Gilhousen Legacy

Reclaiming and preserving the heritage of the

descendants of Frederick Gilhousen


Greetings. I am setting up this site as a repository for stories, photographs, historical documents, and genealogical research for the families that comprise the Gilhousen lineage. As the only son of an only son in a branch of the family that had become isolated from our larger kinship, I was surprised and delighted to find a rich heritage of which I was unaware, which includes artists and scientists, hard working "simple folk" and connections to royalty, religious zealots and free spirits.

As my nieces and nephews have grown up and have children of their own, and we are at a stage where we risk losing a connection to the past altogether, I have only just begun to do some serious research. When I have a more meaningful body of material to share, I will do so here.

I have discovered that a good deal of research on the various Gilhousen lines has already been done. I have contacted those researchers, and am looking for more.

Meanwhile, I am also working on researching independently the Greenlee and Imlay lines, while my aunt Thelda Jackson is working on the Jackson and related branches.

If you have any information on, or connection to, any of these lines, I would love to hear from you. I will start posting materials here soon.

The Rev. John-Mark Gilhousen
(originally of The Dalles, Oregon, now living in Wisconsin)