Belle Prairie About 1939 - 1940


BELLE PRAIRIE About 1939 - 1940 Ralph D. Smith, Teacher

Front Row seated: Alvin Stitch, Linus "Buck" Rubenacker, Lowell Smith, Harold Grubb, Adrian Smith, Ralph Stitch, Albert Seavers, Downs Bowers

2nd Row: Buell Bernard Smith, Denzil Taylor, Cyrus Seavers, Billy Bowers, Cameron Smith, Robert "Bud"Seifred

3rd Row: Shirley Hudspath, Juanita Smith, Susie Mae Taylor, Helen Stich, Lillian Hopfinger, Eileen Rubenacker, Charlene Frey, Bonnie Seifried, Joann Pfister, Roberta Hudspath

4th Row Top: Virginia Rubenacker, Alice Rubenacker, Rita Hopfinger, Florence Frey, Betty Seifred. Harold D. Smith, Don Baker, Gene Overstreet.

Top Left: Ralph D. Smith - Teacher

(paper copy of original from A.A. Smith) Thanks!

Other names and Ids filled in by Charlene Frey Rubenacker - Thanks!

Row 3 Venita Smith changed to Juanita Smith

Row 4 # 1changed from Alice To Virginia Rubenacker, next one Virginia changed to Alice Rubenacker.