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The following letter written by Alex Kunzh was given to Bill Wiest with the request that Bill give it to "Oregon Youth Organizations" (which Bill has done). Bill has also graciously shared it with Jeruslan Nachricten so that this invitation receive wider publication.

July 1995

Dear Sirs,

The youth Union of the Volga Germans is writing to give you the information about our organization, its activity and plans.

The youth Union of the Volga Germans (YUVG) was officially registered in 1992 83 the organization for all young people of Saratov from. 18 till 28. Most of the members of the YUVG are Germans, but there are people of other nationalities.

The main aim of the YUVG is unification of all young people around the world who are interested in revival of tile Volga Germans' culture. who would like to learn more about its history, customs and traditions. who would like to study its language.

In September-November of 1996 we plan to organize the Symposium which will be devoted to the new generation of the Volga and Russian Germans. We would like to invite you to take part in it.

Our organization gives chances for young people to develop their talents in such fields as banking, accounting, marketing and advertising. tourism and management, language-teaching and history researches and different entertainment programs.

The center of the YUVG is in Saratov, one of the oldest cities in the Volga region. Saratov is well-known in Russia as a city of students and young people. Here there is the oldest Saratov University. With its 9 faculties. about 40 colleges, the large Law Academy and the other 4 Universities it makes Saratov the biggest educational center of the Volga region.

We hope that this very short information about our organization was interesting for you, because we would like to cooperate with you in every way.

If you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact us. We enclose some postcards with the sights of our city. We look forward to receiving your response with your offers with great anticipation.

If you have Email system. write its address, please.

Yours truly, Alex Kunzh

he Youth Union of the Volga Germans

German House

Rabocbaya st.22

Saratov 410028