil and religious issues and was imprisoned and fined. He succeeded to family title and estates in 1671. Went to North America founded a plantation at Charleston Neck, South Carolina. In a few years driven out by Spaniards and back to England by 1688. Died May 1693, see pages 108 and 121, Vol 2 , The Great Historic Families Of Scotland 1889.


Henry married Catherine STEWART, F. Born ca 1651. Catherine died in January of 1725 in Edinburgh. Buried on 1 Feb 1725 in Abby Church Holyrood.


Catherine was the daughter of Sir James Stewart of Starthbrock (or Uphall) or Kirkhill, in Linlithgowshire.


They had the following children:

64 i. David, M (ca1672-1745)

ii. Charles, M. Born ca 1674. Charles died on 25 Feb 1763.

Charles married Ann SCOTT, F.

(no issue)

Ann was the daughter of Walter Scott of Edenshead.

iii. William, M. Born ca 1676. William died on 10 Oct 1739. Occupation: Deputy Governor of Blackness Castle, between Stirling & Edinburg.

William married Margaret ERSKINE, F, daughter of John ERSKINE Colonel (49), M (-1741) & Euphame COCHRANE, F.

iv. Thomas, M. Born on 5 Jan 1691. Thomas died on 14 Jan 1731; he was 40.

On 15 Jun 1721 when Thomas was 30, he married Rachel LIBBERTON, F.

(had issue)

Rachel was the daughter of John Libberton.

v. Mary, F. Born on 30 Mar 1690. Mary died in Jun 1733.

Mary married James NIMMO, M.

vi. Anna, F. Born in Edinburgh on 9 Dec 1692. Christened on 9 Dec 1692 in Midlothian, Scotland. Anna died bef 1716.

vii. Katherine, F. Born ca 1693.

On 4 Apr 1714 Katherine first married Daniel CAMPBELL, M.

Katherine second married William DENHAM, M.



Family of Charles ERSKINE Lyon King (50) & Penelope BARCLAY


58. Alexander ERSKINE, M. Born in Cambo, Fifeshire, Scotland in 1663. Alexander died in 1727.


Alexander married Mary (Anne) ERSKINE, F. Born in 1665.


They had the following children:

i. Charles, M. Died as an infant. Christened on 17 Nov 1682.

ii. Penelope, F. Born in 1682 and Christened on 17 Nov 1682. Penelope died on 7 Apr 1768.

iii. Charles, M. Born ca 1684. Christened on 1 Oct 1687 in Cambo. Charles died in 1753.

iv. Alexander, M. Christened on 1 Jun 1686.

v. John, M. Born ca 1686. Christened on 18 May 1690. John died in 1754.

vi. William, M. Born ca 1688/1695. Christened on 13 Apr 1695. William died on 15 Oct 1781.

vii. Anna (Anne), F. Christened on 17 Dec 1692. Anna (Anne) died in 1764.

65 viii. David, M (ca1697-1769)

ix. Sophia, F. Christened on 9 Jan 1598. Buried on 6 Jun 1735.

In 1734 Sophia married William SHARP, M.

x. Thomas, M. Christened on 17 Jan 1699. Thomas died in 1783.

ca 1732 Thomas first married ROW, F.

Thomas second married Jean RUE, F.

xi. Colin, M. Born ca 1704. Colin died in Mar 1811.

xii. Sophia, F. Born ca 1710.

Sophia married Alexander SHARP, M.



Family of Alexander ERSKINE (51) & Mary


59. Alexander ERSKINE, M. Born on 14 Sep 1677. Alexander died on 8 Mar 1710; he was 32.


Alexander was the 5th Earl of Kellie.


On 11 Jun 1699 when Alexander was 21, he married Anne, F, in Kilconquhar. Born ca 1674. Christened on 16 Apr 1674. Anne died on 4 Feb 1742/43.


Anne was the daughter of Collin Lindsay, 3rd earl of Balcarres.


They had one child:

66 i. Alexander, M (-1756)



Family of Hugh ERSKINE (52)


60. Archibald ERSKINE, M.


"....Some think his father's name is unknown, others think his name was Hugh Erskine, and Hugh had a son Archibald. Archibald had four sons, three of whom came to this county and lived in Philadelphia, PA before the Revolutionary War. One was a tailor and other was a shipwright and the third a shoe dealer; one went into New Jersey and another into Virginia and the third into New England. There are Erskines in all these regions. There is a record of the marriage of two Erskines in the records of the Swedes Church Philadelphia in the Pennsylvania Archives. One was William and the other ____ which is taken to be them. His fourth son Robert was born about the year 1730, was married to Miss Margaret Crumly and died in Ireland at the age of 40 years of bilious colic. The Erskine family came from County Down between Augher and Clogher and their place of worship was Comtail or Findermore Bridge." from Book written by Clarinda (Clara) M. Erskine in 1891.


His fourth son Robert was born about the year 1730, was married to Miss Margaret Crumly and died in Ireland at the age of 40 years of bilious colic.



i. William, M.

This could be the possible place where our William Erskine Marrs hooks up. More study needs to be done.


ii. son, M.

iii. son, M.

67 iv. Robert, M (1730-1770)



Family of Ebenezer ERSKINE (53) & Alison TURPIE


61. Allison ERSKINE, F. Born in 1719. Allison died in 1814.


Allison married SCOTT of Gateshaw, M.


They had one child:

68 i. Ebenzer Scott, M



18th Generation


Family of Charles ERSKINE 10 Earl of MAR (56) & Lady Mary MAULE


62. John ERSKINE 11th EARL of MAR, M. Christened on 21 Jan 1675 in Alloa, Clackmannnanshire, Scotland. John died in 1732 in Aix-la-Chapelle in France.


John Erskine of Hilston Park, England, was born 1675 and died in Aix-la-Chapelle in France 1732. He was commander of Scotch Army in the Jacobite Rebellion of 1715. He fled to France with Royal Army. He was the 11th Earl of Mar: Earl De Mar. He is also called the 23rd Earl of Mar. Another calls him the 6th Earl of Mar. He married on 6 April 1703 Lady Margaret Hay. She was born 30 Sept 1686 and died 25 April 1707.

He was called Bobbing John because he changed sides. From Collins Encyclopedia of Scotland edited by John Keay and Julia Keay 1994 p 359 "Known as 'Bobbing John' for the frequency and fervor with which he changed sides, John ..... was less widely known as an industrial and agricultural improver, developing and exploiting the family estates in Clackmannanshire and promoting the development of nearby Alloa as a coal mining centre. He served as Secretary of State under Queen Anne and with James Douglas 2nd Duke of Queensberry was one of the main architects of the 1707 Act of Union."

He received the crown charter of the lands of the earldom of Mar on 10 March 1698/99. He was present in Parliament in the year 1696. He was a follower of King William III and Queen Anne (Wm's sister in law). In January 1703 he was in London working on the project of the Union. In 1705 he helped smooth passage through The Scottish Parliament the preliminary Act to the Union. He was appointed Secretary of State for Scotland for his help on the passage of the Act. In March 1706 a new commission was named. Mar was one of them and the formal treaty was completed in July of 1706. He was made Knight of the Order of the Thistle 10 Aug 1706. The Scottish Parliament in Oct 1706 passed the final Acto of Union. This Act united England, Scotland and Wales into one county.

He was one of sixteen Representative Peers chosen from Scotland by the Parliament of 1707. During Queen Anne's reign he was re-elected over and over. Was still Secretary of State and was made a member of the Privy Council. Queen Anne died in 1714. When King George I (Anne's cousin George a German) in 1715 took office Mar was dismissed and deprived of his Office of Governor of Stirling Castle. If you had been stripped of all your offices, would you do what he did next? He had managed the affairs of Scotland, now he was a nobody. He helped form and was commander of the Scottish Army in the Jacobite Rebellion in November 1715. When they were defeated, he fled to France with the Royal Army. "After 1716 he lived in exile, until 1725 in association with the exiled dynasty, though after 1719 as a double agent currying favors with the Westminister government." from The Oxford Companion to British History 1997 p 616 Could he have gotten permission for natural children to come to America with land provided?

The forfeited estates of the Jacobite Earl of Mar were purchased by Erskine of Grange. Lord Grange's two eldest sons died young. James (77) the third son was an advocate and was appointed Knight - Marischal of Scotland in 1758. He married his cousin Lady Frances Erskine (69) the only daughter of the Jacobite Earl of Mar and died 1785 leaving two sons. The Mar titles were restored by Act of Parliament to the eldest son, John Francis Erskine in 1824 and passed along to his descendant his youngest son Walter Henry Erskine Earl of Mar and Kellie. Kildrummy abandoned after John the Jacobite leader of 1715.


Only names of children who I have found mentioned are included.


He first did not Mary Jane, F., of New Castle Monmouthshire, England, now in Wales.


Note: p 631 The Scot's Peerage, Vol 5 "...'a man of good sense, but of bad morals'..." It was not uncommon for men of his status to have a mistress. No natural children are documented except by The descendants of John Erskine, (the John Marr of Kittery, Maine.)


Natural child:

i. John, M. Born in Hilston Park, England (now Wales) on 6 Jan 1694.


On 6 Apr 1703 John married Lady Margaret HAY, F, in Twickenham. Born in Twickenham on 30 Sep 1686. Lady Margaret died on 25 Apr 1707; she was 20.


Lady Margaret was the daughter of Sir Thomas Hay 7th Earl of Kinnoul.


They had the following children:

i. John, M. Born on 31 Aug 1704.

It is believed he died while still very young.


ii. Thomas, M. Born on 3 Nov 1706. Thomas died in Gayfield on 16 Mar 1766; he was 59.


As Erskine of Alloa was elected a member of Parliament for Stirling, also elected for Clackmannanshire.


On 16 Mar 1766 when Thomas was 59, he married Charlotte HOPE, F, in Hopetoun House. Born on 4 Mar 1720. Charlotte died in Edinburgh, on 24 Nov 1788; she was 68.

iii. John, M. Born in 1707. John died in 1707.

Died at three months of age.



On 20 Jul 1714 John third married Frances PIERREPONT, F, in Acton, Middlesex. Born ca 1680. Frances died on 4 Mar 1761.


Lady Frances was the duaghter of Evelyn Pierrepoint-Duke of Kingston. She was declared a lunatic in 1730. Died at Marylebone at age ca 80.


They had one known child:

69 i. Francis, F (ca1715-1776)


63. James ERSKINE Lord Justice Clerk, M. Christened on 11 Oct 1679 in Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland. James died on 24 Jan 1754 in Scotland, age 74.


James, was Lord Justice Clerk and Governor of Stirling Castle in 1714. He entered Parliament in 1734 as a Representative of Stirling Burghs. In 1737 he was Solicitor General for Scotland. Studied law and called to the bar on 28 Jul 1705.


James married Rachael CHIESLEY Lady Grange, F. Born in Dalry ca 1682. Rachael died in Jun 1745/1749 in Idrigill.


Rachel was the daughter of John Chiesley of Dalry. James became mad at her because she had a temper and imprisoned her from 1730 -1732 on the Isle of Heiskar, near North Uist. She then was taken to St. Kilda, where she stayed for seven years. She was moved to the Island of Skye. She died in 1749 but it is said her husband celebrated her death in 1732.


They had the following children:

i. Charles (Christopher) ?, M. Born in Scotland? in 1700/1701. Charles (Christopher) ? died on 19 Apr 1775 in Lexington, Massachusetts.

As you can see I have two Charles'. The Charles below is from The Scot's Peerage and this one is from Erskine Family And Related Families Genealogy by Bonnie Erskine Heetland.

"He came to America from Londonderry, Ireland. He assumed the name Christopher and died near Lexington, Massachusetts of shock or war wounds. Charles (Askine) Erskine and younger brother Robert Erskine, landed in America in 1720 at Boston, Massachusetts. No further record of Robert Erskine. The canard that he came 3,000 miles over the stormy Atlantic in a small ship to collect a small money debt must be accepted for what it was, "Pure Camouflage," for there can be no doubt but what he served under John 11th or 22nd. Earl of Mar at Sheriffsmuir November 13th, 1715, and was a hunted man who no doubt sought sanctuary in Ireland where other Erskine relatives lived. Many in Ulster, Ireland since 1605, and Thomas Erskine (descendant of Alex of Gaynor brother of John, 6th Earl of Mar and Regent of Scotland 1571-2 Mp for Ulster), died 1636 and was buried in st. Michael Church, Dublin. All of Charles (Christopher) Erskine's adult heirs were soldiers of the Revolutionary War, and the War of 1812-1814, according to Massachusetts war records." From Erskine Family and Related Families Genealogy by Bonnie Erskine Heetland


On 15 Oct 1729 Charles (Christopher) ? married Susannah ROBINSON, F, daughter of Gain ROBINSON, M, in East Parish Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. Born in Londonderry, Ireland in 1713. Susannah died on 19 Aug 1887 in Abington, Massachusetts.


ii. Robert ?, M.

Not listed in The Scot's Peerage.

It is interesting that Charles Erskine (alias Christopher Erskine) and Robert came to Massachusetts in 1719/20. This is the same time was William Erskine Marrs came to America. Nothing more is known of Robert. Did he die unmarried or change his name as did Charles. Maybe William Erskine Marrs is the same person.


iii. Charles, M. Born on 27 Aug 1709. Charles died in Edinburgh on 1 Dec 1776; he was 67.

Was a strong Presbyterian and a Captain in the Army, later Leiut-Colonial, probably in Ireland. No issue.


Charles married Agnes SYME, F. Agnes died bef 16 Oct 1783.


70 iv. James, M (1713-1785)


v. John, M. Born on 28 Mar 1711.

died young


vi. Mary, F. Born in Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland on 5 Jul 1714.

No issue


On 21 Aug 1729 when Mary was 15, she married John 3rd. Earl Of Kintore KEITH, M. Christened on 21 May 1699 in Keith Hall, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.


vii. Jean, F. Born on 5 Dec 1717.

They had a daughter who with her descendants was barred in 1780 from succeeding to the earldom and the estate of Mar.


Jean married Mr. COX, M. Born ca 1715.


viii. Rachael, F. Born on 28 Jan 1719. Rachael died in Edinburgh on 20 Jun 1793; she was 74.


ix. Francis, F. Born ca 1716.

Died young


x. John, M. Born ca 1720.

He became a clergyman in Ireland and was Dean of Cork.



Family of Henry ERSKINE 3d Lord Cardross (57) & Catherine STEWART



64. David ERSKINE 4th Lord Cardross, M. Born ca 1672. David died on 15 Oct 1745 in London. Buried in Hampstead.


Captain in Lord Cardross' dragoons, November 1690, and succeeded to the title Earl of Buchan, on the death of his cousin, William, Earl of Buchan.


David first married Frances FAIRFAX, F.


Francis was the daughter of Henry Fiarflax of Hurst, Berkshire.


They had one child:

71 i. Henry David, M (1710-1767)


On 15 Sep 1743 David second married Isabella BLACKET, F.



Family of Alexander ERSKINE (58) & Mary (Anne) ERSKINE


65. David ERSKINE, M. Born ca 1697/1700. David died on 7 Oct 1769.


David was Lyon Depute and 6th son of Sir Alexander Erskine.


David first married GRANT, F.


David second married YOUNG, F.


They had the following children:

72 i. Charles, M (-1790)


ii. Thomas, M. Born in British Consul, Gothenburg, Sweden ca 1745. Thomas died on 6 Feb 1828 in Cabo House, County Fife.

Earl of Kellie and 5th son of David Erskine, Lyon Depute.


In 1771 Thomas married Anne GORDON, F, in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Anne was the daughter of Adam Gordon of Ardoch


iii. Methven, M. Born ca 1750. Methven died on 3 Dec 1829 in Airdrie, County Fife, Scotland. Earl of Kellie

When he died the Baronetcy became extinct, the Barony of Dirletoun, the Barony of Erskine of Dirletowne, the Viscounty of Fentoun and the Earldom of Kellie devolved on the collateral heir male of the grantee. John Francis Miller Erskine succeeded to the Earldom of Mar at the death of his father 20 Sep 1828 and to the Earldom of Kellie and Viscounty of Fentoun on the death of his distant cousin in 1829.


On 10 Jul 1787 Methven married Johanna, F, in Edinburgh.


Johanna was the sister of Anne, Countess of Kellie and daughter of Adam Gordon of Ardoch.



Family of Alexander ERSKINE (59) & Anne



66. Alexander ERSKINE, M. Alexander died on 3 Apr 1756 in Kellie.


Alexander was the 6th Earl of Kellie and favored the Jacobite Rising of 1745 and surrendered himself 11 Jul 1746, and was a prisoner at Edinburgh Castle until 11 Oct 1749, when there being no indictment against him, he was released.


In 1726 Alexander first married Louisa, F. Louisa died in Nov 1729.


Louisa was the daughter of William Moray, of Abercairny, County Perth.


In Oct 1731 Alexander second married Janet, F. Janet died on 7 Jun 1775 in Drumsheugh.


Janet was the daughter of Archibald Pitcairn, M. D., a well known Jacobite physician and poet.


They had the following children:

i. Thomas Alexander, M. Born on 1 Sep 1732. Thomas Alexander died in Brussels on 9 Oct 1781; he was 49.

He was Earl of Kellie, his brother succeeded him as he was unmarried and had no heirs.


ii. Archibald, M. Born in Kellie on 22 Apr 1736. Archibald died on 8 May 1797; he was 61.

He was Earl of Kellie and died unmarried with no heirs.



Family of Archibald ERSKINE (60)


67. Robert ERSKINE, M. Born in Ireland in 1730. Robert died in 1770 in Ireland, of bilious colic.


ca 1755 Robert married Margaret CRUMLEY, F, in Ireland.


They had the following children:

73 i. Dorcas, F (ca1756-ca1783)

74 ii. Elizabeth, F (ca1758-1853)

75 iii. John, M (1764-1858)

76 iv. William, M (1770-1865)



Family of Allison ERSKINE (61) & SCOTT of Gateshaw



68. Ebenzer SCOTT, M.


Surgeon in Dalkeith.



i. James, M. James died on 6 Mar 1830.

Accountant in Edinburgh


ii. Ralph Erskine, M. Ralph Erskine died in 1888.

Accountant in Edinburgh.

19th Generation


Family of John ERSKINE 11th EARL of MAR (62) & Frances PIERREPONT


69. Frances ERSKINE Lady, F. Born in ? Scotland or France ca 1715. Frances died in 1776. John Adanson book.


Frances married James ERSKINE Grange Knight (70) , M, son of James ERSKINE Lord Justice Clerk (63), (ca 1679-24 Jan 1754) & Rachael CHIESLEY Lady Grange, F (ca 1682-Jun 1745/1749). Born in 1713. James died in 1785. Occupation: Knight Marischal of Scotland in 1758.


They had the following children:

77 i. John Francis, M (ca1741-1825)

ii. James Francis, M. Born in 1743. James Francis died on 5 Apr 1806 in Edinburgh.


Family of James ERSKINE Lord Justice Clerk (63) & Rachael CHIESLEY Lady Grange


70. James ERSKINE Grange Knight, M. Born in 1713. James died in 1785. Occupation: Knight Marischal of Scotland in 1758.


Became a colonel in Army. Married a Swiss lady. no issue


James married Frances ERSKINE Lady (69) , F, daughter of John ERSKINE 11th Earl of MAR (62), M (1675-1732) & Frances PIERREPONT, F (ca 1680-4 Mar 1761). Born in ? Scotland or France ca 1715. Frances died in 1776. John Adanson book.


They had the following children:

77 i. John Francis, M (ca1741-1825)

ii. James Francis, M. Born in 1743. James Francis died on 5 Apr 1806 in Edinburgh.

Family of David ERSKINE 4h Lord Cardross (64) & Francis FAIRFAX



71. Henry David ERSKINE, M. Born on 17 Apr 1710. Henry David died on 1 Dec 1767; he was 57.


Henry David was Dean of Ripon.


Henry David married Agnes, F.


Agnes was the second daughter of Sir James Stewart of Goodtress.


They had the following children:

i. David Stewart, M. Born in 1742. David Stewart died in 1829.

David Stewart was the 11th Earl of Buchan. He is remembered as the founder of the Scottish Society of Antiquaries of Scotland in 1780.


ii. Henry, M. Born in 1746. Henry died in 1817.

Henry studied law at Edinburgh and Glasgow and was admitted to the Faculty of Advocates in 1768. He was in the navy and made a brilliant name for himself at the English Bar. Became Lord Chancellor 1806-7 and was created Baron Erskine in 1806. Youngest of three brothers. p358 of Collins Encyclopedia of Scotland.


78 iii. Thomas, M (1750-1823)



Family of David ERSKINE (65) & YOUNG


72. Charles ERSKINE, M. Charles died on 6 Mar 1790.


Charles became Earl of Kellie.


Charles married Margaret, F.


They had one child:

i. Charles, M.



Family of Robert ERSKINE (67) & Margaret CRUMLEY


73. Dorcas ERSKINE, F. Born in County Down, Ireland ca 1756. Dorcas died ca 1783. died at age 27.


In 1777/78 Dorcas married James WRIGHT, M, in Ireland.


James was a farmer in Tyrone County, Ireland.


They had the following children:

79 i. Robert E., M (1779-1862)


ii. Margaret, F. Born in County Tyrone, Ireland. Margaret died ca 1880 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, aged 98.

They had a large family and she died in Philadelphia.


In 1781/82 Margaret married John PAUL, M.


iii. infant, ?.


74. Elizabeth ERSKINE, F. Born in County Down, Ireland ca 1758. Elizabeth died in 1853 in West Alexander, Washington County, Pennsylvania. Buried in the Presbyterian Church Yard.


In 1777 Elizabeth married Samuel BUSHFIELD, M, in Ireland. Buried in Presbyterian Church Yard West Alexander, Washington County, Pennsylvania.


Came to America in ca 1782 with their two children, her mother and her brother John Erskine.


They had the following children:

i. John, M. Born in County Down, Ireland in 1778. John died on 26 Oct 1876.

John married Ella OLDHAM, F.


ii. infant, F.


iii. Margaret, F. Margaret died in near West Union, Marshall County, West Virginia.

They had no family.


Margaret married Matthew HUNTER, M.


iv. Mary, F.

Lived in Washington County, Pennsylvania, near West Union.

Mary died and is buried there and William Lucas moved his family to

Ross County, Ohio. William died near Chillicothe, Ross County, Ohio.

They had eight children.


Mary married William LUCAS, M.


v. Elizabeth, F.

They had seven children.


Elizabeth married William McCOY, M.


vi. Rebeckah, F.

Never married. She lived and died at her brother in laws William Lucas home near Chillicothe, Ohio.


vii. Jane, F.

They lived near West Liberty, Ohio County, West Virginia. They had seven children.


Jane married Robert McFARLAND, M.


viii. Ann, F.

They lived in Wabash, Wabash County, Indiana. They had eight children.


Ann married George FAUNCE, M.


75. John ERSKINE, M. Born in County Down, Ireland in 1764. John died in 1858.


In 1805 John married Margaret TRAINOR, F.


They lived in Chester County, Pennsylvania and had ten children - nine sons and one daughter.


They had the following children:

i. Robert, M.

ii. William, M.

iii. John, M.

iv. David T., M.

v. Samuel B, M.

vi. James, M.

vii. Ebenezer, M.

viii. Margaret, F.

ix. George, M. Went to California.

x. Thomas, M.


76. William ERSKINE, M. Born in County Down, Ireland on 24 May 1770. William died on 10 Feb 1865; he was 94. Occupation: apprentice to a wheelwright in Ireland.


He came to America in 1792 from County Tyrone, Ireland. He settled in Washington, Washington County, Pa.


On 19 Aug 1800 when William was 30, he married Isabella SILLIK, F. Born ca 1780. Isabella died on 18 Jun 1846.


They had the following children:

i. John Cord, M.

ii. Margaret, F.

iii. Robert Crumly, M.

iv. Samuel Vance, M.

v. Hannah, F.

vi. Isabella, F.

vii. William Ralph, M.

viii. Ebenezer Sillik, M.


20th Generation


Family of Frances ERSKINE Lady (69) & James ERSKINE Grange Knight (70)



77. John Francis ERSKINE, M. Born ca 1741. John Francis died on 28 Aug 1825.


Title was returned to his family in 1824 and he was the 24th Earl of Mar. Succeeded his mother in the estates in 1776. (His father being still living) Sauchie and Alloa A People's History by John Adamson

Had eight children and three were born blind.


attributed by some to the last Abbott of Cambuskenneth and by others to the Earl's own bard.

maybe written as early as 1571 or as late as 1850.

1. Proud chief of Mar, thou shalt be raised still higher, until thou sittest in place of the King.


2. Thou shalt rule and destroy, and thy work shall be called after thy name; but thy work shall be the emblem of thy house, and shall teach mankind that he who cruelly and haughtily raiseth himself upon the ruins of the holy cannot prosper. Thy work shall be cursed and shall never be finished.


John Ist Earl of name Erskine was Regent in 1571. Some say he ordered the destruction of Cambuskenneth Abbey and used the stones to construct "Mar's Wark" near Stirling Castle. We visited in Stirling in 1995 and the ruins of Mar's Wark is in front of the cemetery beside a church. Mar's Wark was never finished by him.


3. But thou shalt have riches and greatness, and be true to they sovereign, and shall raise his banner in the field of blood.

4. Then, when thou seemest to be highest; when thy power is mightiest, then shall come thy fall; low shall be thy head amongst the nobles of thy people. Deep shall be the moan among the children of dool. Thy lands shall be given to the stranger, and thy titles shall be amongst the dead.


The Erskine's prospered for many years after Mar's Wark. The 4th Earl added a mansion house to Alloa Tower in the early 1600s. John, 6th Earl of Mar was Secretary of State from 1705 to 1714 during Queen Anne's reign but the new king did not like him. John lead the Jacobite rebellion and had to flee to France and the land and titles lost.


5. The branch that springs from thee shall see his dwelling burnt, in which a king was nursed, his wife a sacrifice in that same flame, his children numerous but of little honour, and three born and grown who shall never see the light.


Mary Queen of Scot's baby lived in Alloa Tower for a short time. John Francis Erskine who regained the title of Earl of Mar lived in the Alloa estate. On the 28 Aug 1800 a careless servant left a candle too close to a bed and the mansion house attached to the Tower burned. The wife did not die in the flame but two years earlier. Three of the children were born blind.


6. Yet shall thine ancient tower stand; for the brave and the true cannot be wholly forsaken. Thy proud head and daggered hand must dree thy weird until horses shall be stabled in they hall, and a weaver shall throw his shuttle in thy chamber of state.


In early 1800s fifty horse of a calvary troop based at Alloa were stabled there during an alarm of a French invasion. and in 1810 Mars "Chamber of State" was occupied by a weaver who practices his trade there until discovered.


7. Thine ancient tower - a women's dower - shall be in ruins and a beacon until an ash sapling shall spring from its topmost stone. Then shall thy sorrows be ended and the sunshine of Royalty shall beam on thee once more. Thine honour shall be restored; and the kiss of peace shall be given to thy Countess through she seek it not, and the days of peace shall return to thee and thine.


In 1815 an ash sapling was growing from its "topmost stones" George IV came to Scotland in 1822 and received John Francis Erskine and in 1824 the titles were restored. In 1840 John Francis Miller Erskine and his wife met Queen Victoria in Stirling Castle and the countess was kissed by the Queen.


8. The line of Mar shall be broken, but not until its honours are doubled, and its doom is ended."


John Francis Miller Erskine, Earl of Kellie and Mar, died without issue in 1866 and the titles were divided. The Mar line went to his cousin Walter Coningsby Erskine and then to Walter's son. In 1885 an act of Parliament re-established the Earldoms of Mar and Kellie with the family at Alloa. with the restoring of the Keeper of Stirling Castle to the Erskine line it looks as if the doom has ended.


John Francis married Frances FLOYER, F. Born ca 1743.


Frances was the daughter of Charles Floyer- Governor of Madras.


They had the following children:

80 i. John Thomas, M (1772-1828)

ii. James Francis, M. James Francis died in 1798.

James Francis married , F.

iii. James Floyer, M. Born ca 1774.

James Floyer married Susan SHARPE, F. Born in Hoddam on 19 Nov 1771.

81 iv. Henry David, M (1776-1848)

v. Thomas, M. Born at Trinity College, Cambridge on 10 Jul 1785.

Thomas married Charlotte WATSON, F. Born on 25 Oct 1787.

vi. Charlotte Francis, F. Born ca 1787.

vii. Mary Anne, F. Born ca 1789.

viii. Charlotte, F. Born in 1791.

ix. Jane, F. Born ca 1793.



Family of Henry David ERSKINE (71) & Agnes


78. Thomas ERSKINE, M. Born on 21 Jan 1750. Thomas died on 17 Nov 1823; he was 73.


He was created Baron Erskine of Retormel Castle in the County of Cornwall in 1806.


Thomas married Frances, F.


Francis was the daughter of Daniel Moore, M. P.


They had one child:

82 i. David Montague, M (-1855)



Family of Dorcas ERSKINE (73) & James WRIGHT



79. Robert E. WRIGHT, M. Born in County Tyrone, Ireland in 1779. Robert E. died in 1862 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Robert E. married Mary LYTLE, F. Mary died in 1830.


They had the following children:

83 i. Richardson L., M

ii. Margaret, F.

iii. John, M.

iv. Elizabeth, F.

v. James, M.

vi. Robert Erskine, M. Robert Erskine died in 1862 in Philadelphia. aged 83 years.

vii. Dorcas E., F.

viii. Willian, M.



21st Generation


Family of John Francis ERSKINE (77) & Francis FLOYER


80. John Thomas ERSKINE, M. Born in Alloa House on 18 Jun 1772. John Thomas died in 1828.


He was the 13th Earl of Mar of the name Erskine.


John Thomas married Janet MILLER, F, daughter of Patrick MILLER Eaq, of Dalswinton, M. Born in Dalswinton, Dumfries ca 1774.


They had the following children:

i. John Francis Miller, M. Born on 28 Dec 1795. John Francis Miller died in Alloa, Scotland on 19 Jun 1866; he was 70. Buried in family mausceleum in old churchyard of Alloa. Education: Westminister School.

In 1828 he succeeded to the estates and earldom of Mar. When in Alloa in 1997 I copied his obituary.

Excerpts follow:

He died Tuesday the his seat Alloa Park, where for many years he lived in strict seclusion. The coffin consisted of three shells, the outer one covered with crimson velvet and richly decorated. The plate bore the following inscription: .."John Francis Miller Erskine, 14th Earl of Mar; Baron Erskine, Garioch, and Alloa, 11th Earl of Kellie; Viscount Fentoun and Baron Dirleton. Died at Alloa House on the 19th day of June 1866 in the 71st year of his age"


John Francis Miller Erskine, Earl of Mar, in 1835 established his right to the Earldom of Kellie - "honours doubled", but died without issue. On his death, the line broken, the title of Kellie passed to his cousin Walter Coningsby the next male heir, and grandson of John Francis, the restored earl. In the time of the next earl, John Francis Erskine Goodeve - Erskine, who succeed his uncle in 1866, doubts were still being raised as to whether the Earldom of Mar had been by some mens surrendered or merged in the crown; an Act of Parliament was passed in 1885 to remove these doubts and the Earldom of Mar and Kellie was finally established with the family at Alloa. from page 13 Sauchie and Alloa A People's History by John Adamson


John Francis Miller married Philadelphia Stuart MENTEITH, F, daughter of Sir Charles Steward MENTEITH of Closeburn in Dumfrieshire, M. Born in 1793. Philadelphia Stuart died on 15 Dec 1853.


84 ii. Frances Jemima, F (ca1797-<1866)


iii. Jan Janetta, F. Born ca 1799.

Jan Janetta married Edward Wilmot CHETWODE Esq., M.


Edward was an Irish gentleman.


81. Henry David ERSKINE, M. Born on 10 May 1776. Henry David died in 1848.


Henry David married Mary Ann COOKSEY, F. Born ca 1778.


They had the following children:

i. Henry David, M. Born ca 1802.

ii. John Francis, M. Born on 17 Nov 1808.

85 iii. Walter Coningsby, M (1810-1872)

iv. James Augustus, M. Born on 27 Mar 1812.

James Augustus first married Fanny DELACOMBE, F. Born ca 1814.

James Augustus second married Elizabeth BOGUE, F. Born ca 1814.

v. Henry David, M. Born on 15 Jun 1814.

Henry David married Eliza INGLE, F. Born ca 1816.

vi. Charles Thomas, M. Born on 6 Jan 1821.

vii. Anne Caroline, F. Born on 3 Sep 1823.

Anne Caroline married Joseph HASKOLL, M. Born ca 1821.



Family of Thomas ERSKINE (78) & Frances


82. David Montague ERSKINE, M. David Montague died on 19 Mar 1855.


David was the second Baron Erskine.


David Montague married Fanny, F.


Fanny was the daughter of General Cadwalbalder of Philadelphia.


They had the following children:

i. Thomas Americus, M.

Third Baron Erskine of Restormel Castle.


ii. James Stuart, M.

He went to BAVARIA and founded the German Erskine line.




Family of Robert E. WRIGHT (79) & Mary LYTLE


83. Richardson L. WRIGHT, M.


Intelligent man living in 1891 on Frankford Avenue, # 4308 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was a member of Congress for years and was elected a member of the Board of Education in Frankford in 1840.



i. Ricahrdson L., M. Occupation: Lawyer.

ii. George, M. Occupation: Drug merchant.

iii. Robert E., M. Occupation: Episcopal minister.

iv. Mary, F.

v. Eleanor, F.



22nd Generation


Family of John Thomas ERSKINE (80) & Janet MILLER


84. Lady Frances Jemima ERSKINE, F. Born ca 1797. Frances Jemima died bef 1866.


Frances Jemima married William James GOODEVE Esquire of Bath, M. Born ca 1795.


They had the following children:

i. Frances Jemima, F. Born on 13 Dec 1831.

On 29 Mar 1854 when Frances Jemima was 22, she married James Nowel YOUNG, M.


Lieutenant-Colonel, Deputy Judge, Advocate-General, Simla, India.


86 ii. Charlotte, F (1833-1859)


iii. Eliza Philadelphia, F. Born on 25 Dec 1834.

On 14 Aug 1862 when Eliza Philadelphia was 27, she married Rev. Edward Maule COLE, M.


Her husband was the vicar of Wetwang and Fimber,Yorkshire.


87 iv. John Francis, M (1836-1930)


v. Madelina, F. Born on 25 Oct 1838.



Family of Henry David ERSKINE (81) & Mary Ann COOKSEY



85. Walter Coningsby ERSKINE, M. Born in Warkworth, Northumberland on 12 Jul 1810. Walter Coningsby died in Cannes, France on 15 Jan 1872; he was 61. Buried on 26 Jan 1872 in vaults below the Mausoleum, beside his ancestors.


As Earl of Kellie in 1866 he claimed to be the Earl of Mar. He was the third but first surviving son of Henry David and Mary Ann.


Walter Coningsby married Eliza YOUNGSON, F. Born ca 1812. Eliza died on 14 Jul 1895 in Bowscar, Cumberland.


They had one child:

88 i. Walter Henry, M (1839-1888)



23rd Generation


Family of Lady Frances Jemima ERSKINE (84) & William James GOODEVE Esq. of Bath


86. Charlotte ERSKINE, F. Born on 27 May 1833. Charlotte died on 9 Sep 1859; she was 26.


On 30 Nov 1857 when Charlotte was 24, she married Charles BELL, M. Charles died on 2 Sep 1859.


Charles was the Esquire of Bangkok, Siam.


They had one child:

i. dau, F.


87. John Francis ERKSINE Esq of Bath, M. Born on 29 Mar 1836. John Francis died in 1930.


John Francis was Baron Garioch. He became the next Earl of Mar after his uncle's death in 1866. In 1885 this title officially went to Colonel Coningsby Erskine.


On 12 Sep 1866 when John Francis was 30, he married Alice Mary SINCLAIR, F, daughter of John HAMILTON, M.


Alice Mary was the eldest daughter of the late John Hamilton Esquire of Hilston Park, Monmonth.


They had one child:

i. son, M.

Lord Garioch.



Family of Walter Coningsby ERSKINE (85) & Eliza YOUNGSON



88. Walter Henry ERSKINE, M. Born in India on 17 Dec 1839. Walter Henry died in Alloa, Scotland on 16 Sep 1888; he was 48. Buried on 21 Sep 1888.


Earl of Kellie in 1872. After a famous legal battle in 1885 he was declared to be Earl of Mar and Kellie, reestablishing the two titles with the family in Alloa.


On 14 Oct 1863 when Walter Henry was 23, he married Mary Anne FORBES, F. Mary Anne died on 22 May 1927.


Mary Anne was the daughter of William Forbes of Medwyn, County Peebles.


They had one child:

89 i. Walter John Francis, M (1865-1955)



24th Generation


Family of Walter Henry ERSKINE (88) & Mary Anne FORBES


89. Walter John Francis ERSKINE, M. Born in Aug 1865. Walter John Francis died in 1955.


He was Earl of Mar and Kellie and was Earl of Mar for 67 years.


On 14 Jul 1892 Walter John Francis married Susan Violet, F, daughter of Earl of Shaftesbury , M, in St Paul's, Knightsbridge.


Susan was the daughter of the Earl of Shaftesbury, Anthony (Ashey-Cooper), and the grand daughter of the "Good Earl" who supported the cause of the poor and improved conditions in the mines, banning women and children from such work.


They had the following children:

90 i. John Francis Ashley (Lord), M (1895-<1955)

ii. male, M.



25th Generation


Family of Walter John Francis ERSKINE (89) & Susan Violet



90. Lord John Francis Ashley ERSKINE, M. Born in Inch, Midlothian on 25 Apr 1895. Lord John Francis Ashley died bef 1955.


In 1928 the estates consisted of 7,057 acres in Clackmannanshire, and 149 acres in Fifeshire. Total of 7,200. This included the mines and the residence Alloa House in Clackmannanshire.


On 2 Dec 1919 when John Francis Ashley (Lord) was 24, he married Marjorie, F.


Marjorie was the eldest daughter of Frederick William Fane (Hervey), 4th Marquess of Bristol.


They had one child:

91 i. John Francis Harvey, M (1921-1993)




26th Generation


Family of John Francis Ashley (Lord) ERSKINE (90) & Marjorie


91. John Francis Harvey ERSKINE, M. Born on 15 Feb 1921. John Francis Harvey died in 1993.


He succeeded his grandfather as Earl of Mar and Kellie as his father and grandfather were already dead. He was a Major in the Scots Guards, and saw active service in World War II. Master of Erskine



i. James "Jamie", M.

In 2003 was the Earl of Mar and the Earl of Kellie.

Peer and land owner.

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