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Wiesenmuller Map

The following is taken from a letter written by Friedrich Treise  to Betty Ashley in Feb 1994.  Betty had sent a copy of the AHSGR map of Wiesenmuller to Friedrich and as you shall read, he had very different memories of the village.]


The map of Wiesenmuller I received.  Thanks.  Much of it is quite inaccurate.  For example, not all "blocks" have 4 houses.  Besides there are some with only 3 houses.  The surrounding area is not correctly oriented.  This way would be right:  the sun at mid-day is directly over the River Jeruslan.  Therefore, traversely to the Main Street.  The number of inhabitants is completely wrong.  As there were organized arrangements in the Dorf.
  1. 2 agricultural Unions
  2. a butter and cheese factory
  3. a tomato and sugar factory
  4. a machinery-tractor Association (involving several Dorfer)
  5. a brick kiln

Another proof of the number of people in the Dorf Wiesenmuller is the school:

  1. Classes were numbered 3 - "a" "b" and "c"  In other words, 3 classes, each with 35-40 students
  2. Classes the same
  3. Classes the same
  4. Classes the same
  5. Classes only "a" and "b"
  6. Classes only "a" and "b"
  7. Classes only "a" and "b"

Therefore, 18 classes each having 35-40 students each, totaling 650 - 700 students.