Probate of Enoch Johnson


Probate of Enoch Johnson

(Note: In the Hamilton Co.marriage record of Enoch Johnson to Polly it states that Polly is the Daughter of John Gholson.)

State of Illinois } (Seal)

County of Hamilton } ( Seal )

I Ct.

I do Solemnly swear that Enoch Johnson departed this Life on or about the 4th day of December AD 1844 = that agreable to the best information he died intestate sworn to &c before me 11th Feby AD 1845.

J. D. Marshall. P. JP } (Seal)

James Schoolcraft

State of Illinois } (Seal)

County of Hamilton } (Seal) I do Solemnly sware that I will rule and truly administer all and Singular the goods and chattels rights and Effects of Enoch Johnson dec.. and pay all Just Claims and Charges aft his Estate so far as his goods Chattels and Effects shall Extend and the Law Charge Me; and that I will in general do and perform all other acts required of Me by law to the best of My Knowledge and abilities.

Sworn to &c before Me this 11th day of Feby 1845

J. D. Marshall JPP (Seal)


Polly x Johnson


The following persons were given an oath to appraise the property Feb. 1845 by John Braden J.P

George Trout - James Heard - Wm. S. Knight.

Twenty five Head of hogs $16.00
Three year(?)lens Cow bruit(? 7.50
One Cow and Calf 8.00
Six head of Sheep grane and 4 lambs 6.00
One mare D Rane 15.00
Two bee stands 2.00
1 clevis 0.25
1 Singletree and lap Ring 0.25
1 plain 0.50
1 pair of geer 1.50
1 axe .075
3 hoes 0.37 1/2
1 pot 0.75
1 oven and bed 0.25
1 rifle gun and pouch 7.00
1 pair of streachers 0.50
20 bushels of corn 4.00
2 Cow hides 4.00
100 pounds of pork 4.00
1 saddle 0.50
1 bridle and martin gales 0.50
1 Smoothing iron 0.25
6 chairs .075
Bed and beading ???

Total missing for this sheet

1 Spinning wheel 0.50
1 pair of cotton cards 0.12 1/2
1 pail 0.25
1 Jar 0.12 1/2
1 Jug 0.12 1/2
1 set of plates 0.25
4 tin cups 0.25
1 improvement 27.50

Total last 8 items

$29.12 1/2

We the undersignd appraisers certify that we appraised the foregoing articles of property of Enoch Johnson Deceased and that we ware dewly Sworn according to Law by John B Braden an acting Justice of the peace in and for the County of Hamilton and State of Illinois this the 20th day of Febuary 1845

J.M. Heard

Wm. S. Knight


George x Trout