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This site contains a collection of user-submitted photos from the Buffalo East Side. Please contact me if you'd like to submit photos to this site.
From JW, Omaha, Nebraska:

This photo is c.1930s of the Buffalo Pigeon Flyer's Club. Anthony John Wurstner (1893-1937) is seated in the far right of the first row. Family lore has it that the club used to drive to Cleveland, release their birds, then drive back home to Buffalo to await each flock's return. The winner would be the one whose pigeons arrive first.
From Gilbert Neal

Edward Michael Linneman, decorated Fireman within the 16th Ward. Lived on the east side.

From Nancy Hanes

PanAm Exhibition Three-Horse Hitch Winners, Engine 32, Hook & Ladder #10
Nancy's husband's great grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Hanes started his career as a fireman sometime between 1896 and 1901. This picture was taken at the Engine Company headquarters at the time (place unknown) in honor of their having won the "three-horse hitch competition (5 seconds) at the Pan Am Exposition in 1901. Nancy thinks that Benjamin is the 6th from the right.

Benjamin Franklin Hanes, Engine 18, Fillmore Ave., ca. 1904
This photo is of Engine 18 on Fillmore Avenue, due south of Genesee Street. We can't identify Benjamin in this photo. The original building may still be in use as a firehouse, (it was as of 2000 when Nancy took photos of it) but supposedly was closed due to budget considerations in 2002.

Benjamin Hanes, Engine No. 18, Fillmore Ave., ca. 1902-04
This photo is of the officers and men of Engine 18, again on Fillmore Avenue in Buffalo. Nancy's great grandad is third from the left in the top row (Benjamin Franklin Hanes). He died at age 32 of heart disease in 1905. This picture was from between 1902-1905.

This photo is the view of Engine 18 on Fillmore in Buffalo taken Summer 2000. Nancy also has a photo of the inside which shows the original brass sliding pole if anyone is interested.

This photo is of the main marker for the Hanes family buried in Concordia (bought by Johann Friedrich Hanes [Hoenes] who emigrated from Germany in 1845 or 46). Besides the marker, there were 5 or 6 additional markers with just the first names. The view is from the West looking East.

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