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Muller Original Settlers List

from Bill Wiest

Bill Wiest received the original settlers list for the village Mueller from Dr. Igor Pleve and generously shared it with us. This document was translated from the Russian by Rick Rye, formerly of the AHSGR staff in Lincoln.

Rick shared several comments regarding· this document:

.. The list is a 'Kuhlberg list' Ivan KUHLBERG was probably of German descent, a clerk in one of the 'collegium' established by Peter the Great. He seems to have been the chief clerk in the Oranienbaum office of immigration, the rough equivalent of our Ellis Island. According to Peter's orders/Iaws, at least 10 percent of the employees of each 'college' (we would call them 'ministries') had to be a foreigner, so it is most likely that KUHLBERG was one of them.

"You will note that I have included possible names of villages in Germany. I used the 1996-96 Shell Atlas as my guide. Experience has shown that sometimes these Russian records are quite inaccurate, as you have already discovered.

"I am not quite clear about the adopted male listed in family 29. The Russian word used here can mean 'frozen to death,' or escheat, a legal term for something remaining after an estate is settled. It might perhaps be best simply to say that his parents have died, as was indicated in family 10."



All settlers were dispatched to the colony MULLER on 16 August 1767.   The total of the colony is 57 males, 56 females, totaling 113 souls.  This next year, 1768, they will be allocated an additional 10 desyatina of plowed land.


             Family Names & Nicknames;   Age in August 1767;   Religion, previous residence & occupation

1. Vorsteher Adolf MUELLER 28

          wife Anna Elisabetha, 20

Reform, from city of Gomburkh [Hamburg?],a feldscher [medic]

2. Beisitzer Johann Peter GROSS 41

         wife Anna Katherina 45

Lutheran, from village of Stenberk [Steinberg?}, carpenter

3. Beisitzer Andreas RAK [REIN?] 42

         wife Anna Katherina ?

         son: Johann Konrad 8

        dau: Anna Elisabetha 15

Lutheran, village of Tsel (Zell), farmers

4. Johannes SCHAEFER 32

        wife Elisabetha 35

        sons: Johann Heinrich 9

        Johann Georg 2

        dau: Eva Elisabetha 5

Lutheran, village Renrot (Rainrod?), farmers

5. Daniel FUKS [FUCHS] 34

        wife Anna Elisabetha 24

        bro in law: Johann Georg SHINGALS [SCHOENHALS?] 18

Lutheran, village of Scierback (Schlierbach), farmers

6. Jakob RUPPEL 34

        wife Anna Elisabetha 32

Lutheran, village of Schwartz, farmer


        wife Anna Elisabetha 19

Lutheran, village of Renrot (Rainrod)

8. Johannes DEKHER [added In different hand: DEKLER] 43

        wife Edruta [Gertrude?} 30

        son: Georg 11

        daus: Anna Edruta [Gertrude?] 15

                 Anna Maria 2 wks

Lutheran, village of Tsel (Zell), farmer

9. Georg KRAEMER 18

        wife Maria Elisabetha  20

        his brother: Johannes KRAEMER 12

Lutheran, village of Tsel (Zell), farmer

10. Konrad KLEIN  36

        wife Anna Elisabeth 27

        dau: Katherina  9mos

        adopted dau after death of her parents: Barbara Katherina  15

Lutheran, village of Tsel (Zell), farmer

11. Georg SCHNEIDER 30

        wife Barbara 25

Lutheran, village of Tsel (Zell), farmer

12. Georg BUKSMAN [BUXMANN] 24

        wife Anna Maria 30

        his bro: Johann Jakob 14

Lutheran, village of Reinheim, tailor

13. Ebel [?} HOFFMANN 23

        wife Elisabetha 19

Lutheran, village of Tsel (Zell), farmer

14. Georg TITSCHLER 28

        wife Maria Elisabetha 29

        daus: Anna Maria 6

                 Anna Elisabetha 3

Lutheran, village of Tsel (Zell), farmer

15. Johann Peter HONIG  43

        wife Maria Elisabetha  33

        dau: Anna Elisabetha 2

Lutheran, village of Atzenhain (?), farmer

16. [?] DEKHER [DECKER] 28

        wife Eva Elisabetha 28

Lutheran, city of Andru _ [Ondrup] , weaver

17. Ludwig EDELBACH  37

        wife Anna Elisabetha 30

Lutheran, city of Erdorf, saddler

18. Johann LEHMANN 38

        wife Anna Maria 38

        son: Johannes 9

Lutheran, village of Tsel (Zell), farmer

19. Johann USINGER 26

        wife Anna Elisabetha 26

Lutheran, village of Valerot (Wahlrod), weaver

20. Johann Wilhelm SHREIDER [SCHROEDER?] 30

         wife Christina Elisabetha 42

Lutheran, village of [Pr__ rest is illegible] , farmer

21. Ludwig DIETZ   19

        wife Elisabetha  20

Lutheran, city of Hannover, of the soldier's children

22. Johann Just KARF [KARPF]   41

        wife Anna Elisabetha  31

        dau: Maria Katherina  7 wks

Lutheran, village of Obrobesin [Oberbeisheim], farmer

23. Kasper KIN [KUEHN]  45

        wife Anna Elisabetha  44

        son: Johann Konrad  8

Reform, village of Ekhtsel [?], farmer

24. Heinrich KNOBLOCH   57

        wife Maria Elisabetha  23

Lutheran, village of Val'ma [Valme], farmer

25. Konrad SALTZMANN   33

        wife Elisabetha   33

        daus: Katherina   10

                 Elisabetha  3

        mother in law: Elisabetha  57

        adopted: Jakob REINHARDT  20

Lutheran, village of Nodeken [?], farmer

26. Heinrich BOTT  20

        wife Elisabetha  26

Lutheran, village of Lank (Lanke), farmer

27. Johannes STEINAGEL  57

        wife Anna Maria  28

        dau: Anna Maria  10

Lutheran, village of Nieder Bredebach (Niederbredenbach), farmer

28. Adam EBEL  48

        wife Anna Maria  24

        sons: Johannes   17

                 Johann Heinrich   13

                 Johann Konrad  10

Lutheran, village of Tsel (Zell), farmer

29. Widow Anna Katherina SCHILLER  51

        son: Gottfried  23

        dau: Christina  21

        adopted to raise after escheat [?]:Johannes KENZER [?] from Lesnoi Karamysh [Grimm]  26

Lutheran, village of Kelern [?], farmer

30. Valentin KlZERLINK [KAISERLlNG?]  37

        wife Anna Margareta  30

        dau: Anna Elisbetha  9 wks

Lutheran, village of Vel'fer [Welver, Wohlfahrt?], farmer

31. Weinhard KOCH  26

        wife Anna Elisabetha  23

Lutheran, city of Alsfeld [?], miller

32. Johannes KEIL  45

         wife Katherina   45

        sons: Johannes   19

                 Johann Konrad  16

Lutheran, village of Bobnauzin [Bobenhausen], farmer

33. Gottlieb SCHNEIDER   24

        wife Anna Barbara   32

        dau: Elisabetha  5

No information listed

34. Johannes WEINBENDER   21

        wife Anna Maria  20

        sister-in-law: Elisabetha Katherina  12

Reform, village of Karb [Korb], carpenter

35. Baltasar SHEER [SCHERER?)  48

        wife Anna Elisabetha  35

        sons: Johann Baltasar 12

                 Johan Adar [Adam?]   10

        daus: Eva Maria   7

                 Katherina   4

                 Elisabetha  2

Lutheran, village of Vo [?], weaver

36. Johannes GElS (HEIS?)   24

        wife Anna Katherina  18

Lutheran, village of Rapissin [Rabensheim?], farmer

37. Hartmann FREHEFNER (?]   29

        wife Elisabetha  37

         son: Johannes  3

Lutheran, village of Alsfeld [?], weaver

[added in different hand - Johann HOFF  age 22]