Our Watts connections start with Berryman Watts out of Columbus Co, North Carolina.
 It is interesting to note that there are connections with two of his sons.  My husband is a
direct descendant
of his son John B Watts.  James Wallace>Mary Watts>Oscar Watts>
William E Watts>Jimpsy Watts>Eli Watts>John B Watts>Berryman Watts

Bessie Wallace, James' 1/2 sister, married Joseph Dudly Watts>Owen Watts>Owen Watts>
Alexander Watts, Richard Watts, Berryman Watts

We also have Watts/Caulder connections from Berryman Watts.  Alexander Watts had
several children of which we know that 5 migrated to Robeson Co, North Caroina sometime between
 All of which have made very interesting reseseach, of which the story will
be told very soon in another section.

Though there is a lot of information to share I have very few photo's but,   I hope that with your help
this too, will soon change.

Maggie Blanton Watts
Maggie Blanton Watts
wife of William Ellis Watts
Oscar and Maggie Lewellen Watts
Oscar and Maggie Lewellen Watts
son of William Ellis Watts
Oscar behind the mule
Oscar Watts as a farmer
Though he spent most of his years in a cotton mills there was a time when he farmed

Mary and Dorothy Watts
Mary Watts Wallace, and Dorothy Watts Walters
Oscars two daughters
Mary Watts Kids
Children and Step Children of Mary Watts Wallace
Brenda Joyce, Bernice, Margie, Herman, Bessie, Mary Wallace, Janice, Mary Frances, James David
Vivien Faye, and Jerry Franklin
Brenda, Mary Fances, James, Faye and Jerry were her 5 children.
William and Edith Watts Caulder
William and Edith Watts Caulder
Edith Watts was the daughter of Alexander Watts.  She married William  Caulder and her sister Angiline married William's brother, Jesse Caulder.
Doroth Watts Children
Dorothy Watts with Children and Grand Children
Mary Watts and Bessie Wallace Watts Cribb
Mary Watts Wallace and Bessie Wallace Watts
Mary being a descendant of John B Watts, and Bessie was married to Joseph Dudly, Descendant of John's Brother, Richard.   Bessie was Mary's step daughter by Jesse Wallace.
Another long and interetsting story that is just beginning to unfold.