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JEFFERSON HUNT: Captain in the Mormon Battalion
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San Bernardino, California

Jefferson Hunt, perhaps the best known man from the Mormon colony on account of his many trips there, had departed from San Bernardino as a Los Angeles County delegate to the State Assembly. The first bill he introduced in that august body was one to divide the space served, forming a separate San Bernardino County. On April 26, 1853, the bill passed, and was implemented with special election arrangements.
--San Bernardino County Sheriff Dept., History

A number of Jefferson's accomplishments while in San Bernardino, including construction of the road from San Pedro to Cajon Pass, are outlined in the text of a brochure distributed during the 2001 reenactment of the settlement of San Bernardino.

Leo Lyman includes numerous references regarding the influence of Jefferson Hunt in ties between California and Utah in an article on the "State of Deseret."

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