Buffalo East Side: Genesee Street (Genealogy)

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Genesee Street

Last updated: 30 May 2005

Photo by: David Torke

Looking up Genesee across Adams, Grey and Johnson.

Source: Rich Schwegler/Phil Adams

German Day Parade 1964
Marching down Genesee towards Genesee Park.

Source: Rich Schwegler/Phil Adams

German Day Parade 1962
Genessee at Bissell. Note Hefner Photo Service in the background.

Source: Rich Schwegler/Phil Adams
Also from the 1962 German Day Parade
Genesee in front of Rung Brothers Furniture Company.

Source: Rich Schwegler/Phil Adams
Same parade, looking down Genesee street, 1962.

Source: Rich Schwegler

View of Genesee from Jefferson taken in 1999. You can see Sol Lenzer bottling plant (also known as Queeno soft drinks). On the far right you can see the gas company at Monroe. Farther down is St Mary of Sorrows.

Source: Rich Schwiegler

The demolition of a shoe factory on Jefferson at Genesee, 1999.

Businesses on Genesee

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