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There has been much talk (online) expressing the sadness, frustration, anger, resignation and acceptance over losing the old architecture and homes of the Old East Side neighborhood. (See the NY-BUFFALO-EASTSIDE archives.) In an effort to preserve memories, we collect here photos of the homes of our ancestors. Submit your JPG or URL to jillainedc_AT_yahoo.com..

Last updated 5 June 2005

25 Pink Street, c. 2003 (when it was demolished). Home of Leonhard and Pauline Riffel 1890-1912. Photo courtesy of MA Krafft.

80 Cayuga Street, c. 1905
As early as 1898 (but not as early as 1890) was home of Philip L. Schmidt and Elizabeth Fassnacht (ancestors of Jillaine & Darcy)
Was torn down (when??) to make room for an expansion of Public School 39 (which is to the right).

Submitted by MaryAnn Krafft

Present day photo of 174 Masten Ave. It was built about 1900 by George & Magdalena Zeis.

Submitted by Jean Emerson:

Jean's Aunt Rita in front of her home at 486 Emslie, c. 1920. Looking down the street towards St. Ann's Church (on the corner of Emslie and Broadway).

Elton Place, c. 1932 Who submitted this?

908 East Delevan, c. 1990s
Who submitted this?

389 Cornwall, c. 1990s
Who submitted this?

345 Cambridge Street, c. 1990s.
Who submitted this?

263 Strauss Street (bet. Genesee and Sycamore)
Home of Johann Andreas Wurstner (1868-1935) and Susanna Schmidt (1872-1916)
First census record 09 Jun 1900, last 15 Jan 1920
Photo taken in 1997, note building marked for demolition.
Submitted by Jeff W.

440 Sycamore Street (bet. Camp and Jefferson)
Home of Casper Volkheimer (1843-1927) and Margaret Volk (1850-1927)
First census record 22 Apr 1910, death cert 15 Mar 1927)
Photo taken Sep 1996; house was demolished since.
Submitted by Jeff W.

From Dolores Konopa

60 Ashly Street. This was taken about Dec 1946. Dolores' grandmother, Katarzyna (WENCKOWSKA)SZALASNA, NASIOLOWSKI, WOZNIAK lived in the upper back apartment and for a time Dolores' parents (Walter & Bronislawa (PRZYBYSZ) SZALASNY ran the grocery store there until they moved back to the property Dolores' mother owned after the death of her first husband, Wojciech WALAS at 23 Mills St Buffalo NY.

224 Mulberry Street
Home of Michael and Barbara Reil
c. abt. 1869
Submitted by Kathy Kovalek.

Photo on the left is 246 May Street, former home of Cazmiera Szatus between the mid 1940s to the mid 1980s, and the Bukowskis (who lived downstairs).

The photo on the right is taken in front of 246 May Street (above), but looking down the street towards the intersection of Hazel and May. (There was a tavern known at one time as the Tiger Den on the corner, which is now an empty lot.) This is the wedding of Anthony and Jacqueline (Steinke) Bukowski. Their daughter, Sue Bukowski Webster (contributor of the photos), tells us, "I used to sneak away from my house sometimes with a couple of my friends, go around the corner, cross the railroad tracks, and play in Concordia Cemetery which was only two blocks away. Boy would I get in trouble!"

466 Koons Avenue
Not far from Concordia Cemetery.
Norman E. Glunz, Sr., was born here on December 21, 1914.
(Individuals pictured in front are unknown; might be the family of George Blank, real estate agent, insurance salesman and notary public (which is what the sign by the door indicates).
Photo c. 1920s, courtesy of David A. Glunz.

460 Shirley Avenue
Childhood home of Sharon Troy Centanne. Look carefully; that's her, age 10, sitting on the front steps. c. 1960.

389 Cornwall
Belonged to Jack Troy and his wife Honora, Sharon Centanne's Irish paternal grandparents, from 1925 to 1944.

Other homes on Cornwall 1940s, north of 389 Cornwall
Individuals are: Ann Troy and Mary Lou Harrington
Submitted by Sharon Troy Centanne

55 Brown
This was Frank's barbershop, located at the southwest corner of Brown and Monroe. Submitted by Rick Schwegler. Sharon Centanne reports that this house burned down and is an empty lot.

Looking across Monroe (from 55 Brown, above) past a vacant lot; shows the properties at 71 and 73 Brown St, plus the back of a home on Adams. The HOEHNs lived at 71 Brown and the FELTON sisters lived behind them in the smaller house. The big green barn was perhaps located at 73 Brown, and it may have been owned at one time by (Sharon's) Phillipina Betz SCHAUF and family. The back of the house we can see on Adams (right rear) may have belonged to the (Jillaine and Darcy's) SCHMIDT family. Photo courtesy of Rich Schwegler.

Brown street looking east, past Madison street towards Adams street at the far background. Photo was taken about 1929, after the cobblestones were first paved over. Submitted by Rich Schwegler. Here is a larger version of the image (285k).

Detail of the above, with notations as to which houses were which. Again, photo courtesy of Rich Schwegler.

Also Brown Street looking east. Notice how the houses are set at an angle to the street-- possibly because Brown Street was itself an "angled" street relative to the other streets in the area. This way the houses were all in alignment with each other and those on other streets, despite the angle of the street itself. (Okay, so I notice stuff like this!) Photo courtesy of Rich Schwegler. Also c. abt. 1929.

188 Krettner Street
William & Elizabeth Schneider
Winter of 1910-11
Photo submitted by Christopher Filippi

Cambridge Street 1930s
(boys in front are the sons of Julie Kellerman Toale)
Photo submitted by Sharon Centanne.

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