Cemeteries in Henry County

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My clickable listing, below, is by townships.

You will find links below to township maps with cemeteries marked, as well as to 1870 township maps, with cemeteries marked by a cross.

On the cemetery pages there will be pictures of each cemetery with directions. Some pioneer cemeteries (no burials in last fifty years) have all stones shown.

Cedar Creek Friend's Cemetery is the home of about twenty of my ancestors. My ancestral stone pictures are all shown.

If you have pictures or information for a cemetery I do not have or better directions for a listed cemetery; I would appreciate that information.

E-mail Jean Leeper.


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Pictures and information are mine unless another is given credit.

I chalked some stones in order to read their dates and used Adobe Photoshop to enlarge dates, for easier reading.


Click here. for an alphabetical listing.

A + beside a name donates a pioneer cemetery, which has had no burials in the last fifty years.

The Mt. Pleasant Public Library has the names of all buried (stones found) until ca 1989. There is a all name index.

Baltimore Township (map)

+ Abbe or Baltimore ......... (1870 map of area)

+ Badley - was in section 7, Augusta Township, Des Moines County, Iowa

+ Beery ......... (1870 map of area)

Bethany, Hussy or Shelledy



Pleasant Grove

Canaan Township (map)



+ ? in section 5 (may be the one in section 8)

+ ? in section 8 (see 1870 Plat map)

Center Township (map)

Abraham or Elwood -------- (1870 map of area)

+ Bethel or Barton

+ Faulkner

Forest Home

+ Irishtown (Old Catholic)

Mental Health Institute

+ Mt. Pleasant Old City

Pleasant Hill

+ Robinson - Is still there. Took new pictures April 4, 2005. Was once part of a Boy Scout Camp.

St. Alphonsus (Catholic)

+ Willeford

Jackson Township (map)

+ Boyleston ------- (1870 map of area)

+ Carnahan ------- (1870 map of area)

+ East Grove (Quaker)

+ Greenwood (Woods) Maybe two burials spot unknown

+ Hicks (Quaker) ------- (1870 map of area)

+ Hunting ---- Family does not remember any stones.

+ Old Becker Farm Burials (??? where)

+ Pickard

 Jefferson Township (map)

Center or Noble pictures ------- (Norma Jennings's listing of burials)

Cottonwood pictures ------- (Norma Jennings's pictures and listings)

Finley Chapel pictures ------- (Norma Jennings's history of)

+ Haynes pictures ------- Listing of Burials

+ Kurtz/McClinic pictures ------- Listing of Burials

+ Old Baptist

+ Mt. Ayr ---- Used to be a church and cemetery, destroyed.

+ Shively/Neff pictures -------Listing of Burials

Sugar Creek


Just north of Jefferson Township and in Washington County.


North Hill

Marion Township (map)

+ Ebeneezer or Wesley ------- (1870 map of area)

Hickory Grove

+ Leach or Traxler ------- (1870 map of area)

+ Menefee ------- Site lost - may be in pond or taken by bypass.

Oak Grove or Stringtown ......... (1870 map of area)

+ Scott ------- (1870 map of area) Destroyed and farmed over.

+ Wilbourne or Wellbourne - One stone.

+ Z-Stones ------- Probably in section 29 or 28, but can it be found.

New London Township (map)

All New London Township cemeteries have gravel roads to them, but have many old stones lying on the ground and are being covered over with grass.



+ Farlow-Reese-Hardin or Flint (Pictures of all stones to go up soon)


Salem Township (map)

Cedar Creek Friends


Salem South (Friends)

Salem East

Scott Township (map)

+ Hochreiter or Kepper ....... (1870 map of area)

+ Richie or Ritchey ...... (1870 map of area)

Winfield or Scott Township

 Tippecanoe Township (map)



Oakland Mills

Pleasant Point

+ Mormon graves - May not be found. Believe stones found are of the Henry County pioneer families Thomas Smith Sr. and Jr. (See Smith stones below.)

+ Sample-Davis-Cholera Hill-Fairchild

+Smith Stones - Located in section 5, being graded with stones to be reset. (Pictures later.)

Trenton Township (map)

Green Mound

+ Messer pictures ------- (Norma Jennings's listing of burials)

New Richwoods

+ Old Richwoods

+ Roth

White Oak

Vorhies pictures ------- (Norma Jennings's listing of burials)

Wayne Township (map)


+ Hesseltine

North Wayne - Olds

+? Prairie Grove Friends


+ Tallman



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