Descendants of 

Albert Keppels

My Great Grandfather

A year ago I didn't even know my Great grandfathers name. But, with the help of two very
wonderful ladies, Linda Beigh (Biescke Family), and Deb (Belders Family), I now have
his name, and a family that I didn't even
know existed.  Every photo you see below was shared with me by them.
A very special thanks to you

Albert Keppels
born about 1813
Children: John, Jenny, Herman, Josephine, Garret and Dina
Dutch Names as listed on ship manifest: Jan, (Jennies?), Herm, Venneka, Gerrit, Gerardine
Joseph Bieske Famiy
Joseph and Josephine Keppels Biesck Family
taken abt 1902-1903
Back Row:  Frank and William
Front Row: L-R:  Anton, Joseph, Freddy, and Josephine
William Bieske Family
William and Junie Yeasel Biescke Family
taken abt  1911-1912
Standing: Freddy Biescke, Williams Brother, and Sylvia
Sitting, William holding Eveline, and Junie holding Elroy
Eva Beiske 1st grade
Eva Biescke First Grade Class
Mary and Dina Belders Singing Group
Dena Belders Wedding Picture
Daughter of James and Jenny Belders
Taken abt 1901-1902 in Denver, Colorado
Married William H Seward Albright
Dena Belders
Dena Belders
Dena childran
Dena's Children
Oldest Child: Seward W. Albright born abt 1909 in Missouri
Youngest Child: Marvin A. Albright born abt 1912 in St Louis, Missouri
(names and birthdates found in 1920 and 1930 census records)
George and Eva Belders
 George and Eva Olmstead Belders
Son of James and Jenny Belders
George and Eva Wedding pic
George and Eva' wedding picture
Albert and Clara Belders
Albert and Clara Belders
Son of James and Jenny
Charles Wells Keppels
Charles Wells Keppels
son of Herman Keppels adopted by Wells family

This is a picture that from the beginning I have been unsure of who they are.  It was found among my father's collection of photo's.  I believe that the man on the far right is Albert Keppels.  When I compare this picture with the picture of him above I  would say I am very close.  The man in the middle is George Washington Belders (identified by Gregory Belders, Jan 2005). 
unknown family
I include this picture with this family because of the resemblence of the man to other Keppel members.  Maybe you can help me out on this one.

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