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Jesse L Barnett's Ancestry Page
Scot-Irish and English......mostly!
Major updates on February, 19, 2006
I noticed some of the links are no longer valid and will be looking for replacements.
 I have since discovered, some of the links went to domains that no loner exist and the links had to be removed.  Such is the Net!
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"Every man is his own ancestor, and every man is his own heir.
       He devises his own future, and he inherits his own past."
                      ................Frederick Henry Hedge (1805-90)


You are viewing the web pages of Jesse L Barnett in Evansville, Indiana!

The initial intent of this page is to disseminate genealogy information pertaining to the Barnetts of Scot-Irish descent (aka Ulster-Scots).  I am gradually adding information on my other ancestors named below.

It is believed most of the information provided is accurate.   However, due to the number of hands it passes through, there are no guarantees (not to mention mistakes I make during the merging process.).  The likelihood of errors is one of the prime reasons for this site........ to get input from others.  When I do get conflicting information or suspect something is amiss, I will attempt to make obvious notations.  Which brings up a point.....when looking at the individual's information, take special note of a number, prefixed with the letter "N".  This number indicates a note for that person, and is a link to that page, which will include notes for others.  So, be sure to read the correct note field that is unique to that person.  Please feel free to contact me to report errors, suspected and otherwise.

I am not a researcher (at least not yet), merely a collector of information.  I do have an acknowledgment page for those individuals known to contribute, and my gratitude goes out to every one of them, as should yours.

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    This family of Barnetts came to "The Colonies" from Londonderry, IR. in 1730, and initially settled in Hanover Twp. and Paxtang Twp., Lancaster County  of   Pennsylvania.  The region of, Hanover and Paxtang/Paxton Twps., eventually became Dauphin Co. in 1785.  MORE information.

    I am also starting to collect information on my other ancestry.  Primarily, the surnames of Bradshaw, Brashears, Camp, Chambers, Kemp, Lincoln, McDaniel, Monroe, Phillips, Voyles.  Presently, the information on my FamilyTreemaker page is based on MY ANCESTRY, and not just the descendants of the early Barnetts.  And, is used to take advantage of the unique capabilities of the FamilyTreemaker site.

A recommended read by Vic Barnett.......
”Born Fighting: How the Scotch Irish Shaped America by James Webb
It is available at my local public library and may be at yours.  If not, try the Interlibrary Loan Dept.

My FamilyTreemakerPage

My Ancestors(not just Barnetts)


Barnett Descendants  of William Barnett b.1600 (updated from 9/2006 to 1/2011)


My Grandaugher's Ancestry


Graphical representation of Ancestral Trees

Photos pertaining to Rockcastle Co., KY and Barnett

 Poem to me Mudder

A Research Paper on the Barnetts by Charles Todd.  Thanks for sharing!

 Scot-Irish reading sources from The Irish Times

Sarah Browder's postings on Barnett Maillist
Barnetts and the Cumberland Presbyteria, most of them Ministers
Vic Barnett's paper on Joseph and Alexander Barnett of Ohio Co., KY
Northern Ireland pictures by Vic Barnett

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