INDEX School Districts 1896 - 1918


The following information I have extracted from pages in an account book dating from 1896 to about 1918. It seems to be cost and balance of running the school districts. Due to the time and work envolved, I have only included some dates and names of persons listed with teaching, or other activities in regard to their work and pay as recorded for services rendered. I did not list expences and the balancing of the books. Each district had numbers that match up with (map of Early Schools of Hamilton Co.) These numbers & schools are listed below and can be located on the map. I would like to thank Bob Barker for loaning the book to me for transcribing. I hope you find it of some interest and maybe find someone you know listed here. James Gholson 2005.

Dist. No. 1 T.6. R.7 #76 Walters 1896 - 1918. Dist.No. 2 T.6 R.7 School # 81 Jennings
No. 77 Mayberry Dist.80 Big Hill
# 78 Harrawood No. 82 Pig Ridge
No.79 Cherokee No.73Oliver
Early Schools in Hamilton County - Click here to see map