Joshua Fitzsimmons Martin



Welcome to our Genealogy Site!  This site is merely a brief introduction to our family’s heritage and is here for others, like you, researching their ancestry.  I pray that you find what it is that you’re looking for in this ongoing endeavor.  The information posted here is a conglomeration of hundreds of hours of work put in by my grandparents, mother, and myself.  To start off, here is a little information about my family and myself.  More information pertaining to our ancestory can be found at our Genealogy page on RootsWeb!


Joshua – I am 27 years old at the time of writing this website.  I was born in Fort Rucker, Alabama to my father, Dr. Steven Norman Martin, and my mother, Judith Doyle Rockhill Martin on November 17, 1975.  Being that I am an only child, I was spoiled rotten – yet was instilled with the love of family!  J  I met my wonderful wife, Brandy Elise Jung, while attending Texas A&M University.  We were wed in San Antonio, Texas soon after my graduation!  Recently we were blessed with a beautiful son, Zachariah Jung Martin – who is now 14 months old!  **BIG GRIN**


Judy – My mother is a fantastic mother!  J  She was born to Paul Rockhill and Maureen Rockhill on September 21, 1948 in McAllen, Texas.  She is the eldest of four siblings and was Ms. Rio Grande Valley!  … Yes, that is MY mother!  ;)  She is now an interior designer and leads the Praise and Worship Team for our church, Christ Resurrection Church International.  She has to deal with me on a daily basis, as I am her lead guitarist! J


Maureen – My grandmother is perfectly awesome!  Born in 1921 in abc, she was wed to her true love, Paul Rockhill.  Since that time she has served in the armed forces as a Marine Meteorologist and worked as abc teacher for many a year.  Genealogy has been her hobby for years.  She is a member of the McAllen Genealogical Society, Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) on more lines that I can count on one hand, and finally the United Daughters of the Confederacy.


Paul – My grandfather is yet another perfectly awesome person in my life!  Born in 1921, .. and yes married to my grandmother, Maureen Rockhill, he served in the Navy flying the PBY Catalina as recon.  After the war, he went into teaching mathematics and playing the upright bass playing gigs for years to come!