James Hughes family home gathering of Big Hill Community



Picture - in possession of Effie Mae (Fairweather) (Harlow) Harrell, Norris City, White Co., Illinois, deceased. Residents of Big Hill community & Feakeyville (Hardyville) community of Mayberry Township, Hamilton, County, Illinois. Approximate date unknown at this time. Picture may have been a reunion or anniversary at the home of Mr. & Mrs. James Hughes #1 & #2 seated in chairs in center of photo. (1) James Hughes with hand on chest, (2) Mary (Gross) (Fairweather) Hughes, former wife of John Fairweather, deceased.

On left side of photo, the man with hat & white beard #3 William Truex, preacher of Christian Church (formerly Campbellite Church). Woman on his left #4 William's wife, Rebecca Yost. #5 Maria Matilda Ann (Burch) Howard, known as Matilda, wife of Wilson Larry Howard. To the left of Matilda, - woman and 3 men in a row #6 - #7 - #8 thought to be Howards.

Right side of picture standing next to window holding a child #9 is Nancy Charlotte (Fairweather) Varney, wife of Joel Ebenezer Varney, known as Eb, lived near New Prospect Chruch now known as Prospect. #10 is Effie Mae (Fairweather) (Harlow) Harrell, daughter of George Washington Fairweather & Margaret Jane (Howard) Fairweather. #11 is Margaret Jane (Howard) Fairweather holding a child.

Seated in front #12 thought to be Joel Ebenezer Varney, known as Eb, husband of Nancy Charlotte (Fairweather) Varney. - #13 is George Washington Fairweather.

Note: all the firewood stacked against the fence with a saddle (left side) & a hat on right side. The home was large with a roof covered with hand made wood shingles. This picture had to be unrolled and books were used to hold down edges to copy it.

(Picture & identification courtesy of William Harrell Melton)