Queries From Abroad

These are taken from a mission publication in Germany. If you are researching any of these surnames / families you can make contact with these individuals. We realize you will not know the whereabouts of the persons they are searching for. Rather, it is our hope that you may be of help to each other in further defining family relationships and making contacts with lost family members who have now made it from Russia to Germany.

Mrs. Irma (nee Glaht) Beichel
Schaferstr 14
33039 Nieheim
Seeks her aunt and family, Mrs. Katharina (nee Schlotthauer) Fischer born 1920 in Alt-Weimar on the Volga. Daughters: Olga, Ema, and Irma.

Mrs. Katharina (nee Friesen) Fertig
Wimmerstr 76
49152 Bad Essen
Seeks friends who served in the Work Camps in 1943 in Krasnojarsk: Anna Gisbrecht (nee Brick), Anna Friesen, Sara Gisbrecht, Nina Kindsvater, Katja Walter, Lida Gisbrecht, Katja Janzen, Lena and Anna Bergen.

Mrs. Irma Kinsvater
Max-Reger-Weg 1
85072 Eichstatt
Seeks a friend Emma Nenstil who lived in Taldi-Kurgan. She also seeks Mrs. Irma Fritzler from Eichstatt and Mrs. Emma Besler.

Mrs. Theresia Becker
Phone: 0 84 21/90 52-49
Seeks Heinrich Becker the son of Johannes Becker of Brunnental on the Volga then to Kasachstan - the village Koktschetav.