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We adopted a second kitty on Saturday September 2, 2006

Meet Muffin (Muffie)

We do not know when he was born and he has had a sorta rough life.

They guess he was eight weeks old.

He came from the Des Moines County Humane Society.

Why did I name him Muffin?

I think the color of his coat looks like cinnamon streusel topping on a muffin.

His coloration sure has changed. He is a very entertaining.


He is very playful!

Check back for more pictures



 Muffie watching the robin outside. Now a beautiful Apple Head Siamese.

October 2009

Help Me!  I'm new around here!

Have I grown any!



Oct 2007! Notice how dark he is getting.

He has blue eyes not yellow.


Muffie and Kyla November 2008




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