Remaining Historical Buildings



Historical Remaining Buildings

We would like to thank all who contributed information and to Silvetta Parsons for the help with the homes.

Broughton Depot 2002

Broughton Bank & Masonic Lodge

Post Office Broughton, IL.

Home of Dr. Osborne

Former funeral home in Broughton

Arthur Dawes house

Charles W. Allen house

Home of Dr. J.G. Wheeler

Dr. James Tomzen Gholson house

Sheridan LeMay house

Nick Linden home

Martha Ann Porter home

Matt Gholson house

Miles Osborn house

Home of Samuel Berry & Cordelia (Hardesty) Allen

Tom & Annie Allen's house

Dr. Inman Hall lived here

Kate & Fred Wilson lived here

Dr. John Organ lived here

Gaines House on Dawes Street

Wright Hamilton lived here on Dawes Street next to Gaines house

Hardin & Minnie Porter Home

Lodge & Mildred Grant Home in Broughton


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