Bids For A Calaboose

Town board meeting February 27, 1900

A calaboose to be built 8 by 14 by 7, weatherboarded with oak, 2 doors, the outside door to be solid, the inner door to be built same as the partition. A flue of brick, 2 by 2 1/2, to project 2 1/2 ft. Two windows, one in inner door, one in wall. The one in door 6 by 12 in, one in wall 10 by 16 in, to be covered with 3/4 in bars, each way, window to have removable glass. The cell to be at the South end of calaboose. Work to be done in first class manner. Sealed bids to be given to clerk. Terms: cash.

J. G. Wheeler, Pres.

John Kelly, Clerk. Feb. 27, 1900