No. 9 Union Grade School - Idress Tate Teacher


No. 9 Union Grade School - About 1932- Idress Tate Teacher

L-R Front Row: Lowell Lee Johnson, Wilburn Davis, Ralph Tate Jr., John Herman Davis, Jackie Mann, Buell B. Smith, Dean Spencer, Cameron Smith, Jack Johnson, Lavern Johnson, Robert Cook

2nd Row: Grace Trout, Reba Johnson, Clara Cook, Harold Kittinger, Eugene Russell, Harold Smith, Bill Davis, Charles Spencer, Earl Johnson, Satterfield, Dean McGill

3rd Row: Freda Davis, Elsie Trout, Delsie Trout, Ruby Satterfield, Frona Kittinger, Anna Mae Middleton, Julie Middleton, Ruby Satterfield

Back Row: Effie Trout, Velma Johnson, Delores Cook, Hallie Johnson, Alice Davis, Ruby Johnson, Ice Ellen Russell, Martha Johnson, Claudie Bridwell, Lucille Johnson, Dollie Trout, Louise Satterfield

Teacher Idress Tate

Note: Ruby & Louise Satterfield are cousins to Edgar Satterfield. Thanks to Delsie (Trout) Lynch for identifying and filling in the blank spots with names.

(Paper copy of original from A. A. Smith) Thanks!