Due to the loss of files I am having to reconstruct this list. But, do have the most essential links now.
I will be adding to this list daily.

Cyndi's List

Probably the most complete list of genealogical links, domestic and foreign, on the internet. 
A must for any genealogist, beginner or master. 

US GenWeb

One of my most valuable sources of information.  From here you can go to any state then to
any county for online information.  Much of my information has come from these GenWeb sites.

LDS Site

Another general search site with more information than even I have been able to tap into as yet. 
I use it for so many things.  Check it out.  They have even added the 1880 census index.  All free to 
the visitor.


Let's not forget RootsWeb.  Not only do they sponsor this web site.  But, also offer extensive genealogy helps and sources at no charge.
Furnas County Nebraska Cemetery
On line cemeteries in Furnas County.  Most have very complete listings.  You will find most of our family in the Fairview Cemetery in Cambridge


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