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The Village Brunnental Coordinator, Sherrei Stahl, published a series of translated articles from Die Welt Post put together by Martha Krening Schafer and Beverly Ruhl; two of the articles relate directly to Wiesenmuller and Friedenberg.


17 June 1920: An article by Elias HERGERT of Ft Collins, CO.

In the article he mentions:

Jacob and Henry JERGER. who lived in Hardin, MT but now live in Eaton. CO. Also their sister's husband SCHMIDT. but they didn't stay long. Those in Hardin - if only they were here - Brother in law and wife LACKMAN and Brother in law and sister PROPP. Mr. WALTER from Walter is a beet worker for JERGER. Also mentions: Conrad DEWALD from Eaton. CO and from Windsor. CO: Mr SEIBEL, Mr H. SCHMIDT. Mr. SCHNEIDER. and the village WEISENMULLER.

Mr. Christian GALLOWAY from Otis. KS bas been a farmer in the US for 33 years. His wife is a SCHAFER from Wiesenmuller. They came to visit his brother in law HELGENBERGER. Jacob DIETZ of Kratzke from Galatia, KS now lives in Ft Collins. CO.

Gottdried BECKER and wife Katherine Elisabeth (nee MEHLING) buried their youngest child, born 27 Feb 1920 and died 2 May 1920 of pneumonia... 3 months and 4 days old


30 Jan 1919: Letter of 17 Jan 1919 from Jacob KAUFFMAN of Rifle. CO. originally from BrunnentaI.

My wife's sister. nee BIEL. died 19 Sept 1918 in Pueblo CO 4 days after surgery. She is survived by her husband, John SCHAEFFER, from Friedenburg, Russia. Also 4 children. Wilhelm HOMER is leaving here to go to Scottsblufl: NE to start a shoe repair shop with his brother. The flu has let up some.

Haven't bad church here for 3 months. Would like SCHNEIDER. and GROSKOPF to write. We would like to have seed sent here. Maybe then we would have better crops in Rifle. I send Greetings to those from Brunnental. "