Jean Pierre 


Marie Agnes Francois 

Govaerts Family


J Joseph Govaerts
Marie Pirlot
Bartholomis Francois
Marie Dewitt
Jean Pierre Govaerts
25 Feb 1854 - 30 Apr 1930
Marie Agnes Francois
7 Aug 1853 - 25 Apr 1915
Children:  Marie Louise, Pieter Joannie Bartholome,  Jan Joseph William,
Maria Catherina Felicia "Phyllis", Marie Elizabeth Coralie, Alexander Martin, Stella Ulalia

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Jan Pierre and Marie Agnus Francois Govaerts    
Married 18 Oct 1877 in Vechmaal Belgium
Immigrated 1894 and resided in Custer Co, Nebraska
Story in progress                                                                                                                                  
Willem and Elizabeth Govaerts
Willem Martinus "Uncle Ma" and Joanna Beaton Govaerts
Children: Joseph and Jeanne Marie
Martin is the brother of Pierre that kept his son Joseph until he could return to Belgium and bring him to the United States.
Martin and Elizabeth
L-R: Elizabeth (sister of Pierre and Martin), Martins son Joseph, Pierre's son Joseph, Martin and daughter, Jeanne
Jeanne Govaerts
Jeanne Govaerts
Govaerts family 1894
Pierre and Agnes Govaerts Family
Standing; Marie "Mae", Cora, Phyllis, Bartholme
Sitting: Pierre, Alexander (on floor), Agnes holding Stella
Given the birthdate of Phyllis this photo had to have been taken May or June 1894
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Pierre and Agnes Govaerts Family
Sons: Bartholome on left, Alexander on right
Daughters:  l-r, Marie, Phyllis, and Cora;  front: Stella

Pierre Govaert's Death Card
Pierre Govaerts death card

Cross in Vechmaal
After his wifes death Pierre became very lonely for his home place and returned to Belgium until his death and there he was buried.
Mae, Stella, Cora, and Phyllis Govaerts
Mae, Stella, Cora, and Phyllis Govaerts

Marie Louise "Mae": 2 Dec 1977-17 July 1940
Marie Elizabeth Coralie: 11 June 1886 - 11 February 1935
Bert Govaerts
Pieter Joannie Bartholome "Bert" Govaerts
12 Dec 1879 - 22 Sept 1958

Taken: 1909
Joseph Govaerts
Jan Joseph William Govaerts
24 February 1883 - 04 April 1962
Maria Catherina Felicia "Phyllis" Govaerts
24 February 1883 - 14 January 1976

Taken: 1904
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Alexander Martin Govaerts
23 May 1888 - 29 September 1919

Taken 1908
Stella  Govaerts
Stella Eulalia Govaerts
20 April 1894 - 15 September 1966

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Phyllis Govaerts and William Thomas Haumont Wedding Picture
Married: 3 March 1909
Phyllis and William's Family (found in Louis Haumont's family album
Biography,written by Phyllis about her parents and her life.  
Phyllis and William T Haumont
Phyllis and William T Haumont
Charles Secor and Lex Govaerts
Charles Secore and Lex Govaerts
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Alexander Martin and Mary Gutzman Govaerts wedding picture
Married: 24 February 1909 in Cambridge, Furnas Co, Nebraska

Alex and Mary's family album
Joseph and Mary L. Govaerts
Jan Joseph William and Mary Lovitt Govaerts
Married: 7 July 1955

Custer Montana New Article
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Stella Govaerts and Frank Gutzman wedding picture
Married: 24 Dec 1912

Mary and Frank were brother and sister.  You will find Frank and Stellas family as well as Alex and Mary's family in Dan Gutzman Sr's family album (Jean's Grandfather)

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