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Wiesenmuller  -  Marriages 1894 & 1895

Hugh Lichtenwald obtained the following records from the Volgograd Archive.


Marriages 1894

 1. Jan. 11, Widower Johannes Roehrig and widow Eliza Katharina Jeekel nee Spengler
 2. Jan. 18, Widower Johan Michael Jung and widow Charlotte Freudenberger nee Walter
 3. Jan. 18, Widower Johan Friedrich Buxman and widow Maria Katharina Maul nee Heckman
 4. Jan. 18, Bachelor Johan Georg Jung and maid Anna Maria Groos
 5. Jan. 21, Bachelor Georg Heinrich Greb and maid Katharine Elizabeth Helwer
 6. Jan. 26, Bachelor Georg Jacob Knaub and maid Maria Katharina Winter
 7. Jan. 26, Bachelor Johan Georg Kindsvater and maid Maria Katharina Groos
 8. Jan. 26, Bachelor Johannes Schneider and maid Eva Margareth Dorsch
 9. Jan. 26, Bachelor Friedrich Roehrig and maid Anna Elizabeth Maier
10. Feb. 8, Bachelor Jacob Greb and maid Katharina Elizabeth Stabel
11. Feb. 11, Bachelor Friedrich Scheck and maid Charlotte Schaefer
12. Feb. 11, Bachelor Jacob Voos/Vohs and maid Maria Katharina Schwan
13. Mar. 18, Widower Andreas Wambold and widow Katharina Elizabeth Dechert nee Keil
14. June 7, Widower Jacob Schaefer and widow Eliza Katharina Merkel nee Fritzler
15. Oct. 21, Bachelor Heinrich Peter Jeckel and maid Katharina Elizabeth Scheck
16. Nov. 8, Bachelor Johan Friedrich Dahmer and maid Maria Katharina Stuckert
17. Nov. 15, Widower David Bitsch and maid Maria Katharina Maier
18. Nov. 22, Bachelor Johan Georg Schwan and maid Katharina Elizabeth Jung
19. Nov. 22, Bachelor Johan Friedrich Schwarzkopf and maid Katharina Elizabeth Treise
20. Nov. 22, Bachelor Georg Heinrich Spengler and widow Eliza Katharina Spengler nee Spengler
21. Nov. 22, Bachelor Georg Heinrich Ebel and maid Eva Katharina Koch
22. Nov. 22, Bachelor Christoph Balzer and maid Katharina Balzer
23. Nov. 22, Bachelor Johann Konrad Roehrig and maid Katharina Elizabeth Rahmig
24. Nov. 25, Bachelor Georg Jacob Schneider and maid Katharina Margaretha Stabel
25. Dec. 27, Bachelor Johan Georg Stuerz/Stierz and maid Katharina Ellizabeth Ehrhardt
26. Dec. 27, Bachelor Johan Christian Treise and maid Anna Margaretha Mueller
27. Dec. 27, Bachelor Johan Georg Balzer and maid Katharina Margaretha Buxman
28. Dec. 27, Bachelor Heinrich Jacob Mueller and maid Maria Katharina Nickel
29. Dec. 27, Bachelor Johan Friedrich Scheck and maid Katharina Elizabeth Mill
30. Dec. 27, Bachelor Georg Heinrich Mueller and maid Elizabeth Wunsch
31. Dec. 27, Bachelor Christian Mueller and maid Anna Elizabeth Schneider
32. Dec. 27, Bachelor Christian Mueller and maid Anna Elizabeth Schneider
33. Dec. 27, Bachelor Johan Georg Stumpf and maid Katharina Margaretha Wittman
34. Dec. 27, Bachelor Johan Georg Held and maid Katharina Elizabeth Schmidt

Marriages 1895

 1. Jan. 17, Bachelor Johann Georg Wambold and maid Sophie Mueller
 2. Jan. 20, Bachelor Johann Friedrich Leneschmidt and maid Eliza Katharina Scheck
 3. Jan. 20, Bachelor Johann Georg Wambold and widow Katharina Elisabeth Boetteker nee Ruf
 4. Jan. 20, Bachelor Georg Jacob Mueller and maid Eliza Katharina Stuckert
 5. Jan. 20, Widower Georg Jacob Ebel and widow Susanna Elisabeth Stabel nee Streich
 6. Jan. 25, Bachelor Johann Christian Stuerz and maid Eva Margaretha Winter
 7. Jan. 25, Widower Johann Jacob Rahmig and widow Maria Elisabeth Leneschmidt nee Lohman
 8. Feb. 1, Bachelor Johann Friedrich Lichtenwald and maid Katharina Margareth Koerner
 9. Feb. 14, Bachelor Georg Heinrich Stuckert and maid Anna Elisabeth Muth
10. Feb. 14, Bachelor Jacob Heckmann and maid Amalia Schwab
11. May 23, Widower John Christoph Koch and widow Maria Sophie Martin nee Valtin
12. Jun. 21, Widower Johann Georg Spengler and widow Maria Katharina Buechert nee Maier
13. Jun. 24, Widower Georg Jacob Scheck and widow Anna Margaretha Scheck nee Knaus
14. Nov. 29, Bachelor Karl Greb and maid Eva Margareth Bauer
15. Nov. 30, Bachelor Johannes Zimmerman and maid Katharina Elisabeth Stuckert
16. Nov. 30, Bachelor Friedrich Stuckert and maid Katharina Elisabeth Muth
17. Nov. 30, Bachelor Friedrich Greb and maid Maria Elisabeth Rein
18, Nov. 30, Bachelor Jacob Fritzler and maid Maria Katharina Hofmann
19. Nov. 30, Bachelor Johannes Kindsvater and maid Eva Elisabeth Kindsvater
20. Nov. 30, Bachelor Georg Jacob Held and widow Maria Katharina Mueller
21. Dec.27, Bachelor Johann Georg Usinger and maid Sophie Katharina Mueller
22. Dec.27, Bachelor Gottfried Dorsch and maid Elisabeth Koerbs
23. Dec.27, Bachelor Heinrich Peter Spengler and maid Maria Katharina Ahlbrandt
24. Dec 27, Bachelor Johannes Lichtenwald and maid Anna Margareth Scheck
25. Dec.27, Bachelor Johann Christian Ruppel and maid Anna Katharina Keil
26. Dec 27, Bachelor Gottfried Held and maid Anna Katharina Drott
27. Dec.27, Bachelor Karl Schneider and maid Maria Katharina Usinger

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