James Gholson claim due bill of Ely Gholson estate
The following is a copy of a document in the Probate box of Ely Gholson’s papers in regards to the settling of the estate of Ely Gholson deceased in 1841.



I Sam’l Wilson do solemnly swear that I was the Justice

before whom James Gholson proved his demand of the Estate of Ely Gholson dec., that said

Gholson proved the whole amt., of his claim, without regard to credits, that the understanding

between the party, at the time was that Ely Gholson claim of about $101. & some cents was to be

deducted from the amt, and that afterward on a settlement, Jas Gholson allowed the credit, of

$101.10 or there abouts & had the following $55.45 or thereabouts credited on a Note he paid sd.

Adm." On the sale of the Mill property.

Sworn & subscribed to )

6th Aug 1850 in open court ) Samuel Wilson

J. W. Marshall, Clk )