Buffalo East Side: Monroe, Brown & Adams Streets (Genealogy)

Buffalo East Side Neighborhood

Buffalo East Side: Monroe, Brown & Adams Streets

Monroe, Brown & Adams

Source: Rich Schwiegler
Photo taken standing in Rich Schwiegler's backyard looking across Monroe past a vacant lot; shows the properties at 71 and 73 Brown St, plus the back of a home on Adams. Rich knew the HOEHNs at 71 and the FELTON sisters who lived behind them in the smaller house. The big green barn was perhaps located at 73 Brown, and it may have been owned at one time by (Sharon's) Phillipina Betz SCHAUF and family. The back of the house we can see on Adams (right rear) may have belonged to Jillaine and Darcy's SCHMIDT family.

Source: Rich Schweigler

Bird's eye map of the above neighborhood. Also indicates the location of Superior Leather Works, formerly a Jewish Community Center, that seems to use the old location of 56 Brown (where a REITZ family lived) as a parking lot. The "gas" is Iroquois Gas, where Sharon Centanne's TROY side of the family worked about 1920. Rich lived in this neighborhood from about 1938 until 1955. Betz and Reitz must have lived where the leather company is now. Or to be precise, where the parking lot is. 566 Adams street (Elizabeth Betz and Leonhard SCHMIDT) should be behind the vacant lot. 567 Monroe is next to vacant lot so 565 Adams is probably facing the vacant lot. The FELTONs lived in the one-story house behind HOEHNs. Sharon's family at 73 Brown had a one story house, no porch, a small yard and then the barn in back. There was a path between Feltons and the barn, which led to the vacant lot.

Source: Rich Schweigler

Ester and Norman KNOLL and their daughter, Betty, in the back yard of 567 Monroe facing east toward Adams. The back of the house we see might be 566 Adams (Elizabetha Betz Schmidt's house).
55 Brown Street

Source: Rich Schweigler
567 Monroe

Source: Rich Schweigler

Here is a photo of the front of 567 Monroe. The wooden house on the left belonged to the FELTONs for decades and behind it is the green barn that Rich thinks belongs to 73 Brown. Behind the lot is the house on Adams that is to the left of the girl in the graduation picture.

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