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Custer County Gen Web

Created: May 2004
Last Update:Sunday, 09-Sep-2018 03:09:27 MDT


To the:
Custer County, Nebraska


Amber Thomas

and Jean Gutzman Wallace

Including, but not limited to:
 Haumont, Govaerts, Severyns, Francois, Smets. and Gutzman Families
Centered around Garfield, Berwyn, Broken Bow, and Lillian Twps


It is my priviledge to bring the work of Amber Thomas to the internet.   Having inherited the genealogy "bug" and work from her grandfather, Amber has become a most formidable family historian.  And now between her and I, and some very interesting links to Custer Co History, we hope to present these pioneer families , along with their ancesters and descendants, in hopes that you might get a glimpse of your family history as well.   
Jean Wallace

First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jean Gutzman Wallace, for without her, this and other pages would not be possible. It was because of our shared passion of genealogy and our hunger to learn more about the life of our pioneer ancestors that brought us together. I know that Jean has spent countless hours in her effort to help me get this information on the web.  She has been a true blessing to me. I am so grateful to her for all her hard work and inspiration. She has done a truly remarkable job. Thank you Jean for letting me share with you, and thank you for sharing with others. .

It is our hope, that by putting this information on the web, we will not only be able to share with others this great information and history, but that we may continue to expand our connections to lost family, and gain new names and faces which will be called family. Whether our connection is by marriage, or by the common interests we share in this research and history, we seem to share a common bond. This old tree has branches that die, but new branches are ever growing.

This site is dedicated to those pioneer’s who have helped settle the land in Custer County, Nebraska,  and to those who came in search of new prosperity. Many came from war torn countries in search of prosperity. Most had very little when they came to settle the land.  They built homes out of sod; they survived tornados, droughts, severe cold, flu epidemics, as well as other life threatening illnesses. Yet, they were strong, creative, and worked harder than we could even imagine any one working today.

I am proud of these people, and glad to be a part of their heritage. I am proud to be part of this big family tree, as I am sure, you will be too!
Amber Thomas

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