No. 9 Grade School - Abt. 1937 Otis McGill, Teacher



No. 9 Grade School about 1937 - Otis McGill, Teacher

Front Row: Ralph Tate Jr., Obe Bond, Adrian Smith, Lowell Smith, Eugene Miller Eddie Miller

2nd Row: Cameron Smith, Harold Kittinger, Wilburn Davis, Jack Johnson, Harold Smith, "B.B" Smith, (Part of picture is missing & can only see part of "BB"

3rd Row: Claudia's niece, Claudia Bridwell, Ica Ellen Russell, Alice Davis, Hallie Johnson?, Ruby Jane Johnson, Julie Marie Middleton, Fannie Kittinger

Back Row: Eugene Russell?, Harold Dean McGill, Otis McGill, Teacher

(Paper copy of original from A. A. Smith) Thanks!