Broughton Court Cases & Misdemeanors



This Calaboose or jail sits at a park museum in Harrisburg, IL., and has no connection with Broughton or its Calaboose that was special built and very different. Bids For A Calaboose

We would like a picture of the old Broughton Calaboose if anyone has one. The links below are actual images from Broughton Court Records contributed by Bob Barker.

1908 Dec 25 page 3 Village vs. J. W. Wilson & James Barlow

1908 Nov 4 page 1} H.S. Porter vs. Grover Porter

1908 Dec 8} Complaint against J. F. Mitchell

1908 Summons } John Oeth

1909 April 24 page 9 Village vs. James F. Mitchell

1909 Page 10 Village vs. Charles Porter

3/23/1909 page 12 James F. Mitchell vs. John Oeth

1909 April 4 page 13 M.M. Mercer vs. Elvis Cleavland

Nov. 8 1909 page 14 Dr. E. E. Osburn vs. J. H. Bonner

1909 Dec. 2nd page15 Fred Friend vs. Ellen Clark


1910 Lelia Graper vs. Felix F. Friend

Pearl Gholson vs. Louisville & Nashville RR

Porter & Porter vs. L & N RR

1910 J. K. Barker vs. L & N RR

O.C. Porter vs. L & N RR

McClure Flannigan Grocer Co. vs. Allen & Allen

McClure Flannigan Grocer vs. Maude Clark

Harrison Bryant vs. John Beck

J. H. Gibson vs. Lincoln Allen

Village of Broughton vs. Elmer Driskell


1911 - S. B. Allen vs. Andy Allen

L . A. Jackson vs. Julia Jones

W.I. Cleaveland & Richard Hall vs. Thomas Mitchell, G. W. Reed & Anna Reed

Summons to F.W. Davis

Commissioner of Hyway vs. Anton Romer & Tom Nipper

Judgement in favor of Sam Elder

Oct. 4, 1911 Summoms


Highway Commissioner vs. A.J. Mayberry, Jess Little, D.J. McMahon & Charles Mayberry

Dr. I. I. Hall vs. B. J. Trusty

John Oeth vs. James Lancaster

page 45) Commissioner of Highways vs. James Williams, Wm Williams & John Campbell

Commissions of Highways vs. James Williams, William Williams & Henry Campbell

Page 52 STATE OF ILLINOIS vs. Wakeford Thomas for assault on Luther Aud

Page 48 People vs. Bird Couch for Disturbing the peace & refusing to be arrested & assault

page 51) Minnie Johnson vs. Arthur Howard (for kicking her boy Harley)