JeffMcCrackenhomepage The Jeffres & McCracken Family Trees

This website traces the family trees of the Jeffres and McCrackens.  The Jeffres family name initially was spelled with an "i," and changed when William Jeffries moved from Ohio to Nebraska in the 1800s.  The McCracken family related here is traced back to John McCracken.  According to some reports, the roots of both families go back to Ireland.

As the Jeffres and McCracken families move forward from the 19th century, they link with each other but also weave together with several other family names--Snyder, Fogarty, McGuire, Rodden, Austin, Shea, Murphy and Hillman in the early generations, and many others more recently--Fillis, Tilly, Nelson, Andrews, Higgins, Walker, Richter, and Reiber to name a few.

Click on one of the following to access each of the family trees.  In addition to the details about lineage, some information is provided concerning each generation.  Photographs act as generational stepping stones when they are available, and some obituaries also are included.

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Note: Contributions from several people are responsible for this website.  Betty J. McCracken Fillis/Smith generously provided outlines of both family trees along with most of the details.  Added to this was information initially compiled in the early1980s by David Jeffres, a descendent of James Albert Jeffres.  In addition, photos, copies of obituaries and other details were generated from the photo albums and archives of the late Edna McCracken Jeffres, daughter of Robert McCracken.  In addition, Charles and Ruby Jeffres added details from the Earl and Mary Jeffres family.  A debt of thanks goes to all these sources and the others providing comments along the way.  The website itself was mounted by Leo W. Jeffres, son of Edna McCracken Jeffres and Laurence Jeffres.  If you wish to ask any questions or provide additional information, email him: [email protected]