My Little Bit of Paradise

© 2006 by Jean Leeper

All rights reserved

Pictures taken by Jean

We moved three and 1/2 years ago and I have been busy creating my own yard.

Some call it nesting, the changing of the environment around you to fit you!

The enclosed patio with the arbor over the gate was there, as was the deck.

We added the gate and the chain link fence two years ago.

We planted the honeysuckle that goes over the gate arbor, soon after we purchased the house.

They had clematis over the gate arbor.

The pergola we built in the fall of 2003 and I planted my American Wisteria (Wisteria frutescens) that fall

and the William Baffin Climbing Rose the next spring.

(I jokingly say when trying to keep the wisteria and the rose from intertwining, that I am stopping William Baffin and Wisteria from marrying.)

The fish pond was built in 2004 and is above ground so I can maintain it easier.



Late May 2006 The inside of the patio is full of flowers too

This is my William Baffin Climbing Rose


Late May 2006 Pergola/Arbor looking out into yard

My American Wisteria (Wisteria frutescens) at its best

Pergola/Arbor from deck

Roses two years old

Late May 2006

Mid May 2006 Pergola/Arbor showing my American Wisteria and William Baffin Rose


Lighted waterfall on deck

Waterfall taken without flash on

Fish pond completed May 2004

Picture taken May 31, 2006

We have three goldfish and three koi


Honeysuckle May 2006


June 2006 outside of patio

Late May 2006 climbing rose in front yard

Another William Baffin Rose


May 2006 Robins at fountain in front of house

Front of our house June 2006

Climbing rose in corner of yard in late May 2006

Another William Baffin Rose

May 31 2006 Alchymist Climbing Rose on south patio fence


May 30, 2006 Close up of rose near top and planted one year ago

Patio June 7, 2005

Patio and new fire pit area May 2006

Backyard June 2006


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