No. 9 SCHOOL Ralph D. Smith Teacher


Year 1931 - (No. 9 School) or Union # 53 - Ralph D. Smith Teacher

Front Row sitting L-R: Earnest Johnson, Harold D. Smith, Bill Davis, Buster Brady, Samuel G. Cotter, Harry E. Cotter, Walter Kittinger, Eugene Russell, Harold McGill, Harold Kittinger

2nd Row: Elizabeth Jones, Ruby Jane Johnson, Dollie Trout, Alice Davis, Velma Johnson, Martha Johnson, Effie Trout, Lucille Johnson, Hallie Johnson, Icy Ellen Russell

3rd Row: Louisa Kittinger, Wilma Ritchey, Bessie Johnson, C. Satterfield, R. Johnson, L. Ritchey, Herschel Trout, Eva Davis, Wilma Satterfield, Mary Tate, Lucille Davis, Chloe Johnson

Back Row: Marion McGill, Ralph D. Smith Teacher, Connard Russell, Ray Ritchey, Truman Johnson, L. Johnson, Clyde McGill

Ralph D. Smith - Teacher. Dad told me that some of the big guys standing in the back row had come to school to play basketball out on the old school ball court. The photographer came to take the school picture and they were invited to be in the picture too.

(Paper copy of original from A.A. Smith. Thanks!)