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Extractions of Wiesenmullerin

from the 1913/1914 Lincoln Nebraska GR Census

Hattie Plum Williams survey of Germans from Russia living in Lincoln, Nebraska began in late 1913 and continued through 1915.  Using the 1910 federal census form, but changing the headings, she interviewed those identified as from the German villages in Russia.  Information includes place of birth for the individuals, as well as their parents, age, number years married, year coming to Lincoln, ability to speak and write (German and or English), length of time in school, number of years in the Russian army and much more.  Thanks to Betty Ashley for providing us with this data.

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Busch, Peter     Census page # 3 & 119     Other surnames:  Kindsvater     Other villages:  Laub

Buxman, John     Census page # 116     Other surnames:  Deines     Other villages:  Muller, Beideck, Balzer, Shcherbakovka

Foss, Ferdinand     Census page # 111     Other villages:  Gnadenthau, Beideck, Michailofka, Dietal, Balzer

Kindsvater, Peter     Census page # 3 & 119  Other surnames:  Horch, Miller     Other villages:  Dietal, Warenburg

Lich, John     Census page # 93     Other villages:  Beideck

Rohrig, Adam     Census page # 164 & 173     Other surnames:  Uhrich     Other villages:  Frank, Balzer, Mohr

Rohrig, John     Census page # 165 & 173     Other surnames:  Yost     Other villages:  Norka, Balzer, Mohr

Schlegel, John     Census page # 128 & 13     Other surnames:  Zimmerman     Other villages:  Kukkus, Huck, Beideck, Stahl

Vogel, George     Census page # 76     Other surnames:  Breb, Schmidt, Emmet     Other villages:  Libau, Lysanderdorf, Neu-Messer, Franzosen, Strassburg

Vogel, Henry     Census page # 91     Other surnames:  Deker / Decker     Other villages:  Balzer, Chutor / Kutter

Vogel, Henry     Census page # 196-197 & 51    

Vogel, Jacob     Census page # 196-197 & 51     Other villages:  Franzosen, Jakofka, Laub, Muller, Warenburg, Grimm

Vogel, Jacob  -  continuation of the above