Harry Snyder and Mary Edna Hillman Family
HARRY LESLIE SNYDER was born March 3, 1874[1867], the son of ANTHONY SNYDER and CHRISTINA SNYDER.  He died February 6, 1945, at Denver, Colorado, with burial in Bayard, Nebraska.
See photo of Anthony and Christina Snyder.
MARY EDNA HILLMAN was born Sept. 18[30], 1874, in Adams, Nebraska, the daughter of EDWIN RATHBURN HILLMAN and EMILY CORDELIA ROGERS.  She died in 1955 at Denver, Colorado.
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LAURA MAE SNYDER. Born Dec. 14, 1897, in Oakwood, Oklahoma.  Died Dec. 6, 1973, in Bayard, Nebraska, where she is buried.  Married ROBERT JOHN McCRACKEN on April 3, 1917, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

MERLE LEROY SNYDER. Born Jan. 23, 1900, in Adams, Nebraska. Died in 1961.

GLEN ELVIN SNYDER. Born March 20, 1903, in Adams, Nebraska. Died in 1947. Buried at Bayard, Nebraska.  See Obituary.

FERN CORDELEA SNYDER. Born Aug. 14, 1905, in Adams, Nebraska. Died Dec. 25, 1996. Married Elmo Marshall on Dec. 21, 1930.  He currently lives in St. Joseph, Missouri.  He was born in 1907. In a Dec., 2003, letter, he recalls knowing the McCracken family quite well. Said Bob C. was "quite a horse trader." He said his wife Fern used to take the "pumpkin vine" to see her mother and dad in Bayard.

AMY VIOLET SNYDER. Born Jan. 4, 1907, in Adams, Nebraska. Married Emil Kroeger Jan. 25, 1928. Buried at Grand Island, Nebraska.

RAYMOND BRYAN SNYDER. Born Oct. 16, 1908, in Adams, Nebraska. Died in 1924, Bayard, Nebraska.

MAURICE LESLIE SNYDER. Born April 15, 1910, in Adams, Nebraska. Died May 7, 1934, at Rawlings, Wyoming.  See Obituary.

LOIS REVA SNYDER. Born June 23, 1912, in Adams, Nebraska. Died in Bayard, Nebraska. Married Clarence Freeman on April 15, 1931.

NORMAN KENNETH SNYDER. Born Feb. 6, 1915, in Adams, Nebraska. Died in May, 1936, at Bayard,  Nebraska.

NADA EDNA SNYDER. Born Nov. 7, 1916, in Adams, Nebraska. Married Herman Brumm, March 4, 1941.

Hillman family chronicles: Tracy DeVault has written an excellent account of the Hillmans which runs to some 500 pages. That account begins with Jan Helman, born about 1715 in England of Dutch ancestry by some accounts. It continues into the current century and weaves in many family surnames. Click here for that account.

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