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Henry County, Iowa Quaker Research

last updated March 4, 2008

I grew up in Henry County, Iowa and my husband and

I have returned there to retire. I have many Quaker early ancestors.

I am no longer doing a detailed search but will do a quick look-up in the below references.

I have Hinshaw's Encyclopedia of Iowa Quaker Records.

I have the Index to Henry County Cemeteries without dates just names and places.

I have cemetery books with names and dates for

Cedar Creek Friends, Salem East, Salem Friends (South) and Hillsboro in Salem Township;

Grant, Lambirth, Oakland Mills, Pleasant Point and Sample-Davis-Cholera Hill in Tippecanoe Township;

Hickory Grove, Oak Grove (Stringtown), Leach and Ebenezar in Marion Township;

Abraham, Bethel/Barton, Robinson and Willeford in Center Township;

Boyleston, Carnahan, East Grove, Hicks and Pickard in Jackson Township;

Brooks, Farlow and Ferrell in New London Township Cemeteries.

For a quick look-up contact me with as much as you know about the person including place of birth and date, marriage date and place. If a women include maiden name. Also parents names (use mother's maiden name) and where thy came from including the monthly meeting (Friends Church), if known, and the meeting (Friends Church) you believe they ended up attending in Iowa.If you have census information let me know where they were living in Iowa and what years.



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